HAZEN Releases Official Music Video for Stunning New Cover of SOUNDGARDEN’s “Black Hole Sun”

Black Hole Sun Cover Photo

Alternative Hard Rock Band HAZEN has released the official music video for their cover of the SOUNDGARDEN hit single “Black Hole Sun.”


“We’re very excited to release our interpretation of this classic song. It has meant a lot to us and many others over the years. With his legacy, Chris Cornell has always been a contributing inspiration through his music. This is a tribute to him and what Soundgarden has done for us as musicians.” – Hazen

Download / Stream “Black Hole Sun” Online:


Hazen 3 Square

Formed in 2017, Hazen from Gilbert, AZ raced into the Arizona Alternative Metal market by storm. They released their initial debut EP Undone on May 19th, 2017 which sprouted the beginning of their growth and reach in the Arizona music scene. Shortly after the release of Undone, the band shared the stage with bands like Kobra And The Lotus, Xandria, Letters From The Fire, Once Human, September Mourning, and Powerman 5000. On April 6th, 2018 the band released their second 5 song EP, This House, which proved to show they were nothing but ready for the years to come. Immediately following the release of This House, the band began a string of headlining shows in Arizona, and shared the stage with New Years Day, Stitched Up Heart, Rivals, The Scars Heal In Time, Doll Skin, Code Red Riot, and Gemini Syndrome. This House has caught the attention of tens of thousands of people with a combined over 160,000 YouTube views on their content within the first 30 days of release, and thousands of new fans worldwide. Hazen currently has a daily streaming reach of over 52 different countries with a new online streaming fan base in Europe that consists of over 1/2 of their total online streaming reach. Currently on their headlining Midwest Fallout Tour with more to come. This band has received a great deal of positive feedback and is looking to a promising future as a new name in Alternative Metal music.

Hazen Logo Graphic 1


BLACK COFFEE Announce Go Fund Me to Finance New Record & Facilitate Future Touring

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Columbus, OH based Rock Band BLACK COFFEE has announced a GO FUND ME campaign to help fund their upcoming new album. Funds will also go towards renovating an old school bus for future touring.


“We need your help to convert our school bus into a tour bus so we can play shows worldwide and so we can work on our studio album with some of the top producers in the world who have worked with everyone from AEROSMITH, AC/DC, GUNS N’ ROSES, FLEETWOOD MAC, METALLICA, BLACK SABBATH, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, and SOUNDGARDEN to ADELE, ARIANA GRANDE, KATY PERRY, and PHARRELL.” – Black Coffee

Click to Donate to Black Coffee’s Go Fund Me Page

BlackCoffee AlbumCover PayneProductions YouTube

Track List:
1. Creamer
2. I Barely Know Her
3. Hurricane
4. Monica
5. Born to Lie
6. The Traveler
7. Psychedelic Red
8. Fade
9. Away

Click HERE to Download ‘Take One’!

Black Coffee Band Payne Productions 2018 1 logo

Black Coffee formed in late 2017 and consists of drummer Tommy McCullough, singer Ehab Omran, guitarist Justin Young, and bassist Nick Fratianne.

With the release of Black Coffee’s first demo, Take One, on April 21st, the Columbus, Ohio rockers definitely possess the sound, style, confidence and work ethic to drive this band’s success. Take One and the original single, “I Barely Know Her,” is available on all streaming services, and its accompanying video which debuted Friday, April 20th.

Fans can expect a diverse selection of original music. From the raw and dominant 1st single to the blistering, “Hurricane,” and funky, “Monica,” . . . along with otherworldly, “The Traveler,” and drive-with-the-top-down classic,“Born To Lie,” Take One proves to be one of the most exciting musical debut’s in modern history.

Black Coffee combines superb musicianship with a high-energy performance. Dedicated to re-inventing modern rock music, Black Coffee parts the proverbial sea for the next generation of artists.


HUNT FOR HUNTER Release Official Music Video for “Let it Out”

Single Artwork

New York based, Symphonic Rock Band HUNT FOR HUNTER has released the official music for their single, “Let it Out.” Originally premiered on Tattoo.com was filmed and directed by ENGNRM.



“Let It Out has always been our most popular song, I think because it best represents the things that make us a unique band: complex arrangements, cool violin parts, high energy and honest lyrics. We wanted a video that would showcase the song while giving people who don’t know us an idea of what we’re like live, so we went with a simple performance video, using lighting tricks in post to emphasize the lyrical message and structure of the song. We were fortunate enough to work with some immensely talented people in the studio and behind the camera, and they really helped us bring this project to life.” – Hunt For Hunter

Click to Download “Let it Out” on iTunes

Hunt for Hunter DUMBO 20180629 1130 edit1 Reduced


Hunt for Hunter is a 4-piece symphonic rock band based in New York City. “Symphonic rock” may sound like an ambitious genre to claim, but this is a band that was explicitly formed with the intention of creating music without limits or boundaries. Originally conceived in 2014 as an acoustic folk duo by Ian Hunt (drums) and Michael Hunter (vocals/electric violin/keys), Hunt for Hunter found some initial success playing in small bars, cafés and colleges around the Northeast. They occasionally experimented with hiring additional players to play Hunter’s heavier, less folksy material, but lacking a clear sense of direction the band eventually came to a crossroads in the winter of 2018.

