TO KILL A MONSTER Release Official Lyric Video for “Barely Breathing”

Columbus, OH based Alternative Rock band TO KILL A MONSTER has released the official lyric video for their new single, “Barely Breathing.” Created by Mike Colletti of MC Lyric Videos with single art by Dan Smotz of Goulash Media, “Barely Breathing” layers a heavy, rolling rock beat and crunchy guitar with soaring vocals by front-man and lone founding member Joey Lawson.

“‘Barely Breathing’ is a story about the loss of a loved one when they’re all you have left. Either in love or life or anything the listener might be going through.” – TO KILL A MONSTER

Purchase / Stream “Barely Breathing” Online:
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To Kill A Monster, formed in 2005, is an upbeat punk/rock/alternative band from Columbus, Ohio. This band has aged like a fine wine across the last 16 years. As a high energy, hard hitting band with melodic verses and catchy choruses, TKAM is never afraid to throw in a breakdown or dance beat just for fun. Along with a few stops on the Vans Warped Tour in 2013 and 2015, To Kill A Monster has had the privilege of sharing the stage with acts such as Asking Alexandria, 21 Pilots, Starset, The Devil Wears Prada, Switchfoot and many more. After a short hiatus, the band re-emerged better than ever with a whole new lineup. Joining original singer Joey Lawson is Corey Melton (drums), Josh Spence (bass), James Barron (guitar), and Scott Borealis (guitar). New music is on the way and To Kill A Monster couldn’t be more proud of what’s coming.

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CALIBAN premiere lyric video for “yOUR Song”

“A tribute to the faithful, you were always true!

A tribute to all kindred souls – here’s to you!


This is your song – this is our song

We’re coming home – where we belong

This is your song – this is our song

We’re flesh and bone, so sing along…”


After playing 3 crazy, sweaty, sold out release shows in Berlin, Cologne and Munich it is time to release a lyric video for one of the songs that is already turning into a crowd favorite. Please check out “yOUR Song”, brought to you by our friends from Artist Direct:


CALIBAN’s GHOST EMPIRE will be in stores next Tuesday, February 4 in North America. Here is the track listing:


1. King

2. Chaos – Creation

3. Wolves And Rats

4. nebeL (feat. BastiBasti / Callejon)

5. I Am Ghost

6. Devil’s Night

7. yOUR Song

8. Cries And Whispers

9. Good Man

10. I Am Rebellion

11. Who We Are

12. My Vertigo


Bonus track ltd. Edition + digital: 13. Falling Downwards (feat. Matthew Heafy / Trivium)

Bonus DVD ltd. Edition: “On Tour With CALIBAN 2013” (104min.)


In case you were wondering about the bonus DVD “On Tour With CALIBAN 2013” that’s available as part of CALIBAN’s “Ghost Empire”, please check out the trailer here:  


Enjoy the video clip for the song “Devil’s Night”:  


You can still check out a lyric video for the opener of the album, “King”, under the following link:


Extensive touring for “Ghost Empire” is already announced. In May 2014 CALIBAN will be heading out on the next edition of the Progression Tour 2014 which is brought to you by Impericon and Kingstar in association with The Agency Group. Don’t miss your chance to see CALIBAN on one billing with The Ghost Inside, The Devil Wears Prada, I Killed The Prom Queen and Breakdown Of Sanity.


Kingstar und Impericon present:

mit The Ghost Inside, The Devil Wears Prada, I Killed The Prom Queen, Breakdown Of Sanity
Fuze,, Metal Hammer present:

04.05. (DE) Frankfurt – Batschkapp
06.05. (DE) Köln – Live Music Hall
07.05. (DE) Hamburg – Grosse Freiheit 36
08.05. (DE) Berlin – Huxleys Neue Welt
09.05. (DE) Leipzig – Werk 2
10.05. (DE) Münster – Skaters Palace
11.05. (DE) Stuttgart – LKA Longhorn
13.05. (DE) Nürnberg – Löwensaal
14.05. (AT) Wien – Arena
15.05. (IT) Roncade – New Age Club
16.05. (IT) Milan – Factory Club
17.05. (CH) Zürich – Komplex 457
18.05. (D) Munich – Theaterfabrik
20.05. (NL) Amsterdam – Melkweg

21.05. (UK) Southampton – The Mo’club

22.05. (UK) Plymouth – White Rabbit

23.05. (UK) Liverpool – Academy


First summer festivals are also confirmed:

