Veil of Maya Release False Idol

Following their hit “Matriarch” album, Veil of Maya have finally released some fresh work with their latest album, “False Idol,” which dropped today.  This will be Veil of Maya’s second album with their latest singer, Lukas Magyar, adding in clean vocals once again which was a very controversial topic on the album prior.  On “Matriarch,” the vocals were a nice step up from previous albums leading up to their latest releases.  With “False Idol,” curiosity was probably the best way to describe prior emotions for when the album was announced due to the new direction they were taking.


From the first two singles released (Doublespeak and Overthrow) we ended up with a little taste of what this albums true potential holds.  We heard the fairly standard sound that we’ve grown accustom too listening to Veil of Maya, but in the end, is their sound really standard?  Every song they’ve written has been intense, complex, and leaving musicians very confused over the years when it comes to the majority of their work due to oddball time signatures and a very unique playing style.  Between the two singles released, we already received some of the best parts from Veil of Maya that we are fairly use to, which truly fills my metal influenced heart with bliss and joy.  The killer breakdowns and fast tempo rhythms throughout them combined with the occasional newfound verse/chorus patterns just absolutely crush it with ease.


As I was listening to “False Idol” I was fairly intrigued on how their first true concept album would turnout, and so far I’m still hooked on the “sick licks” they came up with for this album.  Luckily Veil of Maya had a lot more time to actually prepare this time around and was able to structure these songs properly instead of adding vocals/lyrics at the last minute with a fresh new vocalist.  That particular situation was out of their hands at the time due to some bad timing involved on the last album, but in the end, were able to pull it together to create something fresh and new for everyone which ended up opening many new doors.  Having the time to prepare this time definitely made a difference this time around listening to these tracks; “Manichee” is a prime example.  When listening in on it, you can really hear the dynamics added into the vocals that match up with the music.  It didn’t feel rushed or even pushed into the song, it sounded a lot more naturally involved one could say.


Going from the first half of this album to the second, it has a transitional point it feels like where it starts off fast and heavy, giving that well needed adrenaline rush before slowing it down actually and giving you a quick breather.  That breather doesn’t really last too long since the last three songs go right back into some heavy hitting riffs.  Let us not forget the fantastic bass lines and drum beats from Dan Hauser and Sam Applebaum.  Who else are we missing?  Quite possibly one of the most entertaining and talented guitarists to hit the scene as well, Mark Okubo.  Where this group comes up with half of the things they do is a question that seems as if it will never be answered.  Overall rating from our standpoint, 4 out 5 stars, a very high quality rating and an amazing album for all metal fans to indulge and simply enjoy.  Personal recommendations of songs to listen to would be: Fracture, Pool Spray, Citadel, and Follow Me.

Andrew Belle @ Club Cafe // 10/18

Chicago-based Andrew Belle has made a name for himself as one of our more compelling songwriters since releasing his debut album The Ladder in 2010. Though that album held strong at number one for several weeks on iTunes‘s singer-songwriter chart and earned dozens of television and film licenses, Belle boldly followed a new muse on the album’s electronic, alternative follow-up, Black Bear. His third and latest album Dive Deep doubles down on the ethereal electronic sound of Black Bear, and sees Belle pushing himself to new depths as a songwriter, a vocalist, and a composer. Soaring choruses and moody arrangements abound on Dive Deep, a thoughtfully crafted and deeply felt album that deserves consideration among peers like James Blake and Bon Iver.

