Karabas Barabas Release Powerfully Charged, Third LP, ‘Degenerate National Anthem’

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Psychedelic Alt-Rock trio KARABAS BARABAS have released their newest, Degenerate National Anthem, recorded by Steve Albini. Blending rock, country, Russian dinner music, new wave, punk, and jazz with some Roy Orbison vibes thrown in, the Brooklyn based threesome delivers their most polished and politically antagonistic album to date, instigating more imaginative discussion than anything offered by the mainstream. The degenerate stories each have their own vibe but tie together by their overall absurdity.

Degenerate National Anthem is available digitally along with a limited run of hi bias cassettes NOW with physical CDs and Vinyl arriving in March, 2020.

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“In these tumultuous, uncertain times, we wanted to make an album to lift up the spirits of the degenerates and the doomed, inspiring them to let their freak flag fly… high!” – KARABAS BARABAS

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Degenerate National Anthem Track List:
1. Kool-Aid Giuliani
2. Have a Blessed Day
3. Microwaves
4. Peter Pan
5. Trump University
6. Connecticut
7. Let the Buffalo Remain
8. Bait and Tackle
9. Wcvs-FM
10. River’s Dry
11. Dinner with my Boss
12. Degenerate National Anthem

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Karabas Barabas formed in late 2015 when Cern ripped a hole in space time. A portal opened in Jacksonville Florida from where they emerged. After being discovered by Stanley Cup winning hockey coach Jacques Lemaire who taught them everything they know They moved to Brooklyn and used those skills to work with Dean Jones on The Truth About Gordon Bombay and Steve Albini on Return of the Sexy Demon in 2016.

Some have compared them to the likes of WeenPrimus, and Mr. Bungle, but the band scoffs at such correlations.

They released their second lp Sex with the Devil on 12.22.17. It was recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio in Chicago and Mastered by “the Devil himself” Chris Gehringer, at Sterling Sound in NYC. It features veteran cellist Jane Scarpantoni, Dean Jones, and percussionist Mike Dillon.


DEAD GIRLS CORP Release New LP, ‘Bloody Noses and Hand Grenades’

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Goth Industrial Rock Band DEAD GIRLS CORP has released their new album, Bloody Noses and Hand Grenades, introducing the brutal 12 track LP with the release of a lyric video for the single “From the Bottom” as well as an official music video for “Dead Girl.” Out now via Monsterman Records/ EMP Label Group, Bloody Noses and Hand Grenades is available on digital and physical formats.

Dead Girls Player

Dead Girls Corp. represents the goth chick cliques in Hollywood and like scenes. Reincarnated in 2016, Toddy T. (aka Toddy Deadboy) has collaborated with guitarist Dave Teague, bassist Bruce Miyaki, and drummer Mel McFail to generate a sound influenced by new wave, industrial, and post punk.

DGC cover

Track List:
1. Dead Girls Corporation intro
2. DeadGirl
3. From the Bottom
4. X’s no O’s
5. Alleys of Death
6. Ask for it
7. Flesh for Fantasy
8. Cant Change
9. Promise Me
10. VDAY
11. Just the same
12. Dynamite
13. Worth

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In Hollywood, Ca, a dark alleyway forbodes, connecting Studio 56 and the Record Plant. Music legends of today and yesterday from Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Mel Torme holed themselves into these studios, all of them making records in the same one hundred yard radius. And, like many stories of legend, the lost replaced the heroes, the junkies replaced the giants, and Satan replaced Sinatra. In the middle, another entryway leads to DeadZone Sound Design. Home of Dead Girls Corp. for the past 10 years. Imagine Depeche Mode with a beat box through a distortion pedal , playing ultra pop at a Satanic disco. Dave Teague burns a hypnotic guitar straight into the psyche. Bruce Miyaki churns the vulgarity within the soul on his bass. Then Mel Mcfail hammers the earth like a sledge , forcing trauma to the body. And all of this abrasion is honed and torqued by the pop-evil song crafting of Toddy T..With the old millennium come and gone, the real Apocalyptic party is ready to begin….


Adam Ant: Still Standing and Delivering (Live in Pittsburgh at Stage AE)

As I watched Adam Ant gyrate and dance around the stage on Friday night in Pittsburgh, It hit me, I have been listening to this mans music the majority of my life. That’s one hell of an accomplishment considering I am no spring chicken.  The 80’s marked the dawn of my crush on Adam Ant. I have to admit, There is something about a sexy man that can pull off wearing make up and a pirate hat that gets me going. Although Adam did not speak one word to the crowd until after at least 5-6 songs, everyone was captivated. At 58 years of age, Adam’s voice is as strong now as it was 20+ years ago. His band is just as talented as he is with two drummers adding that extra rhythm one expects from Adam Ant.

