The Plateaus Self Titled Debut Harks Back to Early Punk

To bring an end to this fall month, Art Fag Records will release the first full-length LP by California-bred punks, Plateaus. Led by Jon Greene, who occasionally offers skills as a sound manager for Art Fag events, the band delivers a rushing thirty minutes of non-stop pop punk, summery jams, reminiscent to those by early punk pioneers like The Clash, The Ramones, and even surf rock one-hit-wonders, The Surfaris. The driven guitar intro to “Suzy” is extremely similar to guitar riffs in the iconic surfer track, “Wipeout.”

Despite the very infrequent similarities to already existent songs, Plateaus is sure to please the typical punk fan. The upbeat, feel good mood of the record is set by shrill, arpeggiated guitar notes rung out in the opening track entitled “Blackout.” This feel is consistently held throughout the fast paced sounds of songs like “Oh Man” and “Do It For You” up until the final track, an indie-rock love ballad which strays away from the overall aura of the album. That is, until the final forty seconds in which the listener would be surprised to hear an abrupt change in tone from mellow chords to screechy thirty-second note guitar shredding to wrap up the record in the exact style of its beginning.

Other noteworthy tracks include “Beach Coma” and “Jump Now.” The self-titled LP by Plateaus comes out Tuesday, October 30th.

-written by Mitchell McDermott

Pop Market: ‘Groupon Style’ for Music Lovers and Collectors

I am a huge music fan and an avid collector of off the wall CD’s, DVD’s, memorabilia, etc. from my faves. I have been receiving emails from Pop Market for some time now and have purchased quite a few good deals from these guys. I’ve gotten Stones, Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Clash, Ozzy…all kinds of goodies at fair prices and free shipping.

Kings of Leon Special

That’s why I want to pass on this site to all our readers. We had to make sure the deals were legit and the service outstanding. We have no endorsements, advertising, or kick backs from Pop Market. We just wanted to send along something you might love as much as we do. Here is a link for today’s deal on a Megadeth CD/DVD pack.
Sign up for their emails and you will be able to keep up with their daily specials and then check out their weekly specials and regular surprises as well. Happy shopping!