DEAD GIRLS CORP Release New LP, ‘Bloody Noses and Hand Grenades’

DGC 8x10 final

Goth Industrial Rock Band DEAD GIRLS CORP has released their new album, Bloody Noses and Hand Grenades, introducing the brutal 12 track LP with the release of a lyric video for the single “From the Bottom” as well as an official music video for “Dead Girl.” Out now via Monsterman Records/ EMP Label Group, Bloody Noses and Hand Grenades is available on digital and physical formats.

Dead Girls Player

Dead Girls Corp. represents the goth chick cliques in Hollywood and like scenes. Reincarnated in 2016, Toddy T. (aka Toddy Deadboy) has collaborated with guitarist Dave Teague, bassist Bruce Miyaki, and drummer Mel McFail to generate a sound influenced by new wave, industrial, and post punk.

DGC cover

Track List:
1. Dead Girls Corporation intro
2. DeadGirl
3. From the Bottom
4. X’s no O’s
5. Alleys of Death
6. Ask for it
7. Flesh for Fantasy
8. Cant Change
9. Promise Me
10. VDAY
11. Just the same
12. Dynamite
13. Worth

Stream / Download Bloody Noses and Hand Grenades Online


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In Hollywood, Ca, a dark alleyway forbodes, connecting Studio 56 and the Record Plant. Music legends of today and yesterday from Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Mel Torme holed themselves into these studios, all of them making records in the same one hundred yard radius. And, like many stories of legend, the lost replaced the heroes, the junkies replaced the giants, and Satan replaced Sinatra. In the middle, another entryway leads to DeadZone Sound Design. Home of Dead Girls Corp. for the past 10 years. Imagine Depeche Mode with a beat box through a distortion pedal , playing ultra pop at a Satanic disco. Dave Teague burns a hypnotic guitar straight into the psyche. Bruce Miyaki churns the vulgarity within the soul on his bass. Then Mel Mcfail hammers the earth like a sledge , forcing trauma to the body. And all of this abrasion is honed and torqued by the pop-evil song crafting of Toddy T..With the old millennium come and gone, the real Apocalyptic party is ready to begin….


PINKISH BLACK set to release Razed to the Ground

Los Angeles, CA – “Lots of good, lots of bad…” is one way to describe Pinkish Black‘s star-crossed career thus far. Their first incarnation arose in Fort Worth, TX, when 2005 saw a trio of like-minded souls connect under the banner of The Great Tyrant and set about hewing a new definition for the word “heavy.” Following the tragic passing of original bass player Tommy Atkins, the remaining duo forged ahead, morphing into an even darker macabre entity. Now comprised of drummer Jon Teague and Daron Beck on vocals and synthesizer, the band go under the new moniker Pinkish Black.

“Jon and I have been playing music for over 2 decades,” Beck comments. “The whole process of getting to this point in our lives and our music has been very much a repeating cycle of building to inevitably tear down to build again to tear down and so on… it’s how all life is. Building, destroying, building, destroying…”

‘Razed to the Ground’ was recorded and mixed by the band and Matt Bernhart at The Echo Lab, and was mastered to ominous perfection by James Plotkin. The songs themselves pierce the same vein as the band’s earlier material; death rock, post-punk, doom, and electronic elements slither over and under one another.

“thick, powerful thuds, with rubber band-like distorted bass from a keyboard growling between dynamic drums, teasing synthesizer lines, and vocals that push between operatic majesty and guttural infamy.”


