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The Insane Asylum Tour – Twisted Insane, Dirty Adville, J Sheetz/ Live in Pittsburgh April 7 Ironworks


There is an excellent package of rappers doing a 60 date national tour coming through Pittsburgh (April 7 Ironworks), and hopefully your town as well, featuring Twisted Insane, Dirty Adville, J Sheetz, and Grimmace. Twisted Insane is known for his hard and fast flow (possibly the fastest rapper on the planet). Dirty Adville out of Cinci, OH has been at the game since ’99 and co-owns Open Mind Productions. He is the midst of recording a new album called, “Digital Crank” and has worked with acts such as Tech N9ne, Insane Clown Posse, D12, and Young Buck. J Sheetz also hails from Cinci and has been building a rep for the past few years opening up for the likes of Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, Young Jeezy, and Jelly Roll. Josiah Trujillo AKA Grimmace comes from Denver and was bitten by the hip hop, rap, horrorcore bug from a young age and has been involved in recording since he was 14. He is currently working on his debut to be release in 2013 through Marked Recordz. Check them out here…

Come join us in Pittsburgh April 7th 2013 at The IronWorks South Oakland/Southside

twisted insane pittsburgh magazine 2


Dirty Adville Reverbnation

Grimmace Reverbnation

Twisted Insane

Dirty Adville

J Sheetz

For all booking inquires: Tour Manager Jesse Lambert(Arch Angel Studios) via or 515-447-9675 EPK Available at

Motionless in White: The Ghost Interview

Motionless in White has been burning up stages and sold out venues for some time now as they headline a resurgence in metal that melds the deathcore sound with the melody that melts all the ladies hearts. Pittsburgh Music Magazine had an opportunity to sit down with Devin Sola, AKA Ghost, as the band stopped in Pittsburgh on their tour. Although they project a goth like image, the band should not be pigeonholed to a horror genre gimmick. Drawing from influences ranging from Bowie to The Smiths to NIN, Motionless are continually evolving in the deathcore genre to become the new “rockstars” who connect with their fans on a daily basis. PMM’s Rea sits down with Ghost to discuss the films and bands that influence MIW, favorite places they have played, what pet Devin plans to get soon, and much much more. To listen click here: MIW (and then click the small MIW again)


Ghost with PMM correspondent Rea
Ghost with PMM correspondent Rea

Stick to Your Guns Has Proof Positive Message for Pittsburgh

Stick to Your Guns is one of the bands that gets into your head, settles in, and plans to stay for a long, long time. With a positive vibe and a punk/hardcore sound it’s hard not to absolutely fall in love with everything these guys put forth. STYG has played with a diverse group of bands like Motley Crue, Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, Terror and H20. The momentum has continued for the band who has joined Motionless in White on tour; which is where we caught up with them in Pittsburgh. Though the bands differ in style, they compliment each other immensely. The straight forward OC-punk-hardcore band even had its guitarist join Motionless on stage in full make up to play a song on previous shows.

STYG’s set was fast, intense, and completely had the crowd going insane. Only into the first song, the crowd surfers accidently hit the bank of overhead stage lights and the place went dark. The band kept at it with full ferocity as the guys at the Ironworks stage-dove themselves up to the lighting rig to fix it. The sold out capacity crowd was packed to every corner, spilling out onto the stage, and screaming their lungs out, and having the time of their lives. Jesse made sure that all the fans were feeling alright and understood that even in the wake of the days tragic new of the Sandy Hook shooting that they all had the power to change things, that we were all together for a reason, and part of that reason was the love of the music we had before us. PMM has to tell you that we spent a lot of time with Josh (guitar) and he is such an awesome guy- friendly, humble, funny, and just absolutely cool on all levels. We were really impressed by his guitar work and stage presence throughout the entire evening. PMM can’t thank him enough for being such an amazing host. That’s not to say Jesse was not incredibly gracious, welcoming, and funny as well. These guys are just so uplifting and making all the right moves. Their charity work is an example to be set to all and our heart goes out to Jesse’s loss, for he grew up with Mitch Lucker (see below for The Keeping Warm in a Cold World Event). The sheer vocal power that protrudes from Jesse is not only impressive but awe inspiring a times. The rest of the crew, George, Chris, and Andrew are incredibly cool dudes as well and are so great with all of their fans as well as their performance. PMM can’t wait to have them back in Pittsburgh in July on The Vans Warped Tour.

Right now the band is putting out a 3-part mini series about “fitness on tour” for Alternative Press (check it out here). They have a lot of big projects in the works. In January, they will put on the 3rd Annual Keeping Warm in a Cold World- a two day event created by STYG to give back. All proceeds go to charity. This year the funds will go to a trust for the daughter of the late Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence.

Check out their video for the single We Still Believe. It features band members from The Ghost Inside, Sleeping Giant and Motionless in White.

The video for Against Them All features friends of the late Sam Perkins, a STYG fan who died of brain cancer. (link to the article on the whole story)

A bit more on Stick to Your Guns:
Jesse Barnett (vocals) was inspired to form a band that provided him with a medium to project his views and reflect his musical influences. Through the years he has brought a stable of accomplished musicians on board that bring with them the punk-hardcore passion Jesse has always possessed. STYG’s line up reads as a who’s who of punk/hardcore. Chris Rawson (Walls of Jericho) joined the band in 2009. Last year, the band added Josh James.
Stick To Your Guns has long been known in the punk-hardcore community. After four albums, many worldwide tours and legions of followers, the band delivered the most important effort of its career in 2012 with the much anticipated album, Diamond. Their songwriting has distinctively developed and matured. Diamond delivers a message of inspiration that anyone can relate to.

The genre-bending album debuted on the Billboard charts making it to #1 on the Heetseekers chart, placing 11 for Hard Rock Albums, 30 for Rock Albums and 116 on the coveted BILLBOARD 200.