The choice was simple, to take the easy, safer path and continue on as a folk duo, or go for broke and attempt the impossible: form a successful, original rock ‘n roll band in NYC. They chose the latter, and as luck would have it, Chris Kelly (bass) and Patrick Brennan (guitar) were ready and waiting to sign on. All four members had actually played with each other before through their day jobs as professional freelance musicians. Equipped with a considerable level of proficiency and unified by their desire to play exciting, original music they began writing and rehearsing in earnest.

Drawing inspiration from diverse influences like Queens Of The Stone Age, Soundgarden, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and more modern bands like Manchester Orchestra, The Dear Hunter and Nothing But Thieves, the quartet set upon their mission to create an ambitious yet accessible sound. The result is a band that successfully combines the raw emotion and energy of rock ‘n roll with the intricate orchestrations and virtuosity of classical music. Now poised to share their music with the world, Hunt for Hunter is proud to carry the label “symphonic rock.”



BLACKTOP MOJO Release Official Music Video for “Prodigal”

BTM HOB DFW CB-8974 edit

Texas based hard rock band BLACKTOP MOJO has released the official music video for “Prodigal,” off of their most recent LP, Burn The Ships.

Prodigal Player

“We had fun making the video with some of our good friends from our hometown acting out the main parts. We felt like the father-son dynamic in the video really reflected the song’s theme. The song is sort of autobiographical. It’s about the experience of growing up in a small town and always talking about ‘getting out’ one day. No matter where or how far you go, though, you always have a little bit of where you came from that you take with you.” – Matt James


Burn The Ships Track Listing:
1. Where The Wind Blows
2. End Of Days
3. Burn The Ships
4. Prodigal
5. Shadows On The Wall
6. Sweat
7. Pyromaniac
8. 8000 Lines
9. Dog On A Leash
10. Make A Difference
11. Chains
12. Dream On
13. Underneath

Click to Download / Stream ‘Burn the Ships’

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A hard-driving Southern rock unit based out of Palestine, Texas, Blacktop Mojo’s fiery blend of post-grunge, classic rock, and metal falls somewhere between Soundgarden, Black Stone Cherry, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Founded in 2012 by frontman Matt James and drummer Nathan Gillis, the band eventually morphed into a five-piece with the additions of bass player Matt Curtis and guitarists Ryan Kiefer and Chuck Wepfer. They released their debut album, I Am, in 2014, followed by a heavy bout of touring that saw the group sharing the stage with a wide array of heavy hitters, including Bon Jovi, Sammy Hagar, Candlebox, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Black Stone Cherry, Shaman’s Harvest, Pop Evil, Puddle of Mudd, Drowning Pool and many others.

In 2017, the band teamed up with Muscle Shoals producer Jimmy Johnson for their highly anticipated sophomore outing Burn the Ships. The album was released via the band’s label, Cuhmon Records, in March of that year to critical acclaim. The record yielded two Top 40 hits on the Billboard Active Rock charts, with singles, “Where The Wind Blows” (#27) and the band’s cover of Aerosmith classic, “Dream On” (#31)

Throughout the rest of 2017 and 2018, the band toured heavily around North America in support of their record, getting added to major rock festival bills such as River City Rockfest, Louder Than Life, Rock Allegiance, The 25th annual Rockfest, Shiprocked, and many more. The band continues to all live together in “The Mojo Mansion” in Palestine, writing songs, recording and preparing for their 3rd full-length studio album entitled “Under The Sun” for release in 2019.

Mojo hi res logo PNG

Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar- Matt James
Guitar/ Backing Vocals – Kenneth Irwin
Percussion – Nathan Gillis
Bass – Matt Curtis
Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals- Ryan Kiefer


Train Tough it out Despite Rainy Night

On a rainy Friday night, the citizens of Pittsburgh (and a lot from Erie actually) toughed it out to see Train play what was close enough to be a hometown show for lead singer Pat Monahan who lived in Erie, PA as a kid.  With that being said, anticipation was high for them as they were about to take the stage, as for me on the other hand… I personally was unsure of what to expect.


As much as I never like to use the first person until the end of a review, I have to be honest and say I never listen to the radio, only my own music.  When listening to Train play the other night I’ve come to realize that anytime the radio did happen to be on my stereo, or any other time I walked into a grocery store, Train plays quite literally every other song… this is no joke.  My personal thoughts kept repeating and it sounded like a broken record, “I didn’t know they played this song.” “They play this song too?” “Really?  They play that song as well?” “So they play every song on the radio ever?”  At this point, I was unsure whether to be impressed because they had so many popular songs or to be kind of disappointed in a band that only plays catchy hit singles of their own.  One thing for certain, the crowd loved and sang along all night long with Pat and it seems as if they made a great career choice for themselves in the long run.


Upon watching Train’s performance, aside from the catchy songs that were being performed, and the guest appearances from the opening acts to help with a couple of songs (check setlist below), the performance by the band was somewhat boring.  This is not me being biased, just stating a fact that no one really moved around at all on stage except Pat, and even then all he did was walk side to side the whole time; there just wasn’t a whole lot of energy it seemed.  During the third song, he was taking people’s phones and taking selfies with them which was very cool of him, and later on the double guitar solo from Luis Maldonado was pretty great, but aside from those two things, the show relied on the display screen in the backdrop to entertain the crowd with images, colors, and lights.  That was a lie, there was one more interesting thing, Train played a song titled “Marry Me” so their bus driver could propose to his girlfriend mid-song on stage.  FYI she did say yes.