Be forewarned: ‘Razed to the Ground’ will see a September 17 release date from Century Media Records.  Check out the album cover and track listing:

Pinkish black pic1




  1. She Left Him Red
  2. Ashtray Eyes
  3. Kites and Vultures
  4. Razed to the Ground
  5. Bad Dreamer
  6. Rise
  7. Loss of Feeling of Loss


Jon Teague – Drums, Synth, Loops
Daron Beck – Vocals, Keyboard, Synth


The Mallard Announce New LP Premiere “Iceberg” Track on Brooklyn Vegan

Click Here To Listen To “Iceberg” On Brooklyn Vegan

Perhaps you’ve heard of the trajectory our beloved friend Greer McGettrick and her cohorts in The Mallard have traced across the current musical landscape…a promisingly home-baked debut full of twists and turns that nonetheless felt of the time and lived in…tours and tours and tours…songs on splits and compilations, including both Son Of Flex and our covers record of The Velvet Underground and Nico…shifting band members and band members shifting instruments…the now infamous Noise Pop performance where they played as Throbbing Gristle at one of the oldest and most venerated venues in San Francisco, The Great American Music Hall, to a thoroughly bewildered audience…all the while getting faster darker and sharper…and after coming back from SXSW, the sudden dissolution – with an album finished, and already being printed and pressed with us, their now-swan song Finding Meaning In Deference.

It’s a conversation interrupted to be sure, but one that you should be listening in on. There’s an unapologetic maelstrom of dark energy simmering beneath the surface of these tunes, but it never subsumes some of the group’s best songwriting efforts yet. The myriad guitar/vocal interplay is sharp as ever, the pissed-off is turned up to 10, but there’s an ever-present bop and hook to even the most bummed-out tunes here. If you never got to see them, I’m sorry – but this record catches them in excellent form at the zenith of their powers, a guitar somehow hung from the rafters for the rest of eternity – we’re sad to see them go, but thrilled to share this excellent record with the world.


NYC’s Post-Punk Duo Tempers Debut Second Single “Strange Harvest”

The NYC duo incorporates more typical fare of coldwave and shoegaze…
Yet they’re still every bit as focused on a patient creep, even if it’s the result of synthetic elements rather than the organic. 


:: STREAM ::
Yesterday NYC’s rising electronic duo Tempers, comprised of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper, quietly debuted their coldwave infused single “Strange Harvest“. The digital single, backed with it’s acoustic version, drops digitally on 4/24 via Pendu Sound. That same evening the duo is scheduled to celebrate by playing at Brooklyn’s 285 Kent alongside ERAAS & Herzog Rising. Ian Cohen of Pitchfork reviewed “Strange Harvest” noting, “The mechanistic aspects of “Strange Harvest” remain constant throughout, an insistent thump that’s halfway between Factory and Wax Trax!, while Jasmine Golestaneh’s vocals become increasingly distorted and blown-out.”

Tempers first found the lime-light in February when Pendu Sound launched its forward-thinking singles series which kicked off with Tempers’ single “Eyes Wide Wider.” That debut single and it’s B-side “Hell Hotline” were mixed by Damian Taylor (Trust, Bjork, The Killers) and can be heard HERE. Accompanying the release of “Eyes Wide Wider” came its video, directed by Kalika Farmer and filmed in the Catskills,  BULLETT Media describes it as “A music video that’s half fashion film half ’80s porno sans the sex.” Watch it HERE.

Tempers is a NYC-based post-punk/electronic duo comprised of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper. Jasmine, born in Florida, is of Latvian-Iranian descent, and grew up in Paris and London before moving to New York. She has recorded and performed as musician for most of her life and her visual art, primarily collage, has been shown in galleries throughout New York. Eddie is a NYC native who spent years in Berlin, where he released records on electronic labels like !K7 and Eskimo. The started playing as a band in 2011 and began recording songs almost immediately as part of their songwriting process. Following this debut, they have plans to release a full-length album later this year.

 “Eyes Wide Wider”



In 2008, Todd Pendu created and curated the NY EYE & EAR FESTIVAL & RECORD FAIR which ran for 3 consecutive years, and featured over 100 NYC-based bands including Blank Dogs, Sightings, Liturgy, Cult of Youth, Blondes as well as over 50 NYC-based record labels including Matador, Wierd, Lovepump. In January 2010, he began the PENDU DISCO parties at Glasslands. The party was an instant success from its inaugural show featuring SALEM and during its two year run, hosted over 50 events featuring performances from Le1f, Light Asylum, Led Er Est, White Ring, Cosmetics, and legends such as Black Devil Disco Club as well as hosting the debut NYC performances of White Car, King Dude, Gatekeeper…
The record label, Pendu Sound, originally started as a cassette and CD-r label but released its first vinyl in 2006 with a compilation dedicated to John Cage featuring NYC noise artists like Excepter and Big A little a. Over the last few years, Pendu Sound has released and debuted the music of ATelecineled by ex-pornstar Sasha Grey and is credited with discovering the talented Chelsea Wolfe while releasing her first two albums and has more recently released albums by Starred and Von Haze, both of which are quickly growing cult audiences.

