REVIEW: Brutal death metal release from Indian based Gutslit is turning heads

Tagged as “Brutal Death Metal”, the ferocious act known as Gutslit is a four-piece crusher hailing from… Mumbai, India? That’s right, India. But make no mistakes here folks; location is no factor in the sheer pummeling force of these emerging metal makers. Quickly gaining notoriety in metal circles, these boys are kicking teeth in with their brutal metal sound. Gutslit just released an album titled “Skewered in the Sewer” on the Transcending Obscurity label in September, and it is chock full of face grinding insanity.

“Skewered in the Sewer”, is definitively one of the most professional releases in the genre to come out of their country. These guys aren’t dabbling in a genre they don’t understand. This release dispels all doubt that they’re among the best of their sound – featuring outstanding vocals, crushing riffs and technical wizardry, pummeling percussion and dastardly bass mayhem. Not to mention the fact that some of their song titles are “Circumcised with a Chainsaw”, “Hemorrhoidal Brain Custard”, and “Pulp Face”. Awesome.

Additionally, Gutslit’s release has a fully professional production complete with a 12-page booklet that include both lyrics and a number of illustrations. On top of that, the album artwork was created by none other than the legendary death metal artist extraordinaire Mark Riddick. Honestly, I’d say pulling out all the stops from every angle including the attention to detail these boys put into things like packaging reinforces the dedication they have for their craft and ultimately the legitimacy of their album. They might not be coming from somewhere you’d expect, but they’re here, ready to shred and definitely worth a listen.

Skewered In The Sewer cover art

Reviews – 

“stays with listeners long after the speakers go bust” – Rolling Stone India 4/5

“will certainly be ranked among the classicks in the future years” – Sick Reviews 9.5/10

“No one else in Indian extreme metal will be able to touch Gutslit for a while now” – PopSplat

“this is an excellent display of what the band has to offer in a country with no other contemporaries to name” – Heavy Blog is Heavy 3.5/5

Current Members:

Aditya Barve – Vocals
Gurdip Narang – Bass
Prateek Rajagopal – Guitar
Aaron Pinto – Drums

Track List:

1.  Prelude to Putrification

2.  Pustulated Phallic Enthralment

3.  Offal Barter

4.  Circumcized with a Chainsaw

5.  Atrophic Cranial Disintegration

6.  Haemorrhoidal Brain Custard

7.  Pulp Face

8.  Maze of Entrails

9.  Skewered in the Sewer