“The Most Unoriginal Original Band” Around: Bam Margera and F@ckface Unstoppable (full interview and pictorial)

Maybe Bam should start calling his band “The Bam Margera Experience” instead of F@ckface Unstoppable. It’s contradictory to the point, to Bam’s vision, to his persona…but that really is what you get at the show; an experience. This is the second time Bam has graced Pittsburgh with his show in the last four months thanks to Chaos Concert Entertainment.  It’s a great showcase for Pittsburgh talent on a main stage as well as a chance to see Bam do something besides destroy his body.  With a set basically made up of punk and mountain music classic covers mixed with F@ckface Unstoppable originals, they will surprise the uninitiated, in a good way.  They are more than a garage band, but not pretentious enough to pretend that at this point they are reaching to be rock stars either.  Joined by his brother Jess on drums (as well as Chad and Matty J from CKY), the dueling/combination percussionist rhythm section was a nice addition to the set and really added punch.  The band was tight and sounded really good, surely helped from having toured so extensively as of late.  But tonight was about having a great time and that’s what everyone had, especially from the opening introduction by Bam and Jesse’s dad, Phil (to the crowd’s delight), and a surprise “performance” of the well-known Novak (Brandon Novak of the CKY videos as well as Jackass) as he attempted to sing the classic Phil Collins tune, “In the Air Tonight”…naked…duct taped. We can’t really relay the experience in words and do it justice, but we hope you get some of the gist by these pics and our exclusive interview with Bam. Special thanks to tour manager Frank (you’re awesome bro!), Bill of Chaos Concert Entertainment, and Andrew of The Pittsburgh Pulse…and of course Bam who was super cool, gracious, and the ultimate host.   Check out our interview with Bam here: 

All pictures  ©2013 AWeldingphoto, Pittsburgh Music Magazine, and Bam Margera


Big dady Phil intros the show

Big daddy Phil intros the show…

View from backstage as Phil intros the show

View from backstage as Phil intros the show.

The "rear" view of Novak singing  some Phil Collins

The “rear” view of Novak singing some Phil Collins.

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"In The Air Tonight"...

“In The Air Tonight”…

Bam laughing at his buddy Novak

Bam laughing at his buddy Novak.

Phil and Bam taking in all that is Novak

Phil and Bam taking in all that is Novak…

the entrance of Bam...

The entrance of Bam…

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