Repackaging Our Early Century’s Post-Punk Characteristics, Atlas Release “Shapes”

  Is it too early to bring back the sounds of Interpol and the Strokes? Admittedly, those bands were a breath of fresh air at the turn of the century, though they soon proved they were one-trick ponies. But is a band necessarily at fault for repackaging a sound that was once thought to be saving rock and roll? Opinions may vary, but admit it, you liked those bands in the wee hours of the Bush administration. 

   Pittsburgh based indie-rock quartet, Atlas, certainly offer up an interpretation of Turn On the Bright Lights but there may be more Joy Division to their sound than Interpol. So if you are turned off by the time capsule that is early 21st  century post-punk (for which no one can find fault–especially not this author) you need not worry about Atlas’ sophomore EP, “Shapes”, and you may find it worth a spin or two.

   Atlas released their first EP in the spring of 2011. Guitarists Jon Miller, and Mike Slobodian, drummer, Nick McCall, and bassist/frontman, Eric Emerson combined to form the self titled debut. After a few legs of an east coast and mid-west tour Nick McCall left the band for Washington and was replaced by Graeme Louden. The band regrouped and released “Shapes” in the summer of 2012.

   Produced by the prolific J.Vega, “Shapes” is an aggressive five song collection with a refined post-punk attitude. While Atlas mine the caves of 80’s and early 2000’s new wave, they certainly have enough influences to keep “Shapes” original. The Bends era Radiohead is called to mind and late Rx Bandits which may be responsible for the prog thread that runs throughout.

   The third track of the EP, “All We Live For Dies” is certainly the most creative of the five and shows that Atlas do in fact have their own sound. The song opens with mid-range piano calmly establishing the melody as a violin whines underneath it. The vocals are precise and the dynamic change at the two-minute mark keeps the EP’s aggression intact.

   The closing track “Magnus” is unremarkable and the EP would have been better served closing out with the catchier, more energetic “Call Yourself A Friend.” J. Vega’s superb production, though, makes “Magnus” listenable.

   “Shapes” may not be a home run but it is worth sharing with your friends and does pave the way for some very talented musicians and songwriters to offer up something even more creative in the future. Keep your eye on this band, Pittsburgh, they’re likely to impress with something even more creative and original. 



You’re Nothing, the sophomore album by Copenhagen’s Iceage and first on Matador, presents 4 young men – Jakob Tvilling Pless (bass), Dan Kjær Nielsen (drums), Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (vocals/guitar), and Johan Suurballe Wieth (guitar) – adding to the anxiety and tension that made their debut album, New Brigade, so compelling. But now, just over 2 years later, they’re challenging their raging emotions instead of simply expressing them. This is the sound of a band pushing their singular mix of punk, Goth, hardcore, and post-punk to even further extremes without any compromises. It’s overwhelming how many ways Iceage has found to write the short aggressive rock song, and exciting to contemplate where they could be three years from now at the age of 23. Stream Iceage’s You’re Nothing now in its entirety via Pitchfork Advance, and catch the band live all over North America this spring.