The new album is FANTASTIC – very chill vibes with pleasing electronic beats, comforting acoustic sounds and thoughtful lyrics. Check out the press love so far:
Paper Magazine premiered the first single from this record early last week, watch the video here:

David Archuleta Performs Pittsburgh Oct. 26

David Archuleta Delivers Second EP Entitled ‘LEO’ on August 25
Highly Anticipated New Project Currently Available for Pre-Order Here 
Star to Embark on 10+ City Tour in September 
Platinum-selling singer David Archuleta is gearing up for the August 25 release of Leo, the second EP from the international pop star. The four new tracks showcase David’s creative use of multiple producers, resulting in a kaleidoscope of colorful, thought-provoking pop, united what’s become his signature positivity, personal and profound songwriting which fans experiences through the release of his first EP, Orion, in May.
David has chosen the constellations theme for the series of projects based upon the upward direction he often looks for inspiration, both literally and figuratively. “I want to get people to look up more, and the stars along with music are some of the best ways I know how to do that,” he explains. “The upcoming album as a whole serves that purpose to get people to look up and for something more, whether that’s looking for God, for a deeper connection to life or finding more of who they are. I’m a huge believer that looking up will always serve a purpose, and we will move forward more filled and stronger.”
The highly anticipated new project is currently available for pre-orders by visiting iTunes. Fans who place their pre-orders will get a copy of the singer’s new single, “I’m Ready,”prior to the official release on August 25. 
Leo is a more throwback and stripped-down set of songs,” says David. “I wanted to show strength and that I was taking a stand for myself with these songs. I want my voice to be heard after letting so many other voices and opinions steer my path. I felt the constellation of Leo represented that. Lions can be fierce and strong, but they also have a calmness and relaxed nature [that] I see whenever I watch videos and documentaries with lions in them. I wanted to show that while I am coming forward with strength, it’s not in an angry or aggressive manner. It’s calm, but firmly standing my ground in who I am.”
Of “I’m Ready,” David says, “Change is something that has never been easy for me. I am a very analytical person. I’m always asking myself ‘But what if?’ I hate to say it, but many times my worries get so strong I don’t even dare to move. I’m too afraid that I will mess up and fail. I’ve realized, however, that falling is part of the journey. Joy doesn’t come from avoiding problems, it comes from working through them and getting back up when you fall.”
Rounding out Leo are tracks “Spotlight Down,” “Someone to Love” and
“Other Things in Sight.” 
“Spotlight Down” describes David returning to music after a mission trip to Chile and “having a hard time coming back to the idea of being in the limelight of being on social media and performing on stage again,” he says. “I remembered that the reason why I loved music wasn’t to get everyone to watch and adore me, but my favorite part of singing as a little kid in the backyard was that no one was listening. I felt I could be who I really was. Those were some of the moments I felt closest to God. This song goes back to that. Happiness isn’t about how many people are watching you. It’s about connecting to who you really are deep down in your soul, and having the courage to stay true to that.”
David says the raw and sentimental, “Someone to Love, is a “song about how exhausting it was for me to constantly be focusing on myself and being liked by everyone. Being so caught up in myself got me over analyzing and constantly self-critiquing as I looked in the mirror. I got worn out by it, and was conflicted because I was convinced I needed to be selfish to stay higher up on the food chain and be somebody, but knew I needed to change where I was looking. I went on my mission and realized real love comes from forgetting yourself and converting that focus and commitment from negative self-centeredness to positive energy that you get filled up with when you find someone to love, serve and lift up.”
Lastly, “Other Things in Sight,” the singer describes as his “rebellious” song. “It was my song [about] being tired of everyone’s opinion of what I should and what I shouldn’t be doing because according to them, I am getting it all wrong,” he laughs.
“They say I don’t know any better, that I’m naïve and want to put me down until I’m insecure enough to hand my life away to them and to their control. I didn’t want to say it in any angry way. I’m actually not trying to be rebellious, but rather the contrary. I wanted to politely say to back off and let me grow up.”
All four tracks were co-written by David along with the talented tunesmiths listed below.
Leo Track Listing: 
1. “Other Things In Sight”
(David Archuleta/Jeremy Bose/Trent Dabbs. Producer: Jeremy Bose)
2. “Someone To Love”
(David Archuleta/Jeremy Bose/ Cindy Morgan. Producer: Jeremy Bose)
3. “I’m Ready”
(David Archuleta/Cason Cooley/Annie Schmidt. Producer: Cason Cooley)
4. “Spotlight Down”  
(David Archuleta/Isabeau Miller/Shaun Balin/Camille Nelson.
      Producer: Thomas Doeve)
David will support Leo with tour dates throughout the Midwest, including the following stops:
Sept. 23 Kamas, Utah
Oct. 25 Sellersville, Penn.
Oct. 26 Pittsburgh, Penn.
Oct. 27 Cincinnati, Ohio
Oct. 31 Minneapolis, Min.
Nov. 1 Indianapolis, Ind.
Nov. 2 Kansas City, Mo.
Nov. 4 Franklin, Tenn.
Nov. 18 Pocatello, Idaho
Additional dates will be added and can be seen by
About David Archuleta
Since launching his career in 2008, when he became the runner-up of American Idol with 44 million votes, Archuleta has found success both at home and abroad. “Crush,” his debut single, sold more than 1.92 digital copies, paving the way for a string of albums that have touched on modern pop, Christian music and holiday favorites. Archuleta has been a familiar face on TV, too — not only on American Idol, whose cast he joined at 16-years-old, but also on shows like iCarly and Hannah Montana. Finally, he made the New York Times’ bestsellers’ list with his 2010 autobiography, ‘Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance.”
Archuleta took a break from the public eye in 2012, when he put his singing career on hold in order to volunteer at the La Misión Chile Rancagua in Santiago, Chile. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Archuleta worked as a volunteer missionary for two years. Upon his return, he began changing his approach to songwriting, going beyond his Top 40 roots to focus on honest, heartfelt lyrics. 
Orion unveiled Archuleta’s new sound, mixing his melodies and muscular vocals with stories about his life and recent experiences. Like the constellation that gave the initial EP its name, the August 25 Leo also burns brightly. 