As we were getting towards the end of the show, and they came back out for their encore songs, they dedicated a song to the recently lost Chris Cornell and played a “Black Hole Sun” exactly as it is performed by Soundgarden.  Personally, it sounded great, the interest of everyone else though seemed as if they didn’t even know the song or even care about it because it was the complete opposite of every other song played that night.  It was kind of upsetting to not see any support for that song but more importantly, Chris Cornell.  Probably because everyone at the show had no clue what that song was.


To wrap this up the show was overall consistently good throughout the night, but was lacking in the true concert experience I felt as if nothing really stood out to me.  The same experience could have been felt by watching a youtube performance or just turning on the radio.  I give Train a lot of credit for creating so many catchy and popular songs over the past few years, I just wish the show would have been less of a “greatest hits” show and more of an actual performance.

All photos ©2017 Dave Mondine



  1. Drink Up
  2. 50 Ways to Say Goodbye
  3. If It’s Love
  4. Angel in Blue Jeans
  5. Get to Me
  6. Save Me, San Francisco
  7. Calling All Angels
  8. Bruises (with Natasha Bedingfield)
  9. Meet Virginia
  10. Drive By
  11. Marry Me (with marriage proposal by Pat’s bus driver)
  12. Valentine
  13. You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simoncover) (with O.A.R.)
  14. Working Girl
  15. Mermaid / Shape of You / Cheap Thrills / Treat You Better / Lost and Found
  16. Hey, Soul Sister
  17. Play That Song


  1. Black Hole Sun (Soundgardencover)
  2. Drops of Jupiter


by Shelby Sweitzer

When you think about a crowd at a rock concert, there are a lot of different scenarios that can come to mind. You may think about teenagers, in dark clothing and piercings, or you may think of the older classic crowd, who are wiser and well taught in the art of rock and roll. Either way, there are several different types of fans in the rock and roll genre, and you would’ve found all types of fans this past Friday at the Seether concert in Pittsburgh.

Before Seether, however, there were two powerful opening acts to get the crowd energized and moving before the main event, both having one specific thing in common, they were both fronted by women. Starting with the first band Kaleido, a rock band from Detroit, fronted by Christina Chriss. This band opened the show with a bang, playing songs off of their first full-length album Experience,  which was released this past Friday. The album is based on the ideas of real people, with real emotions, and their real stories. Following Kaleido, Letters from the Fire hit the stage. The band is a group of five members, based out of California, all except for their front woman Alexa Kabazie, who was born and raised right here in Pittsburgh. This up and coming band kept the crowd going, playing songs off of their current album, Worth the Pain, which was released back in 2016. If you haven’t heard of either of these bands yet, I highly recommend you look into them and become a fan now, because they are definitely heading to the top.

After a half hour break, fans are packing the place full for the main event, and the room goes black. The lights come up, and four mysterious black figures have appeared on the stage. The figures were none other the members of Seether, Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart, and John Humphrey, and Clint Lowry of Sevendust, who they recruited specifically for the tour. That is what they remained for most of the night, just four black figures with instruments, but that didn’t stop them from bringing life to that stage. Playing not only songs from their new album Poison the Parish which was released earlier this year under Shaun’s new label imprint Canine Riot Records,  but songs off of older albums as well, such as “Nobody’s Praying For Me” off of their 2014 album “Isolate and Medicate“, the band kept the crowd going for the remainder of the night. The band also performed “Broken” off of their “Disclaimer II” which was released in 2004, with Alexa Kabazie, who filled in for Amy Lee‘s portion of the song. The song was played as a tribute to the recently deceased rock icon, Chris Cornell, who passed away earlier this week. It was non-stop music for a good hour and a half, as the instrumental music continued in between each number. Needless to say, it was a good night for rock and roll in Pittsburgh this past Friday, and we hope to see Seether stop by again in the future.

All photos ©2017 Tycephotography



Soundgarden will re-release a standard single LP vinyl of their second full-length studio album, 1989’s Louder Than Love as well as a two-LP 20th anniversary reissue of their seminal 1996 album, Down on the Upside.


Both LPs have been newly remastered from the original analog tapes and will be released by Ume onAugust 26 with original artwork, together with download cards including 320kbps MP4 AACs.


Louder Than Love, Soundgarden’s second full-length studio album and major label debut was originally released by A&M Records on September 5, 1989, and was the last to include bassist Hiro Yamamoto. UMe is now releasing Louder Than Love in a single-LP 180-gram vinyl edition.


Down on the Upside, Soundgarden’s fifth full-length studio album, released on May 21, 1996, debuting at #2 on the Billboard 200, represented a significant stylistic departure away from alternative metal into a more experimental sound with an emphasis on vocals, melody and more diverse instrumentation. Now, UMe has made Down on the Upside available for the first time as a two-LP 180-gram vinyl set.

