The Lost Angels – Together, We Stand Alone | Free LP

The Lost Angels return with an extended version of their Debut EP Together, We Stand Alone. Together, We Stand Alone has been featured on over 40 websites in over ten countries. These websites include,, and Istillloveher.De. The Lost Angels has generated over 500 downloads and 2,000 streams on their three previously released singles.

Together, We Stand Alone: The LP features production from Chuck Inglish (Kid Cudi, Mac Miller), J.Rawls (Black Star), and Salaam Remi (Amy Winehouse, Nas). The previous singles “Angels Assemble” and “Bad Decisions” have been given enthusiastic reviews from diverse markets such as Tokyo, Japan and Paris, France. The Lost Angels have been championed by Rap Review writer Adam Bernard, as well as Amazon bestselling author, Byron Crawford.

Jimmy Valentime explained how The EP and The LP should be looked at as siblings instead of a new deluxe version. Jimmy Valentime explains “I spent four weeks reconfigure the album. I remastered the tracks and I used different takes and created different intros and outros, it’s a new experience. One closer to my original vision of the group, the full length lets you get to know each member of the group a little better.”

Carlos Ferragamo talked about the explosive new track “The Fight Song” featuring production from J. Rawls and a sample from Street Fighter II. “Fight Song is my second favorite track that I have done with The Lost Angels. I love the real moody atmosphere of the record as well as the tempo. The record does not seem to slow down. Each MC uses a different flow, this keeps the person hearing the music awake, full attention” Urban Miracle Said “I’m glad that a new group of fans can sit back and enjoy these songs me and the others have worked hard on.”

The project will be available for a limited time until January 6th (Three Kings Day) as a present to all the supporters of The Lost Angels movement…

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The Lost Angels – Together, We Stand Alone | Free EP

Together, We Stand Alone is the debut project from The Lost Angels, showing what happens when a group of friends bring out the best in each other. They went from cutting mix-tape style records to becoming a true group over the course of the six month recording process The project brings back a sense of community that is missing in hip-hop culture, where the current climate artist are only concern with putting themselves first.

Together, We Stand Alone features production from Kelly Portis (A$AP Rocky), Adrian Younge (Ghostface Killah, Jay-Z), and Willie Green (Soul Khan, C-Rayz Walz). Together, We Stand Alone also features several collaborations with Brooklyn rapper and activist Varyus Waise, who acts as a special guest throughout the project. The previous singles “Angels Assemble” and “Bad Decisions” have been given enthusiastic reviews by taste-makers from diverse markets such as Toronto, Canada and Honolulu, Hawaii. The project has been championed by Rap Review writer Adam Bernard, as well as Amazon bestselling author, Byron Crawford.

Carlos Ferragamo who has work with The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (Nas, Rick Ross) and been featured in The Source’s Unsigned Hype Column explains the challenge of adapting to the group setting. “I had to be versatile for this project. There were a few records that I would not have personally chosen to hop on, but did it for the team. Never once did I slack on the bars.”

Lyrical Blades says “Everyone brought something unique and ill to the table and to see it all come together as a finished product has been great.” The recording process brought this group of diverse friends closer. Jimmy ValenTime says “This was the start of a journey. We had ups and downs in doing this process and it made us all better artists. We went from being a group of friends, to a band of brothers. The title reflects how we stuck together and never gave up, and now Together, We Stand Alone …”


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The Lost Angels – “Angels Assemble” Free Mp3

About the Song:

“Angels Assemble” is the debut single by The Lost Angels and acts as both the intro to their debut EP, Together, We Stand Alone and as a rallying cry against mediocrity.

The NAMELESS-produced track features the EDM influence that has taken hip-hop by storm this year. Still the song is built around music from the popular video game Super Metroid, tying the song to hip-hop sampling roots. The songs onslaught of clever lyrics is reminiscent of old school posse cuts like “Scenario” and “Protect Ya Neck,” uniting a great beat with powerful lyrics. With The Lost Angels, fans don’t have to choose between amazing production or real emceeing, they can have it all.

The Lost Angels have several distinguished accomplishments under their belt, Jimmy ValenTime was featured in a news segment on WNBC, New York and Carlos Ferragamo was featured in the prestigious Unsigned Hype Section of The Source (Issue 203). The group was envisioned by Jimmy ValenTime, based on the enthusiastic response to “The Town” released in 2011. The Lost Angels is a collaboration between Jimmy ValenTime (Life in Amazin Times), Carlos Ferragamo (Shades of Blue 2), popular underground radio host of On Blast Radio Urban Miracle, and new comer Lyrical Blades. Varyus Waise of Rise Up Radio and artist behind Little Brother Syndrome and the upcoming Peacoat Season acts as a special guest, closing out the song.

This initial salvo is to build anticipation of their debut EP Together, We stand Alone. The project will be available on October 2, 2013 as a free download.

Angels Assemble Single Cover 004

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