The Riot are No Sitting Ducks

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One of the more exciting bands on the Rockstar Uproar Festival this year was the Pennsylvania based band The Riot. With swinging fists The Riot broke out onto the music scene in the summer of 2007. Influenced by performers such as Jimmy Eat World, Anberlin, and Jawbreaker they started to establish a sound all of their own. By 2009 The Riot had played alongside acts such as We The Kings, Four Year Strong, Every Avenue, and Forever The Sickest Kids. The Riot’s dedication to their fans was reciprocated when they voted and won The Riot a spot on the Ernie Ball Stage at the 2008 and 2009 Warped Tour. In 2010, their new self released CD “Sitting Duck Syndrome” had hit the streets in late January with much anticipation. The Riot kicked off the release with a month long tour stopping at 10 Hot Topic stores for acoustic performances and have had a successful summer tour in June 2010. Also in 2010, Shine Drum Company selected drummer Ryno to be their featured artist. As The Riot continues to devote their time to composing music they love, connecting with fans and ultimately reaching their goal of putting a recognized stamp on the music scene.

Check these guys out on the web sites below.

Ryan Henderson – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Paul Mendenhall – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Brad Henderson – Bass & Backing Vocals
Ryan Williams – Drums & Percussion

Redlight King Intends to Stay on Top

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Seems like Mark Kasprzyk is everywhere these days; on the radio, on the Avengers soundtrack, on the Rockstar Uproar Tour. Who is Mark Kasprzyk you say? And why haven’t you heard of him? Well, you have.
Better known by his stage name Kazzer or as the creative genius behind Redlight King, Kaz (as his friends seem to call him) has been in the spotlight of the music business since 2002 when “Go for Broke” was released and the single “Petal to the Metal” became a hit. The single was featured on a few TV shows and soundtracks including “The Italian Job”.

So, Kaz is on the rise and he’s getting recognized and winning awards and touring. Then Epic records goes through some changes and Kaz has moves on to Linus Entertainment out of Canada (where he is originally from). Seems like Mark gets some bad deals at this point in his career and he learns the hard way how rough the “biz” can be. Undaunted, Kazzer starts the project Redlight King (Hollywood Records) and scores the mother of all legs up. He writes a brilliant song about an old man and thinks that a sample of Neil Young’s “Old Man” would compliment the song quite nicely. He asks Young’s permission through the channels and two months later Godfather Neil gives his blessing cause he digs Kaz’s tune.
“Old Man” blows up and Kaz is back on top.

Kaz has since had great success with singles “Bullet in my Hand” and “Comeback” which was featured on The Avengers soundtrack.

Last week The Rockstar Uproar Tour rolled into Pittsburgh and Kaz was kind enough to invite Pittsburgh Music Magazine onto his bus for a personal interview. What follows (after some ribbing about all my camera equipment) is a very introspective interview with the soft spoken man about his past, his equipment, his band, and his future: Redlight King

Candlelight Red Burns the Stage Down at Uproar

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When you play festival style, how does a band make their mark amongst so many other bands vying for the audience’s attention? You come out swinging. Candlelight Red hits the stage at maximum velocity and intensity from the first to the last note.

According to their bio on Last FM, “Candlelight Red is the culmination of two central PA bands merged into one. Bassist Adam Zimmer and Drummer Josh Hetrick were the rhythm section to the State College based band “Stept On”. After the band called it a day in 2006 the two decided to join forces with guitarist Jeremy Edge who had been with the band “Backstreet Law” who later changed it’s name to “Til December”. Out of the ashes came Candlelight Red.

After gigging with vocalists Charlotte Kopp and Greg Locke, The band found Ryan Hoke to fill vocal duties. Ryan had played in the bands “Hyphema” and “Slant 6”, who opened for such acts as “Hatebreed” and “Clutch”. Things clicked immediately and the band began writing songs together”. CLR’s current lineup is comprised of vocalist Ryan Hoke, guitarist Jeremy Edge, bassist Jamie Morral, and drummer Brian Dugan- and it appears to be the perfect mix of chemistry to bring about a musical explosion.

Candlelight Red’s debut EP Demons is full of solid songs and suprises. Fan favorites like “Closer” and the cover of Roxette’s “She’s Got the Look” have received significant airplay with no small help from excellent videos.

