ETERNAL FREQUENCY Release Cinematic, Sci-Fi Official Music Video for “Step Up”!

Harrisburg, PA based Heavy Rock band ETERNAL FREQUENCY has released a dark, cinematic, sci-fi imbued official music video for their newest single, “Step Up.” Produced by Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland of Atrium Audio, the music video for “Step Up” was directed and edited by Tom Flynn.

“’Step Up’ is our hardest hitting, heaviest material to date and sure to be a game changer. The song screams female empowerment and refusing to be pigeonholed in the industry. The video concept was created from the minds of Emelle (Lead Vox) and Justin (Lead Guitar) and inspired by Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, Blade Runner, and CyberPunk. Emelle and the other members of Eternal Frequency are prisoners of conscience on the run from a yet unknown organization trying to pick them off one by one. The reasons on why they are wanted fugitives is a mystery until the story begins to unfold throughout the video. ‘Step Up’ is Chapter 1 of a fictional three part series that the band envisioned as a short film while the songs were being written. Emelle and the band must find out who is hunting them and why. Or maybe…just maybe…are the hunted actually the hunters?” – ETERNAL FREQUENCY

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Established in the early spring of 2018, Eternal Frequency is a five piece female fronted all original hard rock band hailing from Central Pennsylvania (alongside hometown heroes PoisonFrom Ashes to NewFuelLIVEAugust Burns Red). They follow in the footsteps of acts such as SpriritboxHalestormEvanescence, and others. Blending influences of Metalcore, Hard rock, and Active Rock, Eternal Frequency brings a new energy that is also dominated by vocalist, songwriter, and frontwoman Emelle. In just under three years as a band they have released several studio singles as well as music videos including “Temptations”, “Parasite”, “What Are We Waiting For”, “Head Like A Hole”, and their very popular cover of Queen “The Show Must Go On” (all proceeds going to NIVA – National Independent Venue Association) to the masses and have been reaping nothing but positive energy and reviews from their supporters. They have accrued a massively strong following in the Pennsylvania area and have garnered attention in multiple regional markets.

They currently record with multi Grammy nominated producers Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak of Atrium Audio (From Ashes to New, August Burns Red, Erra, LIVE, Galactic EmpirePolaris) and established videographers SquareUp Studios (Lorna ShoreATTILA) and Tom Flynn (All That Remains, Lamb of God10 YearsFire From The GodsMetal Allegiance)

As far as accomplishments go, they’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with established artists such as Of Mice & MenAdelitas Way, FUEL, Smile Empty SoulVixen, and SpongeFor the Fallen DreamsAwake At LastEyes Set to Kill (to name a few). They also took home the award for Best New Artist at the 2019 Central Pennsylvania Music Awards and had the pleasure to honor Halestorm (Inductees) with their rendition of “Familiar Taste of Poison” at the 2020 CPMA’s. In addition, EF was nominated for Best Hard Rock Band and Song of the Year.

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ETERNAL FREQUENCY Release Official Music Video for Cover of NINE INCH NAILS Hit Single, “Head Like a Hole”!

Harrisburg, PA based Heavy Rock band ETERNAL FREQUENCY has released the official music video for their cover of the 1990 NINE INCH NAILS critical and fan favorite Industrial Rock classic, “Head Like a Hole.” A faithful rendition of the 1990 hit single, the band balances the inherent rage of the original with front-woman Emelle Elizabeth’s soaring vocals, resulting in a refreshed anti-anthem that continues to ring relevant in today’s society.

“We’ve always known we had a pretty singer, now our singer has become the Pretty Hate Machine (haha). In all seriousness, it definitely takes some balls to cover a Nine Inch Nails song, but we think that we did it justice and we hope our fans agree. We try to pride ourselves on creating sonically stimulating material with layers and depth. That is exactly why it felt necessary to showcase our interpretation of some of Trent Reznor’s finest work to date.”” – ETERNAL FREQUENCY

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Eternal Frequency is a five piece, female fronted hard rock band based out of Central Pennsylvania. Blending influences of Metalcore, Hard rock, and Active Rock, Eternal Frequency brings a new energy that is also dominated by vocalist, songwriter, and frontwoman Emelle. In just under three years as a band they have released several studio singles as well as music videos including “Temptations”, “Parasite”, “What Are We Waiting For”, and their version of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” (all proceeds going to NIVA – National Independent Venue Association) to the masses and have been reaping nothing but positive energy and reviews from their supporters. They have accrued a massively strong following in the Pennsylvania area and have garnered attention in multiple regional markets.

