“No Country For Old Musicians” from Reggie And The Full Effect: A Review

Reggie is best known as the keyboardist for The Get Up Kids, but has been involved in writing and touring with both New Found Glory and My Chemical Romance. After taking a break from the music scene, he was inspired by the outpour of support from fans to enter the studio and make another album.

James recorded No Country For Old Musicians at Black Lodge Recording studios in Eudora, Kansas. NCFOM was the last album to ever be recorded there. Many friends he has made over the years including, Frank Iero, Adam Lazzara, Allison Weiss and Sean Ingram joined him to lend guest vocals on the album and Ray Toro joined to play guitar on two tracks.

With an introduction straight out of Deliverance NCFOM crashes full throttle punk style into “super croc vs mega doosh”.  A bit NOFX, a dash MCR, and a whole lot of fun Reggie opens up strong with a tune that delivers the goods and gets the juices flowing to set the tone for what is to come.  “37” may first strike one as a Weezer song gone horribly right into a guttural direction: sleazy, rough, battered, and bruised yet beautifully melodic in the right places.  The diversity continues with “fowlin’ around” which is mostly a strange filler that leads to “revenge is a dish best served at park Chan-Wook’s” which harkens back to a more pop-punk feel on the Goldfinger end of things. Then “guerrera” takes a heavier turn into a Native American tone and almost delves into Dethklok type areas in it’s effect and sound whereas “gimme back my leg” dips into disco dance beats and “who needs another drank feat- floppy disk- 0” goes rap as the hilarity continues.  Other highlights include “a funny thing happened on the way to Ralph’s”, once again going back to the poppy-punk formula, but this time it sounds a lot more like an amalgamation of every nineties Blink 182 wanna be band.  Moving forward “sundae booty sundae feat- fluxuation” hits the boy band fixation on a bright note, “kanji tattoos still in style” goes in a more eighties direction to great effect and may be one of the strongest pieces on the album, and “we make a breakfast” will just plain old crack you up on the lines of Heywood Banks’ “Toast”.  The last quarter of the effort keeps up with the tongue in cheek humor of “to the fruit wizard of donnington”, “DMV featuring common denominator” which could have appeared on Dave Grohl’s Probot record (so it’s awesome), and then closes out with the ballady “disregard” and the bastard child of Nine Inch Nails and Rammstein resulting in “danka shane”.
If you have no sense of humor and do not like extremely talented diversity then don’t bother picking this up, otherwise No Country For Old Musicians is an amazing collection proving Reggie is back to full effect.
Reggie and The Full Effect play Altar Bar in Pittsburgh Feb 15!  Full Tour Dates Below:

Tour Dates:

JAN 16 Philadelphia, PA- The Barbary
JAN 17 Baltimore, MD- Ottobar
JAN 18 Richmond, VA- The Canal Club
JAN 19 Chapel Hill, NC- Local 506
JAN 21 Jacksonville, FL- Roc Bar
JAN 22 Orlando, FL- The Social
JAN 24 Houston, TX- Warehouse Live Studio
JAN 25 Dallas, TX- Club Dada
JAN 26 Austin, TX- Stubb’s Bar-B-Q
JAN 28 Scottsdale, AZ- Pub Rock Live
JAN 29 San Diego, CA- The Irenic
JAN 30 Los Angeles, CA- The Satellite
JAN 31 Santa Ana, CA- Constellation Room
FEB 01 San Francisco, CA- Bottom Of The Hill
FEB 02 Portland, OR- Branx
FEB 04 Seattle, WA- Vera Project
FEB 06 Salt Lake City, UT- Kilby Court
FEB 07 Denver, CO- Marquis Theatre
FEB 08 Kansas City, MO- Record Bar
FEB 09 St. Louis, MO- Fubar
FEB 11 Minneapolis, MN- Triple Rock Social Club
FEB 12 Chicago, IL- Subterranean
FEB 13 Pontiac, MI- The Pike Room at Crofoot Ballroom
FEB 14 Cleveland Heights, OH- Grog Shop
FEB 15 Pittsburgh, PA- Altar Bar
FEB 16 Syracuse, NY- Lost Herizon
FEB 18 Hamden, CT- The Space
FEB 19 Boston, MA- Brighton Music Hall
FEB 20 New York, NY- The Studio at Webster Hall
FEB 22 Asbury Park, NJ- Asbury Lanes