The sudden upturn in popularity could spoil a band, but they are nothing less than gracious. Now more than ever, they seek to inject more than entertainment into their fans’ minds. They see their success as an opportunity to inspire more people with their positive message. The band often speaks to those that feel lost or discarded. “Every person on this earth is searching for who they are, where they belong and ways that they can express themselves,” said frontman Jesse Barnett.
“Diamond, is an insight to the way we view the world-the good and the bad. This is an amazing place we live in. There’s so much mystery about our existence. It fascinates the hell out of us-the pain people go through, the good people do,” Barnett said. “It’s important for all of us to understand that we all are all of those things. What’s inside of you is what’s happening outside in the world. We can’t look at everything that’s going on around us and think that we are disconnected.”
“We try to live the words we speak,” Barnett added. “We give back any moment we can. We’re not perfect-far from it, but what helps more than anything is when a kid says to us, ‘Hey man, my life was a wreck. I was in a downward spiral, and this bands music has picked me up’….This has become more than just a band for us.”

Within a mere few months of the album’s release, they have received dozens of photos of freshly inked Diamond tattoos. STICK TO YOUR GUNS has truly become more than a band, they have evolved into a movement.

Keeping Warm in a Cold World- STYG will host the 3rd Annual Keeping Warm in a Cold World- a two day event created by STYG to give back to those trying to make the world a better place. All proceeds go to charity. This year the funds will go to a trust for the daughter of the late Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence.

1 /4 Rancho Cucamonga, CA Nitty Gritty

1/5 Anaheim, CA Chain Reaction

Persistence Tour –STYG will join Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, H2O, The Accacia Strain and more for the widely popular European Tour.

Stick to Your Guns will join the 2013 Vans Warped Tour. The announcement was made Friday, during Fuse TV’s new show, Warped Roadies.

“We’re stoked to be a part of something that has been such a big part of all of our lives growing up,” said frontman Jesse Barnett. “This band continues to take us places that we never thought we’d go, and we are proud, overwhelmed and very honored.”














Jesse and Josh of STYG with PMM video correspondent Rea
Jesse and Josh of STYG with PMM video correspondent Rea

Veil of Maya is No Illusion: Pittsburgh Music Mag’s Interview with Marc Okubo

First off, let’s get this straight…Veil of Maya was never a six piece (so much for Wikipedia). Based out of Chicago, VoM is known for pounding the road to ply their wares and entertain audiences with their mix of progressive metal, melodic death metal, thrash and hardcore. On December 11, 2012 Veil of Maya tread into Pittsburgh territory to hit up the Ironworks stage in the South Oakland area of the city. Playing to a packed house, the band played a brutal set that was pure energy and emotion. Hitting up tunes from their latest release ‘Eclipse’, as well as ‘Id’, ‘All Things Set Aside’ and ‘The Common Man’s Collapse’, the crowd could not get enough and begged for more chanting, “one more song, one more song”. The creative force, guitar player, and songwriter behind the band, Marc Okubo invited us onto their tour bus for an interview that reveals some of what is happening in the world of Veil of Maya. Pittsburgh Music Magazine can’t say enough how awesome all the guys (Marc, Brandon, Danny, and Sam) were by hosting us the entire evening and giving us exclusive access to their world. We would tell you all the juicy details, but then we’d have to kill ya’. So, you will just have to settle for our little interview instead…

Marc checks out some interviews on Pittsburgh Music Magazine
Marc checks out some interviews on Pittsburgh Music Magazine

IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0088 IMG_0148 IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0176 IMG_0221 IMG_0270 IMG_0272 IMG_0274 IMG_0384 IMG_0403 IMG_0404 IMG_0419 IMG_0420 IMG_0462 IMG_0508 IMG_0520 IMG_0596 IMG_0757 IMG_0764 IMG_0765 IMG_0780 IMG_0807 IMG_0814 IMG_0832 IMG_0843 IMG_0876 IMG_0890 IMG_0895

Marc with our editor Kait
Marc with our editor Kait

Marc hangs with PMM editor Kait and COO Alan
Marc hangs with PMM editor Kait and COO Alan

The Faceless Strive to Reach Deification: The Pittsburgh Interview

The Faceless tore into Pittsburgh on their ‘Deconsecrate the Nation’ Tour on Sunday December 9, 2012 to support their latest release, ‘Autotheism’. With a sound that has evolved over the years into a mature prog-metal awash with influences ranging from every genre, The Faceless have settled in to become a dominant force within their respective corner of the music world. The beatific sounds of ‘Autotheism’ are completely recreated live without the use of amplification and with the use of a MacBook, thus synthesizing the old world with the new world in a blend of fury and passion. Michael Keene’s vision has come full circle with this lineup and his clean vocals and guitar style juxtaposed with Geoffrey Ficco’s vox and brutal delivery produces a combination of perfect intelligent anger. Witnessing them live comes down to a religious experience and those who come to worship at their church nightly will praise their ability to bring it full force with uncanny acuity night after night. In an exclusive interview in the green room of the Ironworks in Pittsburgh, Michael “Machine” Keene sat down with Pittsburgh Music Magazine’s editor Kait Begley to discuss the new record and the influences that pushed their sound to it’s current state:

Editor Kait Begley with guitarist and clean vocalist Michael Keene
Editor Kait Begley with guitarist and clean vocalist Michael Keene
Editor Kait with vocalist Geoffrey Ficco
Editor Kait with vocalist Geoffrey Ficco






































The HAARP Machine is Perfectly in Tune (Pittsburgh Review with Interview)