Louder Than Love Vinyl Re-release

Louder Than Love

(one-LP Vinyl)
Side One
1. “Ugly Truth”
2. “Hands All Over”
3. “Gun”
4. “Power Trip”
5. “Get on the Snake”
6. “Full on Kevin’s Mom”
Side Two
1. “Loud Love”
2. “I Awake”
3. “No Wrong No Right”
4. “Uncovered”
5. “Big Dumb Sex”
6. “Full On (Reprise)

Down On The Upside Vinyl Re-release

Down On The Upside

(two-LP vinyl)
Side One
1. “Pretty Noose”
2. “Rhinosaur”
3. “Zero Chance”
4. “Dusty”
Side Two
1. “Ty Cobb”
2. “Blow Up the Outside World”
3. “Burden in My Hand”
4. “Never Named”
Side Three
1. “Applebite”
2. “Never the Machine Forever”
3. “Tighter & Tighter”
4. “No Attention:
Side Four
1. “Switch Opens”
2. “Overfloater”
3. “An Unkind”
4. “Boot Camp”

Soundgarden’s New Music Video for “Halfway There”

Soundgarden Premieres New Music Video for

“Halfway There”

Today, Soundgarden premieres their music video for the song “Halfway There” on VEVO.  The video is for the third single off of their critically-acclaimed album King Animal, which was released in November 2012 on Republic/Loma Vista. The video was directed by the band’s art director, Josh Graham, who also directed the band’s video for “Been Away Too Long” in 2012. Soundgarden will embark on a European tour this month in support of King Animal.


Soundgarden European tour

9/4         Helsinki, Finland @ Hartwall Areena

9/6         Stockholm, Sweden @ Hovet

9/7         Oslo, Norway @ Oslo Spektrum

9/10       Berlin, Germany @ Columbiahalle

9/11       Amsterdam, Neterlands @ Heineken Music Hall

9/13       Manchester, UK @ O2 Apollo Manchester

9/14       Birmingham, UK @ O2 Academy Birmingham

9/16       Dublin, Ireland @ The O2

9/18       London, UK @ O2 Academy Brixton

9/19       London, UK @ O2 Academy Brixton


Full tour dates here: http://soundgardenworld.com/tour/

Soundgarden’s Ben Shepherd Announces Solo Album – “In Deep Owl”

Ben Shepherd of Soundgarden announced his debut solo album In Deep Owl will be released on August 27th, 2013. The collection of songs was recorded in the industrial neighborhoods of Georgetown and Interbay in Seattle, WA and was produced by Dave French, Ben Shepherd, Chad MacMurray, and Nathan Yaccino. Listen to the first song off of the album, “Baron Robber” on SPIN.com

Pre-order the limited edition vinyl here: http://hbshepherd.com


Soundgarden Heats Up a Cold Night in Pittsburgh

When I heard Soundgarden was coming to Pittsburgh’s Stage AE for a May outdoor show I was ecstatic.   I envisioned a warm spring evening accompanied by killer entertainment…well, warm spring evening my ass.  The temperature was in the 30’s, not to mention the rain that occasionally spat at us.  Although somewhat miserable, it did not stop the some 4,000 fans that filled the sold out venue to see the grunge legends.  For the Seattle natives, it probably felt like a taste of home.

After waiting for 1 ½ hours from the time doors opened due to no opening act, the band finally took the stage.  The atmosphere was electric.  The set list was well proportioned to include  twenty plus songs that spanned the group’s career.  They kept a great balance by mixing songs like “By Crooked Steps”, “Halfway There” and “Eyelids Mouth” in with older favorites like “Spoonman”, “Blow Up the Outside World”, “Rusty Chain” and “4th of July”.  Cornell, who spoke little between songs, had the crowd laughing when he asked his tour manager to have the Bayer sign atop Mt. Washington turned off.   “Can we get that sign up there turned off?  It’s very distracting and I feel obliged to read it every time it changes”, said Cornell.  He also went on to state, “Those are non-effective drugs it’s advertising anyway”.

The encore followed suit with the rest of the set with a mix of classic and new with “Been Away Too Long”, “My Wave”, “Black Hole Sun” and “Rowing”.

In the end, one could never tell these guys had taken a 13 year hiatus.  After all of these years, singer Chris Cornell can still mesmerize the crowd with his seductively sultry yet powerful voice. These guys were able to take us on a musical roller coaster ranging from ‘in your face’ head banging into sweet melodic harmonies without missing a beat accompanied by some mind blowing graphics created especially for the tour.    Hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since they visited the Burgh.  The last thing Cornell promised was to not stay away so long this time.  Here is hoping Chris keeps his promise.

*A tip for collectors: At the merch booth the first four posters and vinyl copies of King Animal are autographed and sold at the normal price!

Setlist: Pittsburgh, PA  STAGE AE

  1. Encore:

All photos ©2013 AWeldingphoto & Pittsburgh Music Magazine

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New Single Enters Top 5 Rock Chart
“Onyx” Out Next Week

(New York, NY) – Michigan rock heavyweights POP EVIL have debuted a new music video for their hit single “Trenches[link]” exclusively through the band’s official website today.






The band has created a three part video series, directed by veteran Swedish director Johan Carlén Mask (AVATAR).  The video for “Trenches” is the last in the series, and the first to be released, as each of the three parts will be released in reverse.  The band comments:

“We wanted to portray a realistic view on the issues of addiction and abuse. We hope it makes the viewer take a positive approach on looking at themselves for strength and hope thattomorrow is another day closer to absolution.”

1. Goodbye My Friend
2. Deal with the Devil
3. Trenches
4. Torn to Pieces
5. Divide
6. Beautiful
7. Silence & Scars
8. Sick Sense
9. Fly Away
10. Behind Closed Doors
11. Welcome to Reality
12. Flawed

POP EVIL will release “Onyx,” their fourth studio LP on Tuesday, May 14thand have already secured a Top Five Mainstream chart position. Accolades continue to pile up as the band gets ready to release their most comprehensive material of their career.