Although it was not a completely sold out show at Stage AE, there was not one person in the crowd (including my metal head husband) that was not dancing when hits such as “Ant Music”, “Desperate But Not Serious”, “Stand and Deliver” and “Goody Two Shoes” were played. Adam’s newer music seems to have taken a more alternative/rock turn as opposed to his pop past and wow, is it good.  At times leaning towards the sounds of his new wave counterparts The Cult, Adam’s new material is  stunningly relevant and poignant.  This is Adam Ant’s largest North American tour in 18 years to support his new album, “Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter”. In expectation of the tour Adam spoke to several media outlets:

“Fans can expect a massive, full-on musical attack that’s bigger and better than ever,” Adam says.  “It took years to record this very personal and intimate album.  And I’m excited to share the experience with my friends and fans.”

In concert, fans can expect all of the hits including “Goody Two Shoes”, “Stand and Deliver”, “Prince Charming”, “Ant Music”, “Strip”and “Wonderful” as well as deep cuts from Adam’s early days and selections from the new album.  The new album, a musical autobiography with 17 musical stories about Adam’s life featuring collaborations with Boz Boorer (Morrissey), debuted at #8 on TheOfficial Chart in the UK and climbed to #3 on the UK Indie Albums Chart.  Adam absolutely delivered on all promised and more when he visted Pittsburgh.  it was one of the most intimate and stunning shows of the year that took his older fans back to their heyday and won them over again, as well as showed the “newbies” why this man is an icon for the ages and still continues to pump out awesome quality tunes…no one hit hit wonder like so many of today’s fare.

Many people know that Adam, one of the most recognized faces of the 80s who has sold more than 40 million records, lived in Los Angeles for several years while pursuing film roles.  But most people never knew that later in life he quietly bought a house and lived in the small town of Dayton, Tennessee.  With its swampy, southern flavor, “Cool Zombie”, the debut single, speaks to this aspect of his life.

“I lived in Tennessee for a couple of years,” Adam recalls. “And after a while I started to think about music. I missed it, the creative process and the live side of it.”

The first part of the album’s enigmatic title is a nod to Adam’s iconic “Kings of the Wild Frontier” character who wore the trademark white stripe.  Adam now refers to the character as The Blueblack Hussar, a fictional reference to a European cavalry hussar officer ofthe 19th Century.   The second half of the title, “Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter”, is the name given to a form of 18th Century naval punishment chosen to reflect some of his experiences in the music business.

Now, Adam has released this album on his own label, Blueblack Hussar Records.  This is available in a deluxe double-gatefold vinyl edition as well as a CD with a 36-page deluxe booklet.

For more information, visit www.Adam-Ant.com.

All photos ©2013 AWELDINGPHOTO and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

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MARRYING THE GUNNER’S DAUGHTER (New song – Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter is an old naval term for being bent over a cannon and flogged.  This reminds Adam of some of his experiences with major record labels)












VINCE TAYLOR (This new song about the European rock star is about a friend, French Valerie, who gave Adam a gift – Vince’s gold-plated chain)


COOL ZOMBIE (This new song speaks to Adam’s time living in Tennessee and his neighbor Ronnie B. who introduced him to great country music)



















2013 North American Tour Dates for Adam Ant & The Good TheMad &The Lovely Posse


Revolution Center

Boise, ID


Vogue Theatre

Vancouver, BC


Showbox at the Market

Seattle, WA


Roseland Theatre

Portland, OR


Grand Sierra Resort & Casino

Reno, CA


Ace of Spades

Sacramento, CA


The Regency Theatre

San Francisco, CA


The Republik

Honolulu, HI


Tower Theatre

Fresno, CA


Fremont Theater

San Luis Obispo, CA


Hard Rock Café on the Strip

Las Vegas, NV


Biography for Adam Ant


Twitter @AdamAofficial



In 1980, millions of UK TV viewers saw Adam and the Ants perform ‘Dog Eat Dog’ on Top of the Pops.  The phenomenon began andthey would dominate the charts for several years.  But this was no overnight success.  It had been the culmination of years of toil starting at Hornsey College of Art where Adam formed the band Bazooka Joe. With Adam on bass, they played around London and, in 1975, Adam’s life changed when he saw The Sex Pistols play their first-ever gig supporting Bazooka Joe at St. Martins College of Art.  He formed The Ants and in 1979 they released their debut album, ‘Dirk Wears White Søx’ that topped the independent chart.  In 1980,the Ants left Adam to work with former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren.

Adam put his new ‘warrior’ sound into practice and soon had a fresh band including two drummers.  They signed a major-label dealand recorded the album ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’ that became a huge hit, spent 12 weeks at number one and won a ‘Best New Artist’ Brit Award.  Antmania swept the nation.  ‘Stand and Deliver’ hit the number-one spot for five weeks and earned Adam an Ivor Novello award.  ‘Prince Charming’ also hit number one and another 12 singles went Top 30.  At one point, Adam had eight singles inthe top 40 in one week!  ‘Goody Two Shoes’ crowned both the UK and Australian charts.  In the USA, Adam earned a ‘Best New Artist’ GRAMMY nomination in 1982.

