Music review

MUSTASCH’s “Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven” Will Be Your Winter Anthem

Where do I begin? Not only does the name “MUSTASCH” suggest these guys to be total badasses, this album reinforces their gamble of a name choice.  


MUSTASCH has sold out tours in Scandinavia and opened and headlined tours with major names like Motörhead in Europe in addition to three Swedish Grammy Nominations.  These guys have also received a Grammy Award for ”Metal Album of the Year” in 2008. These are some major accomplishments; however, I was not surprised to learn of their successes after giving this exciting album a listen for myself. 


Crank this 10-track album when you’re having a few brews with your buddies. Blues metal style and vocals bring an electrifying sludgy sound with raspy, leathery vocals that might parallel the sound of gargling alcohol and gasoline.  Noteworthy vocal harmonies deem this entire collaboration nothing short of triumphant.  Many Americans argue that things like HealthCare, and the economy are at a loss in the States.  Realistically, an overlooked unruly difficulty in this country is that we don’t produce enough music like the sounds of MUSTASCH.  American metal similar to this genre is lacking in this smooth mixture that have us walking away with an upbeat, exultant attitude. 


 “The Challenger” enters with forgiving vocals overlapping a somber chord progression.  I hope I’m not the only one taking notice that this is task becoming few and far between of many metal vocalists.  Many artists distract from lacking vocals with distortion from the guitars.  No doubt about it, this guy can sing.  Such an unobtrusive entrance makes this track so much more memorable and intense.  I feel that many artists can learn a lot from the song-writing structure of MUSTASCH on building live energy, and making listeners remember you. 


Aside from expertly coordinated guitars in the third track, “It’s Never Too Late,” charming vocals accompany. The third track changes it up with a poignant choral vibrato, followed by a chunky and solid Glenn Danzig style vocal trip.  The album drifts into an impressive weaving of 80’s style metal, creating a totally badass album all around. 


This is one of those albums that you will know all the words to by the second or third listen… and they’re only a four piece.  This album is so adaptable that it can make you feel like you want to punch a hole in the wall next to you, whereas the following track will have you reminiscing on all your past romantic relationships and the sunny times you’ve shared with friends as a prevailing ballad. 


“Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven” is the perfect album to play if you’re just hanging out, or entertaining.  Your (lame) friends that don’t love metal will like it without complaining that they can’t understand it, or that it’s too heavy.  The album is just suitable for a broader crowd, yet can suffice the metal urge that we all share as fans.  You might even be able to play it for a girl!  This is the album that you will sing softly to yourself in your car…then louder … and louder until your pounding your fists on the steering wheel until you’re suddenly senseless.  Not one song on this album leaves me thinking to myself; “eh.” They all deliver.  Is that not the criteria that makes an album great overall?