03.05. (B) Meerhout – Groezrock

24.05. (UK) Leeds – Slam Dunk Festival

25.05. (UK) Hatfield – Slam Dunk Festival

26.05. (UK) Wolverhampton – Slam Dunk Festival

17.07. (DE) Cuxhaven – Deichbrand Festival

14.08. (DE) Dinkelsbühl – Summerbreeze Festival


CALIBAN online:


The Devil Wears Prada Kills it at Mr. Smalls

On a rainy Halloween night at Millvale’s own Mr. Smalls, The Devil Wears Prada (TDWP) stopped by to play a charity show right before they officially started their next tour, supporting their new album, “8:18”. The show that they played at Mr. Smalls was not only a charity concert, but it was also to make up for them dropping out of the first annual “Alliance Festival” which was supposed to be held in McDonald, PA, earlier this year. The band felt real bad about dropping out on such short notice, so this was their solution to make up for it.
Before the band came out onto the stage to play in front of a sold out crowd, all anyone could see was their giant logo, standing up behind their drummer’s set, that started to light up the whole room as some very loud bass drops shook the whole building and everyone inside. As the band ran out onto the stage, their frontman Mike Hranica jumps out right in front of the crowd wearing and supporting a Pittsburgh Pirate’s McCutchen jersey, which was definitely a crowd pleaser. TDWP jumped right into their newest opening song “Gloom” which got the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs and head banging like crazy. Just from seeing how the crowd reacted to the first song, I had that feeling that things were going to get extremely intense throughout the night; somehow, that was an understatement. The next song they played was the opening track off of their “Zombie EP”, “Escape” and at the point in the night, I started to see people drop left and right from the insane mosh pit and the crowd surfers, who were more like flying to the front of the stage than surfing their way up. I was beyond amazed at the sight that was before my eyes; just the intensity that was coming off of the band and the crowd was unreal. But the band kept rolling, moving right into their next couple songs before they finally stopped to say “Hi” to the crowd.
Towards the middle of their set, they slowed things down a bit, it was nice way to calm down the crowd and get everyone involved in singing together and to just kind of jam out a bit. Just for a short time frame though, they didn’t want the crowd to get off too easy before they jumped right back into it. Sadly though… the band only had a few songs left after that. At that point, the crowd was dead out of energy, and they got a BIG second wind when they kicked in with one of their biggest songs “Danger: Wildman”. You would’ve thought the band just started the show from the beginning then. As soon as the song was over, the crowd instantly started roaring for an encore. TDWP gave it to them alright, this time with Mike rocking a Crosby Penguins jersey instead. To top off the night, they ended with the song “Mammoth” which was off of their previous album “Dead Throne”.
Overall, I was beyond amazed with The Devil Wears Prada’s performance that night. I would without question go see them again. Their stage performance, song selection, just everything about what they did that night was an exhilarating experience to say the least. If only they played more! But that’s why beggars can’t be choosers.

Checkout their website for more tour dates supporting their newest album “8:18” and check the album out to while you’re at it if you haven’t already!

All photos ©2013 Pittsburgh Music Magazine and Mike Mendlowitz

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The Devil Wears Prada Talk to Pgh Music Mag…Halloween Show at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh!

The Devil Wears Prada is headed back out on the road in support of the new release (9/17) “8:18”.  “The 8:18 Tour”, which will see the band accompanied by The Ghost Inside, Volumes and Texas In July (except in Pittsburgh where they will be playing with Once Nothing and Delusions Of Grandeur) is going to keep the boys busy up until Christmas time.  Pittsburgh Music Magazine caught up with MIke Hranica freshly back home from a UK tour and safe at home in Chicago.  Listen in as we talk about what TDWP has in store for their stop in Pittsburgh on Halloween night, the goings on in the UK, writing 8:18, and much more…

“Much of the heavy music around us suffers from a total lack of emotion. It’s sort of losing an audible sense of sincerity,” observes vocalist Mike Hranica. “The guitars, the drums, the songs themselves create that sorrow that I want the lyrics to tell on 8:18. And I made sure that my vocals created emotions that I have heard in post-hardcore, but that I rarely hear in breakdown-heavy metal bands like us.”

Guitarist Chris Rubey concurs. “If I listen to the title track and I’m in the right mood, I will tear-up because of the lyrics and vibe of the song,” he confesses. “What Mike is saying with all of his lyrics on this album is extremely powerful.”

The overriding theme on 8:18 is misery, exploring that mental and emotional state through its various guises, manifestations and interpretations. Tracks like “Gloom,” “War,” “Black & Blue” and “Home for Grave” spring forth from that foundation, exploiting concepts like mediocrity, existential angst and life’s bigger questions under an atmosphere of musical dread, hostility and darkness.