The HAARP Machine brought their eclectic style of prog-metal to the Ironworks in Pittsburgh last night and showed all in attendance what the future of metal holds. Founded in 2007 out of England, HAARP belongs to an elite set of new comers who feel and sound like they have been ruling stages for decades. Their debut ‘Disclosure’ is an amazing blend of styles masterminded by Al Mu’min guitar prowess that are highlighted by snippets of eastern instrumentation and the addition of Michael Semesky’s vocal range surrounded by masterful musicianship by Oliver Rooney’s bass and Alex Rudinger’s percussion in the math metal vein. Al Mu’min states: “Our debut album is an amalgamation of many influences across the spectrum and lyrically addresses many of the socioeconomic and political issues in our society today. We hope it will open doors for listeners and broaden their musical horizons as well as spark an interest in areas that dictate our lives, but are swept under the rug to maintain the status quo and keep the populace aloof to the sick capitalist venture of the big money cartels. We feel very fortunate to be in this position and wish to use this opportunity to spread the word on social change via the application of the scientific method for the betterment of humankind. There IS an alternative to the un-sane society we live in and it is our duty to this planet and all its inhabitants to awaken the sleepers. We can no longer ignore the writings on the wall. The time for change is now (Sumerian Records Website).”

The HAARP Machine's Michael Semesky and Al Mu'min with PMM editor Kait
The HAARP Machine’s Michael Semesky and Al Mu’min with PMM editor Kait

The HAARP Machine derive their name from The HAARP Project or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. HAARP is the subject of numerous conspiracy theories involving the project being blamed for triggering catastrophes such as floods, droughts, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and devastating earthquakes in Pakistan and the Philippines, major power outages, the downing of TWA Flight 800, Gulf War syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome. If one would go to The HAARP Machine’s Facebook page and look for more specific information on the band, one would find links to,, and But these guys are not fanatics pouring it down the listeners or fans throats, rather they seem to present ideas to explore and awaken to. Regardless, ‘Disclosure’ is indefinitely one of the strongest debuts of the year and seems to be only the beginning for The HAARP Machine.
After witnessing their live set (opening for The Faceless) it became clear that the band is poised to set a strong stakehold in the metal community and more than likely will be headlining their own shows in no time at all. Songs such as ‘Esoteric Agenda’ and ‘Pleiadian Keys’ were absolutely flawless and awe-inspiring performances that sent chills. The entire band was outwardly gracious with their audience and the buzz after the show was what an experience everyone was lucky enough to have been a part of, the kind spoken of years later when the rest of the world catches up. Special thanks to Mike, Al, Oliver, and Alex for an awesome evening…we look forward to many more in the future. After concluding their first US run of dates, HAARP will take a few weeks off and then prep for a UK tour.

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Bam Margera Party at Pittsburgh’s Ironworks

Bill and the Boys at Concert Chaos Entertainment just keep bringing the most interesting and hottest hard acts to Pittsburgh. The intimate venue is an awesome place to see the bands that bring the grime, funk, and fury of metal/punk/hardcore/metalcore/death metal/(stick in your favorite hard genre here reader). The atmosphere is as welcoming as the bands- if you love that camaraderie that brings all of us geeks and freaks together. So, it was no surprise when Chaos brought Bam Margera and his travelling party to the ‘Burgh.
With special guests such as A BREATHLESS SEPTEMBER, WE MUST SAVE THE PRINCESS, LIOTTA, THE FAILSAFE, ROYAL REVISE, ARCANE HAVEN, LADY VADER ENT, ATHENS, CHAIN THE SCYLLA, DETHLEHEM, a DJ Set by: BLACK DADDY (Hardstyle / Trap), and ONLY FLESH: FLESH HOOK FREAK SHOW, there was an amazing lot of talent from Pittsburgh and from across the country. But of course, the people were here to see Bam. And Bam gave the crowd not only himself, but CKY as his backing band (collectively known as FUCKFACE). Plus, Bam’s famous father Phil and Mom April were there to top it all off and hang out with the audience.
A little bit metal, a little bit punk, and whole lotta fun; Bam brought the goods. Playing all sorts of heavy tunes and covers, Bam’s band was having a great time and that infectious energy was absorbed and reverted right back out to the band and all who were there. With plenty of what were more than likely inside jokes peppered with some raucous drunken stage banter, the event had the feeling of those basement party throwdowns of your past with these great seedy little bands that made you want to party and punch (this is a good thing people). The circle pits were in full effect, the place was packed, the bar was slammed with customers (and kudos to the bartenders who handled it all), the bands mingled and took pix with all…Pittsburgh Music Magazine would have to say it was an event that was not only successful, but just goes to show that entertainment is not dead in this town but alive and well.
Check out what Concert Chaos has in store in the near future by clicking here

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Motionless in White Release New Album and Video/ In Pittsburgh @The Ironworks 12/14

Motionless in White released their latest album, Infamous, Tuesday. The goth/metalcore band also premiered their new video, “Devil’s Night.” The video is directed by (leader of Twisted Sister) Dee Snider’s son, Cody Blue Snider.

Motionless in White hit Pittsburgh Dec. 14 at The Ironworks with Chelsea Grin, Stick to Your Guns, and Upon This Dawning.

CKY playing Bam Margera’s Party at Ironworks Friday Night! 11/16

Fri, Nov 16 5:30 until Sat, Nov 17 2:00
The Ironworks (formerly The Hideout) » 45 Bates Street Pittsburgh, PA 15213


NOW ALL AGES ALL NIGHT 6pm-2am ALL AGES w BAR(s) for 21+ ** with Featured BEER $2 til 2am

Concert Chaos Entertainment Presents:Our 7 Year Anniversary Party



One person attending will win the painting!! VIPS recieve 2 free entrys for the painting raffle. Additional tickets will be on sale for anyone in attendance through the night.

w/ Special Guest:

w/ Live Performances By:


THE FAILSAFE (one night only/original members)

The Ironworks
45 Bates Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Tickets only $20!!!

