Lowell Drops “88” w/ SPIN, Debut EP Out 2/25

Listen to “88” Unleashed Today!

Performing LIVE In NYC This February

2/13: New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge (w/ Timber Timbre)
2/14: Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar- FREE

I Killed Sara V. Debut EP Out Feb. 25 via Arts & Crafts

“…like Grimes having a dance off with Lykke Li. In a disco ball.”
– VICE’s Noisey

“high-minded, electronic sing-alongs concerned with gender politics and identity issues.” 

“…rooted in bubbly pop but executed with a punk rock, mischievous edge.”
– Pigeons & Planes

Pairing deliriously catchy pop melodies and pointed gender politics to the forefront of her music, 22-year old LOWELL is the newest signee to renowned indie label Arts & Crafts.With her debut EP I Killed Sara V. dropping February 25, Lowell’s refreshingly rebellious approach places her at the vanguard of her pop contemporaries.

Lowell previously unveiled EP opener “Cloud 69,” which instantly explodes with her riotous and sensual vocals, solidified with infectious, hook-laden honesty. Now, SPIN has unleashed “88”– another EP cut armed with her remarkable vocals that sear through erratic yet melodic percussion. “88” is available HERE.

Lowell has already found success across Canada & Europe through the release of 2012’s If You Can Solve This Jumble, a collaborative mini-album which she wrote & recorded with the super group Apparatjik featuring Grammy Award-winning producer Martin Terefe with members of Coldplay, Mew, and A-ha. 2013 began with a self-financed UK tour as well as acclaimed appearances at CMJ & and shows across Europe. 2014 will undoubtedly find Lowell bringing her provocative music and politics to a larger audience.

Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘N Out Compilation Vol. 1

48 Page Activity Book Includes Exclusive:

Wild ‘N Out Behind The Scenes Photos

Wild ‘N Out Interviews

14 Track CD Featuring Wild ‘N Out Performances



New York, NY (January 28, 2014) – Nick Cannon, creator, executive producer and host of MTV2’s most successful series “Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out” announces the release of the first everWild ‘N Out Compilation Vol. 1 available nationwide starting January 28, only at Walmart.  Wild ‘N Out Compilation Vol. 1 will be positioned in the music section of all Walmart locations and available on Walmart.com for $10.00.


‘NCredible Entertainment & RED Distribution partnered on this exclusive release to create a 48-page Wild ‘N Out activity book equipped with puzzles, trivia and your favorite Wild ‘N Out games such as Wildstyle, Trending Topics and #ThreeWordsAfter. The booklet also features exclusive behind the scenes photos and interviews, along with a 14-track CD featuring Wild ‘N Out performances.


Wild ‘N Out Compilation Vol. 1 Tracklist:

1.     Wild ‘N Out Intro

2.     Yo Instagram Be Lyin’

3.     So Wrong featuring Emmanuel Hudson

4.     Miss Patty

5.     Muffin Man

6.     Charlamagne Tha God Interlude

7.     The Fame featuring Sean Falyon

8.     Ol’ Smokey

9.     Lip Service featuring Chico Bean

10. Tight Shirt On

11. Funemployment featuring Its The Real

12. Muffin Top

13. Safe Sex featuring Jack Thriller

14. Show Me Love – Troy Ave featuring Tony Yayo



Founded by Nick Cannon in 2009, NCredible Entertainment has quickly become a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. When he is not in front of the camera or a live audience, Cannon is busy running his highly successful multi-media company producing TV and film projects, including TeenNick’s Annual “Halo Awards,” the highest rated show in MTV2 history Wild N’ Out and most recently directing his first studio film, “The Cliques” for Lions Gate which is slated for release later this year. Cannon also has a multi-year, multi-million first look production deal with NBC Networks to develop scripted and unscripted fare for the network which includes the return of Soul Train, currently in production.  NCredible Entertainment’s music division represents Cannon’s own comedy and musical releases, and represents a roster of artists such as rap duos Wonder Broz, Gabi Wilson, Cory Gunz, 4 Count and singer Kristinia DeBarge to name a few, in addition to the release of Wild N’ Out’s forthcoming compilation.  In addition, NCredible’s product division, which introduced a top selling line of NCredible branded headphones at retail nationwide in 2012 in conjunction with Monster Cable Products, Inc. has become a top seller at retail and boasted sales in 2013 to that exceeded $45 million.




