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BLACK GOLD: Dirty & Nasty’s Sophomore Effort

Stream Music on Bandcamp Direct Download Released on January 21, 2013 in honor of MLK & Inauguration Day, BLACK GOLD perfectly blends a laid-back style with the coolness of raw power, to weave together the consummate Houston opus…REAL Houston. Dirty & Nasty’s sophomore effort “Black Gold” was recorded at Barron Studios in Space City, and features highlighted […]

NOLA Rap : Lyrikill – “Retro” EP

Harn SOLO’s colleague from New Orleans @Lyrikill drops a heat rock hip-hop project, “Retro”. Eight tracks in length, the EP is a nostalgic and soulful throwback to boom bap rap of the 90s. Nola Rap : Lyrikill – “Retro EP” The majority of production is handled by Nola […]

Ray RockBaby’s “Big Red Cup”

Jerk Rock artist Raymond Starks a.k.a. “Ray RockBaby”, a Baltimore native; is a self -taught keyboardist and percussionist. His musical roots stem from the church but his edgy & forever changing sound has been compared to a mixture of Lenny Kravitz & Kayne West. “RockBaby” spent the late […]