His first solo album, ‘Friend or Foe’, delivered three top-twenty hits on the USA Billboard Top 100 chart and in 1983 he appeared onthe ‘Motown 25 Special’(NBC) alongside Michael Jackson who performed his moonwalk dance for the first time.  Adam’s second solo album, ‘Strip’, produced the top-five UK hit ‘Puss in Boots’, but the BBC banned the video and the song for the follow-up single ‘Strip’.  While recording his third solo album ’Vive Le Rock’ with producer Tony Visconti, Adam started an acting career by appearing in a theatre production.  In 1985 Adam performed ‘Vive Le Rock’ at Live Aid and the next few years were devoted to acting in films including Nomads, Love BitesandSlam Dance and TV shows such as The Equalizer, Tales from the Crypt and Sledge Hammer!

During the 1990s Adam, again, split his time between chasing film/TV roles while recording ‘Manners and Physique’ that included thehit ‘Room at the Top’.  The follow-up album, ‘Persuasion’, remains without an official release to this day, but in 1995 Adam released ‘Wonderful’ with its self-titled single and follow-up ‘Gotta Be A Sin’ that were accompanied with successful tours of the UK and USA.  It would be twelve years before Adam would play live again, acoustically, in 2006, when he read extracts from his autobiography ‘Stand & Deliver’. The book laid bare Adam’s childhood and his well-documented mental-health battles.  In 2008, Adam received the ‘Q Music Icon Award’ alongside fellow recipients Paul McCartney and Bryan Ferry.

This rekindled recognition resulted in a series of gigs in 2010 and Adam formed a new band called Adam Ant & The Good, the Mad &the Lovely Posse.  After sold out USA and UK tours in 2012, Adam released his new album, ‘Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter’, in 2013.  The album, a musical autobiography with 17 musical stories about Adam’s life and things that interest him, debuted at #8 on The Official Chart in the UK and climbed to #3 on the UK Indie Albums Chart.

Now, after a successful 2013 UK tour, Adam is bringing his new sound back to his fans on both sides of the pond.

Peter Hook & The Light Announce North American Tour Performing New Order’s “Movement” and “Power, Corruption & Lies”

“Hooky is the Rock God of bass players. His performance at North London’s Koko had far more energy than last summer’s Hyde Park show by the rest of New Order. He closed with a triumphant Temptation and the inevitable encore of Blue Monday. You’ve still got it, Hooky.”-The Sun

Peter Hook & The Light, Koko, London, 17.Jan.2013© Al de Perez - All Rights Reserved

Following their sold out debut UK concerts in January 2013, Peter Hook & The Light are to debut their critically acclaimed performances of the first two New Order albums, “Movement” (1981) and “Power, Corruption & Lies” (1983) to North American audiences for the first time in September 2013. Support at all headline dates will come from ‘Slaves of Venus’.

In the first of a string of international dates to be announced for The Light, this nine date run of the United States along with three dates in Canada sees the band return to cities previously visited, as well as some for the first time, and marks their third tour of North America after dates in December 2010 and September 2011 performing Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” and “Closer” albums.

All of the shows feature full performances of both albums in full, sequential order, which has become a hallmark of The Light’s sets, and will also include singles and B-Sides from the corresponding period including “Everything’s Gone Green”, “Temptation” and “Blue Monday” which New Order generally didn’t include on the releases, preferring their LPs to stand alone in comparison to the singles.

Both albums mark the early development of New Order’s sound whilst also, notably on “Movement”, referring back to the Joy Division template. The final album from the band to be produced by Martin Hannett, Movement’s reputation has grown stronger amongst fans since release for its experimentation, Peter Hook taking lead vocals on two of the album’s key tracks, opener “Dreams Never End” and the seminal “Doubts Even Here.”

Some thirty years on from its first release, “Power Corruption & Lies” shows the emergence of what is termed the trademark, archetypal New Order sound and was more enthusiastically received than its predecessor with Rolling Stone terming it “a landmark album of danceable, post-punk music”.

Containing some of the fans persistent live favourites such as “Age Of Consent” and “Your Silent Face”, as well as the much loved album tracks, “586” and “Leave Me Alone” it was this album that cemented New Order’s reputation and showed a cohesiveness and new found confidence emanating from the band.

(On Power, Corruption And Lies): New Order struck upon something both in keeping with the times and notably progressive….a herald of New Order’s second, imperial period of being clued-in electro pioneers” -BBC Online

Tour Dates

September 10 – Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA
September 13 – Webster Hall, New York City, NY
September 14 – The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
September 13 – 15 – Riot Fest, Chicago, IL. (US Exclusive Joy Division Set)
September 18 – Club Soda, Montreal, QC
September 19 – The Hoxton, Toronto, ON
September 21 – Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
September 23 – Venue, Vancouver, BC
September 25 – Neumos, Seattle, WA
September 26 – Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR
September 27 – Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA
September 28 – Gothic Theatre, Denver, CO

All dates feature “Movement” and “Power, Corruption & Lies” performed in full apart from Riot Fest in Chicago which will see Hooky and his band play a tour exclusive Joy Division set.

Tickets for Riot Fest 2013 in Chicago are on sale now via www.riotfest.org.
Fans can hear a preview of what to expect in September by downloading Peter Hook & The Light’s new live album, ‘Movement’ and ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ live at Manchester Cathedral, which can be purchased HERE.

A free track, “Everything’s Gone Green” from the album is also available to download HERE.