Raunchy part ways with vocalist and hire Mike Semesky (formerly of HAARP Machine)

Just got this via our good friend Mike Semesky…we can’t begin to tell you how excited we are for him (and listeners)!


News from the RAUNCHY camp

Sadly Kasper has decided to leave the band. No drama whatsoever and we wish him the best of luck in the future. Kasper has been a big part of RAUNCHY and done a great job on the last three albums and will remain a good friend. You can read a statement from Kasper over at

So who´s going to handle the lead vocals on the forthcoming RAUNCHY album? We are proud to welcome the very talented Mike Semesky (formerly of The Haarp Machine) as the new lead singer. After hearing his vocals on some early demos for the forthcoming RAUNCHY album we are beyond satisfied and very excited to start a new chapter with Mike. We are still writing and demoing ideas for the next album and we expect to enter the studio later this year.

We have some tour dates coming up for late june and october so stay tuned.