AFTERMATH Release Lyric Video for “Gaslight”

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Chicago based Progressive Thrash Metal Band AFTERMATHhas released the lyric video for “Gaslight,” off of their recently released LP, There is Something Wrong.

To Gaslight someone means to manipulate a person into questioning their own sanity. The song and video are integral parts of the greater message behind this ambitious concept album.


“The song is about waking up and having an open-mind in order to avoid the elite’s attempt to Gaslight you,” says frontman Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis. “It tells the real rulers of the world we are on to their ways and we will destroy them and their symbols.”

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Track List:
1. Can You Feel It
2. FFF (FalseFlagFlying)
3. Diethanasia
4. Scientists and Priest
5. Smash Reset Control
6. Gaslight
7. Handful of Dynamite
8. Temptation Overthrown
9. Pseudocide
10. There is Something Wrong
11. Expulsion

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Advance Praise for There is Something Wrong

“This album is f*ing awesome from start to finish.” – The Dirty Room

“It’s bullish, belligerent and fueled by anger…it will punch your f*in’ teeth in!”
Chris Jennings – Worship Metal

“It really packs a punch.” – caemanamelio – Metal Anarchy

“I can’t even begin to tell you how badass this entire album is.” – Allyson Kingsley – Boston Rock Radio

“This one will be difficult to knock of the Gauntlet’s Top 10 list for the year.” – The Guantlet

“Aftermath is back with another album of wild thrash” – Daniel Cordova – Metal Injection

“This album will score the hearts of listeners old and new.” – Kenny Lenehan – Silence is the Enemy

“What lies within the message of the songs on ‘There is Something Wrong’ is the truth etched into the songs with a fervor.” –

“…surprises lie in wait at every corner, with twists and turns following in dizzying succession recalling the works of other visionaries…” – Bayern – Encyclopaedia Metallum The Metal Archives


One of the original crossover bands of the 1980s – A crossover band that transformed into one of the most technical Thrash Metal bands of their time.


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Bloodshot – Hardcore Thrashers Ringworm’s Blistering Vinyl Release

Cleveland, Ohio’s Ringworm have had quite a career. With a huge number of lineup changes since the band’s inception in 1991, it’s clear that they’ve had multiple opportunities to shift their fist-to-face sound over time. After more than 20 years running riot on tour, Ringworm celebrate another move to the road with a special vinyl recording, Bleed. It’s short and doesn’t do anything remotely new for the band, but fans who grew to love Ringworm will find all of their favorite features brought to their record player once again.

Bleed is a brief three song vinyl record, with each track demonstrating the band’s penchant for blistering speed and metal-influenced intensity. With a clear love of the chaotic thrash metal genre and the adrenaline-drenched hardcore genre, Ringworm’s special promo LP does capture the band’s spirit well. Despite a punk aesthetic, hearing such powerful guitar lines from guitarists Matt Sorg and John Comprix is exceptional. The guys compliment the intensity well, with their solo techniques and sounds influenced straight from the thrash metal high-rises like Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer. In combination with a rapid-fire machine gun percussion from drummer Danny Zink, Ringworm pick the best parts from 80’s thrash, while keeping a hardcore energy alive at all time.

However, these three songs don’t speak volumes. As intense and furious as these three songs are, they are clear examples of a band sticking to their guns. Across the three tracks, there’s nary a moment where the band changes things up and shifts into a new gear. It’s fast and heavy, but no amount of speed and distorted weight can prevent these three tracks from blending together into a collection of extreme punk metal cacophony. It’s crazy, but insanity can’t carry Bleed out of its already established forte.

Ringworm’s trump card on Bleed is a cover of punk band Discharge’s “The Nightmare Continues.” While the guys in Ringworm do preserve that sense of anarchic, rambunctious fervor, their extreme hardcore sound doesn’t click in tune with Discharge’s original punk track. The energy is misplaced; the entire song blends in with the other two tracks on Bleed, making the cover a missed opportunity, both to recapture the spirit of Discharge’s original and to revamp the performance in Ringworm’s own light.

Ringworm do a good job of mixing thrash metal with its (debatable) roots of punk sounds, while adding some extreme musicianship as well. If you’re a fan of Ringworm’s extensive discography, Bleed will get your attention during the brief time it lasts. If you’re looking for a starting point for Ringworm, however, you won’t find a good one in Bleed. With such few surprises and a sound that never evolves or grows in appeal over time, it’s definitely not an essential disc, even for the most flexible metal maven.

The Legendary EXODUS Announces European Tour Dates – New Album Coming in 2014

Veteran thrashers EXODUS have some big news— the band is set to release a brand new album in 2014! They are currently immersed in the writing process and will issue more updates as they near the recording process. EXODUS will head across the pond this week for a tour of 17 European cities, with stops in Barcelona, Dublin, London and more. Although Slayer is currently tapping the talents of guitarist Gary Holt for their European tour, Holt is confirmed to perform at select EXODUS dates. When Holt is not performing with EXODUSHeathen guitarist Kragen Lum will fill in on guitar. EXODUS Tour Dates 8/2 – Santiago de Compostela, ES @ Resurrection Festival 8/3 – Barcelona, ES @ Razzmatazz 3 8/4 – Luynes, FR @ Le Korigan 8/5 – Pisa, IT @ The Jungle 8/6 – Graz, AT @ Explosiv 8/7 – Lindau, DE @ Club Vaudeville 8/8 – Eindhoven, NL @ Dynamo 8/9 – Gävle, SE @ Getaway Rock Festival 8/10 – Deinze, BE @ Alcatraz Festival 8/11 – Derby, UK @ Bloodstock Festival 8/12 – Dublin, IR @ Button Factory 8/13 – London, UK @ Underworld 8/14 – Dinkelsbühl, DE @ Summerbreeze Festival 8/15 – Kufstein, AT @ Kulturfabrik 8/16 – Colmar, FR @ Grillen 8/17 – Geneva, CH @ Biubstock Festival 8/18 – Theix, FR @ Motocultor Festival EXODUS recently revealed two brand new, exclusive t-shirt designs, available now only via their official merch store The new designs, “Only Death Decides” and “Horned Skull”, come with a free sticker (with mail order only). For more information on EXODUS, please visit:

HAVOK’s Unnatural Selection Set For Release

Candlelight Records confirms June 25 as the North American release date for Unnatural Selection, the new studio recording from Denver thrashers HAVOK. The ten-song album was produced by David Sanchez with mixing handled by Terry Date (Pantera, Overkill, Deftones). Unnatural Selection features original artwork from Polish illustrator Rafal Wechterowicz (Slayer, Mastodon) and was mastered by James Murphy (Aborted, World Under Blood, Abigail Williams).



“Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death,” the first single from Unnatural Selection, will hit Loud Rock/Metal radio on May 27. The topical song is a furious and urgent anthem that displays the band’s classic thrash and old school metal sound. Vocalist/guitarist David Sanchez ignites the fret board and barks the righteous lyrics while drummer Pete Webber punishes his immense kit. The song’s towering sound benefits from the unique acoustics of the old theater that was utilized as one of the many recording locations for the album. “I am super pumped on how the drums came out,” chimes Webber. “We recorded the drums in a theater to get a huge sound. It was a challenging experience for me between time constraints and the drum parts having much more feeling in them. I believe the added pressure made for some really awesome stuff.  I can’t wait to unleash this album to the world.”


Unnatural Selection bears a far more mature collection of songs when compared to Burn (2009), and Time Is Up (2011). HAVOK has truly hit their mark with a sound that will please fans new and old.  Additional album standouts include album opener “I Am The State,” “Chasing The Edge,” and the band’s rendition of the Black Sabbath classic “Children of the Grave.”


Unnatural Selection Track Listing:

1. I Am The State

2. Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death

3. It Is True

4. Under the Gun

5. Waste of Life

6. Untitled

7. Chasing the Edge

8. Worse Than War

9. Children of the Grave

10. Unnatural Selection


HAVOK will premiere material from Unnatural Selection tomorrow when they take the stage for the start of their European tour with Suffocation and Cephalic Carnage. The 28-city tour begins in Genève, Switzerland and will conclude in Munchen, Germany on June 8. Before departing for Europe, the band performed at a Denver Benefit. Sanchez comments, “We were honored to be part of HaneyStock. The show was a benefit for Chris Haney who was a bartender at the Gothic Theatre in our hometown who was senselessly murdered trying to break up a fight. All proceeds from the show are going to his young daughter. It was a great event that celebrated the life of an outstanding individual.”


HAVOK has planned three special record release performances. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at venue box offices and companion ticket agencies. A copy of Unnatural Selection will be included with ticket purchase to these area performances. HAVOK is planning a full North American tour for early summer.  Details will be announced shortly. For a full list of dates on their European tour visit the band’s official Facebook page HERE.



6/21/13 Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO

6/22/13 Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO

6/23/13 Aggie Theater – Ft. Collins, CO


HAVOK, called “the finest thrash band in existence” by PopDose, released their full-length debut, Burn, mid-2009. The record found an immediate fan base and the curiosity of media around the globe. Time Is Up would follow in 2011. “HAVOK have hit their stride,” said Decibel Magazine in review of the album.  “HAVOK is everything that is great about thrash,” added Terrorizer. In 2012, the band released their EP Point of No Return; videos for the EPs two original songs were released earlier this year. To view “Point of No Return” click HERE. To view “From the Cradle to the Grave” click HERE. The videos have had over 200,000 views to date.  Metal Underground says, “HAVOK kicks your ass from the moment you hit play, and doesn’t ever let up.”


HAVOK is guitarist/vocalist Dave Sanchez, bassist Mike Leon, guitarist Reece Scruggs, and drummer Pete Webber.  The band uses/endorses ESP Guitars, Charvel Guitars, EMG Pickups, Ernie Ball, Peavy Amplification, Pearl Drums, Trick Drums, and Sabian Cymbals.

Hatchet To Release New Album

Growing up in the San Francisco area suburbs as young metal heads can make it quite likely to take influence from the pioneers of metal that spanned the area in the 1980’s. So it’s no surprise that Hatchet describes their sound as “Pure, Uncompromising, Bay Area Thrash Metal”.

Since hitting the Bay Area Metal scene in early 2007, Hatchet quickly made a name for itself. They worked hard to gig as often as they could and also not compete with, but group together bands of the like to help strengthen the scene. Focusing on playing with other young starting thrash bands in their area, the fan base grew. Eventually they reached out to the neighboring Los Angeles thrash scene which was also flourishing and invited various bands up to the bay area to diversify their shows, and spread overall thrash metal awareness.

After self-releasing two demos, the band’s debut album, “Awaiting Evil”, was released in mid-2008 via Metal Blade Records. The album was well-received by thrash enthusiasts around the globe and proved a great beginning for Hatchet. Since the release of the debut, the band has completed 3 full DIY U.S. tours that have helped put them on the map for up and coming thrash metal bands. Unfortunately in this time, the band also saw its share of lineup changes, which stalled overall progress of the group. Throughout the changes, founding member Julz Ramos always had the passion to keep the band going, even moving to take on vocal duties. Now in 2012, the band has never been stronger with its most dedicated, mature, and musically inclined members since its birth.

Their sophomore effort, “Dawn of the End”, released on their new label, The End Records, showcases a much more aggressive and professionally oriented band. The group has stated its hunger to hit the road and prove that thrash metal is still a force to be reckoned with.