“Onyx is one of the most cohesive, memorable, and downright fun listening experiences of the year.” – underthegunreview.net

“If the first offering ‘Trenches’ is an indication of just how good the rest of the CD will be, this is destined to be the must have disc of the summer.” – Charlotte Examiner


POP EVIL will be in usual form this spring and hitting the road harder than ever. Dates are confirmed across the US with SEVENDUST in May with a highlighted stop on the main stage at Rock on the Range Festival with SOUNDGARDEN, ALICE IN CHAINS and SMASHING PUMPKINS.

POP EVIL IS: Leigh Kakaty (Lead Vocals)
, Nick Fuelling (Lead Guitar), 
Dave Grahs (Rhythm Guitar), Matt DiRito (Bass), 
Chachi Riot (Drums)






5/10/13 Springfield, IL
The Ramada Oasis Inn & Convention Center

5/11/13 Tulsa, OK
Cain’s Ballroom

5/13/13 Rapid City, SD
Rushmore Plaza Civic Center

5/14/13 Bismark, ND
Civic Center Exhibit

5/15/13 Duluth, MN
Clyde Iron Works

5/17/13 Grand Rapids, MI
The Orbit Room

5/18/13 Columbus, OH
Rock On The Range Festival

5/22/13 Baton Rouge, LA
Varsity Theater

5/23/13 Columbus, OH
Front Porch of the South

5/24/13 Jacksonville, FL
Bresters Roc Bar

5/25/13 Niceville, FL
Mullett Festival Grounds

5/26/13 St. Petersburg, FL
State Theatre

5/29/13 Johnson City, TN

5/30/13 Baltimore, MD
Rams Head Live!

5/31/13 Philadelphia, PA

6/1/13 Uncasville, CT
Mohigan Sun Casino Wolf Den

6/15/13 Kent, CT
Club Gateway

6/16/13 Hampton, NH
Wally’s Pub

6/19/13 Bowling Green, KY
The Rustic Room

6/20/13 Bloomington, IL
The Castle Theater

6/21/13 Bridgeview, IL
Toyota Park

6/22/13 Earlville, IA
Romper Room

6/23/13 Sioux Falls, SD

6/26/13 Seattle, WA
Showbox at the Market

6/27/13 Missoula, MT
Wilma Theater

6/29/13 Gibbons, CAN

7/1/13 Aberdeen, SD
Dakota Events Center

7/2/13 Minneapolis, MN
Skyway Theater

7/3/13 Chicago, IL
House of Blues

7/10/13 Warsaw, IN
Kosciusko County Community Fair

7/19/13 Eau Clair, WI
Chippewa Valley Rock Fest

7/25/13 Royalton, MN
Halfway Jam Festival Grounds

8/6/13 Sturgis, SD
Full Throttle Saloon

Alice in Chains Kick Off a Grunge Weekend for Pittsburgh


One of my favorite rock star encounters to tell is the time I ran into Layne Staley, the now deceased singer of Alice in Chains, back in the early nineties in a bar near Ft. Lauderdale.  I had been living in Miami for a few months, crashing on friends floors, making ends meet by working landscaping with Cuban illegals and down and out guys who lost everything due to their addictions and were trying to get their lives back together, having met the owner of the company through AA.  My friend from college whose floor I was sleeping on was dating the manager of the company who was kind enough to let me plant palm trees and work on Julia Iglesias’ house inbetween looking for other work.  Anyways, I was still pretty broke and living on Taco Bell bean burritos so I could not afford to go see Alice in Chains and their opener GrunTruck playing in Miami.  Thus, I was fairly bummed.

My former next door neighbor happened to move to North Miami Beach and she took me out to a bar to buy me a few brews to cheer me up.  There I am nursing my beer minding my own business and this scraggly guy comes up to the bar with a cane and his leg in a case.  It’s fucking Layne.  I could not believe it.  He was fairly lucid. “Layne, can I get you a beer?” I said sheepishly.  “Sure, man, thanks,” replied Layne in a deep growl never really looking at me in his sunglasses.  Layne had recently broke his leg on tour and it was in a full cast.  Searching for some kind of conversation with the man I simply said, “How’s your leg?”  To which he replied, “It’s just a fuckin’ leg man.”  And then he walked off and sat with some people and we never spoke again.

Some twenty odd years later and Layne is long gone but Alice in Chains  is still very much alive.  They certainly proved it last night in Pittsburgh.  Oddly playing the Benedum Theater, usually reserved for the ballet and opera or the likes of Tony Benett, AIC brought the rock right out of the gate.  New lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist William DuVall sounds exactly like Staley while looking a lot more like Lenny Kravitz and he proved more than able to fill those shoes and carry on not only as replacement but as a true contributor just as he has done since we first heard him belt out “Check My Brain” in 2009.  But Jerry Cantrell’s band did not focus on newer material most of the evening, they certainly knew their audience well and stuck to the meat of what the audience came to see and that was classic Alice.  Second in the set was “Them Bones” with high points in the evening being “Dam That River”, “Down In A Hole”, and of course “Would?”.  The tremendous encore consisted of ” Man in the Box”, “No Excuses”, and “Rooster”.  That last tune was made extra amazing by the special appearance of The Rooster himself, Jerry’s dad.

Jerry Cantrell continues to prove why he is one of the best axe men in the business and a tremendous songwriter and riff master.  Sean Kinney and Mike Inez still keep it down extremely well and prove you can still put on a great rock show without a ton of fluff and smoke.  It’s a great way to warm up the weekend for their Seattle brethren Soundgarden stopping by on Sunday at Stage AE.  Grunge is alive and well people. Layne Staley and Mike Starr…RIP.