Mike Hranica is blessed with a commanding roar, but infuses the proceedings with a literary sensibility, a commitment to self-evaluation and a painstaking modesty that levels the playing field between performer and listener beneath the surface.

Principal songwriter and guitarist Rubey is an accomplished producer in his own right. Rubey brings all of that experience to the table with his band through an understanding of the group’s fans, the result of multiple hours spent pouring through social media, YouTube comments and online forums. It all coalesces into creative leaps that are intertwined with The Devil Wears Prada’s established identity. As he squeezes out his self-described “ADD” compositions, Rubey challenges himself not to repeat the past, both in and out of TDWP.

“All the way through our last album, I had a giant bank of songs. I was going back to material I had written when I was still in high school,” Rubey explains. “I had run out of material. This new one is the first album where I had to start from scratch. We already had a bank of like 60 songs and I knew these songs had to be better than all of them. By the time we had 13 songs together, I was able to listen to them and I was like, ‘We did it.’ It felt like a struggle to write the entire album, but once it was finished, it hit me and I’m so incredibly happy with it.”

Rhythm guitarist Jeremy DePoyster contributes the hook-laden underbelly to Prada’s brutal musical beast, handling the “clean” singing with a fine-tuned abandon to rival the pop stars dominating the charts. He grew up listening to Rob Zombie and Korn, but his iPod these days is packed with just about everything one can name. His singing vocals shine particularly on “Care More,” a heavily electronics infused song with a dark mood. “There’s so much of this crappy auto-tuned singing thing happening right now. It’s disappointing to me because I’ve been singing since I was a kid,” DePoyster says. “We all know what auto-tune is and we all use it to get things to work a little better, but when I hear things that are using it just as a crutch, that is extremely disappointing to me. Mike does a lot of passionate, raw, vibey screaming on this record, too. It’s great.”

. “Since the beginning, we have liked breakdowns, we have liked heavy sounds, we have liked melodic singing, we have liked heavy metal in general,” notes Hranica. “Those are the most basic fundamentals of what this band has been about.”

The overseeing hand of executive producer and Killswitch Engage axeman Adam Dutkiewicz (August Burns Red, Shadows Fall, Parkway Drive) and producer Matt Goldman (Underoath, The Chariot, As Cities Burn) resulted in a sonic time capsule representing not only this present moment for TDWP, but a crossroads for heavy music itself. Progressive strains of experimental trailblazers Converge, Botch and Underoath seethe beneath The Devil Wears Prada’s unique reverse engineering of modern metal. 8:18 convincingly detours into Nine Inch Nails-isms, then comes full circle with some killer throwbacks to TDWP’s earliest work.

“We love a lot of the records Matt has made and obviously we love Adam and he’s a great friend,” DePoyster points out. “Adam was very involved in doing the vocal stuff with Mike and I and had given us ideas when we were making demos. Both of those guys were great with us and were able to make contributions and make us think about things in different ways without making us uncomfortable.

“At the risk of sounding cocky, this band is my favorite band,” Rubey declares.

“We’re not kids who just want to hit the road and see where this goes,” adds DePoyster. “We’re making a conscious choice to do this because we love it.”


The Devil Wears Prada Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh on 10/31!

Long acclaimed as among one of the most potent and provocative bands in modern American metal, The Devil Wears Prada have made a massive leap forward with the stunning “8:18.” The album – executive produced by Killswitch Engage’s Adam Dutkiewicz and produced by the band along with producer/engineer Matt Goldman (Underoath, The Chariot) – sees the band driving their relentless sonic approach with more might than ever before, giving extreme power to frontman Mike Hranica’s grim, emotional lyricism.  “8:18” follows the band’s previous release, “DEAD THRONE” made an astonishing chart debut upon its 2011 release, exploding into the #10 position on the SoundScan/Billboard 200 and solidifying The Devil Wears Prada as one of modern metal’s top acts.  Come celebrate Halloween in style with The Devil Wears Prada, The Ghost Inside, Volumes & Texas In July at Mr. Smalls in Millvale (Pittsburgh), PA. 


The Devil Wears Prada is: Mike Hranica – vocals * Chris Rubey – lead guitar * Jeremy DePoyster – rhythm guitar, vocals * Andy Trick – bass * Daniel Williams – drums.


