Live Now Streetwear To Drop Friday Music Mixtape

I just got word from our friends over at Live Now Streetwear that they are going to be dropping a mixtape titled Friday Music, named after the iconic stoner movie Friday featuring Chris Tucker and Ice Cube in the 90’s. It will be released the Friday right before 4/20 (4/19). Hosted by Live Now Streetwear and mixed by Dj Bamboo, the tape features tracks by Choo Jackson (who works with Mac Miller), Champs, Devin Miles, The Board Of Education, B. White (part of the collaborative group the 58s), Boaz (who is now on the record label Rostrum Records which Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa are on), Ikey Bubz, Palermo Stone, Mars Jackson, Owey (who had a song and music video with Wiz Khalifa), and others. It has about 16 tracks, and is currently being mixed. It will be available for download on


If you are out and about in the New Kensington area, Live Now Streetwear has their new our Realers crew necks in Klassiq fashions for sale. Stop in and tell them Pittsburgh Music Magazine sent you!!!