“Perfect Picture” Interview with Harn SOLO and Crescent Kingz

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Set for release on October 1st, Harn SOLO’s sixth studio album and second release of this year, Perfect Picture, is produced in its entirety by upcoming music talent Crescent Kingz.  Originally from the West Coast, now a New Orleans transplant and fixture, SOLO’s style has increasingly advanced into a nontraditional, ground breaking perfect picture.  The sounds provided by CZA of Crescent Kingz give SOLO a very unique canvas with an opportunity to paint his diverse range of vocals and song writing abilities.

The opening track “So Cold” displays a very unconventional vibe that will immediately let listeners know that they are in for something different with this release.  SOLO’s distinct voice and style stands out in the first single “The Future” which is co-produced by Pro Prospek, with whom SOLO collaborated with on his last release Journey To The Sky.

In an era where features are sometimes over abundant, SOLO chooses to call on help from fellow artists on only two of the ten tracks on Perfect Picture, allowing him shine on his own album.  ”Star Gazing” includes a stand out verse from Lyiqs Da Lyraciss who displays some dope metaphors over the hard hitting boom bap backdrop.  The innovative hooks to each track are a testament to the progressive style that SOLO has adopted with his music.

Harn SOLO gives all credit for this creative renaissance to his current home New Orleans, all while staying true to the sentimental sounds of the golden period of hip hop in the 90′s.   With Perfect Picture, SOLO reaches higher and experiments with rhyme configurations as well as appealing melodies, separating him from the average artist and his contemporaries.

Mighty Muzik presents Harn SOLO Live on Frenchmen Street

Mighty Muzik presents Harn SOLO Live on Frenchmen Street (New Orleans, LA)

New Orleans hip-hop artist @harnSOLO performs with DJ @JaySkillz at music hot spot – Frenchmen Street during French Quarter Festival (2013).

The film also captures a candid freestyle and interview with fellow Nola artist @Underdogcentral, who recently came off tour with Mickey Factz. 

mighty muzik presents harn solo live on frenchmen street

Video shot by @DannyTeamMighty of Mighty Muzik online magazine.

Hip-Hop Show “Underground Sounds” with Harn SOLO


@harnSOLO hip-hop artist from New Orleans was a guest on the March 18th, 2013 episode ofUnderground Sounds with host Matt Bruce.

He spoke about his music, collaborating with Lyriqs da Lyraciss and his show in Baton Rouge with Bronx, NY hip-hop legend Mickey Factz.

Listen – 91.1 FM KLSU radio interview on SoundCloud

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NOLA DJ RQ Away – What is #Awayteam?

New Orleans talent @DJRQaway is the founder and driving force behind the#Awayteam. An artist with a vision for the Crescent City and beyond.

The #Awayteam is an international network of artists and supporters who believe that social awareness can be led by the same individuals who enjoy socializing and the arts.

DJ RQAway has become a staple in the Nola music community co-hostingReal to Reel Radio at WTUL, spinning at various night clubs and performing with successful hip-hop acts.

DJ RQAway has been an integrated part of New Orleans rap showcases with Dee-1, Nesby Phips, Paasky, Lyriqs da Lyraciss and Harn SOLO.

Most notably DJ RQAway has been working with progressive hip-hop group@DeepNSpace. Watch DJ RQAway cut up the turntables in their latest video, “Rockin With Kwame” filmed in the French Quarter.

DJ RQ Away’s eclectic ear for music can also be found on SoundCloud, where he blends multiple genres together for a creative listening experience.

Event planners and venues interested in booking DJ RQAway can find his information on his Electronic Press Kit.

HARN SOLO, “Today” featuring Suave; new album “Journey To The Sky”

New Orleans-based emcee Harn SOLO presents the Focus Cinema TV-directed music video for “Today” feat. Suave, the latest single from his album Journey To The Sky, produced with live instrumentation by NOLA musicians – Pro Prospek x Coco Dank. After performing a few short years in New Orleans and abroad, Harn SOLO’s musical journey recently brought him full circle to Arizona. “Today” captures Harn SOLO’s return to the west coast with scenery at Camelback Mountain overlooking the desert skyline of Phoenix. Harn SOLO continues to expand his unique brand of hip-hop traveling to New Orleans, Houston, Atlanta, London and Amsterdam, performing along side the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan, Skyzoo, Chase N. Cashe and Mickey Factz. Harn SOLO has eight albums under his belt including Reaching Higher, Shooting Star and The Grind, his full-length album with rising hip-hop artist Lyriqs da Lyraciss. Combining elements of jazz and pop, online rap magazine Definition of Fresh says, “Harn SOLO’s bringing back vision to the art form. Thinking outside the box and not afraid to expand the boundaries of hip-hop.” Featured on the single “Today” Suave says, “I’m always glad to work with artists that have a true passion for their craft. Harn is one of those artists.”