For more information, please visit,,,, and


ON TOUR 2013

All Dates w/ The Ghost Inside, Volumes & Texas In July except*



31           Millvale, PA                       Mr. Smalls Theatre*



2             Detroit, MI                         Royal Oak Music Theatre

3             Cincinnati, OH                  Bogarts

5             Cleveland, OH                   House of Blues

6             Chicago, IL                         House of Blues

7             Indianapolis, IN               Deluxe at Old National Centre

9             Grand Rapids, MI             The Intersection

10           Milwaukee, WI                 The Rave

11           Minneapolis, MN             Myth*

12           Winnipeg, MB                   The Garrick

14           Calgary, AB                        MacEwan Ballroom

16           Edmonton, AB                  The Starlite Room

19           Seattle, WA                        El Corazon

21           San Francisco, CA            Regency Ballroom

23           Salt Lake City, UT            In The Venue

24           Denver, CO                         ExdoEventCenter

25           Albuquerque, NM            Sunshine Theater

26           Phoenix, AZ                       Marquee Theatre

27           Las Vegas, NV                    Hard Rock Café – The Strip

29           San Diego, CA                    Soma

30           Los Angeles, CA                Club Nokia



1             Santa Ana, CA                    The Observatory

4             Dallas, TX                           House of Blues

5             San Antonio, TX               Backstage Live

6             Houston, TX                      Warehouse Live

7             New Orleans, LA              House of Blues

8             Tampa, FL                          The Ritz Ybor

10           Ft. Lauderdale, FL           Revolution

11           Orlando, FL                        House of Blues

12           Atlanta, GA                         The Masquerade

14           Philadelphia, PA              Trocadero

15           Sayreville, NJ                    Starland Ballroom

17           New York, NY                   Best Buy Theater

18           Worcester, MA                 The Palladium

19           Montreal, QC                     Club Soda

20           Toronto, ON                      Phoenix Concert Theatre


The Devil Wears Prada In The Studio

The Devil Wears Prada have entered the recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia, to begin work on their new studio album, which is being executive produced byKillswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz. They’ve created a clip documenting the beginning of the sessions…


No Wasted Words from As I Lay Dying at Mr. Smalls in Millvale/Pittsburgh (interview, review, and pictorial)

“…the reason for living was to get ready to stay dead a long time.”
― William FaulknerAs I Lay Dying

All photos property of AWeldingphoto © 2013 and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

Here I am at Mr. Smalls in Millvale, approaching my mid forties, hunched down in a pit, attempting to snap some pictures of bands half my age, playing to a crowd that for the most part is of high school age and praying for a two hour school delay due to the four to six inches of snow due to fall after midnight; and I love it.  The metal bands of today are fierce, powerful, and highly entertaining.  Tonight brings a line up that is rare and special.  The Chariot, For Today, As I Lay Dying, and The Devil Wears Prada are all decimating crowds across America, and tonight (as well the next night) Pittsburgh is on the list.

What occurred was nothing short of an experience that makes true meaning of the above quote from Faulkner’s novel, from which the band we came to see and interview lifted their moniker.  Life is about living and experience, and after having felt somewhat dead of the experiences that I so craved, I started this magazine to have these types of moments.  Having the pleasure of getting to talk to people like As I Lay Dying‘s  Jordan Mancino in the interview (below) as well as his bandmate Nick Hipa backstage is just part of what transforms my otherwise mundane life into something extraordinary.  Getting to see bands of this caliber up close and personal and getting surprised by some of them (The Chariot) adds to the charm of this lifestyle my partners and I have taken on.

As I Lay Dying are a phenom live.  Period.  I have only had the pleasure of having seen them twice on this tour, but they are so tight and dead on it truly is impressive.  The lights, smoke, and utter showmanship are just icing on the cake to a musicianship that comes from many years on the road and a brutal touring schedule that appears to be ahead well into the future due to the success of “Awakened”.  We are truly blessed.  And we left with big smiles on our faces and our metal hearts filled to the brim.

Check out the interview with Jordan…

and make sure to see As I Lay Dying on the road…you won’t regret it, especially if you are an old metalhead like me.

Mr. Smalls, Millvale/Pittsburgh, PA 3/24/13 Setlist

Cauterize  Forever Confined A Greater Foundation 94 Hours Condemned Anodyne Sea Whispering Silence Forsaken Wasted Words The Sound of Truth Separation Nothing Left Through Struggle

IMG_9305_Snapseed IMG_9310_Snapseed IMG_9315_Snapseed IMG_9316_Snapseed IMG_9322_Snapseed IMG_9322a_Snapseed IMG_9323_Snapseed IMG_9325_Snapseed IMG_9348_Snapseed IMG_9351_Snapseed IMG_9356_Snapseed IMG_9373_Snapseed IMG_9375_Snapseed IMG_9376_Snapseed IMG_9387_Snapseed IMG_9391_Snapseed IMG_9401_Snapseed IMG_9432_Snapseed IMG_9447_Snapseed IMG_9457_Snapseed IMG_9481_Snapseed IMG_9514_Snapseed IMG_9524_Snapseed IMG_9552_Snapseed IMG_9696_Snapseed IMG_9765_Snapseed