Setlist Pittsburgh 5/8/13

  1. Encore:

Soundgarden Back to the ‘Burgh at Stage AE May 12 For an Outdoor Show

“When I think of Soundgarden, I think of a sound, I think of one entity, one organic thing,” says singer and guitarist Chris Cornell, “but I guess that the exciting part is that it’s always been really varied.”

SG General 8_Michael Lavine.jpg

Hailed as grunge innovators, Soundgarden redefined rock music for a generation. In the 80s and 90s, the band’s mesmerising soundscapes and compelling lyrics seduced audiences hungry for originality. It was a sound rooted deeply within the wild landscape of the Pacific North West –an atmosphere which still resonates strongly for Cornell. “The band is dripping with it”, he says,“that indescribable longing. It’s not about the society, it’s not about the people, it’s not about the city. It’s some other thing.”

That elusive ‘other thing’ pervades Soundgarden’s brand new album ‘King Animal’, recorded close to their roots in Seattle and due for release November 13. Over a year in the making, it promises to continue the musical evolution we anticipate from one of the world’s most groundbreaking bands. One song, the yearning ‘Taree’, is a hymn to the wilderness – “my love song to the natural side of the north west where I grew up,” as Cornell explains. “It was easy to feel like we were growing up in this strange, mystical place.” By contrast, riotous album opener ‘Been Away Too Long’ is a doubled-edged blast of homecoming celebration and urban angst.

Soundgarden had been away since 1997, when its four members amicably agreed to put the band to rest while they pursued other projects. But by 2009 they’d decided to work together again.
Rehearsals for a world tour swiftly turned into songwriting sessions. “It isn’t really a matter of reinventing ourselves for a new chapter,” says Cornell. “There’s quite a bit of natural progression in just living life for 15 years….our lives progressed as they would have done if we’d still been together. We were just catching up.”

The band’s unique alchemy reasserted itself and ideas flowed freely, with some songs still under construction while others were already being mixed. “There’s a certain amount of trust…that things are going to work out, and that songs are going to appear out of nowhere. The first day we started, everybody just would play a part or an idea or a song arrangement that they had, and it started going from there,” recalls Cornell. “We had a studio engineer recording all our rehearsals and a few songs actually came out of that. The song ‘Rowing’ – Ben [Shepherd] played this incredible bass ad-lib part and because it was recorded, I went home and looped it and wrote a whole song to it. I’ve learned over the years that following Ben — or Matt, or Kim – down these moments of creative brilliance is always a good idea.”

‘King Animal’ can be explosive, as in ‘Blood On The Valley Floor’ (“the quintessential, perfect, heavy Soundgarden song”), nightmarish (‘Worse Dreams’) or wistful (‘Halfway There’), leading us through changing sonic landscapes that can embrace both the jazz inflections of ‘Black Saturday’ and the driving simplicity of feral rocker ‘Attrition’. The subject matter is broad – Kim Thayil’s lyrics for ‘Non-State Actor’ are an incisive and cynical take on the powers behind political thrones, while Cornell’s bruised and introspective ‘Bones of Birds’ explores the terrors and vulnerabilities of parenthood. “Having children forces you to look past your own mortality,” says Cornell. “How loss is going to affect them, even long after I’m gone.”

Soundgarden remain a truly ‘alternative’ band in an age when the word has been devalued to just another genre label. Though firmly rooted in their shared sense of place, they continue to be instinctive pathfinders. “I don’t think we’ve ever had to find a compass and redirect ourselves to the north,” says Cornell. That’s never happened to us, and it certainly didn’t happen to us this time.”

Soundgarden May 2013Tour Dates:
May 3
Atlantic City, NJ @ Borgata
May 4
Washington, DC @ DC101 Chili Cookoff – RFK Stadium
May 5
Charlotte, NC @ Carolina Rebellion – Rockingham Speedway
May 7
Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
May 8
Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
May 10
Louisville, KY @ Louisville Palace
May 11
Indianapolis, IN @ WRZX X103 Mayday Event – Klipsch Music Center
May 12
Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE Outdoors
May 14
West Long Branch, NJ @ The MAC at Monmouth University
May 15
Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
May 17
Wallingford, CT @ Toyota Presents Oakdale
May 18
Camden, NJ @ MMR-B-Q – Susquehanna Bank Center
May 19
Columbus, OH @ Rock On The Range Festival – Columbus Crew
May 21
St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
May 22
Kansas City, MO @ Midland Theatre
May 24
Houston, TX @ Bayou Music Center
May 25
Austin, TX @ Austin Music Hall
May 26
Dallas, TX @ Palladium Ballroom
May 28
Broomfield, CO @ 1st Bank Center


SG General 1 _Michael Lavine.jpg

Soundgarden Announce Second Leg of US Tour Including Pittsburgh

Fresh off the first leg of their critically acclaimed sold-out US tour supporting the release of their new record King Animal, Soundgarden have announced a second leg of dates (see below) including festival appearances at Carolina Rebellion and Rock on the Range. Tickets will be available via fan club pre-sale on Tuesday, February 26th. Password: CrookedSteps

Tour Dates:

