Brutal Panda Records Announces 7″ Subscription Series

Brutal Panda Records is proud to announce their first ever vinyl subscription series.  The label will be releasing four split 7″s throughout the remainder of 2013, with a new 7″ being released every couple of months.  The series is kicking off with a repress of the long out of print Black Tusk / Fight Amp split featuring artwork from Baroness frontman John Baizley.  The remaining 7″s will feature brand new and exclusive tracks from:

Kowloon Walled City
Helms Alee


Ladder Devils



There will be a limit of 100 subscriptions available.  All subscribers will receive an exclusive vinyl color for each release in along with the  chance at winning a test press of one of the titles.    The subscription is currently available for purchase at this location while the Black Tusk / Fight Amp split is available for order here with the Fight Amp side streaming here.BrutalPanda_460x212




Your favorite lawn-shitter RABBITS just returned from a quick-and-filthy tour of Europe with brothers-in-harms ARABROT, leaving behind pools of sweat, ringing ears, a high percentage of brain cells. The ARABROT/RABBITS split 7-inch is currently pummeling the punters, and you can expect more from these new best fiends: a short US tour near the new year, another joint Eurotour next Summer, and discussions are underway for a long-form collaborative record. Even if you missed these killjoys you can still get the bad vibes from the vile live recordings and video from the tour that will be seeping out all Summer long.

So back in the U.S.S.A. but no rest for the wicked. RABBITS is right back at it with their small-but-carry-a-big-stick D.I.Y. label Eolian Empire, readying a sick Summer line-up of noisy, twisted, fucked-up funshine. First up is “Fuck You All Wave” sludge-grungers DRUNK DAD with their 12-inch Morbid Reality EP out June 11. Pitchfork premiered “Scum Fee” and the EP has already garnered some high praise: “truly something to behold” (The Sludgelord) and “essential listening for people who like to shout at strangers and abuse all aural constraints” (Black Insect Laughter). DRUNK DAD plays their record release show with labelmatesDIESTO and REDNECK TONIGHT Friday, June 7, in Portland, and has a tour of the West planned with label mates BIG BLACK CLOUD in July. Check the dates below.

Speaking of being shrouded in darkness and misery, BIG BLACK CLOUD, Portland’s furious noise/garage/psych/punk/weird troublemakers, will drop their brain-bombing second full-length Black Friday (their first on Eolian Empire) July 2. The first track “Cities of the Red Night” premiered this week at Brooklyn Vegan, who called it “just the sort of caustic noise-punk to get this Portland trio mentioned with names like Daughters, Cows, and anything spazzy, artfully messy, obnoxious, and generally badass.” Less garage and more secret lab than their highly praised debut LP Dark Age (“a swaggering approach to guitar terrorism along with a who-gives-a-shit attitude not seen since the likes of Superfuzz-era Mudhoney” – Rough Trade), Black Friday is a slithery sci-fi nightmare, all twists and turns and bunsen burns, fucked and fuzzed-out unhinged fun that all adds up to one hell of a fucked-up journey through a fantastic land filled with scrum, scree, squawks, and very strange things that go bump in the night. Catch BIG BLACK CLOUD at their record-release/tour-kickoff show July 2 in Portland, or on tour with DRUNK DAD this Summer.

Grindy hardcore savant trio HONDURAN just completed their debut LP Street Eagles, a 21-minute 11-song onslaught of new-math grind and power violence mashed together with hardcore breakdowns that somehow evoke both the best NYHC and (dare we say?) the artier early riffs of Helmet and Prong. Street Eagles will be out late July, and HONDURAN will be on tour late Summer and early Fall. Get that metallic taste of HONDURAN in your mouth with two tracks recorded live at the KEEP OUR HEADS release showshere.

DIESTO just finished mixing their new LP, For Water or Blood, which maintains the pretzel logic and dueling leads of the doomy desert jams from their last record High as the Sun but veers off into even more aggro territory. Likewise, Portland’s resident harsh noiser REDNECK just finished the recordings for his long-playing cassette, no doubt to ruin your day and with his harsh reality. Both releases come out in August, and you can catch both acts in support of DRUNK DAD at their record release show TONIGHT, including a special live collaboration between DRUNK DAD and REDNECK.

And finally, cassette copies (with colors! koozies! downloads!) of the KEEP OUR HEADS: Heavy Vibes from Portland, Oregoncompilation are still available, and the digital version is just $5. With exclusive tracks all the bands listed above as well as the likes ofLORD DYINGGAYTHEISTNORSKA and SIOUX, it’s like a virtual tour of the Portland’s heavy underground and a window into the future of heavy, noisy, weird rock ‘n’ roll that you can’t afford to pass up.



7/03/2013 The Comet – Seattle, WA

7/05/2013 The Ole Beck – Missoula, MT

7/06/2013 Sammie’s – Boise, ID

7/07/2013 Burt’s Tiki Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT

7/08/2013 Lost Lake – Denver, CO

7/11/2013 Til Two Club – San Diego, CA

7/12/2013 The Smell – Los Angeles, CA

7/13/2013 The Knockout – San Francisco, CA

7/14/2013 The Night Light – Oakland, CA

7/15/2013 Davis Bike Collective – Davis, CA