Jordan Mancino backstage
Jordan Mancino backstage

Video Correspondent Kait Begley interviews Jordan Mancino
Video Correspondent Kait Begley interviews Jordan Mancino


As I Lay Dying Launch New Lyric Video For The Track “No Lungs To Breathe”

A new lyric video for the track “No Lungs To Breathe,” which was made by the band’s guitarist Nick Hipa, is now live in conjunction with the band’s North American tour with The Devil Wears Prada that kicked off this past Friday (2/22) in Ventura, Calif. at the Ventura Theater. Check out the lyric video for “No Lungs To Breathe” HERE:

Metal Blade Records’ AS I LAY DYING and Ferret Music recording group The Devil Wears Prada are hitting the road for a full North American co-headline tour with support coming from For Today (on all dates except March 7th-March 8th), The Color Morale (February 22nd – March 7th), and The Chariot (March 8th – April 4th). Pittsburgh Music Magazine will be at Mr. Smalls in Millvale/Pittsburgh to cover the show and interview AS I LAY DYING…

AS I LAY DYING preceded the release of their 6th full-length studio album, “AWAKENED,” with a highly successful run on 2012’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival where the band rotated between the side and main stages. Just before “AWAKENED” dropped via Metal Blade Records on September 25th, the band released their first production video for the album for the track “A Greater Foundation.” Fans instantly took to the Internet to express their love of the new song – AND to discuss the relevance of the lyrics. Check out the video and comments HERE.

“AWAKENED,” which Rick Florino from Artist Direct called “…their best album yet,” noting “it’s a high water mark for modern metal, and it’s going to wake up the entire genre” giving the release 5 out of 5 stars, debuted on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #11, selling over 28,000 copies in its first week in the US alone.

AS I LAY DYING & The Devil Wears Prada
w/ For Today, The Color Morale
02/28 Los Angeles, CA Club Nokia
03/01 San Diego, CA SOMA
03/02 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theatre
03/03 El Paso, TX Tricky Falls
03/05 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street
03/06 San Antonio, TX Backstage Live **
03/07 Dallas, TX House of Blues **
AS I LAY DYING & The Devil Wears Prada
w/ For Today, The Chariot
03/08 Lubbock, TX Lonestar Events Center
03/09 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom
03/10 Memphis, TN New Daisy Theatre
03/12 Nashville, TN Rocketown
03/13 Charlotte, NC Amos Southend
03/14 Charleston, SC The Music Farm
03/15 Norfolk, VA The NorVa
03/16 Silver Springs, VA The Fillmore
03/17 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre
03/19 Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock
03/20 Long Island, NY Paramount Theater
03/21 Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance
03/22 Buffalo, NY Infinity
03/23 Toronto, ON Sound Academy
03/24 Pittsburgh, PA Mr. Smalls
03/25 Pittsburgh, PA Mr. Smalls

03/27 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
03/28 Grand Rapids, MI Intersection
03/29 Milwaukee, WI The Eagles Club
03/30 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
04/01 Des Moines, IA Wooly’s
04/02 Lawrence, KS Granada Theater
04/03 Colorado Springs, CO Black Sheep
04/04 Colorado Springs, CO Black Sheep
** No For Today

For their latest release, “AWAKENED,” As I Lay Dying –NICK HIPA (guitar), TIM LAMBESIS (vocals), JORDAN MANCINO (drums), PHIL SGROSSO (guitar) and JOSH GILBERT (bass)–holed up in the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO with renowned rock producer Bill Stevenson (Descendents) and mixer Colin Richardson. The group’s last LP, 2010s “THE POWERLESS RISE,” debuted on the Billboard Top 200 at #10, at #2 on Billboard’s Independent Albums Chart and #3 on Billboard’s Hard Music Albums Chart.

Keep up to date with As I Lay Dying at the following locations:

THE CHARIOT RELEASE LIVE MUSIC VIDEO/Live at Mr. Smalls March 24 & 25 + Warped Tour

Live show experts THE CHARIOT have released a music video made entirely by friend Zach Andrews. The piece was filmed late last year at The Chain Reaction in Southern California during a performance of their track “Forget.”

THE CHARIOT will continue touring the planet in support of their most recent release. After finishing up a successful run with EVERY TIME I DIE, the band will head out with AS I LAY DYING in March and then spend most of their summer on the VANS WARPED TOUR.