NOLA’s Lyrikill Bares Heart & Sole

“It’s time to bring back individuality to this music—while I’m proud of the South’s success, I don’t think it always reflects many of the true elements of Southern living.” Lyrikill is a man who holds his roots deep. ‘The emcee formed close bonds with fellow emcees and established the underground hip-hop and mixtape crew Eupham. Through original elements of hip-hop culture – social awareness, fellowship, cunning lyrical style, and flow friendly production – Eupham represents the principle that hip-hop is more than music, it’s art’.
Lyrikill is on the rise with all of his projects and is not only one hell of an emcee, he is a very talented, introspective, intelligent, and well spoken guy. Read on for an exclusive interview with Lyrikill who explains his passion for hip-hop, shoes, art, and the NOLA community…

Explain your shoe collection, and the story behind what started it.
How many pairs do you own to date?

My shoe collection is undoubtedly a nostalgic trip to my youth. It started in kindergarten, 1985-86…that same year I got the Converse Weapons Magic Johnson/Lakers colorway. I saw the Converse Weapons commercial and begged my mom for them.
Back then, our high school was right across the street from our Elementary school and I rode the bus with high schoolers because my older cousin Big Burt (R.I.P.) was in high school. I remember the respect the older guys gave me, as lil’ man with the nice shoes and I never wanted that moment to end, so I never let it.
Presently I have maybe 200 pairs, Jordans, Dunks, Pumas, Reebok Pumps, Adidas, all kinds of stuff. I have maybe 50-60 in my present wearing rotation. Retro is really more than album title.

What musicians/artists have served as inspiration to you?

I was a visual artist before I started making music so I gain inspiration from everything from Claude Monet to Stevie Wonder to the Television Show “The Wire”. If you listen to my albums Heart & Sole or More Heart More Sole, you’ll hear that I am influenced by soul and jazz as much as hip-hop.
Being from the South, I always thought it was important that we have a true voice to tell people about the hospitality and culture of the South using blues and soul with the narrative elements of classic New York lyricism. So I’m inspired by Nas’ Illmatic as well as Curtis Mayfield’s Claudia soundtrack.
Its been that appreciation for such a heterogeneous mixture of art that makes me who I am artistically. In the end my music represents southern hospitality and 90’s era hip-hop culture.

New Orleans is a city that has undergone a lot of tragedy in the
past few years. What have you been doing to help rebuild the community?


Honestly, that’s not something I like to brag about because I AM that
community. It would be like bragging about rebuilding your own home. I just got straight into the mix when I got back.
I used my resources to help clean up parks and schools. I helped raise money for different organizations. I worked with Operation HOPE to help people recover housing. I tutored kids and mentored a group of young emcees, through a program called Voices.
Shout out to Truth Universal and EF Cuttin for mentoring me throughout my career. That atmosphere has made help others. Peace to cats like 2 Cent, E Buckles & Harn Solo for helping upcoming young artists in New Orleans.

What message are you trying to get across through your music?

My message consists of preservation of the hip-hop culture, southern
hospitality and nostalgia. The sneakers are an extension of hip-hop
culture and nostalgia. Everything I do maintains a familial aura. While I have free-spirited songs, I represent responsibility, humanity and family.
I want to bring hip-hop back into a space where being knowledgeable is the norm. All of these things are representative of how the music used to be, so my goal is to take the listener back to the golden era of social consciousness and creative content.

Tell us about Eupham and how it was started.

Eupham is our record label but I’m now focused more on “Heart & Sole” it’s a lifestyle. Eupham was formed through a partnership with myself and Elevated Minds Music Group, a New Orleans based company and their Distribution Division based in Austin, Texas. Eupham is typically responsible for coordinating and scheduling my releases with Elevated Minds and also instrumental in developing urban events such as Kicks-N-Snares and The Soundclash which Onpoint El has continued to push. Eupham began with the original group Euphonetiks (Phonetically Euphoric) and was formed as our extended family combined under one family based umbrella. We structured that same family-based atmosphere with Heart & Sole as it represents (Family/Culture as “Heart” and Sneakers/Enjoyment as “Sole”).
Team Heart & Sole has done a series of sneaker-based events and we have recently released Retro, an eight song EP headed by the newest single “Do What It Do.”

What are your plans for the future music/tour wise?