RED, an award-winning division of Sony Music Entertainment, headquartered in New York City, is widely recognized as the industry leader in music distribution and artist development. RED specializes in digital and physical sales, marketing, D2C, radio promotion and product development for more than 60 independent record labels, as well as select artists from Sony owned labels. RED’s marketing outreach is unsurpassed in generating consumer awareness for artists, labels and brand partners. In 2009, RED launched ‘stache media, a full service marketing agency specializing in music. ‘stache media’s expert staff provides marketing services in online marketing & publicity, college lifestyle marketing, advertising & consumer research, brand & partnership marketing, radio, video promotion and creative production. Sony Music Entertainment’s merger/acquisition of IODA and The Orchard has expanded RED’s reach into international as well as domestic markets.

Twintapes Reveal New Single ‘Fast Forward’, Out 1/28

Fast Forward Single Package Out Jan. 28

“Fast Forward” Unveiled w/ PopMatters

Catch Twintapes LIVE!

1/18: New York, NY @ Pianos NYC
2/19: New York, NY @ Pianos NYC

“…a warm electronic sound underpinned by strong groovy beats and an experimental spirit.”– PopMatters

Photo credit: Otto Rivera

Brooklyn-based electro-pop band Twintapes have just announced a new single package,Fast Forward– primed for release January 28th. The package will also include a remix via Nashville producer Jon Estes.

Blending gritty organic sounds with electronic beats & dark chimes, “Fast Forward” is a simultaneously evocative & danceable cut. Twintapes creator & vocalist Pavel Rivera’s haunting harmonies build up to a powerful chorus filled with strings & rhythmic drumbeats.“Fast Forward” premiered with PopMatters, and is HERE.

Twintapes is the genre-blending trio consisting of Pavel Rivera, Landon Knoblock & Benny Reiner. Bringing fans to their feet with their innovative sound, they expertly mesh up-tempo beats with silky synth sounds, soul swimming vocals & stirring melodies. Stay tuned for more from Twintapes coming soon!

RESOLUTION15 to Release New Album ‘Svaha’ on January 15

“…[the violins] bring a constant barrage of heavy riffs that would give most guitar-driven bands a run for their money in the brutal department, and when combined with a touch of technicality from the rest of the band, RESOLUTION15 bring something truly riveting to the table. They’re the kind of band that instantly turns the heads of the old, jaded metalheads hanging back at the bar… what… is…. this?… wow!” – MetalSucks.net

“…violins have been attached to folk metal and other oblong versions of what you might consider to be metal, but what was being belted out onstage was nowhere near folk, chamber music or anything along those lines. This [RESOLUTION15] is thrash. This is loud. This is a kick in the fucking face.” – Metal Edge

“…there are very few bands that offer the musicality, the intensity, and the vibe that RESOLUTION 15 from New York City is offering currently.” – HornsUpRocks.com

“…a unique and equally dynamic band that is sure to raise your brow.” – MetalInjection.net

New York, NY’s RESOLUTION15 is well known in the local scene for being a unique and welcomed twist on heavy metal– praise primarily based on their usage of violins in the place of guitars in their blistering thrash, punk and hardcore-influenced music. Additionally inspired by classical music and fuelled by an interest in spreading an egalitarian message of global change, the band feels that the use of violins adds to their artistic message and offers listeners something a little different than the norm.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign designed to raise funds for its recording, the band’s new album Svaha will see its official release on January 15, 2013. Recording took place at Spin Studios and Nova Studios with Ryan Kelly and Stacy O’Dell as producers.

