RESOLUTION15 and Unveil Exclusive 7-String Metal Violin Tutorial Video

Brooklyn, NY’s RESOLUTION15 and have teamed up to reveal a brand new, exclusive tutorial video. However, this isn’t just your average, run-of-the-mill tutorial video. This time, RESOLUTION15 violinist Earl Maneein (who has performed with the likes of Jay-ZFlorence and the Machine and more) shows us how RESOLUTION15 performs their unique brand of metal on a 7-string electric violin. Fans who have witnessed the band live understand the disbelief one experiences whilst watching; how does that violin make that heavy guitar sound? Well, now you can find out first hand. View the tutorial for the track ‘Mr. Dark’ at this link now!


RESOLUTION15 is well known in the local scene for being a unique and welcomed twist on heavy metal– praise primarily based on their usage of violins in the place of guitars in their blistering thrash, punk and hardcore-influenced music. After a successful Kickstarter campaign designed to raise funds for its recording, the band released their new album Svaha on January 15, 2013. Recording took place at Spin Studios and Nova Studios with Ryan Kelly and Stacy O’Dell as producers.


In 2007, RESOLUTION15 released a self-titled debut and quickly became a fixture in the New York metal scene, performing at countless shows and drawing fans and local press in with their unique sound. The band’s last EP, Satyagraha, was released in April 2010 with Corey Unger (guitarist of the seminal New England metalcore band Blood Has Been Shed) as producer.
See what the press is saying about RESOLUTION15!


“…[the violins] bring a constant barrage of heavy riffs that would give most guitar-driven bands a run for their money in the brutal department, and when combined with a touch of technicality from the rest of the band, RESOLUTION15 bring something truly riveting to the table. They’re the kind of band that instantly turns the heads of the old, jaded metalheads hanging back at the bar… what… is…. this?… wow!” –


“…violins have been attached to folk metal and other oblong versions of what you might consider to be metal, but what was being belted out onstage was nowhere near folk, chamber music or anything along those lines. This [RESOLUTION15] is thrash. This is loud. This is a kick in the fucking face.” –  Metal Edge


“…there are very few bands that offer the musicality, the intensity, and the vibe that RESOLUTION 15 from New York City is offering currently.” –


“…a unique and equally dynamic band that is sure to raise your brow.” –

RESOLUTION15 consists of Earl Maneein on 7 string electric violin, Kenny Grohowski on drums, Mike Bendykowski on bass, and Nick Serr on vocals.

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