Tickets at

NACHTMYSTIUM announces Barge To Hell appearance, four North American dates including Pittsburgh

Having recently released their critically acclaimed album Silencing Machine, NACHTMYSTIUM is now ready to bring their unique brand of black metal to fans on Barge To Hell! In regards to their upcoming appearances (as well as their cancelled North American tour with JARBOE), the band comments:

“NACHTMYSTIUM fans on the east coast: we ARE coming out for three shows in a little over a week and finish with a fourth one in Chicago! Then we will be appearing on the Barge To Hell metal cruise ship going from Miami, FL to Nassau, Bahamas and back. Playing alongside SODOM, AT THE GATES, MAYHEM, ROTTING CHRIST, MOONSPELL, MORGOTH, NAPALM DEATH and many, many many more awesome bands!”

“A full U.S. tour WILL be happening sometime between January and April, 2013. Sorry to any of you hoping to catch us on this run. The tour was doomed from the get go in a lot of ways due to things unrelated to the band or our ability to tour. Just poor timing, nothing more, nothing less. We will be doing a thorough US tour early in 2013, so look for us coming to your city soon…And anyone out in the areas we’re playing in a week or so, we look forward to seeing you at the shows!”

All upcoming NACHTMYSTIUM tour dates are below.

11/18–Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
11/19–Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus
11/20–Pittsburgh, PA @ Ironworks
11/21–Chicago, IL @ Ultra Lounge
12/3-7–Barge To Hell

If you still haven’t heard NACHTMYSTIUM’s 6th full-length album, Silencing Machine, be sure to visit for the exclusive album stream

Read on for a few reviews of NACHTMYSTIUM’s Silencing Machine:

“[‘Silencing Machine’ is] dirty, it’s black metal and it’s awesome.” — METAL INJECTION

“While not as outwardly experimental as ‘Assassins’ and ‘Addicts’ genre cross-breeding, ‘Silencing Machine’ still pushes [NACHTMYSTIUM’s] sound forward, bringing the psychedelic and post-punk influences into an organic synthesis with their anthems to the welkin at midnight.” — DECIBEL MAGAZINE

“Frontman Blake Judd still smears riffs and pukes tar…” — AV CLUB LOUD

“After releasing two albums–2008’s ‘Assassins: Black Meddle Part 1’ and 2010’s ‘Addicts: Black Meddle Part 2’–that strayed significantly from the band’s black metal roots, Chicago’s NACHTMYSTIUM have returned to the wintry void with their latest, ‘Silencing Machine.'” — REVOLVER MAGAZINE

“NACHTMYSTIUM has always been the torchbearer when it comes to pushing black metal’s boundaries to unthinkable, un-forest locales and while 2008’s ‘Assassins: Black Meddle Part I’ and 2010’s ‘Addicts: Black Meddle Part II’ were impressive bouts of exploratory surgeries, it is ‘Silencing Machine’ that is the true follow-up to NACHTMYSTIUM catalogue highlight ‘Instinct: Decay’…” — BRAVE WORDS

“…NACHTMYSTIUM has time and again shown that black metal is a many splendored thing, continuously stretching the walls of the genre to not only make waves, but create an undertow, nearly dragging their competition to drown in the darkened depths…’Silencing Machine’ does not disappoint.” — METAL SUCKS

“The tracks are brutal, melodic, and powerful, merging all the best elements of NACHTMYSTIUM into one potent mix.” — HAILS AND HORNS

Pittsburgh Punks August Ruins Make ‘Headlines’

August Ruins was forged right in PMM’s hometown of Pittsburgh coming up from the “underground armed with motivation, a message, and a melody”. AR was founded in May of 2009 forming randomly through craigslist ads, and ever since has found success with an explosive sound, combining the speed and melody of California punk with the technicality of modern metal. (On first listen one of our reviewers, Melisa, said they sound like Green Day meets A Day to Remember). August Ruins has been described as fist in the air punk rock, with blistering guitar solos and pounding double bass, combined with catchy choruses, melodic back up vocals, and “an all around passion that illuminates from each member of the band”. With elements of hardcore, metal, and melodic punk music August Ruins is sure to find many fans.

Their latest EP “Headlines” includes some crusty gems like “You Decide” and “Gone Forgotten” with posh punk melodies reminiscent of NOFX, Anti-Flag, New Found Glory and a hint of old-old My Chemical Romance. As August Ruins builds their reputation locally and nationally they will certainly gain an audience among old school and new school punks. But, they certainly have enough elements of hardcore and metalcore to also win those prone to that genre(s) as well. This is an exciting up and coming band that has a ton of potential to break out of Steel Town and hit everytown. Keep them on your radar to make more headlines very soon.

Mike Sebula – Bass Guitar / Lead Vocals
Eric Sebula – Lead Guitar / Vocals
Reggie Little – Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Kory Caldarelli – Percussion

“Headlines” Produced and Recorded by Brian Mcternan and Mike Schleibaum at Salad Days Studio! On Sale Now.

ABIOTIC Announces Tour Dates With Battlecross/Pittsburgh 12/19

“ABIOTIC definitely has the tools and musical intuition needed to join the very best bands the genre has to offer.”

-Metal Sucks

Last week saw the release of the debut Symbiosis from Miami, Florida’s ABIOTIC has been on Metal Blade Records. In support of the release, ABIOTIC will be going on tour this December with label mates Battlecross. The tour kicks off December 8th in Toledo, OH and runs through December 19th in Pittsburgh, PA. Following the tour, the band will be making an appearance at this year’s “Everything is Bigger in Texas” Festival scheduled for December 22nd in San Antonio, TX.

Symbiosis is available in special bundle packages and can be ordered HERE.

The five-piece group consists of vocalist Ray Jimenez, bassist Alex Vazquez, drummer Andres Hurtado and guitarists Matt Mendez and Johnathan Matos. In a short amount of time since the quintet’s inception in 2010, this ghoulish coterie has made a paramount impact in the death metal scene and support from the masses continues to grow. The band has released two singles and a seven song studio EP entitled A Universal Plague.

