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ONE-EYED DOLL Debuts Music Video for “Be My Friend”

 “Serial killers are people too, if you take away the voices I’m just like you…” Goth-punk duo One-Eyed Doll have announced the release of aremixed… remastered… and reMONSTERED version of their classic 2008 album, Monster. In addition to being remixed at the world class studio of legendary, Grammy award-winning producerSylvia Massy [Tool, System Of A […]


Recently returning to Colorado in September from touring with Otep, Butcher Babies and One Eyed Doll, Arcanium has been home headlining festivals such as Wyoming’s “Zombie fest”, opening as direct support for acts such as Static-X and Gemini Syndrome, headlining hometown shows and writing new music for later […]

ONE-EYED DOLL Releases Music Video

Power rock duo ONE-EYED DOLL has teamed up with Artix Entertainment’s popular, multi-player online video game AdventureQuest Worldsto premiere the new music video for their song “Committed.” Artix Entertainmentwill make the video available to over 150 million registered users by hosting it in-game, in a virtual insane asylum. […]