“louder and looser than thy were on 2011’s New Brigade, but frighteningly more focused”
– Pitchfork [Best New Track]

“The hoarse uplift of New Brigade’s most civilian-friendly fist raisers returns, but with an upgraded arsenal’s laser-guided precision. Clamoring drum breaks and shoegaze-warped guitar fills bolster the band’s now-familiar breakneck assault, which still might leave you out of breath.” – SPIN

“[Iceage’s] follow-up, You’re Nothing, is much more dense and complex. Most songs still clock in under three minutes, but there’s a new sense heaviness to their music-a sort of adult exhaustion that throws direct emotion out the window in favor of complex self-deprecation and ragged yowls.” – The FADER

Mon. Feb. 25 – Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast
Tue. Feb. 26 – Liverpool, UK @ Shipping Forecast
Wed. Feb. 27 – Sheffield, UK @ Shakespeare’s
Thu. Feb. 28 – London, UK @ Electrowerkz
Fri. March 1 – Brighton, UK @ The Albert
Sat. March 2 – Nottingham, UK @ Chameleon Arts Café
Mon. March 4 – Paris, FR @ Espace B
Tue. March 5 – Brussels, BE @ Les Ateliers Claus
Wed. March 6 – Eindhoven, NL @ Area 51
Thu. March 7 – Leipzig, DE @ UT Connewitz
Fri. March 8 – Munster, DE @ Gleiss 22
Sat. March 9 – Gronigen, NL @ Vera
Sun. March 10 – Hamburg, DE @ Hafenklang
Wed. March 20 – Vancouver, BC @ the Biltmore w/ Spectres
Thu. March 21 – Seattle, WA @ Barboza
Fri. March 22 – Olympia, WA @ Capital Theater (backstage)
Sat. March 23 – Portland, OR @ Star Theater
Mon. March 25 – San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop w/ Merchandise, Wet Hair
Tue. March 26 – Oakland, CA @ New Parish w/ Merchandise, Wet Hair
Thu. March 28 – Bakersfield, CA @ Munoz Gym w/ Milk Music
Fri. March 29 – Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex w/ Milk Music
Sun. March 31 – San Diego, CA @ Casbah w/ Milk Music
Mon. April 1 – Tempe, AZ @ Deadhorse Warehouse w/ Milk Music, Destruction Unit
Thu. April 4 – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater w/ Merchandise, Wet Hair
Sat. April 6 – Grinnell, IA @ Grinnell College w/ Wet Hair – FREE SHOW
Sun. April 7 – Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Club
Tue. April 9 – Madison, WI @ University of Wisconsin – FREE SHOW
Wed. April 10 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Final Grin
Thu. April 11 – Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups
Fri. April 12 – Pittsburgh, PA @ 6119
Tue. April 16 – Burlington, VT @ Monkey House w/ White Lung
Wed. April 17 – Boston, MA @ TT the Bear’s w/ White Lung
Thu. April 18 – New Haven, CT @ Lilly’s Pad (Toad’s Place Upstairs)
Fri. April 19 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church w/ White Lung
Sat. April 20 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom w/ White Lung
Thu. May 30 – Sun. June 2 – Austin, TX @ Choas in Tejas

You’re Nothing pre-order –

RECOVERY COUNCIL Announces January Release of Third Album

Geek chicks sure can rock out and Rebeca Qualls is living proof. New Jersey-based RECOVERY COUNCIL began as Qualls’ nerdy lo-fi space rock solo project in grad school but has evolved into a power trio juggernaut with a heavy rock nucleus and a new album Plan-Do-Check-Act to be released January 15th on Dot Ultra Records. Plan-Do-Check-Act is RECOVERY COUNCIL’s third full-length studio album but the first release since becoming a full band in the summer of 2011. While the band’s sound has taken a more raucous turn, Qualls continues to exude her inner geek with lyrical introspect and technical allusion.

RECOVERY COUNCIL will be hitting the road throughout the winter showcasing music from Plan-Do-Check-Act. A current listing of shows includes an upcoming gig December 7 at Le Grand Fromage in Atlantic City, where dry goods will be collected for Hurricane Sandy victims and the door proceeds will go to restore damage sustained by the venue. Qualls says of the event, “Knowing Atlantic City was one of the harder hit areas, we were surprised to find out that the venue was still open, although the first floor had been affected. We will be donating all of our door proceeds toward their restoration efforts. It’s a great way to support live music and help keep a good local venue running.”

