BLACK GOLD: Dirty & Nasty’s Sophomore Effort

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Released on January 21, 2013 in honor of MLK & Inauguration Day, BLACK GOLD perfectly blends a laid-back style with the coolness of raw power, to weave together the consummate Houston opus…REAL Houston.

Dirty & Nasty’s sophomore effort “Black Gold” was recorded at Barron Studios in Space City, and features highlighted production by @JulianSpade and @PurpleBastard.




The progressive style of the album is accompanied by notable Southern rap voices @HollywoodFloss x@JohnDewMusic x @MarcelPBlack x the electric songbird Miss@KamFranklin.

“Black Gold is a Houston Album thru and thru. The REAL Houston. Its Slab dreams and working class nightmares. Its the Nigerians working at whataburger taking night classes at U of H, its the Mexican day laborers on Westpark, the Desi stores on Harwin making Hillcroft fitteds, its Frenchys, its fresh fades, its the West U kids rolling blunts with the kids from the Wards, Pick Up trucks and trailer hitches, Bubble Tea and Bun mi, the smell of Pasadena, Olajuwon in 95, McGrady in 09, the texture of the Humidity, Big Red and Robitussin, GCHC, Enron, Spice Lane, good Beef Brisket, the southern fried styles of the black and white Baptist pastors, the Astrodome and funnel cakes at Astroworld, the Bloods in Denver Harbor, the Crips in South Park and of course the first time you see 84s. Welcome to Houston: home of the most restaurants and strip clubs per capita.”