May 3 Atlantic City, NJ @ Borgata

May 4 Washington, DC @ DC101 Chili Cookoff – RFK Stadium

May 5 Charlotte, NC @ Carolina Rebellion – Rockingham Speedway

May 7 Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle

May 8 Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle

May 10 Louisville, KY @ Louisville Palace

May 11 Indianapolis, IN @ WRZK Mayday Event – Klipsch Music Center

May 12 Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE Outdoors

May 14 West Long Branch, NJ @ The MAC at Monmouth University

May 15 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium

May 17 Wallingford, CT @ Toyota Presents Oakdale

May 18 Camden, NJ @ MMR-B-Q – Susquehanna Bank Center

May 19 Columbus, OH @ Rock On The Range Festival – Columbus Crew Stadium

May 21 St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant

May 22 Kansas City, MO @ Midland Theatre

May 24 Houston, TX @ Bayou Music Center

May 25 Austin, TX @ Austin Music Hall

May 26 Dallas, TX @ Palladium Ballroom

May 28 Broomfield, CO @ 1st Bank Center

Rock on the Range 2013 Bands Announced


America’s premier destination rock festival ROCK ON THE RANGE–which has
expanded to three days this year–will hit hard with performances from some of rock’s biggest names. The
2013 line-up features Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, Bush, Stone Sour, Three
Days Grace, Papa Roach, Cheap Trick, Bullet For My Valentine, Volbeat, Lamb Of God, Skillet, A Day
To Remember, Buckcherry, Halestorm, Hollywood Undead, All That Remains, Device (with David
Draiman), Steel Panther, Sevendust, Sick Puppies, Asking Alexandria, Pop Evil, In Flames, Clutch, In
This Moment, Black Veil Brides, The Sword, Ghost, Motionless In White, Red, Deuce, Middle Class Rut,
Big Wreck, Oleander, Otherwise, Red Line Chemistry, Young Guns, Thousand Foot Krutch, Mindset
Evolution, Tracer, Beware Of Darkness, Heaven’s Basement, American Fangs, Love And Death, Gemini
Syndrome, and more.

“We’re really looking forward to returning to Rock On The Range with a batch of brand new killer Alice tunes
to play for everyone!” says Jerry Cantrell, Alice In Chains.

“Head is back!!,” says Korn’s Jonathan Davis. “Rock On The Range is going to start it all off!! Get ready,
we are going to hit it hard!!”

“Bush are thrilled to be playing Rock On The Range with such great bands,” says Bush’s Gavin Rosdale.
“We look forward to seeing you all out there.”

“This massive lineup has scratched our seven-year itch!” says Gary Spivack, co-executive producer of the
event for Right Arm Entertainment. “Getting Soundgarden for their first Ohio play in two decades and
having seminal acts Alice In Chains, Korn, Volbeat and Papa Roach return along with bands new to ROTR that
include Smashing Pumpkins and Bush, and everything in between–the spectrum of rock n roll is covered…three days of constant energy. Rock On The Range is truly where rock lives.”

Now in its seventh year, ROTR will again take place at Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus, OH on Friday, May 17, Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19, 2013. With the addition of a full slate of artists performing on Friday, festival organizers are also adding a series of additional enhancements for ROTR 2013, including the new ROTR Comedy Tent.
“Our goal with ROTR is to constantly create new and interesting ways to expand the event and give even more
value to our fans,” comments Joe Litvag, co-executive producer of the event for AEG Live. “In 2013, we’ve
added a comedy tent within the site that will be curated by The Funny Bone comedy club. Having a slate of
incredible, up-and-coming comedians to riff on the rock experience will be a great change of pace for the
weekend. The site layout is also changing dramatically in 2013 to create better event flow, to add more
interactive fan activity to the festival, and to allow even more people to experience the higher caliber of talent
on the second stage this year.”

As a special limited offer, pre-sale weekend tickets start at a low price of $89.50 (plus fees), for Stadium
GA tickets only, from Wednesday, January 30 through Thursday, January 31 at 10pm EST.
Additionally, a limited number of Stadium GA “4-ticket packs” are also available for $299–a savings of
nearly 25%–beginning on Wednesday, January 30, while supplies last.

Pre-sale tickets are available at www.RockOnTheRange.com. Tickets go on-sale to the general public Friday, February 1 at 10am ET. Rock On The Range is again offering premiere VIP Packages, Hotel and Ticket Bundles and Camping packages. Details and prices for VIP, Hotel, and Camping packages are online at
http://www.RockOnTheRange.com. Visit the website, www.facebook.com/rockontherange, and
www.twitter.com/rockontherange for the most up-to-date information.

“Rock On The Range strives to deliver an outstanding lineup for an affordable price and this year is no
different” said Ryan Smith, General Manager of Crew Stadium, co-executive producer of Rock On The
Range. “With the creation of the special $89 pre-sale ticket and 4-pack bundle, rock fans can see over 40 of
their favorite bands for an unprecedented value.”

Presented by Right Arm Entertainment, AEG LIVE and Crew Stadium, ROCK ON THE RANGE is a
multi-stage music and lifestyle event featuring a potent lineup of bands on three stages and is proud to be
sponsored by Monster Energy, Jägermeister, f.y.e., and U.S. Army. The nationally renowned festival, centrally
located in the heart of the country, has annually drawn weekend crowds in excess of 70,000 since its inception
in 2007.