“Vermosapien”, the second track on the EP, has recently been featured on the quintet’s first music video, directed by Dan Drescher. is hosting a stream on the instrumental track “Hegira” HERE.

Symbiosis Tracklisting:
1. Metamorphilia
2. Vermosapien
3. A Universal Plague
4. To Burgeon and Languish
5. Hegira
6. Conquest of Gliese
7. The Singe
8. Exitus
9. Facades
10. The Graze of Locusts

Catch ABIOTIC Live:

With Battlecross:
12/8: Toledo, OH @ Frankie’s
12/9: Plainfield, IL @ Live 59
12/11: Peoria, IL @ The Brass Rail
12/12: St. Paul, MN @ Stationm 4
12/13: Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
12/14: St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
12/15: Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music Hall
12/16: Memphis, TN @ Newby’s
12/17: Richmond, VA @ Kingdom
12/18: Springfield, VA @ Empire
12/19: Pittsburgh, PA @ The Ironworks

12/22: San Antonio, TX @ The White Rabbit (Everything is Bigger in Texas Fest)

Modern Day Escape Puts Pittsburgh Under the Gun

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Revolver Magazine described them as, “an irresistibly catchy fusion of Sunset Strip style hard rock and galvanic screamo. Alternative Press calls them “irresistible” and Outburn Magazine calls them “a real winner”. We here at Pittsburgh Music Magazine had the first chance to catch them live in Pittsburgh at The Ironworks while on tour with Affiance, Deception of a Ghost, and Picture Me Broken. Formed in Orlando, FL in the summer of 2006 MDE has been toughing it out on the road and impressing audiences for a long time now and are touring in support of their latest effort, ‘Under the Gun’ that sees them taking a more melodic approach to their previous work. Certainly there is an improvement in Vegas’ lyrics that focus more on introspective events of his past than the previous “party” content. We must also say that former Black Veil Brides drummer Sandra Alva is a welcome addition and one hell of a drummer.
One of our most loyal followers (and a secret source for keeping us cool) is Melisa, who turned us on to MDE. PMM is thankful she did. With a stellar performance that floored the Pittsburgh crowd, Modern Day Escape made an indelible mark on the Steel City. Due to a massive delay on their way to the ‘Burgh, MDE was unable to sit down for an interview pre-show. But, we hung out with singer James Vegas for sometime after their set and we can’t say enough about what a great guy he truly is and we had a tremendous time getting to know him. Very humble, very gracious, very cool. James took time to talk to all our supporters and signed their pants, posters, and took pictures with all happily.
As of this writing MDE is unfortunately stuck in Fredricksburg, VA with a bum transmission (and silly you thought the road was all glory) and getting ready to tear up the West of the U.S. on their way back home to L.A. Check out the video below and you can order their new CD and merch here.

James Vegas (r) hangs out with Alan of PMM and Scott (l) of Deception of a Ghost

Picture Me Broken’s Brooklyn Could Be The Second Coming of Benatar

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One look at Brooklyn Allman and you just know she knows how to rock with the best of them. Fronting the band Picture Me Broken is a 19 year old woman that is already a seasoned professional in the music business. Hailing from the Bay Area (Redwood City), CA Brooklyn (lead vocals) and bassist Austin Dunn have been plugging away since 2005 when they were 12. Their lineup has changed and morphed over the years, but now that they have Shawn Foist (drummer), Dante Phoenix (guitar), and Jimmy Strimpel (guitar) they seem to have found a magical make-up that will propel them to bigger things.
PMB is not just some chick fronted band though. Brooklyn may have the voice of a Pat Benatar meets Nancy Wilson, but she also has the stage presence and ability to growl out vocals with the confidence of a seasoned veteran. She is quick to let you know that PMB is a rock band and not some girl fronted gimmick band.
Having to hit the stage in Pittsburgh as soon as they arrived, due to some overwhelming traffic caused by an accident on the freeway, the band did not let it affect them in any way and showed professional poise as they won the crowds affection. Not long after their set, drummer Shawn Foist was able to introduce me to Brooklyn who took the time to give Pittsburgh Music Magazine an interview that really shows her positive attitude. Listen to the following interview link to learn more about where PMB is off to next, projects in the pipeline, Brooklyn’s past and why she loves AFI: Brooklyn of Picture Me Broken

Check out Picture Me Broken doing a Heart cover:

Brooklyn checks in with PMM’s Alan at The Ironworks in Pittsburgh

-All photos property of Alan Welding and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

Your New Favorite Band is Deception of a Ghost. Trust Us.

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-All photos property of Alan Welding and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

When you see hundreds of bands play every year it is very easy to become jaded. Many times bands names and faces tend to blur. But, every once in awhile you come across a gem, a diamond in the rough, maybe even The Holy Grail. Last night was one of those nights. They have a memorable name, a great look, a true to their roots sound, a bone crushing live performance, and they will be HUGE: meet your new favorite band, Deception of a Ghost. Trust us.

I was lucky enough to run into vocalist Scott Cowan in the back alley of The Ironworks here in Pittsburgh, PA. We quickly struck up a conversation about one of the hazards of the road that unfortunately struck all the acts on the bill, a freeway accident (not any of the bands involved) that tied up traffic so bad that it took an hour to go just one mile. I later talked to Scott a bit about Deception of a Ghost and asked what they sounded like. I can tell you he had me at “Poison the Well”. But I can also tell you that they are so much more than that, they are something special on the very verge of being a huge hardcore metal act that will always stay true. Sitting down with Scott and guitarist/vocalist Buddy Dameron before and after the show showed me that Deception of a Ghost has the drive, spirit, and talent to make all their dreams realities. It’s just a matter of very short time. Looking forward to a three-week break, as this was the last night of the tour with Affiance, Modern Day Escape, and Picture Me Broken, the band heads right back out on the road on the West Coast after the short hiatus.
What I came to find out in the coming hours was that all the members of the band are not only humble and gracious dudes, but are also highly intelligent, well spoken, and very savvy when it comes to the music business and staying true to their art.