They are currently managed by John Phillips of 900 Management (Body Count, Another Day Dawns, and TM for Snoop Dogg, Public Enemy, and formerly Breaking Benjamin) and record with multi Grammy nominated producers Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak of Atrium Audio (From Ashes to New, August Burns Red).

The band has shared the stage with established artists such as Of Mice & MenAdelitas WaySmile Empty SoulVixen, and Sponge. They also took home the award for Best New Artist at the 2019 Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame Awards and had the pleasure to honor Halestorm (Inductees) with their rendition of “Familiar Taste of Poison” at the 2020 CPMA’s. In addition EF was nominated for Best Hard Rock Band and Song of the Year.

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The Red Paintings Announce December Tour Dates with Spacehog and Sponge




Los Angeles, CA – November 5, 2013 – Orchestral rock band The Red Paintings have announced they will join 90s alt-rock luminaries Spacehog and Sponge on tour in December. The Red Paintings recently released their highly anticipated, debut full-length The Revolution Is Never Coming (The End Records), to rave critic reviews. The first single “Wasps” is currently being added to U.S. radio playlists across the country and is now officially in rotation at KFMA in Tucson, Arizona and WARQ in Columbia, South Carolina.
“‘Wasps’ definitely stands out, and because of that it’s reacted quickly,” said KFMA program director Chris Firmage. “Top 10 phones already!”
“This format needs some ‘guts’ now more than ever,” adds Matt Lee, MD at WARQ in Columbia, SC. “‘Wasps’ is an incredible song that shows elements of Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie but with a new, exciting twist. Industrial beats with crunchy guitars but melodic vocals and thought provoking lyrics.”
The band will continue on the road through Christmas performing select dates in support of airplay. Additional dates will be announced, with the confirmed itinerary below.
The Red Paintings recently made their television debut on AXS TV performing two tracks from The Revolution Is Never Coming including the single “Wasps” and “You’re Not One of Them”. View the live performances now online. mtvU call them “dark, cinematic” with a dynamic sound similar in spirit to NIN and 30 Seconds To Mars. View the official music video for “Wasps” now online at:
Known for their visionary stage shows incorporating live art, human canvases, and theatrics, The Red Paintings are a multi-faceted genre-spanning act incorporating everything rock from alternative to punk to industrial. Ever since suffering a near-fatal seizure eight years ago, Trash McSweeney, the musical architect of The Red Paintings, sees color in sound, a condition known as synesthesia. His musical project has set out to share with the world a lifetime’s worth of ideas about what he has seen and felt.Often receiving comparisons to acts such as RadioheadMuseSmashing Pumpkins, and The Arcade Fire, The Red Paintings have shared stages touring with the Dresden DollsMindless Self IndulgenceSaul WilliamsThe PosiesMogwai, and …Trail of Dead.

The Red Paintings Confirmed Tour Dates:


DATE                               VENUE                         CITY

December 11                     Lee’s                            Toronto, ON            *with Spacehog and Sponge

December 12                     Magic Stick                   Detroit, MI              *with Spacehog and Sponge

December 13                     Rt. 20                            Racine, WI             *with Spacehog and Sponge

December 14                     Mojoes                          Joliet, IL                 *with Spacehog and Sponge

December 15                    Grog Shop                    Cleveland, OH         *with Spacehog and Sponge

The Red Paintings live on AXS TV
You’re Not One of Them:
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LIVE, FILTER, EVERCLEAR, & SPONGE Make Summerland Tour a Killer Kickoff at Stage AE

Wednesday evening, June 19  at Pittsburgh’s Stage AE, the Summerland Tour rolled in with four stalwarts of the alternative music scene that once ruled the land of rock n roll.  Some people may have forgotten that these guys were even out there, but most of them are still making music and last night they all proved that they still have the goods to put on one hell of a show.


Detroit’s Sponge started the night off with an energetic set including hits such as “Plowed”, “Molly”, and “Have You Seen Mary”.  The band also played some new material, that can be purchased at Sponge shows, from 2013’2 Stop the Bleeding.  Lead singer Vinnie Dombroski climbed on top of the crowd to belt out the latter part of “Plowed” (‘say a prayer for me…’) and set off the ‘good time feel’ of the concert.