Check out more on Reggie and The Full Effect here:

Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, and H2O prove to be triple threat at Pittsburgh’s Stage AE

If one wanted to learn a bit about the History of Punk 101, a great start would have been a stop in Pittsburgh at Stage AE on Nov. 14, 2013 for a bit of schooling.  While not having the deep roots of their predecessors Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Seven Seconds, and the like, three bands from the era of punk from the mid 1990’s that began the resurgence of the sound that makes what The Warped Tour is what it has become today, all converged on The Steel City.  With the variance of their sound and take on the punk style, a real education could be retained from the mid life of punk as we know it today.  It was a refreshing reminder of how great this music is and how much of an impact it has had and continues to have on musicians in many genres.  Also, to be able to see bands on a full stage playing full sets, not in a parking lot, and with good lighting was very refreshing.  Love the Warped Tour and all, but between the sun, crazy schedule of bands, and less than ideal conditions in general it’s not the best place to see your fave bands.  Stage AE, being one of Pittsburgh’s premiere facilities, was a sight to behold last night with all the moshing bodies, legs and arms akimbo in the air and aloft upon another’s arms, and the general great vibe put out from everyone there, audience and bands included.

Alkaline Trio started their set off with “Cringe”, setting the tone immediately with a classic and fan beloved tune to get everyone in the proper frame of mind.   “[Cringe] is a pretty fun, high-energy tune, and the few fans we had at the time [we released it] really responded to it,” says Alkaline Trio vocalist/bassist Dan Andriano. “I love playing it to this day because it reminds me of that energy and the connection we began to share with the crowd, which is something we’ve strived to maintain to this day (Alternative Press)”.  Other songs that were included in their dynamic set included “Take With Lots of Alcohol”, “Sadie”, “Queen of Pain”, “Calling All Skeletons”, “Lied My Face Off”, “Ever Thug Needs a Lady”, “Time to Waste”, “I Wanna Be a Warhol”, “Dead and Broken”, and “My Friend Peter”.  The vocal output of both vocalist/guitarist Matt Skiba and the aforementioned Andriano is really impressive when witnessed live.  While maybe not having the flying about type antics of their peers, Alkaline Trio make up for it in their pent up emotion sent through their instruments released into the crowd and circularly back to them.  Their is a certain craft and art that Skiba, Andriano, and drummer Derek Grant create as the number in their suggests that is very unique and powerful and sets them in a different class than most punk artists.  In support of their latest effort, My Shame Is True, the band has full fan support with their new songs, especially fine tunes like “I Wanna Be A Warhol” which certainly has a connection in Pittsburgh as Andy Warhol was born here.  Overall it was a gem of a performance to witness that one could dare say was a perfect blend of art meets rough spikes of punk. (Be sure to scroll down to each band’s review for all pictures)

All photos ©2013 AWeldingphoto and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

IMG_9409_Snapseed IMG_9511_Snapseed IMG_9518 IMG_9518_Snapseed IMG_9521_Snapseed IMG_9671_Snapseed IMG_9717_Snapseed IMG_9777_Snapseed IMG_9786_Snapseed IMG_9789_Snapseed IMG_9790_Snapseed IMG_9808_Snapseed IMG_9819_Snapseed

The co-headliner New Found Glory has been to Pittsburgh many times, often seen at Warped Tour, and they never disappoint with a high energy output.  As one of their t-shirts claims, “Pop Punk Is Not Dead”, and it certainly was not in The ‘Burg last night.  Jordan Pundik, looking like Morrissey and Henry Rollins’ love child, dominated the stage at all ends and showed no signs of slowing down the entire set. With a rich history of songs to draw from such as “All Downhill From Here”, “It’s Not Your Fault”, “Truck Stop Blues”, “Sucker”, “Radiosurgery”, “Anthem For The Unwanted”, “Forget My Name”, and “My Friends Over You”, the band had a ton of material to choose from to entertain the crowd.  On top of these tunes and other originals they also banged out two left field covers of Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” (to which Jordan remarked, “Yes.  We just played that.”) and Six Pence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me” to great applause.  NFG is one of those bands that still get it that punk can be serious fun.