Buddy (whose brother Kyle also plays in the band) is one of the friendliest guys one could ever meet. He has just a hint of a southern accent, just enough to intrigue every girl in the joint. That southern charm will certainly get he and the band far because he has such a bright personality on and off the stage. What one will find when listening to their music is that Deception of a Ghost is a very positive band. Take for instance how they describe themselves on their Facebook, “We are not a band that approaches politics or a certain political stance on things. For the most part some of us have no such stance. We’re not a part of bullhorn preaching or religion. If you get a sense of spiritual inspiration from our songs then great. If you get a feeling of personal encouragement then we are all for that. But our goal is not to persuade you to think a certain way. Our goal isn’t to try and make you believe in a God or follow a particular way of life. You do not have to claim a certain group or affiliation to fit in. There are many messages concerning politics, Christianity, atheism, vegan, etc., and that’s great they are out there. These are the people doing exactly what we aim to tell others to do. We want you to follow your dreams and your heart excluding what others close to you may think or say. Your life is just that. It’s yours. Live it for you and no one else. Our goal is simply to let you know there is never any fitting mold and if this band does anything for you we hope that it encourages you to think for yourself and voice your ideas. With timeless efforts we will tell you to step outside of following mindless and careless lifestyles and be you. And to never let anything stand in your way of doing so. That we are all individuals and we need to embrace something so valuable. With that being said we are Deception Of A Ghost. We want you to be you, be proud and kill it! You are special, be special”.

We talked at length about the travails of the road, sacrificing everything for your passion, and how one warms up their throat for such guttural magnificence (apparently Green Day’s ‘Basket Case’ does the trick. Who knew?). When listening to their latest, ‘Life Right Now’, the lyrics are very striking, something Scott takes personal responsibility for. Scott has the look of a strawberry blonde Jim Morrison in his poet era meets Thor meets Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. He is smart, witty, and wholeheartedly honest. The twists and turns that songs like ‘American Terrorist’, ‘If Hearts Could Talk’, ‘Anonymous’, and ‘Source Flow’ will take you on a journey that makes you think and think hard. That’s not to say that the music is not in your face, soul wrenching, bone crushing, head slamming, devil horns in the air, hardcore metal at it’s finest; it most certainly is (that semi colon is just for you Scott!). It is in my humble opinion ‘beautiful’…I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it is to take pictures when your mind and body screams at you to just stop working and completely get lost in the music.

Do yourself a favor. First download ‘Life Right Now’. Then go over to Facebook and like the band. Then hit them up on Twitter. Then find out when they are coming to your town and assault a kind way. For they will surely assault your ears, mind, body, and soul back. And that is no deception.

REVOCATION North American Headline Tour and Invade Pittsburgh 12/9

Massachusetts metallers REVOCATION will kick off their North America headline tour presented by Scion A/V tonight October 18th in Trenton, NJ. The tour runs through November 17th in Manchester, NH. Support on the tour will come from A Life Once Lost and KEN mode.

In conjunction with the tour, Scion A/V is released a new EP from REVOCATION earlier this month. The EP is titled Teratogenesis and features the first recordings with the band’s new bass player Brett Bamberger. The EP is available for free download HERE.

REVOCATION have also announced that they will be touring with The Faceless and The HAARP Machine this November and December. The tour is slated to begin November 27th in Ogden, UT and will wind up December 14th in Tucson, AZ. A complete list of all dates can be found below.

Drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne commented on the upcoming tours:

“Whats up RevoNation! We’re very excited to kick off our US headliner with A Life Once Lost and KEN Mode, and then jump right into our winter tour with The Faceless and The HAARP Machine! Its gonna be a ripping time, with beers, boobs, and blast beats aplenty. So come hang out with us, and be a part of the many good times ahead. See you there!”

Frontman Dave Davidson added:

“Fellow metalheads! We are about to embark on our headliner starting tomorrow with A Life Once Lost and KEN Mode and we couldn’t be more excited to hit the road! We’ll be playing material spanning all our releases including a few choice cuts from our new EP Teratogenesis. As soon as our headliner ends we’ll be heading back out with the Faceless and The HAARP Machine for further shredtastic adventures. See you fuckers soon!!!”

REVOCATION is available for interviews upon request. To speak with the band, please contact the relevant publicity contact listed below. Updated REVOCATION news and tour information will be made available at the Relapse Records website, the REVOCATION Facebook page.

REVOCATION w/ A Life Once Lost and KEN Mode
* = No KenMode
10/18: Trenton, NJ @ The Backstage at Champs*
10/19: Quebec City, QC @ L’Union Commercial
10/20: Toronto, ON @ WreckRoom
10/21: Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar
10/22:Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge
10/23: St Paul, MN @ Station-4
10/24: Winnipeg, MB @ The Zoo
10/26: Calgary, AB @ Vern’s
10/27 : Edmonton, AB @ Pawn Shop
10/29: Tacoma, WA @ The Lochs
10/30: Seattle, WA @ El Corazon Lounge
10/31: Portland, OR @ Rotture
11/1: San Francisco, CA @ The Sub Mission
11/2: Fullerton, CA @ Slidebar
11/3: Tempe, AZ @ Chaser’s
11/4: El Paso, TX @ House Of Rock
11/5: San Antonio, TX @ Korova
11/6: Austin, TX @ Red 7
11/8: Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
11/9: Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall
11/10: Philadelphia, PA @ Kung-Fu Necktie
11/11: Albany, NY @ Bogie’s
11/12: New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall
11/13: Boston, MA @ Great Scott
11/14: Montreal, QC @ Les Foufounes Electriques
11/17: Manchester, NH @ The Paper House

REVOCATION With The Faceless and The Haarp Machine
11/27: Ogden, UT @ Mojoes
11/28: Colorado Springs, CO @ Black Sheep
11/29: Kansas City, MO @ Beaumont Club
11/30: Iowa City, IA @ Blue Moose
12/1: La Porte, IN @ Game Emporium
12/2: Toledo, OH @ Frankies
12/3: St. Catharines, ON @ Barracuda Pretty
12/4: Windsor, ON @ KOC
12/5: London, ON @ Rum Runners
12/6: Syracuse, NY @ The Lost Horizon
12/7: West Springfield, VA @ Empire
12/9: Pittsburgh, PA @ The Ironworks
12/11: Oklahoma City, OK @ Chameleon
12/12: Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog
12/14: Tucson, AZ @ The Rock

Motionless In White’s new single “If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It”

Motionless In White’s new single “If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It” (feat. Brandan Schieppati) is now available for digital download on iTunes.