IMG_0447_Snapseed IMG_0474_Snapseed IMG_0481_Snapseed IMG_0523_Snapseed IMG_0557_Snapseed IMG_0634_Snapseed IMG_0650_Snapseed IMG_0671_Snapseed


Filter began with material that Richard Patrick and new guitarist Jonathan Radke put together for just released effort  The Sun Comes Out Tonight including  “What Do You Say” and “We Hate It When You Get What You Want”.  But of course the crowd could not wait for Filter’s two biggest hits, “Take A Picture” and “Hey Man Nice Shot”.  The band certainly gave the crowd their money’s worth when Patrick unexpectedly went into the deep end of the crowd to sing ‘Nice Shot’ only to be hoisted aloft and then race down to the front to jump and hop with the elated spectators as the band wailed in wild abandon.

IMG_0684_Snapseed IMG_0707_Snapseed IMG_0731_Snapseed IMG_0815_Snapseed IMG_0835_Snapseed IMG_0868_Snapseed IMG_0898_Snapseed IMG_0907_Snapseed IMG_0954_Snapseed


By far the most unexpected highlight of the night, LIVE was downright inspirational.  When Ed  Kowalczyk left the band and was replaced by Unified Theory’s Chris Shinn, most fans were skeptical that it would work.  That thought could certainly be put to rest by even the harshest of critics, namely this writer.  Shinn was absolutely stunning and has obviously breathed fresh life into the band who had a flawless set of hit, after hit, after hit such as “All Over You”, “Lakini’s Juice”, “The Dolphins Cry”, “Lighting Crashes”, “I Alone”, “Operation Spirit”, and “White, Discussion”.  It made one remember how much amazing music LIVE put out in their heyday.  It will be interesting to see if legal ramifications can be seen past and new music could be put together with this crew.

IMG_0968_Snapseed IMG_0969_Snapseed IMG_0980_Snapseed IMG_1003_Snapseed IMG_1055_Snapseed IMG_1058_Snapseed IMG_1075_Snapseed IMG_1136_Snapseed IMG_1147_Snapseed IMG_1176_Snapseed IMG_1178_Snapseed IMG_1203_Snapseed


As host of the evening’s events, Art Alexakis pulled double duty, and came out swinging for his band’s set.  By the third song, “Father of Mine”, the band was really hitting their stride.  With hits like “Heroin Girl”, “I Will Buy You A New Life”, “Wonderful”, and of course “Santa Monica”, Everclear proved why their material is so important to the alternative lexicon.  With such a successful outing in 2012 and now in 2013 it looks for sure that we can count on more to come for a Summerland Tour in 2014.

IMG_1236_Snapseed IMG_1304_Snapseed IMG_1314_Snapseed IMG_1346_Snapseed IMG_1389_Snapseed IMG_1455_Snapseed IMG_1456_Snapseed IMG_1485_Snapseed

Jonny Radtke of FILTER Checks in with PGHMUSICMAG (Interview)


Although Filter have been making noise since the early nineties in the music biz, they sure seem to have gotten much louder lately.  With a high profile snippet of their earlier release of ‘Happy Together’ playing on the preview of The Great Gatsby trailer to heading out on the road with Everclear, Live, and Sponge, Filter refuses to fade into band obscurity.  The June 4 release of The Sun Comes Out Tonight just goes further in proving that Filter have a lot more to prove and a lot more amazing music to make.

With the dichotomy of angry tones to sweet melodies sweeping the landscape of the LP, founder  Richard Patrick and new collaborator Jonny Radtke (along with producer Bob Marlette) have breathed some new life into Filter while recognizing the tried and true formula.  To achieve those results Patrick believes in adapting and improvising in the name of achieving results, fully aware of what he’s rebelling against. He addresses his unconventional methods with utmost conviction in his voice, “Let’s break the rules, let’s put a finger up to the establishment and do something wrong. If William Shakespeare was alive today, he’d be using a word processor. He’d be copying and pasting. Does that change things? Yeah, but at the same time, it’s flexible and different. It has to be done.” This perspective is evident on The Sun Comes Out Tonight‘s lead single, “What Do You Say,” an explosive track featuring Patrick’s rousing howl, hypnotic synthesizers, smoldering guitars, biting lyrics, and the triumphant resurrection of the pulsating drum machines that cemented Filter’s reputation for delivering a distinctive sound unlike any other band in existence. Patrick laughs, “It’s all drum machine, just like Short Bus! I like that we’re getting away with something that’s wrong. There’s almost this notion that someone like Skrillex is less of a talent because his music centers around making a computer do incredible things. Music is an interpretive art form.”