Concert Review: Rusted Root Pittsburgh PA @ Station Square

Review and photos: Ed Thompson

Heading out to cover and photograph Rusted Root this past Friday was more than an adventure.  It was more of a goal and vision. Keep in mind, this review is not meant to be about me at all. But my health recently took a turn for the worse having been diagnosed with skin cancer.  The date on the calendar that was circled for my surgery was June 22nd. The next date circled and marked was June 23rd. The night I was going to cover and photograph a band I have always liked and felt a “powerful” feeling to over the years. That band is Rusted Root. And the band also promised to perform some new material for the first time ever. So, I was even more excited and had more urgency to get to the show. Rusted Root is a brand that I feel I kind of got to hear developed back in the years 1986-1989 while hanging out with lead singer Michael Glabicki and Jenn Wertz in high school. Hearing the two of them sing with Mike playing his guitar have always been powerful and great memories to me.

Fast forward to this past Thursday, with half my face bandaged and swollen from my surgery, I felt the need to get to the Root show and see and hear Mike and his bandmates play their rhythmic, tribal and powerful hymns to help me heal and more so “feel good”. And it worked!! For those two hours, I felt like everyone else and my pain truly disappeared. I also never once felt the big bandages that covered half my face.  For that, I thank this great group of musicians and individuals.

With THAT out of the way. Rusted Root once again OUT performed themselves the last time I shot them. Having just seen them back in early April at Jergal’s Rhythm House in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh, I had an idea what tonight’s show was going to be like. But boy was I wrong. Tonight’s show at Pittsburgh Station Square was truly a completely different show. The setlist was different, the atmosphere was different and the melodies that tie their songs from one to the other were different too. I can never keep count, but tonight Root’s Liz Berlin played like 309 different instruments. Sometimes two or three at the same time. Her ability to do this amazes me more and more each show I see Rusted Root. Vocals are not up for discussion. Her vocals are tops amongst female vocalists. She is like a chameleon. She can sing and harmonize with anyone doing anything.