The Pennsylvanian metal outfit deliver a brand new lyric video for the single, which the band premiered earlier today. Just in time for halloween, the video offers a combination of clips from horror movies, spliced with live footage from Motionless In White’s sold out London, UK show last month. “If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It” is featured on their highly-anticipated new album Infamous, set to release November 13th.
Get more information about the album at:

“If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It” was written about my disgust for people in the world who have developed this sense of entitlement that they think gives them the right to dictate standards others need to live by. I’m more specifically talking about the beauty standard, ” Lead singer, Chris Motionless explains. “I asked my hero Brandan Schiepatti from Bleeding Through to scream along with me on this song. He and his lyrics have always been what I’ve looked to for guidance and influence when I felt lost, so I am hoping to do the same for others out there. This song means more to me than anyone can understand. I’m coming for you mother fuckers.” Read more about “If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It”

Gaining a reputation for constantly challenging the concept of “playing it safe”, Motionless In White are unafraid to make music as intense as it is intricate. Having built upward from the success of their debut album Creatures, which has sold over 50,000 copies, the band’s ability to interweave powerful lyrics and strong musicianship with striking imagery has captivated both fans and media around the globe.

To follow-up their sold out UK headline tour, the band are gearing up for their first North American headliner this November / December, and will return overseas on a UK run with Asking Alexandria in early 2013.

Rockstar Energy Drink presents The Infamous Tour Dates:
Motionless In White, Chelsea Grin, Stick To Your Guns, Crown The Empire, & Upon This Dawning

Nov 8 – Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
Nov 9 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
Nov 10 – Stroudsburg, PA @Sherman Theatre
Nov 11 – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
Nov 12 – Springfield, VA @ Empire
Nov 13 – Charlotte, NC @ Amos
Nov 15 – St Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre
Nov 16 – Orlando, FL – Club 57 West
Nov 17 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
Nov 18 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
Nov 20 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
Nov 21 – Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s
Nov 24 – Montreal, QC @ Le Tulipe
Nov 25 – Toronto, ON @ Virgin Mobile Mod Club
Nov 26 – London, ON @ London Music Hall
Nov 27 – Pontiac, MI @ The Crofoot Ballroom
Nov 28 – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
Nov 30 – Dallas, TX @ The Door
Dec 01 – San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
Dec 02 – Odessa, TX @ Dos Amigos
Dec 04 – Tempe, AZ @ Nile Theatre
Dec 05 – West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
Dec 06 – Pomona, CA @ Glass House
Dec 07 – San Diego, CA @ Soma
Dec 08 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
Dec 10 – Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue
Dec 11 – Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
Dec 12 – Des Moines, IA @ Wooly’s
Dec 13 – Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge
Dec 14 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Ironworks
Dec 15 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
Dec 16 – Philadelphia, PA @ TLA

UK Tour w/ Asking Alexandria

Jan 15 – Dublin @ The Academy
Jan 16 – Belfast @ Mandela Hall
Jan 17 – Glasgow @ Barrowland
Jan 19 – London @ O2 Academy Brixton
Feb 10 – Birmingham @ O2 Academy Birmingham
Feb 11 – Manchester @ Manchester Academy


Immediately following the end of their tour with Affiance, MODERN DAY ESCAPE and PICTURE ME BROKEN will be joining up with label mates CLOSE TO HOME to take part in the “The Harry Pot-Tour”. The tour kicks off October 21st in Richmond, VA and runs through November 10th in Temecula, CA. A complete list of dates can be found below.

MODERN DAY ESCAPE is touring in support of their latest release Under the Gun which came out earlier this year on Standby Records. MODERN DAY ESCAPE formed in Orlando, Florida in 2006. After going through various incarnations and lineup changes, MDE solidified their lineup in 2011 with the addition of drummer Sandra Alva (Ex-Black Veil Brides) and guitarist Mark Burn. The lineup set out to record the album Under the Gun and now they intend to bring it to the masses.

Cincinnati Ohio’s CLOSE TO HOME will be providing direct support on the tour. CTH has released two EPs (3 mixed, 1 demo) and three full-length albums, Picture Perfect; their major label debut, Never Back Down, which was released on February 15, 2011; and their most recent effort, Momentum, which was released July 31, 2012 via Artery Recordings. CLOSE TO HOME has toured across the United States with bands such as Silverstein, Emery, Dance Gavin Dance, In Fear and Faith and We Came as Romans and took part in 2010 and 2012’s Scream It Like You Mean It tours.

PICTURE ME BROKEN emerged in 2005 under the name “Lane Four” playing classic rock covers as 12 year olds. PICTURE ME BROKEN, however, was truly born when the band landed a spot on a date of Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution Tour with their songs “Blind and “Live Forever.” PMB defines their sound as melodic hard rock with elements of screamo and post-hardcore. PICTURE ME BROKEN is all about live energy, catchy choruses, and intense breakdowns; ready to take over the music scene with their all energy, genre crossing approach to modern music. PICTURE ME BROKEN will be releasing a new EP this winter on Standby Records.