Filter comes into Pittsburgh to showcase not only the work on The Sun Comes Out Tonight, but of course previous hits like “Hey Man Nice Shot” and “Take a Picture” .  Pittsburgh Music Magazine caught up with new guitar player and co-collaborator Jonny Radtke while on the road with The Summerland Tour to talk to him about the new LP, working with Patrick, the tour, and more.  Listen below…

Formed in 1993, Filter has enjoyed significant success over the past two decades.  The band released their critically acclaimed first album Short Bus in 1995, a disc Rolling Stone praised as “a timely combination of grunge heat and industrial ice.” Fueled by the top 10 hit “Hey Man Nice Shot,” the album rocketed to # 3 onBillboard‘s Heatseekers Chart and went on to sell more than a million copies. They raised the bar with 1999’sTitle of Record which featured the top 10 rock hit “Welcome To The Fold” along with a blockbuster crossover smash in “Take A Picture,” a song that shot to # 3 on Billboard‘s Modern Rock Chart, # 7 on its Adult Top 40 Chart and # 1 on its Dance Music/Club Play Chart. The years that followed saw the band releasing three more albums – 2002’s the Amalgamut, 2008’s Anthems For The Damned and 2010’s The Trouble with Angels, while touring the world and amassing a huge international fan base whose members number in the millions. Filter has also contributed songs to several blockbuster soundtracks, including 2012Judgment NightSpawn (the Crystal Method collaboration “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do”), Little NickyDemon Knight,StepfatherAnger ManagementCrow 2, Girl Next Door and Cable Guy among others.


6/7/13                          Celebrate Fairfax! Festival                             Fairfax, VA                              SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/8/13                          House of Blues                                               North Myrtle Beach, SC         SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/9/13                          NV                                                                   Knoxville, TN

6/11/13                        State Theatre                                                  New Brunswick, NJ                SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/12/13                        Theatre at Westbury                                       Westbury, NY                         SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/14/13                        Casino New Brunswick                                  Moncton, MB                          SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/15/13                        House of Blues                                               Boston, MA                             SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/16/13                        Penn’s Peak                                                    Jim Thorpe, PA                       SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/18/13                        The Montage Music Hall                                 Rochester, NY

6/19/13                        Stage AE                                                         Pittsburgh, PA                         SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/20/13                        Electric Factory                                              Philadelphia, PA                      SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/21/13                        LC Pavilion                                                      Columbus, OH                        SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/22/13                        Horseshoe Casino                                          Hammond, IN                         SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/23/13                        Myth Live                                                        St Paul, MN                            SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/24/13                        O.N.E.                                                             Mandan, ND

6/26/13                        Ogden Theatre                                                Denver, CO                            SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/28/13                        Wiltern Theatre                                               Los Angeles, CA                     SUMMERLAND TOUR

6/30/13                        Brighthouse Networks Ampitheatre                Bakersfield, CA                       SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/2/13                          Humphrey’s                                                    San Diego, CA                        SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/3/13                          Silver Dollar Fair Grounds                              Chico, CA

7/5/13                          Avi Resort & Casino                                       Laughlin, NV                           SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/6/13                          The Marquee                                                  Tempe, AZ                              SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/7/13                          The Rock                                                        Tuscan, AZ

7/10/13                        Concrete Street Amphitheater                        Corpus Christi, TX

7/11/13                        L’auberge Casino Resort – Pool Stage           Lake Charles, LA                    SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/12/13                        South Side Ballroom                                       Dallas, TX                               SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/13/13                        Austin City Limits Live @ Moody Theater      Austin, TX                               SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/14/13                        Proof Bar                                                        Houston, TX                            SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/16/13                        Wildhorse Saloon                                            Nashville, TN                          SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/18/13                        Cape Cod Melody Tent                                  Hyannis, MA                           SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/19/13                        Ives Concert Park                                           Danbury, CT                           SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/20/13                        Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom                  Hampton Beach, NH              SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/21/13                        Capitol Theatre                                               Port Chester, NY                    SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/23/13                        RAGBRAI                                                       Des Moines, IA                       SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/27/13                        River City Casino                                            St Louis, MO                           SUMMERLAND TOUR

7/28/13                        Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre                       Kansas City, KS                      SUMMERLAND TOUR