Michael and his bands mates hit the stage exactly at 9 pm to a huge crowd outside in the steady rain at Pittsburgh’s Station Square.  The rain held off till the band decided to hit the stage and then it baptized everyone there from start to finish. The opening song ironically was Rain. An incredible song and one that truly set the tone for the damp night. It however in no way made the crowd even think about heading for shelter. I think it may have been a sign for more onlookers to come join the Root Party just starting. The transition from Rain into VooDoo was great and unexpected. I never expected VooDoo early in the show but it was a nice change. Man, Not Machine followed and was as always powerful. The lyrics and music give me chills every time.  And like I said earlier, at this point Liz Berlin had used around 15 instruments to add to the already great melodies of the show. In reality, Liz had only used about 4 so far, but you get my point. She can do anything on a stage. And then some.


Glabicki and his bandmates blew through their set list keeping up with the increasing crowd size and continuing rain.  Glabicki’s vocals were unbelievably strong tonight. Rested strong. No strain or crackling at all. This would be the first show for Rusted Root on their latest mini-tour taking them through August.  Heading into the end of the show and subsequent three encores, Root played one of the band’s anthems and crowd favs X T C. In the ending part of the song following the last chorus, Mike’s vocals sounding like a steam engine coming back into the station at Pittsburgh’s Station Square. He left zero notes on the stage so to say closing out the set. X T C was a great ending for the show and really set up what would be a great three song encore. Before X T C, Root ran through more crowd favorites such a Monkey Pants and David Bowie’s Rebel, Rebel, a Root regular lately on their set list history.


Glabicki came out for a solo moment to kick off their encores that transitioned into Scattered which showed just how truly gifted Glabicki is on this guitar. Fast and so smooth. So very rhythmic and soulful. The rest of his band mates joined Glabicki for another crowd favorite; Send Me On My Way, a song that put Rusted Root on the map both nationally and internationally back in the early 1990’s. Glabicki fed off the crowd’s energy for the song and vice versa for the crowd off Glabicki. Berlin’s vocals were awesome too on Send Me. The other highlight of the song was guitarist Dirk Miler providing the flute end and obviously very important part of the band’s anthem. A really great way to wind down for the night. Closing out the night, was the powerful Back To The Earth. What can you say? Yet another feather in the band’s cap and for me the third or fourth exclamation mark for tonight’s concert.


The show tonight was as always great. I enjoy getting out to shoot Rusted Root and talk to Mike however short or long it may be.  The band sounds like they have some more new material to play and possibly release down the road. Two possibilities that any Root faithful should be happy to hear. Root plays June 30th in Portage County Ohio and in Sherman New York to kick off July.  The band will play the Red Rock’s in Colorado for the 4th of July. That’s a show I would not want to miss.



The goth/metalcore unit, Motionless In White, out of Scranton, PA has surpassed a decade of popularising their brand of music, mixing screamo and clean vocals.  With all the bands that come and go from the Warped Tour genre this is no easy feat.  Their ability to pull in a female audience has much to do with that, appealing to a wide range of melodious metal enthusiasts. MIW is due to release a new album, Graveyard Shift (on Roadrunner Records), in May, recently putting out their single, “Eternally Yours” and currently touring with the likes of Issues and Falling In Reverse.  The band has gone through some personnel changes over the years, but the constant presence of lead singer Chris Cerulli remains steady.  For the most part, the lineup Wednesday night in Pittsburgh was the tight group that has been slugging it out on the road since 2012.

With a jack-o-lantern spotted, candle filled, graveyard type setting MIW launched in quickly with “570”, a spectacular opener due to the intensity, and followed it up with “A-M-E-R-I-C-A” (off of Infamous) accompanied by guest vocals from Michael Vampire of Dead Girls Academy, who opened earlier in the evening.  As they went into “Everyone Sells Cocaine” their influences ranging from Nu-metal/industrial to New Wave to mainstream metal were readily apparent.  Their rabid fans sang every word and security guards quickly had their hands full as the crowd surfing went full throttle.  Of all the bands that performed it seemed that the energy level peaked with MIW.  As Chris ‘Motionless’ worked the crowd, Devin ‘Ghost’ hammered his bass and let his red dyed flocks fly in abandon, Ricky ‘Horror’ Olson showed his tremendous prowess as a rhythym guitar player, Ryan Sitkowski stoically synched perfectly with Olson as he shred lead guitar, and newest member of the band Vinny Mauro on drums held down the low end.  “Abigail”, “Undead Ahead”, “Death March” and “Devil’s Night” came in quick sucession.