March 24 and 25 at Mr. Smalls with As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada, For Today

Vans Warped Tour July 17 Pittsburgh, PA First Niagara Pavilion

As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada, For Today & The Chariot at Mr. Smalls 3/24 & 25

Full Tour Info:

2013 tour announcement!
As I Lay Dying
The Devil Wears Prada
For Today (2/22 – 3/5 and 3/8 – 4/4)
The Color Morale (2/22 – 3/7)
The Chariot (3/8 – 4/4)

Tickets on sale Friday Dec. 21st

02/22 Ventura,CA Majestic Ventura Theater Half House
02/23 Santa Cruz,CA The Catalyst
02/24 Chico,CA Senator Theatre
02/26 Reno,NV Knitting Factory Concert House
02/27 Las Vegas,NV House of Blues
02/28 Los Angeles,CA Club Nokia
03/01 San Diego,CA Soma
03/02 Tucson,AZ Rialto Theatre
03/03 El Paso,TX Tricky Falls
03/05 Corpus Christi,TX Concrete Street Amphitheatre
03/06 San Antonio,TX Backstage Live
03/07 Dallas,TX House of Blues
03/08 Lubbock,TX Lonestar Events Center
03/09 Oklahoma City,OK Diamond Ballroom
03/10 Memphis,TN New Daisy Theatre
03/12 Nashville,TN Rocketown
03/13 Charlotte,NC Amos’ Southend
03/14 Charleston,SC The Music Farm
03/15 Norfolk,VA The NorVa
03/16 Silver Spring,MD The Fillmore
03/17 Hartford,CT Webster Theatre
03/19 Allentown,PA Crocodile Rock
03/20 Huntington ,NY Paramount Theater
03/21 Poughkeepsie,NY The Chance
03/22 Williamsville,NY Club Infinity
03/23 Toronto,ON The Sound Academy
03/24 Millvale,PA Mr. Smalls Theatre
03/25 Millvale,PA Mr. Smalls Theatre

03/27 Columbus,OH Newport Music Hall
03/28 Grand Rapids,MI The Intersection
03/29 Milwaukee,WI The Rave
03/30 Minneapolis,MN First Avenue
04/02 Lawrence,KS The Granada Theatre
04/03 Colorado Springs,CO Black Sheep
04/04 Colorado Springs,CO Black Sheep

ELYSION FIELDS sign with Innerstrength Records

Innerstrength Records is pleased to announce the latest addition to its already impressive stable of artists: Chicago metal road warriors ELYSION FIELDS, whose debut full-length album New Beginnings is slated for release on February 12, 2013.

As metal fans with an eye on the underground already know, ELYSION FIELDS have spent the past few years pummeling the live scene as one of the genre’s worst-kept secrets, making their presence known on stages alongside marquee names like AUGUST BURNS RED, MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE, WE CAME AS ROMANS, MISERY INDEX and more. The band increased its profile by storming SXSW, where it played four showcases including the main stage at the heralded Full Metal Texas party.

On a clear trajectory as a burgeoning metal powerhouse, ELYSION FIELDS are taking the next logical step by launching a partnership with Innerstrength for the release of New Beginnings.

“We are very excited to be a part of the Innerstrength family. Since the beginning they have been very transparent about everything, and that is how business with a label should be done,” says vocalist Chris Fernandez.

“Building a team around your band is an integral part to being successful,” adds guitarist and vocalist Josh Woods. “So many artists are quick to sign a contract with a label that doesn’t even market their tours or promote their artists. Jason at Innerstrength was able to do just that while at the same time remaining open to what we want to do in regards to moving forward with both music creation and all business aspects.”

Followers of the band already revere ELYSION FIELDS for its uncompromising, honest take on savage metal music and its uncannily seasoned-sounding approach to songwriting that appeals to fans of AUGUST BURNS RED, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and AS I LAY DYING while carving out a niche entirely its own. Its a signature sound the band has been trotting out in a series of often surprising cover songs, including its most recent release, a take on PSY’s “Gangnam Style” that has racked up more than 43,000 views in six weeks.

On New Beginnings, ELYSION FIELDS takes that sound in bold new directions in the first of what is sure to be many landmark moments in the career of this exciting young band.

“With this album, we really wanted to touch on many different aspects of not only metal, but music in general, that we could. We use lots of guitar solos, breakdowns, and odd time signatures that are all staples of classic metal, but we also take pride in our carefully crafted choruses and melodic sections that really round out the songs,” says guitarist Scott Georgeson.