We are planning the release of consistent content such as a stream of
music and video content introducing the world to the Lifestyle of Heart & Sole. You’ll be seeing more about our process in securing sneakers, restoring sneakers to mint condition with my man Ammoskunk and creating music.
We’re going to be involved with a lot of sneaker and nostalgic events that represent the true elements of Hip Hop. I’m working heavily with Prospek (GPNYC Artist) in the studio with his project “The Polyphonic Congress” and my next project “Nostalgia” will drop in the Spring around April with tracks from Statik Selektah and Quickie Mart as well Prospek.
We feel our lifestyle relates to millions that share our passion and love for sneakers and authentic hip hop music and we will push that movement that represents our lifestyle. We have a few upcoming shows and are discussing tour options. You can catch me in Lafayette, LA in February and at SXSW.

Thanks for the Interview, Shout Out to Pittsburgh Music Magazine and the staff. You can follow me on Twitter @Lyrikill | Facebook.com/lyrikillmusic
|YouTube.com/Lyrikillmusic and other outlets. Hopefully we’ll see
Pittsburgh soon.

HARN SOLO & Lyriqs at Turnin Headz (Houston) plus Dirty Knows Nasty Interview

New Orleans emcees @harnSOLO and @underdogcentral started their new year hitting the road to Houston, TX for Turnin Headz hip-hop showcase.

The @ReelSpotliteTV directed video features freestyles and performances with SOLO x Lyriqs, including an interview with Houston-based hip-hop duo @DirtyKnowsNasty.

Dirty Knows Nasty’s sophomore effort “Black Gold” was recorded at Barron Studios in Space City, and features highlighted production by @JulianSpade and @PurpleBastard.

The progressive style of the album is accompanied by notbale Southern rap voices @HollywoodFloss x @JohnDewMusic x @MarcelPBlack.

Stream on Bandcamp


Harn SOLO – “Journey To The Sky” album | prod by Pro Prospek | video: “Monumental” feat Tha Cartel

New Orleans-based emcee Harn SOLO presents the Reel Spotlite TV-directed music video for “Monumental” feat. Tha Cartel, the first single from his new album Journey To The Sky, produced with live instrumentation by NOLA musicians – Pro Prospek x Coco Dank.

After performing in Europe during 2012, Harn SOLO returned eagar to collaborate with fresh talent and saught the services of New Orleans rap group – Tha Cartel. “Monumental” captures the artists delivering rhymes at iconic Crescent City locations – Jackson Square x Cafe Du Monde.

Harn SOLO continues to expand his unique brand of hip-hop traveling to New Orleans, Houston, Atlanta, London and Amsterdam, performing along side the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan, Skyzoo, Chase N. Cashe and Mickey Factz.

Harn SOLO has eight albums under his belt including Reaching Higher, Shooting Star and The Grind, his full-length album with rising hip-hop artist Lyriqs da Lyraciss. (Listen here)

Combining elements of jazz and pop, online rap magazine Mighty Muzik says, “Harn SOLO is creating his own stamp on New Orleans hip-hop.”

Featured on lead single “Monumental” Tha Cartel says, “SOLO had the vision. Thanks to him reaching out and making this happen.”

Music Documentary : Pro Prospek – “The Polythonic Congress”

Harn SOLO’s producer @ProProspek releases a behind the scenes look at his new live album, “The Polyphonic Congress”. Video filmed by @CongoCircle of All Work/No Play Productions.

A glimpse inside @InnerRecess Studio in New Orleans with one of the worlds most talented hip hop producers. Including canded interviews from Guerilla Publishing Company family @Elespee x @SuaveIsHere.

NOLA Rap : Lyrikill – “Retro” EP

Harn SOLO’s colleague from New Orleans @Lyrikill drops a heat rock hip-hop project, “Retro”. Eight tracks in length, the EP is a nostalgic and soulful throwback to boom bap rap of the 90s.

Nola Rap : Lyrikill – “Retro EP”

The majority of production is handled by Nola producer extraordinaire @ProProspek , but Lyrikill mixes the beat selection on a few songs, including stand out track “One Song” produced by Nola radio celebrity @MikeSwift.

Lyrikill is crafty veteran of the rap game and always takes his time with each album. As a result the Retro EP is very consistent in sound, and features by Nola artists @SuaveIsHere x @Elespee x @CNN_Niffy keep the music flowing at a nice pace.



#Retro BandCamp : Download

Harn SOLO continues to showcase some of the best talent in New Orleans hip-hop. Look forward to his latest album release #JourneyToTheSky coming early 2013…