Having witnessed MIW numerous times, it became readily apparent that they have matured not only in their sound, but their stage presence as well.  The theatrics are still there via a dancing pumpkin head and a woman who throws out candy and shoots squirt guns, but the reliance on makeup and cliches from their genre has waned drastically.  The latest release “Eternally Yours” certainly has the signature MIW sound of aggressive and light flip flops, but the vocals have progressed as well as the guitar and synth presence.

The highlight of the show though may have been their cover of System Of A Down‘s “Chop Suey”.  With Devin and Ricky trading instruments, Chris did an amazing job impersonating Tankian (admittedly he’s no Tongo), and Devin handled the hush backing vocals of  Malakian.  The crowd went berserk and frankly, this one needs to be committed to wax because it is that well done. Check out a sample here:

Motionless finished off their set with “Dead As Fuck”, “Eternally Yours” and “Reincarnate”.

Motionless In White continue to prove themselves as not only a ‘stage’ entertaining band, but a band that is evolving musically without losing their identity and fan base.  The new release on May 5 should be interesting to say the least.

photos AWeldingphoto ©2017


IRON REAGAN Share Full Album Stream of ‘Crossover Ministry’ via Noisey/Pittsburgh March 3 @Spirit

IRON REAGAN Share Full Album Stream of ‘Crossover Ministry’ via Noisey
Crossover Ministry is due out February 3rd, 2017 on Relapse Records
Iron Reagan 3
“Iron Reagan play a revved-up take on the ‘80s crossover sound, the one where speed metal and hardcore merged into one giddy and pummeling skateboard soundtrack.” – Stereogum
Richmond crossover punks Iron Reagan have shared a full album stream of Crossover Ministry through Vice’s music portal Noisey. Hear the vicious sermon exclusively via Noisey at this location, who say that “Crossover Ministry parties hard and riffs harder, bringing the mosh with a mix of Tony Foresta’s trademark goofball humor and on-point jibes about the sorry state of the planet.”

Watch the previously released. official music video for “Bleed the Fifth” at this location. Follow the strung-out antics of two rogue cops, played by the stars of Comedy Central’s new show Delco Proper (, who stumble into the wrong crowd at the wrong time.

Recorded by guitarist Phil “Landphil” Hall and mixed by Kurt Ballou, Crossover Ministry features 30 minutes of relentlessly catchy riffs and irresistibly mosh-ready breakdowns paired with lyrics that run the gamut from satyrical to serious.  In the wake of one of the most controversial presidential elections in American history, Crossover Ministry couldn’t have come at a better time.

Pre-Order ‘Crossover Ministry’ via Relapse HERE
Additionally, Iron Reagan are featured on a Donald Trump “Inauguration From Hell” inspired cover of New Noise Magazine Issue #30. The special edition features the previously unreleased “Take the Fall” track on limited flexi disc, an 18×24 screen printed poster and a subscription to New Noise Magazine. View the cover and order the limited bundle at this location. Cover illustration by Matt Stikker (@bargainbinblasphemy). All poster proceeds go towards the Southern Poverty Law Center.
IRON REAGAN Tour Dates: 