“We are all extremely proud of the music that we have put together on New Beginnings, and we are happy to be releasing this record with Innerstrength,” Fernandez adds. “This is just another dream come true for us and definitely is a new beginning for the band.”

Catch ELYSION FIELDS on tour throughout the eastern U.S. with THE PARAMEDIC (Bullet Tooth Records) starting October 26. Following that, the band will embark on a run with It Lies Within (Luxor), culminating with a performance at OutRage Festival in Tyler, TX alongside THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS, HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS and many more.

The Devil Is In The Details: The Devil Wears Prada at Mayhem

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Devil Wears Prada Interview with Josh: Devil Wears Prada

From the TDWP website:

Forget everything you knew about The Devil Wears Prada.

The technically proficient, guitar-driven American metal that you’ll hear on the band’s fourth studio album Dead Throne is bigger and more balanced than what was contended with on 2009’s breakthrough offering With Roots Above And Branches Below and 2010‘s Zombie EP.

Dead Thronesignals a more evolved, more progressive The Devil Wears Prada that is not only larger sonically, but goes much deeper, lyrically. The album contains more than a dozen cutting-edge, razor-sharp, straight-ahead metal tracks that are utterly brilliant not only in their composition, but also in their flawless delivery.

“The songs are inspired by a lot of the things in my heart, per usual,” explains frontman Mike Hranica. “A lot of the subject matter was very specific for this record, which is something that has evolved for me. I’d call the album very ‘lyrically intentional.’”

Dead Thronewas expertly produced by Killswitch Engage mad genius Adam Dutkiewicz at his Massachusetts-based recording studio — a collaboration born out of a mutual admiration first realized in early 2010, when The Devil Wears Prada supported Killswitch Engage on tour.

“We got along with Adam very well and he dropped some hints about how he was interested in working with The Devil Wears Prada,” Hranica said. “Like any heavy band, clearly we’ve always been curious about working with the dude, so when he was so cool with us, it really felt natural and right. His impact as far as sound and engineering is purely his ability to capture the rawness of our band and reduce the sterility of it; something I’ve wanted for a very long time. I couldn’t be happier with Adam’s influence and I think it works really, really well for us.”

Rounded out by guitarist and clean vocalist Jeremy DePoyster, guitarist Chris Rubey, bassist Andy Trick and drummer Daniel Williams, The Devil Wears Prada wrote all of the songs that appear on Dead Throne before heading into the studio with Dutkiewicz, a man the band trusts and respects.

“Adam did have an impact as far as structure and pulling things out and reorganizing. He sped up a number of the songs, cut measures in half, and generally trimmed fat,” Rubey offered. “Usually, this would be something that we wouldn’t be into coming from a producer, but with Adam it totally worked for the best,” he added.

With Dead Throne, The Devil Wears Prada has turned a corner, by turning up the aggression and turning on the emotions. Dead Throne is the product of hard work and The Devil Wears Prada’s inevitable musical evolution, which tends to focus more on the band’s unique, punishing dual-vocal assault this time around.

“We aim to give listeners and fans something they can enjoy, but we’ll also always make songs we personally stand behind,” says Hranica. “We’d write differently if we were purely trying to sell albums: that’s just not how it works for us. No compromises.”

Dead Thronefinally takes hold of what the band has merely hinted at in the past, and fans both old and new will quickly see this album for what it is — a brilliant, emotional, captivating and brutal journey brought forth from the heart of a band that won’t conform to the latest trends. Ultimately, Dead Throne tackles issues of failed relationships and perseverance of faith.

“The album has a number of love lost songs,” says Hranica. “It’s a poetic topic I’ve always touched upon in the songs, and exaggerated, but this time around it was a little bit different as far as where it was coming from. My biggest lyrical models for the album are also very ‘love lost’-generated writers, which have an influence on me. The record contains a lot of self-loathing and a lot of bitterness, which all has a spin on it to where the only thing that does not pass in our lives is our faith and our trust in God. Dead Throne takes a bitter perspective: the world is dead and the only thing we have is the Lord.” And as for the world, the The Devil Wears Prada set their sights on breaking territories around the world the same way they established their loyal following in the States, through non-stop touring

Rockstar Mayhem Festival Teaser…A Cleveland Pictorial! Coming to Pittsburgh 7/28!