Singer Ryan Hocke and guitar player Jeremy Edge took some time out their crazy schedule during the Rockstar Uproar Tour and sat down with Pittsburgh Music Magazine on their tour bus to talk about pre-show rituals, writing songs, touring, and future plans. What follows is an intimate look at the beginnings of a career that should have long lasting and resonating effects due to their passion and wearing their influences on their sleeves: Candlelight Red

Adelitas Way Shows Pittsburgh Why They Are “Invincible”

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Jay Leno are you listening? That goes for you too Conan and Kimmell. Why are your producers not booking Adelitas Way? They have the number one rock song in the country. They are ripping stages up across America and are the only new band on the headlining stage at The Rockstar Uproar Festival. They are one of the most, if not thee most, passionate guys you will ever find. And you are depriving their fans, your viewers, and the uninitiated from seeing them on live television. Maybe you need new producers…
Adelitas Way is a band via Las Vegas who without a doubt will continue their rise to ruling the airwaves. You will not find anyone more directed, focused, and committed than Rick DeJesus (lead singer). PMM sat down with Rick and Rob and discussed where they are now with their career, where they are headed, the song writing process, and the frustrations of the business. What follows is a an interview that clearly shows the passion of Adelitas Way and why there is no stopping them:
Click here for the FULL interview: Adelitas Way(as always PMM does not cut up interviews and transcribe only parts of them. We give you the full experience and make sure artists are never misrepresented or misquoted). Do yourself a favor and download Adelitas Way “Home School Valedictorian”, you won’t regret it.

From Adelitas Way website:

“Invincible,” the edgy, empowering rocker that kicks off the self-titled debut from Adelitas Way is also an apt description for singer Rick DeJesus’ undaunted focus and determination. Born and raised in a rough Philly neighborhood, he saw family members in jail and on drugs, and a friend shot in the head and killed by drug dealers. Rick’s future was likewise bleak — “my friends were carrying guns, selling drugs, doing drugs, leading reckless lives. I knew I was going to pay the consequences,” Rick acknowledges. So, in 2005, grasping for any escape, on a dare Rick auditioned for a VH1 show that would take him to Los Angeles. With no idea what he was in for, in short succession Rick appeared on the VH1 show ‘Strip Search,” then ended up in Vegas, living in his car for three months, doing anything to make ends meet. “Anything” included the “American Storm” show at the Rivera. Rick calls his short stint in the revue “a rock moment. I was young, poor and crazy… and it beat robbing people.” It also allowed him the means to focus on the anthemic, potent hard modern rock that would become the calling card of Adelitas Way. Rick’s compelling personal dramas are channeled into his performances — and every dynamic note on Adelitas Way. The heartfelt, radio-ready songs, captured by Grammy-nominated producer Johnny K (Disturbed, Plain White T’s, 3 Doors Down), Adelitas Way, range from the sexy romp of ‘Dirty Little Thing” to the emotionally charged rock anthem of “Last Stand” to the classic mid-tempo rocker “Scream.”

Rick is joined by kindred spirits in the Las Vegas-based quintet. First to join Adelitas Way was Iorio, a high school senior who credits his “rock & roll parents” with getting him a guitar at 7, and turning him on to KISS, Ted Nugent and Van Halen. His style is a mix of ‘70s rock with modern flair, and he notes: “I like Slash and Randy Rhoads—both bluesy and ‘shreddy’ styles.” Trevor Stafford, an in-demand tour and studio drummer, was on Ozzfest with the band Shuvel at 17, and is a fan of System of a Down, Primus, and grunge. A Huntington Beach, California native, he moved to Vegas to be in the band full time. The final puzzle pieces are New York-bred bassist Derek Johnston and West Virginia native guitarist Keith Wallen, who joined after the record was complete. They both bring indie, hardcore and classic rock influences to the Adelitas Way stew.