“‘Svaha’ means “So be it” in Sanskrit. The title is of dual significance to us,” states RESOLUTION15 electric violinist Earl Maneein. “The first is in regards to the spirit of how we recorded the album. Yes, the album was certainly edited, but it was more or less recorded in a “So be it” fashion with usually the second or third, and sometimes even the first complete take standing as the final cut. The second is in regards to our stance as a socially conscious band. The ideas we bring up lyrically deal with one’s own inner turmoil and how that relates to worldly experience and action. ‘Svaha’ is the last word in the Heart Sutra, and it serves as a kind of “Amen”. So we would like the listener to feel like this is our sincere commentary on the world as it is through our eyes, and also encourage them to find their own awareness.”

In 2007, RESOLUTION15 released a self-titled debut and quickly became a fixture in the New York metal scene, performing at countless shows and drawing fans and local press in with their unique sound. The band’s last EP, Satyagraha, was released in April 2010 with Corey Unger (guitarist of the seminal New England metalcore band Blood Has Been Shed) as producer.

RESOLUTION15 consists of Earl Maneein on 7 string electric violin, Kenny Grohowski on drums, Mike Bendykowski on bass, and Nick Serr on vocals.

Twin Guns are Dealing Western Devils Out of Brooklyn

The double-edged sword of contemporary, ubiquitous music releases on the Internet is that bands like Twin Guns are out there and you haven’t heard them yet. While a reviewer might use this line for many albums by bands recently discovered, “Scene Of The Crime” by Twin Guns, released in March 2011,  is the one that inspired it.

The Twin Guns are extremely generous with the devil’s chord in the opening tracks of Scene Of The Crime, taking on a rockabilly-Black Sabbath tone that is almost too easy to get into… like a contract with the son-of-the-morning himself. Twangy guitar and corrugated sheet-metal roof thumping drums are continuous through the dusty tracks that Andrea Sicco and “Jungle” Jim Chandler laydown on their range, making spurs jingle-jangle through a backdrop of urban chaos that evokes a backroom punk show at Gooski’s (for Pittsburghers who know that effect from experience).

Vocals come through big, like old-timey tunes… listen for wailing and lamentation, as well as coyote calls. At first it is a bit off-putting, as the instrumentals are so pounding and jarring the ear looks for a clean line in the lyrics. However, by not finding a clearer tonic from the sound engineering of the voices the sound of Twin Guns has a consistency of grit and tormented musical structure that is satisfyingly unsettled (perhaps extending the theme of buttering up the listener for an unholy commitment to a deal with the devil). It also goes a long way toward selling the lonesome cowboy emotion that seems to drive the wagon onward. This trend comes to an apex, in well managed order, with track 4, “Safe,” when pedal effects on both vocals and guitars take you over a canyon cliff somewhere out in the unpopulated vastness of the west Rocky Mountains.

Instrumentally the album doesn’t stop inventing. For example, use of essential piano tones, coming over where the mind’s ear envisions rhythm guitar laying on top of the lead. Confessing a slight aversion to the overdrive effects of synthesizer and soundboard background sounds through the first four tracks, it all comes together for resolution in track 5, “Druggy and Suicidal,” which is every bit the homage to rock n’ roll stars burning out like meteors that the title suggests. This is immediately justified by track 6 (“One More Night Of Sin”) opening with a church bell beat that sets up a lead guitar packed with glissando & crescendo. Listen for super-subtle alt-surf guitar and arching vocal deliveries on what balances out as a mellower song compared to the first half of the album. This mellowness seems to groove-on into the remainder of the album… for moments, but then the moments are gone.

The whammy bar gets just ridiculous, in the best of ways, on the latter tracks. What’s more, there is a surprising operatic coolness to track 8 (“She Cried”), where a neo-Quadrophenia sound of the ocean waves opening and another lonesome, wild-west yodel ride out on another set of silky and surfy guitar waves. Some spoken word aspects accent the song with a sort of hipster-Meatloaf result that does more to make the listener replay the track than to cast doubt on the, at this point of the album “signature,” sound qualities that it has just condensed through the cochlea.

The album might be best for the big finish of the final track. Using a recording of a subway car taking off, and singing about the same, it seals the listener’s fate with a guilty pleasure-inducing familiarity that forces the question… is that a Kink’s song? …the Clash? …funky early, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis? …nope, it’s Twin Guns.

Scene Of The Crime by Twin Guns is out on reverbnation.com and many of your friendly Internet music peddlers.