RECOVERY COUNCIL is Qualls on guitar and vocals, along with New Jersey native Jeff Trenholm on drums and Dominican Republic-born Isidro Santos on bass. Since becoming a band in 2011, their collective influences have lent themselves to their rhythm-driven, melodic style. Qualls cites post-punk influences such as Husker Du and Helmet, but relies on her metal and rock roots dating back to her childhood, beginning with Iron Maiden, early Metallica, and Rush. The latter also made a big impact on Trenholm in his formative years, in addition to The Cure and Pink Floyd. Meanwhile, Santos found his niche in early-mid ’90s rock, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and Dominican-based Toque Profundo. Plan-Do-Check-Act captures a moment in time where the three musicians’ unique styles and backgrounds perfectly intersect as a cohesive whole.

12/7: Atlantic City, NJ @ Le Grand Fromage (All proceeds to go to repairs of Le Grand Fromage. Canned goods will also be collected at the door to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims)
1/17/13: Newportville, PA @ Roadhouse Inn
2/7/13: Philadelphia, PA @ JR’s Bar
2/16/13: New York, NY @ Desmond’s Tavern

Parquet Courts Share “Borrowed Time” And Announce Winter Tour/Pittsburgh 1/8/13


“This record is for the over-socialized victims of the 1990’s ‘you can be anything you want’, Nickelodeon-induced lethargy that ran away from home not out of any wide-eyed big city daydream, but just out of a subconscious return to America’s scandalous origin,” writes Parquet Courts’ songwriter A. Savage in Light Up Gold’s scratched-out liner notes.

The band’s first proper LP is a dynamic and diverse foray into the back alleys of the American DIY underground. Bright guitars swirl serpentine over looping, groovy post-punk bass lines and drums that border on robotic precision. Primary wordsmiths Savage and Austin Brown combine for a dynamic lyrical experience, one part an erudite overflow of ideas, the other an exercise in laid-back observation. Recorded over a few days in an ice-box practice space, Light Up Gold is equally indebted to Krautrock, The Fall, and a slew of contemporaries like Tyvek and Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

Though made up of Texan transplants, Parquet Courts are a New York band. Throw out the countless shallow Brooklyn bands of the blasé 2000’s: Light Up Gold is a conscious effort to draw from the rich culture of the city – the bands like Sonic Youth, Bob Dylan, and the Velvet Underground that are not from New York, but of it. A panoramic landscape of dilapidated corner-stores and crowded apartments is superimposed over bare-bones Americana, leaving little room for romance or sentiment. It’s punk, it’s American, it’s New York… it’s the color of something you were looking for. Light Up Gold is out now on Dull Tools.

“‘Borrowed Time’ is a huge highlight led by a propulsive earworm guitar hook and quick-paced, no frills percussion loaded with momentum.” – Pitchfork

Thurs., Oct. 25 – Stony Brook, NY @ Stony Brook College
Sat., Oct. 27 – Storrs-Mansfield, CT @ UCONN w/ Lightning Bolt, Lemonade
Wed., Dec. 26th – Detroit, MI @ Jumbo’s w/ Protomartyr
Thurs., Dec. 27 – Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle
Fri., Dec. 28 – Omaha, NE @ The Middle House
Sat., Dec. 29 – Kansas City, MO @ TBD
Sun., Dec. 30 Oklahoma City, OK @ Bad Granny’s
Mon., Dec. 31 – Denton, TX @ RGRS w/ Wiccans
Wed., Jan. 2 – Austin, TX @ Beerland
Thurs., Jan. 3 – Beaumont, TX @ Victoria House
Fri., Jan. 4 – Memphis, TN/Oxford, MS @ TBD
Sat., Jan. 5 – Nashville, TN @ TBD
Sun., Jan. 6 – Murray, KY @ Terrapin Station
Mon., Jan. 7 – Columbus, OH @ Café Bourbon St.
Tues., Jan. 8 – Pittsburgh, PA @ TBD
Wed., Jan. 9 – Washington, DC @ TBD
Thurs., Jan. 10 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Priests