Trevor gives major props to Rick for getting Adelitas Way shows with artists like Chris Cornell, Hinder and Tantric, and generating the huge industry buzz that ended with the band signing to Virgin. “I played with a lot of people,” says Trevor, “but never anyone like Rick; his work ethic is out-of-control amazing.” Rick and Trevor have more than rock in common. Determined to rise above the chaos of his existence in Philly, Rick graduated high school with a 3.7 GPA and went to college for three years, playing college baseball. Likewise, Trevor earned a partial baseball scholarship, but, like Rick, ultimately chose music. It wasn’t until Rick was 18 and snuck into a bar for an acoustic night, singing in front of 60 people for first time ever (and getting a standing ovation), that he thought, ‘hey, I might not suck!’” Now they’re team players in Adelitas Way, Rick’s winning personality and dogged work growing the band’s reputation one fan at a time, literally. “Every second of my life was focused on music. I bought nothing for the first year doing music in Vegas. I wore the same shirt every day. I handed a demo to every person I saw, and that’s how the mystique began. If I was in Walmart, Dunkin’ Donuts… I probably handed out 6,000 demos. So our first show we drew 900 kids at the Rainbow Bar.”

Rick and the band (in a different lineup) sold 10,000 self-titled records under their own steam, “Move On” earning #1 song accolades in 2006 on Vegas rock station KOMP. Regional tours further honed their reputation as a powerful live act, solidifying Rick as a charismatic frontman who wrote songs that exorcised and explored the demons of his past. Their songs, like “Scream,” written in a scummy Memphis motel room, are a whole-band effort. Rick’s lyrics are at once introspective, compassionate, unflinching and inspiring. On “Invincible,” a band favorite, Rick explains, “I was going for that ‘Incredible Hulk’ feeling; a song that pumps you up, a crowd-pleaser. It’s about our attitude: I’m not going to let anyone stand in the way of my dreams.”

One of the band’s most-asked questions is their name. Rick, the consummate storyteller on and offstage, relates a great true tale. During a band road trip to LA, they took a detour to San Diego, and when Rick woke up from a nap in the back of the band truck, they were getting arrested in Mexico. Corrupt cops robbed the band, but Rick secreted away a little cash in his socks. Freaked out, the band went to the first bar they saw in Tijuana to have a beer and calm their nerves. It was the Adelita Bar. “There were a bunch of young, really pretty girls and I realized it was basically a brothel,” explains Rick. “I chatted with one girl, questioning why she was living this life? And I wrote a song about it. The band name emerged from the sad stories behind the ‘Way’ they lived at the Adelita—Adelitas Way. As a songwriter,” Rick continues, “I’m very emotional, I put myself in people’s shoes a lot and live vicariously. My songs are about true situations.” That’s reflected in their well rounded and timeless album. For instance, “All Fall Down” is about Rick’s headspace before he left the mean streets of Philly. “Before I moved, everything was gloomy and depressing. But as a kid, your only concern was what you were going to be for Halloween, or get for Christmas. So the song is about how you should have savored those moments. I took things for granted.”

In 2009, with the rising success of Adelitas Way, Rick takes nothing for granted, and some days, feels lucky just to be alive. As teenage guitarist Chris observes, “we made it this far by hard work and nickel-and-dimeing it, vans breaking down in the middle of the desert, the whole bit. It took a while to find this ideal lineup, where we all want the same thing. And everything finally feels right.”

All pictures: Alan Welding

Papa Roach Out For Uproar in Pittsburgh and All Cities

Papa Roach has been forced to withdraw from the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival. Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix has been diagnosed with a nodule on his left vocal cord, and at the advice of his physician he will undergo corrective surgery to
remove the nodule and prevent further damage.

“It’s no secret that I’ve been having issues with my voice lately. I was hoping to be able to go out there and kill it on this tour by resting and doing vocal exercises, but my voice has just gone out on me. I hate to let our fans down, but unfortunately surgery is the only way to fix it,” Shaddix said. “The last thing we want to do is give our fans less than 100% every night. We know they’ll understand and we’ll be back better than ever.”

Beginning Friday, August 24, the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival main stage performance schedule will be adjusted to allow longer performances from Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind and Adelitas Way.

Don’t forget all the incredible bands that will be on The Ernie Ball Stage though: Check out what is in store for Friday

PMM will be there early with some tees- better get them while you can!