Get ready for “The Hardest Tour On Earth” and to be blown away. The amount of talent at this year’s Mayhem is unprecedented. The ear crushing and body bruising of hearing Motorhead, Slayer, and Slipknot back to back to back is so intense that it will leave your metal soul not only elated but drained from the sheer experience of it all. Pittsburgh Music Magazine had a chance to speak with many of the performers; Mayhem has great access for all fans including many signings from the likes of Kerry King and Slipknot. Check out the merchandise booths too. Metal Blade Records has some great stuff along with a free sampler CD, Sumerian Records as well. Also some great deals at many of the bands booths on autographed items (We thought the new Anthrax CD signed by the entire band for $10 a steal!). We have some interviews, that will be posted shortly, with Whitechapel, The Devil Wears Prada, and As I Lay Dying. Get ready to rock out with your black and gold out Saturday Pittsburgh! So, to whet your appetites we have included some pix from the Cleveland show to get your metal hearts pumped

Dirtfedd, As I Lay Dying, Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada, Anthrax, I The Breather, Jagermeister Girls, Crowd Shots, Whitechapel, Motorhead, Slayer, and Slipknot

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All photos: Alan Welding and Mike Pap

ROCKAPALOOZA Ohio – Back to College Jam! – September 8, 2012

The wildly successful ROCKAPALOOZA festival is pleased to announce that another date has been added in Cleveland, OH! Kings of Rock Entertainment & Live Loud N Local Presents: ROCKAPALOOZA Ohio – Back to College Jam, brought to you by Rockstar Energy Drink. The festival is also sponsored by Young & Reckless Clothing, Cleveland Scene Magazine, Blueprint Artist Development, Ghost Vodka, and Revolver Electronic Cigarettes.

Hosted this year by SiriusXM Faction DJ Shannon Gunz and model Taylor Brynne, ROCKAPALOOZA Ohio features headliners THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and MACHINE GUN KELLY with support from ATTACK! ATTACK!, TWISTA, and more! Other artists performing include INSPECTAH DECK of the Wu Tang Clan, TEXAS IN JULY, IONIA, and many more. See below for a full line-up.

The festival grounds are located at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, 19201 E. Bagley Rd., Middleburg Heights, OH. The event is ALL AGES. Tickets are on sale now at this location. Doors open at 10am and curfew is set at 12am.

Ticket Prices:
$30 Advance General Admission
$40 Day of Show
$100 VIP – This grants you front of line access upon entry, front of line access to the meet and greet artist autograph signing tent, access to an exclusive VIP artist viewing deck attached to the main stage, and half priced drinks in the VIP lounge (meet and greets TBA). FYI – is providing VIP ticket sales with reduced fees now!

The Devil Wears Prada
Machine Gun Kelly
Attack Attack!
Inspectah Deck (Wu Tang Clan)
Texas In July
Ghosts of August
Eric Evasion
Chuck Lew
Fallen Captive

With performances by:
Alternant Resonant
Beat To Quarters
Black Cloud Syndrome
Broken Reflection
Distant Descend
Fallen Captive
Ice Possible
It Lies Within
Jay Mel
Jet City Vega
Mind Pulp
Nation of Wealth
Tisk Tisk

Cerebral Entertainment Stage:
Autumn Burning
Helix Reign
Inside We Die
Northern Whale
Nowhere At All
Oceans of Atrophy
Summer Soulstice
The Knickers
Von Isley

Attendees that make hotel reservations at the Crowne Plaza located at 7230 Engle Rd. in Middleburg Heights, OH are offering a special discount rate of $89 per night+ tax deal when the word “Rockapalooza” is mentioned at the time of reservation. This is only eligible for reservations made from 7/10/2012-8/22/2012 and the rate is good for September 7-8, 2012. To contact the Crowne Plaza, please call 440-243-4040.

For more information on ROCKAPALOOZA Ohio, please visit these websites:


Sirius XM Liquid Metal, the heaviest music channel on the planet, is pleased to give one lucky fan the chance to win a killer grand prize: a backstage BBQ and full party bus for you and 21 of your friends to the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL nearest you (Pittsburgh is July 28). The contest begins on May 3rd and ends on May 30th.

Enter online at to score a pair of VIP passes to one of the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL stops this summer featuring face melting performances from SLIPKNOT, SLAYER, ANTHRAX, MOTORHEAD, AS I LAY DYING, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and more.

From this pool of first prize winners, one lucky soul will land the GRAND PRIZE and get a complete rock star treatment from beginning to end, complete with party bus picking and dropping off you and your friends from your house, taking you to the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL nearby, having a backstage BBQ thrown in your honor hosted by Sirius XM host Jose Mangin & DJ’ed by SID from SLIPKNOT.

Also, the GRAND PRIZE winner will be brought up on stage (before ANTHRAX) and presented with a customized Sirius XM / Mayhem platinum record plaque to commemorate one of the greatest days of your metallic life.

For more information on the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL, visit