—All dates 2/24 – 3/17 with Power Trip —

Feb 22 Nashville, TN The End *No Power Trip*
Feb 24 Houston, TX Walter’s
Feb 25 New Orleans, LA Siberia
Feb 26 Birmingham, AL Saturn
Feb 27 Raleigh, NC Kings *
Feb 28 Richmond, VA Broadberry *+
Mar 01 Baltimore, MD Soundstage *+
Mar 02 New York, NY Marlin Room +&
Mar 03 Pittsburgh, PA Spirit +$
Mar 04 Cleveland, OH Now That’s Class +$
Mar 07 Boston, MA Elk’s Lodge
Mar 08 Montreal, QC Les Foufounes Electriques
Mar 09 Ottawa, ON Brass Monkey
Mar 10 Toronto, ON Velvet Underground
Mar 11 Detroit, MI Marble Bar
Mar 12 Chicago, IL Reggie’s
Mar 13 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock
Mar 14 Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews
Mar 16 Kansas City, MO Riot Room
Mar 17 Oklahoma City, OK 89th Street Collective

*w/ Genocide Pact
+w/Concealed Blade
&w/ Krimewatch
$w/ Protester

— With Wrong 3/22 – 3/24 —

Mar 22 Orlando, FL Will’s Pub
Mar 23 Miami, FL Churchill’s
Mar 24 Tampa, FL Crowbar
Mar 25 Greensboro, NC Blind Tiger

Pre-order links:

Cover art by BONETHROWER.
Artist photo by Callum McMillam.IRON REAGAN is:

Tony Foresta – Vocals
Mark Bronzino – Guitar
Landphil Hall – Guitar
Rob Skotis – Bass
Ryan Parrish – Drums

SANCTUARY – announce “Inception” album details and launch trailer

Century Media Records and legendary US metal act SANCTUARY have set February 24th, 2017 as the release date of Inception, the official prequel to 1988’s classic debut “Refuge Denied”.
unnamedInception contains presumed lost 1986 studio recordings, which guitarist Lenny Rutledge discovered recently and which were magically restored, remixed and remastered by Zeuss (Queensrÿche, Hatebreed). You can watch the first video trailer here.
Guitarist Lenny Rutledge comments: “I found the masters in my barn. The second floor of the barn is on top of our current recording studio and is very rough and open to the elements. The ground level is where we recorded the bulk of ‘The Year The Sun Died’. We found the masters in an unknown box in the barn, full of water and just wasting away.
Zeuss explains further how the Inception album was realized: “I got a call one day and Lenny said that he had discovered these tapes and had them transferred to digital. I was in the area and stopped over to check it out. The recordings were still in decent shape. We agreed that we wanted it to sound as good as possible without taking away from the original vibe and vision of what the band had back then. After a year of mixing on and off we were able to resurrect these original demos. I hope everyone enjoys these recordings as much as I did working on them especially being a huge fan myself.
Recorded in March of 1986 (“Soldiers Of Steel”, “Battle Angels”) at Triad Studios in Redmond, Washington and Studio One in White Center between April and July 1986, Inception offers such previously unreleased highlights as “Dream of The Incubus” and “I Am Insane” as well as several classic Refuge Denied songs that are burning with fervour and intensity.
Apart from being expanded by art courtesy of Ed Repka, Inception is filled to the brim with tons of rare photos, flyers, early art designs, sketches plus detailed liner notes allowing you to delve deep into SANCTUARY’s history.
Inception will be released as Gatefold LP on 180 gram black and limited colored vinyl, includes an extensive LP-size booklet, poster, and the album on CD as additional extra. Apart from that it will be available as Special Edition CD Digipak and digital album.
Lenny concludes: “For me personally, I just wanted fans to be able to hear proper versions of the demos. They had a certain energy that was captured during the early days, maybe even more so than “Refuge Denied”. It’s no secret that you can find these on the internet but the quality is horrible. I think most people are under the impression that these are remastered or re-recorded versions of Refuge…”, but this is all a prequel!
With several European festivals already booked for next year, a new album in the works, Inception being released, 2017 shall be the year when past and future of SANCTUARY unite. Look forward to the next assault of the soldiers of steel!
1. Dream Of The Incubus
2. Die For My Sins
3. Soldiers Of Steel
4. Death Rider / Third War
5. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover)
6. Ascension To Destiny
7. Battle Angels
8. I Am Insane
9. Veil Of Disguise

Brooklyn artist Yoke Lore (formerly of Yellerkin and Walk the Moon) supporting Handsome Ghost at Cattivo on Thursday, December 15

Brooklyn project Yoke Lore is the new musical venture ofyoke-lore-by-wes-alexAdrian Galvin, previously of Yellerkin and Walk the Moon.

