REVIEW: Thrash champions Suicidal Tendencies release 13 – their first release in 13 years!

Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized

All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one…Diet Pepsi? Well for anyone who was listening to those early Suicidal recordings, the “All I wanted was a Pepsi” reference being an all-to-famous line from the 1983 track “Institutionalized” (check the video above), you certainly remember that the pure ‘cyco’ style that was the Suicidal Tendencies signature sound was anything but diet.  Well only a few minutes into “Shake It Out”, first track on their new release 13, Mike Muir has referenced himself from those earlier outings…..but he’s added the qualifier of diet.

As a backdrop, when they first broke out in the early 1980’s the thrash sound of Suicidal Tendencies (who have been dubbed the fathers of crossover thrash), embodied the spirit and angst of the youth generation of their time with their hardcore/punk/thrash/metal/I don’t give a f@¢k sound. Having lyrics dealing with alienation, depression, non-conformist and anarchist politics, along with rumors and controversy of gang involvement and a string of furious shows, Suicidal’s sound was full force insanity.

Now back to the present. Diet Pepsi references or not, have no fear. On the mark of their 30th anniversary, the Suicidal Tendencies are back and still ready to rip it up and get cyco. While some time has passed and the band lineup has shifted a number of times from those original recordings, the sentiment remains the same.

The album’s sound has all of the Suicidal qualities intact, though in addition there have been some improvements. The production quality and sound throughout are uniform and crisp. And it should be, as it was produced by Mike Muir and Paul Northfield, who has done notable progressive rock production for RushDream TheaterQueensrÿcheOzzy Osbourne,Hole,Marilyn Manson,and Infectious Grooves. Likewise, there is a noticeable emphasis on the quality and complexity of the rhythm section. There is an undeniable complexity underneath the power chords and thrash melodies that add texture, depth and interest to an already interesting and memorable band.

In short, for memory sake alone you should listen to this album. Even if you’re new to the Suicidal Tendencies but appreciate influential hardcore, punk, or thrash metal check this album out. Suicidal fans will not be disappointed.

In conjunction with the release of 13SUICIDAL TENDENCIES is out on a full U.S. tour, dubbed the ‘Slam City Tour’. The tour features support from various champions of hardcore music both young and old. Support ranges from NYC hardcore heroes MADBALL and SICK OF IT ALL to Houston greats D.R.I.The tour included a stop at this year’s New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester, MA on April 21st.

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Slam City Tour Dates with Various Support:

4/19 Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory (W/ SICK OF IT ALL, DRI, WAKING THE DEAD)
4/20 New York, NY @ Best Buy Theater (W/ SICK OF IT ALL, DRI, WAKING THE DEAD)
4/21 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium (New England Metal and Hardcore Festival)
4/23 Patchogue, NY @ The Emporium (W/ DRI, WAKING THE DEAD, THIS IS HELL)
4/24 Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage (W/ SICK OF IT ALL, DRI, WAKING THE DEAD)
4/26 Charlotte, NC @ Amos’ Southend (W/ DRI, WAKING THE DEAD)
4/27 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade (W/ DRI, WAKING THE DEAD)
4/28 Charleston, SC @ The Music Farm (W/ DRI, WAKING THE DEAD)

4/30 St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre
5/02 Miami, FL @ Grand Central
5/03 Orlando, FL @ The Plaza Live
5/06 Houston, TX @ House of Blues
5/07 Dallas, TX @ Granada Theater
5/09 Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
5/10 Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee
5/11 Pomona, CA @ The Fox Theater
5/12 San Diego, CA @ House of Blues

Mike Muir – lead vocals
Dean Pleasants – lead guitar
Nico Santora – rhythm guitar
Steve Bruner – bass
Eric Moore – drums

For more information on SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, please visit these websites:

SONIC PULSE Lager Than Life LP out 12/18

Massachusetts Power Thrashing maniacs SONIC PULSE have inked a deal with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions who will release their debut album “Lager Than Life” on 12″ Black vinyl December 18th. Below is the official description:

Beer-fueled Thrash meets epic Power Metal! Hailing from Massachusetts, Sonic Pulse consist of members/ex-members of Skull Hammer, Razormaze, Vindicator and Ravage. This concoction of pure metal madness results in an epic Speed Metal massacre of the forlorn… prepare for the pounding evil swill to penetrate your soul as raging rhythms ravage your brain and ludicrous lyrics cast you under their demoniac spell! This is a limited edition pressing exclusively on Black vinyl from HGPD. For fans of Blind Guardian, Cryptic Slaughter, Dragonforce, Formicide, Iced Earth, Meliah Rage, Metal Church, Municipal Waste, Murphy’s Law, Rage, Revocation, Tankard, Wargasm and Wehrmacht.