You “Dont Wanna Miss” Sophia Shy (The PGH Music Mag Interview)

This north of the border pop-star is as sweet as she is beautiful.  Working w/ 7 Aurelius, she is well on her way to becoming the next household name in music.  Her new video, “Won’t Stop Your Love” is an animation-styled video that features Sophia as the heroine completing the quest for love.  Sorry boys, she won’t be wearing the outfit from the video when she performs! “Won’t Stop Your Love” is a catchy, upbeat house anthem that has been making its way onto the airwaves throughout the States. She will be debuting two new singles in the Spring, “ Don’t Wanna Miss” and “Break Your Heart Tonight”.

Click on the link to hear Sophia talk about who inspired her musically as a child, what it’s like working with a major music producer, creating an animation video, the motivation behind her songs/lyrics and much more.

Sophia Shy The Pittsburgh Music Magazine interview