Bison B.C.’s ‘Lovelessness’ Will Put Them On Your Love List

They hit you like a shovel, already caked in mud and blood and piss, slamming your brain. Bottom basement guitars rooted down deep with drum and bass rhythm and riff on top of heavy riff on top of heavier riff. Based in the love of all things metal and good, born out of the Sabbaths, and Panteras, and Soundgardens, and Melvins of the world. They are dirty, fast, drop D, pounding, pulsating, back to basics, metal up your ass, all that is beautiful and disgusting about metal that we love.
‘An Old Friend’ opens up ‘Lovelessness’ and has no reverence to your need for codling. It thrives on your hate and anger and fist pounding frustration. If you are at the edge you have just been given a hearty push as you hear the maniacal laugh in your descent. Bison B.C. creates layers of patterns that have a texture of grime and excrement polished with a bit of smut for good measure. Reminiscent of the works of Mastodon and their kin, Bison B.C. has the potential to reach that bands’ level as their fans will surely tell you, and has their own style to add to the genre of ‘mind metal’.

‘Anxiety Puke/Lovelessness’ is the second track on the effort and has a throb of punk sensibility reminiscent of Black Flag, but then flips itself over and takes root in old metal magic. Gorgeous guitars blend over one another and their notes hang and bump into one another with malice punctuated by agonizing vocals. Lyrically, the thematic of ‘Lovelessness’ are glaringly clear, this is no R.E.M. ‘Happy Shiny People’ unless Slayer covered the tune and changed the lyrics to deal with destruction, death, and desolation. The “psalms of suffering” continue with ‘Last and First Things’. Starting on a slower tone than its predecessors on the disc, it quickly pulls the listener in and puts a choke hold on their eardrums. Their is a dichotomy present here of complex yet simplistic measures that are burrowed in familiarity but have a twisting, festering, invasive new passion that is infectious; it’s as if the body has lost control and must now sway and pound in homage to the music before it.
‘Blood Music’ continues the barrage of the senses and will make any sensible metalhead pray that Bison B.C. hits their town. They have built quite a reputation for their live show, touring with the likes of Baroness, Priestess, and Ghenghis Tron. Hard hiiting and unsympathetic in its brutality, ‘Blood Music’ could be the best description of Bison’s sound yet. Next up is ‘Clozapine Dream’ named after the drug oft prescribed to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia. The drug is typically used as a last resort, thus fitting very neatly into the feel and tone of Bison B.C.’s third release on Metal Blade. The cohesiveness of the music with the lyrical content puts this accomplishment on par with the bands’ cohorts such as Between the Buried and Me, Baroness, Becoming the Archetype, and The Dillinger Escape Plan. To conclude their latest is ‘Finally Asleep’ that trudges in with a military like beat to put to rest any doubts of the true weight of the material, bloody and beaten from the experience, scarred by pure existence, and disturbed beyond repair. It is the perfect cap off to what amounts to an amazing piece of sludge metal that will rot in your brain, devour your veins, and haunt your soul.

BISON B.C. worked with acclaimed producer Sanford Parker at Soma and Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago to record Lovelessness. Parker is best known for his work with bands such as Yob, Pelican, Rwake, Yakuza, Nachtmystium, Zoroaster, Unearthly Trance, and more. Needless to say, Parker is more than qualified to put-to-tape the raw, furious
energy that is BISON b.c.

What others are saying about Bison B.C.:

“thrash, smash and fuck-you-up energy that’ll soil your britches faster than a bottle of Mexican moonshine” Decibel
“And worthy of a herd of their namesake, their music is thunderous, bone-shaking and most of all, heavy. Really heavy.
These cats have got their own gravitational pull.” Sacramento Press
“Heavy, man. Real heavy. Jean-jacket heavy.” RollingStone.com

FEAR Reworks The Record To Create The FEAR Record

FEAR is an American Punk Rock Band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1977, credited for influencing the American punk rock movement. Along with SEX PISTOLS , FEAR helped define the sound and style of Post, Neo-Punk, Jazz-Thrash-Fusion and theoretical physics! Although they actually formed during the first wave of punk back in 1977, FEAR didn’t release an album until two years later- by which time they’d honed a blistering, thrashy attack that, for all its fury, was surprisingly tight and even intricate.

Musically, the band wasn’t as crude as frontman Lee Ving’s outrageous, humorously offensive lyrics, which were geared to piss off anyone within earshot; might have had you believe. His intellectualism was equaled only by his “sincere love of beer.”

The band has continued to be active since 1978, most recently with the release of The FEAR Record. FEAR’s November 6, 2012 worldwide release of The FEAR Record will be supported by performances worldwide. Since FEAR began recording in 1979, bands such as A Perfect Circle, Soundgarden, Megadeth, Sacred Reich and Guns N’ Roses have covered their songs, a new collaboration with Lee Ving and the Foo Fighters called The Sound City Players is also slated for fall release. Future plans involve forays into presidential politics, quantum physics, Lee is a registered Quantum Mechanic, and a post-Newtonian, sub-atomic particle, probability based, theoretical physics, guide- lined peaceful world, with liberty and justice for all.

Click here to pre-order ‘The FEAR Record’

‘The FEAR Record’ Tracklisting

1. I Love Livin’ In The City
2. New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones
3. I Don’t Care About You
4. Let’s Have A War
5. Gimme Some Action
6. Foreign Policy
7. Beef Boloney
8. We Destroy The Family
9. Camarillo
10. Disconnected
11. We Gotta Get Outa This Place
12. Fresh Flesh
13. Getting The Brush
14. No More Nothing