Yoke Lore layers the harmonies of Panda Bear, the soulful beats of M83, and the modern pop of Blackbird Blackbird to tell “the stories of how we are bound.” Galvin’s songs start with the folksy timbre of a banjo and add echoing waves of vocals and percussion to create unforgettable pop music with tactile sincerity and conviction.

Galvin grew up in an artistic family, his mother a director and his father an actor and sculptor. He was immersed in painting, photography, and ballet from an early age, eventually finding his first musical passion in the drums. While pursuing music, his artistry in other disciplines has not faltered, even lending his own artwork as the cover of his debut EP, Far Shore.

When he’s not writing and recording new music, Galvin can be found teaching yoga or performing with his modern dance company Boomerang in Brooklyn.

12/6 World Cafe Live Philadelphia, PA (tickets)*
12/7 The Middle East Cambridge, MA (tickets)*
12/8 Mercury Lounge New York, NY (tickets)*
12/9 Jammin’ Java Vienna, VA (tickets)*
12/14 Big Room Bar Columbus, OH (tickets)*
12/15 Cattivo Pittsburgh, PA (tickets)*
12/16 Beachland Tavern Cleveland, OH (tickets)*
12/17 Schuba’s Chicago, IL (tickets)*

% supporting Grace Mitchell
# School Night
* supporting Handsome Ghost

Interview: Robert Schwartzman of Rooney

“Robert is free now,” The text message said.  I confusedly searched for a contact whose face I did not know.  I wandered, asking the staff if the stairs in the showroom led to the so-called Green Room.  I found my in-between person, who led me up the stairs to a room with a few musicians.  Sitting there was a man with gentle brown eyes and flowing hair hidden by a hat.  This man shook my hand and introduced himself as Robert Schwartzman of Rooney.

Robert began has the founder and lead singer of Ed Rooney in 1999.  The band opened their first show for his brother’s band in California.  Robert had stage fright.  “I wasn’t trying to be a singer in a band,” Robert recalls as he got up to search the fridge for the perfect lager, “I was terrified to sing in public.”

After watching his brother, he began writing songs.  It was then that he discovered his true passion for writing music.   He says, “I started to catch that bug that you catch when you just become really addicted to [writing songs].  So I just started writing songs, and then I wanted to perform them.  And then once I got over that hurdle of ‘I’m afraid to do this.’  I felt way more addicted to it.

Listening to Robert talk, I could imagine the shy twenty-something getting on the stage the first time.  His quiet voice led me to believe that the person I saw during our interview would also be the person who would take the stage later that night.  I could not have been more wrong.

That night, as the lights dimmed and the headlining musician prepared to take the stage, the spirit of the many rock stars by whom he was inspired entered him, and his personality changed completely.  Once the guitar was in his hands, he was no longer Robert Schwartzman, he was the single remaining member of Rooney.

The vibe he gave off was contagious.  Even the musicians accompanying him could feel his energy, and they fed off of one another.  Schwartzman bounded around the stage dipping and swaying as he sang originals like “Not in My House” and “My Heart Beats 4 U.”  In between songs, he would thank his fans for coming to see him play, and he would thank the other musicians for playing as well.  The entire show was so energetic, not a person there could stand still during his set.

When the show was finished and the encore, “Stay Away,” was played, the band, Schwartzman included, took some time to talk to fans one-on-one.  People were happily taking pictures and asking for hugs, while Schwartzman’s gentle smile remained on his face.

While Robert Schwartzman is the only remaining member of the original band, Ed Rooney, he does not plan to stop performing under the band name Rooney anytime soon.  “I could start a new project tomorrow, and I’ve experimented with that.  But I don’t think I’m fully happy giving up Rooney because I’ve had a long history with it.  I don’t feel comfortable just walking away from this.  I think it’s going to take the time to rebuild this project into something people care about, but I’m willing to do the work to get there.”

