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Howie Day Hits the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh with a Ceasefire

PMM's correspondent Rea meets up with Howie Day after the show...

PMM’s correspondent Rea meets up with Howie Day after the show…

Howie Day is an artist that has a long lasting presence and effect that produces a musician with longevity, one that respects his audience, but travels their own road.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since “Collide” from Stop All The World Now made Howie Day a household name.  I remember not only being a big fan of that LP, but chilling out to his previous effort in 2000, Australia.  To this day one of my guiltiest pleasures is to sing and play along with an amazing collection of covers that he did earlier in his career, both studio and live, that I mainly acquired from the internet.  It came as a huge surprise that he would be playing such an intimate show (through Drusky entertainment)  in Pittsburgh at The Hard Rock Cafe in Station Square on his Winter Tour in support of Ceasefire .

If you were not looking at him on stage, you might miss Howie these days.  My wife overheard one person in the audience ask him if he was with the band while we were back by the bar and he just took it all in stride.  Maybe it’s his relaxed demeanor or the beard he sports these days that we asked him about after the show, “Well, I’m in my thirties now”.  But when he’s onstage there is certainly a fire that comes alive.

Even an unabashed headbanger like myself can find the beauty in Day’s music and his performances are known to be top notch on a consistent basis. Unpretentious, funny, soulful, and playful would be the best way I could portray the set that included his hits, new material, and some visitation of his body of work through the years.   Highlights were of course “Collide”, “Perfect Time of Day”, “She Says”, and “Sorry so Sorry”.  But Day’s talent of injecting sarcastic humor throughout the evening and his talent of recording and looping his guitar playing, banging, and singing and then playing along with it seconds later were some the real cherries of the experience.

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