FOZZY’s “Sin And Bones” Debuts at #1 on Billboard Heatseekers Chart: Performing In Pittsburgh 8/31

FOZZY’s highly-anticipated new album, SIN AND BONES, has premiered at #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and marks the band’s best-selling first week ever for an album of original material. Released on August 14, the album also celebrates the band’s first appearance on the Billboard Top 200 chart, where it landed at #143. declares FOZZY as “one of the best metal bands out there right now,” Revolver Magazine calls SIN AND BONES “Fozzy’s best album yet,” and Metal Hammer (UK) says, “SIN AND BONES is impressive, diverse and mature… this is a masterclass that should take Fozzy on to bigger things.”

FOZZY is currently out on the first U.S. tour of their 12-year career, joining fellow heavyweights Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind and Papa Roach on this summer’s Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival, where they are headlining the Jagermeister Stage and making daily signings in the Rockstar Energy Drink tent. The band also has in-store appearances in each of their headlining markets. Tour dates for the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival and FOZZY headlining shows are listed below.

The first single from SIN AND BONES, “Sandpaper,” is currently impacting and reacting at Active Rock radio and features guest vocals by M Shadows.

The brainchild of WWE superstar Chris Jericho and Stuck Mojo guitar extraordinaire Rich Ward, SIN AND BONES is the band’s hardest-hitting album to date featuring 10 explosive songs ripe with intensity. Vocalist Chris Jericho comments, “It’s the typical cliché, but SIN AND BONES really is the best thing we’ve ever done. We’ve taken the heavy yet ultra-melodic style that has become Fozzy’s trademark to the next level and I guarantee these songs will blow all of you away!”

“Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival” Tour Dates:
Wednesday, 8/22 – Chicago, IL @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
Friday, 8/24 – Holmdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Arts Center
Saturday, 8/25 – Syracuse, NY @ New York State Fair
Sunday, 8/26 – Mansfield, MA @ Comcast Center
Monday, 8/27 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ Collector’s Realm (FOZZY SIGNING ONLY – NO SHOW)
Tuesday, 8/28 – Scranton, PA @ Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain
Wednesday, 8/29 – New York City, NY @ J&R Music World (FOZZY SIGNING ONLY – NO SHOW)
Thursday, 8/30 – New York City, NY @ Gramercy Theater (FOZZY HEADLINING SHOW)
Friday, 8/31 – Pittsburgh, PA @ First Niagara Pavilion
Saturday, 9/1 – Saratoga, NY @ Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Sunday, 9/2 – Bristow, VA @ Jiffy Lube Live
Wednesday, 9/5 – Simpsonville, SC @ Charter Amphitheatre at Heritage Park
Thursday, 9/6 – Louisville, KY @ The Vernon Club (FOZZY HEADLINING SHOW)
Friday, 9/7 – Detroit, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theatre
Saturday, 9/8 – Noblesville, IN @ Klipsch Music Center
Sunday, 9/9 – Cleveland, OH @ Blossom Music Center
Tuesday, 9/11 – Raleigh, NC @ Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek
Wednesday, 9/12 – Atlanta, GA @ Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood
Thursday, 9/13 – Tampa, FL @ 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheater
Saturday, 9/15 – Houston, TX @ Woodlands Pavilion
Sunday, 9/16 – Dallas, TX @ Gexa Energy Pavilion
Wednesday, 9/19 – Salt Lake City, UT @ USANA Amphitheatre
Friday, 9/21 – Spokane, WA @ Greyhound Park and Events Center
Saturday, 9/22 – Auburn, WA @ White River Amphitheatre
Sunday, 9/23 – Portland, OR @ Sleep Country Amphitheater
Tuesday, 9/25 – Boise, ID @ Idaho Center Amphitheater
Thursday, 9/27 – West Hollywood, CA @ Roxy Theatre (FOZZY HEADLINING SHOW)
Saturday, 9/29 – Phoenix, AZ @ Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion
Sunday, 9/30 – Albuquerque, NM @ Hard Rock Casino Presents: The Pavilion

Chris Jericho of the Band Fozzy: “Metallica and Journey’s Bastard Child”

The band Fozzy is the brainchild of Rich Ward and Chris Jericho and they are looking forward to “blowing people away” in Pittsburgh when they perform as part of the Rockstar Uproar Festival on August 31. Ward is one of metal’s pioneers, known for the band Stuck Mojo, and being one of the first to combine metal with rhythmic rap vocals. Chris Jericho, is one of pro wrestling’s biggest superstars, the embodiment of charisma, and the byproduct of a lifetime spent immersed in heavy metal.