It is very apparent that Robert is proud of his work, and the fan base, as well as his charisma on stage, is proof that Rooney, for now, is very much what it needs to be.

Rooney’s newest album washed away, was released in May of 2016.

Interview and photos ©  2016 Stephanie Connell

*repeat repeat, Side Eye & Vertigo-go @ClubCafe

*repeat repeat
w/ SIDE EYE, Vertigo-go
Direct Ticket Link:

Tickets on sale now!
Tix: $10.00 adv/dos
or in person at Dave’s Music Mine (Southside), and at Club Cafe during any event
Ages: 21+

surf rockcandy.

*repeat repeat (east nashville, tn)

54c03e4be8db7a4942872697_original-1making whimsical surf-pop may seem like a daunting task when you live states away from the nearest beach, but guitarist and vocalist jared corder was determined to make the music reminiscent of his california birthplace. the band was always intended to be a 3-piece: jared on guitar and vocals, andy herrin on drums, with female harmony vocals reminiscent of 1960s west coast beach pop.

while working on new sounds, it was suggested by producer, gregory lattimer [albert hammond jr, kink ador, the gills, the grayces] that corder’s wife, kristyn, sing in the band.

the trio once described by the nashville scene as (“dick dale’s snot-nosed grandkids”) tracked a single and two additional tracks with lattimer in a basement of their hometown of east nashville in late 2012. the band’s first single “12345678” was released in march 2013.

“history”, was released in september 2013, and “chemical reaction” was released feb 1, 2014, and preceded the band’s first full-length album, “bad latitude”, released in march 2014. another song from the album, “not the one” went into heavy rotation on nashville’s beloved lightning 100 (100.1FM).

*repeat repeat’s debut album “bad latitude” is available on on all major digital retailers (itunes, bandcamp, and


“fans of yeah yeah yeahs, the ravonettes, or b-52’s are catching on to *repeat repeat.” – audiosocket

“…far and away one of the finest pop and rock bands currently in nashville. so many bands think that they must be either cool or fun, and never the two shall meet… *repeat repeat says fuck that, mashes them together, and throws 60’s tie-die vibes all over it. and glitter. to paraphrase jason lee’s character in the eternally great movie almost famous, if you’re not getting off, *repeat repeat will find you and get you off!…” – shop sessions @ dcxv industries


August 18, 2016 — New Jersey metal titans FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY have announced another round of tour dates aptly called the “Enslave America 2016” tour. “We’re happy to get back out and do a headliner with some younger bands that are making moves,” says guitarist Pat Sheridan. “It’s been a good year so far, this tour will definitely add to that vibe.” Lorna Shore, No Zodiac and Face Your Maker have been tapped to support.

The band also just released a three way split with THY ART IS MURDER and THE ACACIA STRAIN via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Fit For An Autopsy included an all new track on that release titled “Flatlining” and covered the classic Nine Inch Nails song “The Perfect Drug.” Click here for more info.

Fit For An Autopsy – “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY released Absolute Hope Absolute Hell last year via Entertainment One (eOne) / Good Fight Music and garnered some serious praise. 

“The band yet again elevates what the genre should and could be.” New Noise Magazine 5/5

“Fit For An Autopsy returns with their third full-length album, and it’s a beast.” 8/10 OUTBURN

“Absolute Hope Absolute Hell kills harder than Casey Anthony’s babysitting, and if you don’t pick this album up, you probably don’t even like metal in the first place.” METALSUCKS 5/5

“Absolute Hope Absolute Hell is simply the result of a band creating solidly punishing music.” DECIBEL 7/10 

1. Absolute Hope Absolute Hell
2. Wither
3. Saltwound
4. Murder In The First
5. Storm Drains
6. Ghosts In The River
7. Mask Maker
8. Hollow Shell
9. Out To Sea
10. False Positive
11. Swing The Axe