MODERN DAY ESCAPE w/ Picture Me Broken
10/3: Englewood, CO @ Moe’s Original
10/4: Lincoln, NE @ Knickerbockers
10/5: Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
10/6: La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse
10/7: Peoria, IL @ The Brass Rail
10/9: Akron, OH @ Musica
10/10: Toledo, OH @ Frankies
10/11: Kettering, OH @ The Attic
10/12: Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck
10/13: Montreal, QC @ Club Lambi
10/14: Quebec City, QC @ Union Commerciale
10/15: Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
10/17: Providence, RI @ Firehouse 13
10/18: Danbury, CT @ The Heirloom Arts Theater
10/19: Trenton, NJ @ The Backstage at Champs
10/20: Pittsburgh, PA @ The Ironworks

“The Harry Pot-tour”
10/21: Richmond, VA @ Kingdom
10/23: Winston-Salem, NC @ Ziggys
10/24: Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero
10/25: Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
10/26: Orlando, FL @ Club 57
10/30: Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music Hall
10/31: Norman, OK @ The Castle
11/1: Houston, TX @ Mango’s
11/2: Ft Worth, TX @ Tomcats West
11/3: El Paso, TX @ Hardin’s Revolver
11/4: Albuquerque, NM @ Amped
11/5: Scottsdale, AZ @ Pub Rock Live
11/6: West Hollywood, CA @ The Whiskey
11/9: Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
11/10: Temecula, CA @ The Vault

For More Info Visit:

MODERN DAY ESCAPE and PICTURE ME BROKEN Join Forces for North American Tour: Pittsburgh 10/20

Standby Records artists MODERN DAY ESCAPE and PICTURE ME BROKEN are teaming up for a North American tour. The first leg of the jaunt kicks off September 30th in Fullerton, CA and runs through October 20th in Pittsburgh PA. Affiance, and Deception of a Ghost will be on the bill as well. A second leg is expected to be announced shortly. A complete list of confirmed dates can be found below.

MODERN DAY ESCAPE is touring in support of their latest release Under the Gun which came out earlier this year on Standby Records. MODERN DAY ESCAPE formed in Orlando, Florida in 2006. After going through various incarnations and lineup changes, MDE solidified their lineup in 2011 with the addition of drummer Sandra Alva (Ex-Black Veil Brides) and guitarist Mark Burn. The lineup set out to record the album Under the Gun and now they intend to bring it to the masses.

PICTURE ME BROKEN emerged in 2005 under the name “Lane Four” playing classic rock covers as 12 year olds. PICTURE ME BROKEN, however, was truly born when the band landed a spot on a date of Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution Tour with their songs “Blind and “Live Forever.” PMB defines their sound as melodic hard rock with elements of screamo and post-hardcore. PICTURE ME BROKEN is all about live energy, catchy choruses, and intense breakdowns; ready to take over the music scene with their all energy, genre crossing approach to modern music. PICTURE ME BROKEN will be releasing a new EP this winter on Standby Records.

MODERN DAY ESCAPE w/ Picture Me Broken
9/30: Fullerton, CA @ Slide Bar – Free Show
10/2: Ogden, UT @ Mojoes
10/3: Englewood, CO @ Moe’s Original
10/4: Lincoln, NE @ Knickerbockers
10/5: Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
10/6: La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse
10/7: Peoria, IL @ The Brass Rail
10/9: Akron, OH @ Musica
10/10: Toledo, OH @ Frankies
10/11: Kettering, OH @ The Attic
10/12: Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck
10/13: Montreal, QC @ Club Lambi
10/14: Quebec City, QC @ Union Commerciale
10/15: Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
10/17: Providence, RI @ Firehouse 13
10/18: Danbury, CT @ The Heirloom Arts Theater
10/19: Trenton, NJ @ The Backstage at Champs
10/20: Pittsburgh, PA @ The Ironworks

For More Info Visit:


Explosive sextet Motionless In White are thrilled to announce their first North American headline tour for this fall.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be heading out on our first full headline tour this fall,” notes lead singer Chris Motionless. “We’ve spent a long time waiting for this moment, and can’t wait to kick off Infamous and the next phase of Motionless In White in the best fucking way possible. I won’t give too many things away, but I will say that you will definitely leave knowing you just witnessed a true SHOW.”

The Infamous Tour, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink, kicks off on November 8 in Burlington, VT, and will hit 31 cities across the country, more dates to be announced soon. The tour includes support from Chelsea Grin, Stick To Your Guns, Crown The Empire, and label mates Upon This Dawning. The tour follows a huge summer on Vans Warped Tour, headline dates in Japan and a sold out tour of the UK this September.

The tour comes in support of forthcoming album Infamous. Produced by Jason Suecof (August Burns Red, Black Dahlia Murder, White Chapel) and Tim Skold (Marilyn Manson), Infamous is the band’s second full-length, and is set for release this fall.

Rockstar Energy Drink presentes The Infamous Tour Dates:
Motionless In White, Chelsea Grin, Stick To Your Guns, Crown The Empire, & Upon This Dawning

11/8 – Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
11/11 – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
11/13 – Charlotte, NC @ Amos
11/15 – St Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre
11/17 – Ft Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
11/20 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
11/21 – Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s
11/24 – Montreal, QC @ Le Tulipe
11/25 – Toronto, ON @ Virgin Mobile Mod Club
11/26 – London, ON @ London Music Hall
11/27 – Pontiac, MI @ The Crofoot Ballroom
11/30 – Dallas, TX @ The Door
12/2 – Odessa, TX @ Dos Amigos
12/4 – Tempe, AZ @ Nile Theatre
12/5 – West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
12/6 – Pomona, CA @ Glasshouse
12/7 – San Diego, CA @ Soma
12/8 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
12/11 – Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
12/12 – Des Moines, IA @ Wooly’s
12/13 – Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge
12/14 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Ironworks
12/15 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
12/16 – Philadelphia, PA @ TLA