Fozzy have emerged as a worldwide force on the touring circuit, conquering stages from Los Angeles to Lichtenvoorde, and everywhere in between. And after their successful string of dates on the 2011 Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR festival, their live assault has been captured on new release Remains Alive and issued throughout Europe in July 2011 by earMUSIC. The 2-disc collector’s package includes an Australian headlining concert recorded in 2005, as well as Chasing the Grail as a bonus disc.

Having spent the past decade sharing Jericho’s attention with his iconic professional wrestling career, the band is now the subject of the six-time WWE wrestling champion’s undivided focus, even earning the spotlight in Undisputed, his second New York Times best-selling book, and first to crack the Top 10, peaking at No. 8.

Jericho and Ward have combined to sell more than 1.2 million records in their heralded careers , but those numbers are a fraction of the audience Fozzy were introduced to when their frontman made the Top 6 as a contestant on season 10 of Dancing with the Stars – one of the biggest television shows in the world.

PMM discusses with Chris Jericho about his band Fozzy and their new effort “Sin and Bones”, appearing at Rockstar Uproar Festival, new exposures in new cities, the writing process, influences, collaborating with other musicians including M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, his Rock of Jericho satellite radio program, wrestling, playing with the Big 4, Download Festival, Fozzy’s lofty goals, Lady Gaga, Dancing with the Stars, and where Fozzy goes from here (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!): ChrisJericho

Bio of Chris Jericho from
Chris Jericho, a talented actor, television personality, radio host, writer and musician, has established himself as a multifaceted performer. His unique ability to display talent and charm in each outlet contributes to his successes across the board.

Jericho began wrestling at age 19 and is best known as one of the most popular wrestling champions in history. In 2001 he was the first ever Undisputed Champion of the WWE and has gone on to hold a total of 29 different championships throughout his 12 year tenure in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Chris is the lead singer of the internationally successful rock band Fozzy, whose fourth CD, Chasing The Grail, peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Heatseeker Chart in 2010. Fozzy’s five records have sold 500,000 units worldwide and the band has played sold out shows in the US, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia. Videos for the tracks “Eat The Rich,” “With The Fire,” and “Enemy,” enjoyed rotation on MTV, MTV2, FUSE and Much Music.

Jericho is a two-time New York Times Bestselling author with his two autobiographies, 2007’s A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex, and 2011’s Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps (which peaked at #9 on the list) displaying his witty and highly entertaining writing style. A third book is due in the spring of 2013.

Chris competed in season 11 of the wildly popular ABC show, Dancing With The Stars, which led to appearances on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Ellen and Rachel Ray. He was also the host of the ABC primetime game show DownFall in the summer of 2010.

Jericho’s acting credits include roles in such motion pictures as MacGruber, Albino Farm and the SyFy Channel original film Android Apocalypse and he was a regular guest performer with the legendary comedy troupe, The Groundlings and the all-improv show, Cookin’ with Gas. He hosted the XM Radio show The Rock Of Jericho from 2006-07 and has recently just restarted it on the Sixx Sense channel XM 164, Saturdays at 5pm est.

Born in Manhasset, NY, Jericho grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, and now currently resides in Tampa, FL.

Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival August 31 @First Niagara

The third annual Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival will kick off August 17 in Kansas City, MO, criss-crossing the U.S. before wrapping September 30 in Albuquerque, NM. Please see below for the current tour dates, cities and venues.

Tickets for most shows go on sale Friday, June 15 and are affordably priced between $15 and $75 (plus fees). Go to for full details and to purchase tickets. In addition, exclusive Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival meet & greet and VIP packages will be available.

Also, visit to see a new video clip of some of this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival bands announcing this year’s tour dates and talking about what to expect at the shows.

The Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival main stage will feature performances from multiplatinum rock bands Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind and Papa Roach, along with breaking band Adelitas Way. In addition, the Ernie Ball Stage and Jägermeister Stage in the festival area will include performances from multiplatinum headliner P.O.D., as well as up-and-coming artists Deuce, Fozzy, Redlight King, Mindset Evolution (winner of the 2011 UPROAR Battle Of The Bands), In This Moment, Thousand Foot Krutch, Candlelight Red and a local Battle Of The Bands winner.

Look for details about the 2012 Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands powered by Imagen Records to be announced next week, and go to for more info.

The current Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival tour dates are as follows:

*Thousand Foot Krutch will not be performing at this show
**Fozzy and Thousand Foot Krutch will not be performing at this show
◊In This Moment will not be performing at this show
†In This Moment and Thousand Foot Krutch will not be performing at this show
‡Fozzy, Redlight King and In This Moment will not be performing at this show
Date Market Venue
Fri. 8/17 Kansas City, MO Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone *
Sat. 8/18 Little Rock, AR Arkansas State Fairgrounds (KDJE Radio Show) *
Sun. 8/19 St. Louis, MO Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre **
Tue. 8/21 Grand Rapids, MI Rock The Rapids (downtown)
main stage bands only
Wed. 8/22 Chicago, IL First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre *
Fri. 8/24 Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center *
Sat. 8/25 Syracuse, NY New York State Fair *
Sun. 8/26 Mansfield, MA Comcast Center *
Tue. 8/28 Scranton, PA Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain *
Wed. 8/29 Buffalo, NY Darien Lake Performing Arts Center **
Fri. 8/31 Pittsburgh, PA First Niagara Pavilion *
Sat. 9/1 Saratoga, NY Saratoga Performing Arts Center *
Sun. 9/2 Bristow, VA Jiffy Lube Live *
Wed. 9/5 Simpsonville, SC Charter Amphitheatre at Heritage Park *
Fri. 9/7 Detroit, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre ◊
Sat. 9/8 Noblesville, IN Klipsch Music Center †
Sun. 9/9 Cleveland, OH Blossom Music Center ◊
Tue. 9/11 Raleigh, NC Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek ◊
Wed. 9/12 Atlanta, GA Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood ◊
Thu. 9/13 Tampa, FL 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre ◊
Sat. 9/15 Houston, TX Woodlands Pavilion †
Sun. 9/16 Dallas, TX Gexa Energy Pavilion ◊
Tue. 9/18 Denver, CO Comfort Dental Amphitheater ‡
Wed. 9/19 Salt Lake City, UT USANA Amphitheatre ◊
Fri. 9/21 Spokane, WA Greyhound Park and Events Center ◊
Sat. 9/22 Auburn, WA White River Amphitheatre ◊
Sun. 9/23 Portland, OR Sleep Country Amphitheater ◊
Tue. 9/25 Boise, ID Idaho Center Amphitheater ◊
Sat. 9/29 Phoenix, AZ Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion †
Sun. 9/30 Albuquerque, NM Hard Rock Casino Presents: The Pavilion †
The Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival will entertain fans for a full afternoon and evening, with performances from the hottest rock bands, along with a concourse midway featuring band autograph signings, vendors and other activities.

The Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival is proud to continue its alliance with Child Find of America, a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and resolution of child abduction. In addition, the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival has joined forces with MusiCares®, a nonprofit health and human service organization established in 1989 by The Recording Academy® that helps members of the music industry in times of financial, medical and personal hardship. Various fundraising and awareness campaigns will be implemented to support these two charities. More information can be found at

The Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival is made possible through the support of sponsors including Rockstar Energy Drink, Ernie Ball, Jägermeister, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, Army, Imagen Records, Truth, Lunarpages, Matador Beef Jerky, Schecter Guitars, South Surf, Slurpee, and Zippo Lighters.!/rockstaruproar
About Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival

The Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival is produced by John Reese and John Oakes of Synergy Global Entertainment (SGE), CAA’s Darryl Eaton and Ryan Harlacher and Live Nation’s Perry Lavoisne. Since its inception in 2010, the touring festival’s attendance continues to grow, with nearly 325,000 in attendance in 2011. SGE is one of the world’s premier music festival production companies. With hundreds of live events worldwide each year, SGE works with agencies, brands and musical talent to produce or co-produce concerts across various genres and interests.