IMG_0030_Snapseed IMG_0049_Snapseed IMG_0136_Snapseed IMG_0151_Snapseed IMG_0174_Snapseed IMG_0227_Snapseed IMG_0254_Snapseed IMG_0325_Snapseed IMG_0378_Snapseed IMG_0382 IMG_0420_Snapseed IMG_0556_Snapseed IMG_0607_Snapseed

My only complaint about opener H2O is that we don’t see you often enough!  Damn this band is awesome and it had been too long since they had been in Pittsburgh for my liking.  While some of us old timers in the crowd were getting our fix of Toby and Todd Morse, Rust Pistachio, Adam Blake, and Todd Friend we could not help but notice that the younger audience members were really into as well.  This is the beauty of shows like this.  While H2O may not have felt entirely at home with a crowd that was not completely familiar with their music at first; they were quick to find that there were more loyalist than they maybe first thought.  Toby (vocalist) is so inspiring in his lyrics and performance and is still at the top of his game.  It was also great to see some of the guys hang out to say hi to the fans after their set.  Absolute highlights would be “Family Tree”, “1995”, and “One Life One Chance” as well as a thrown in snippet of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” and a brief guest vocal at one point by Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba.  It’s been awhile since any new tunes have come from H2O, the last release being 2011’s Don’t Forget Your Roots which was a tribute record to their fave bands.  Toby has said after this tour they will concentrate on recording after the holidays and a release sometime in 2014.  It will be good to hear some new stuff, but last night it was truly great to hear some classic.(On a side note, Rusty has some really cool jewelry that he makes called P-Nut Jewelry available at the shows.)

IMG_9038_Snapseed IMG_9040_Snapseed IMG_9050_Snapseed IMG_9058_Snapseed IMG_9121_Snapseed IMG_9125_Snapseed IMG_9142_Snapseed IMG_9145_Snapseed IMG_9191_Snapseed IMG_9198_Snapseed IMG_9230_Snapseed IMG_9236_Snapseed IMG_9241_Snapseed IMG_9248_Snapseed IMG_9281_Snapseed IMG_9290_Snapseed IMG_9295_Snapseed IMG_9297_Snapseed IMG_9316_Snapseed IMG_9340_Snapseed IMG_8983_Snapseed

Serianna to Headline the Road To The Roots Tour

As seen on tour with Alesana, A Skylit Drive, Sleeping With Sirens, Affiance, Memphis May Fire
Serianna music videos for “Virtues” and “Lose Yourself” out now
New Serianna album “Define Me” coming Summer 2013


Serianna will headline the upcoming Road To The Roots Tour with With Life In Mind, Adaliah, and Leaders. The tour kicks off June 1 and includes a stop at Rockin Roots Festival with New Found Glory and Of Mice And Men. All dates below.  Serianna guitarist Rocky Morgan commented, “Our new album ‘Define Me’ is a step in a new direction, and we are fortunate to be able to share it with all of our fans all over the country on this tour.”

Serianna just wrapped up in the studio for their new album “Define Me” with producer Josh Schroeder, who is responsible for new albums from For Today and The Color Morale. The new music is as heavy as ever and incredibly emotional as their fans have come to expect, much like their latest single “Deadweight” released on October 16, 2012. The 13 song album “Define Me” will be released early Summer 2013.

Guitarist and songwriter Kris Meyer-Ruef commented on the new album, “The Inheritors record was almost 3 years in the making by the time we had the pleasure of releasing it on Bullet Tooth. It seems only natural that at least 4 years since the birth of that record, Serianna is due for serious growth. Over the past year, we have gone through a major line up change and thought hard about the future of our band. It was pretty apparent  to any fan of our band before that we were heavily rooted in metal core, influenced by the bands that could riff the tightest and fastest. We operated like a well oiled machine, tight and uniform. But that was just the problem: we operated like a machine. This new record has given us all the opportunity to pour our hearts into our music in a way that we felt was impossible before. Every one of us has a voice, and you will hear that through every song on this record. We went heavier, groovier, darker and more honest. I know deep down that kids are still looking for something real to fall in love with. We genuinely believe these songs are just that.”

Singer and lyricist Chris Nutting also commented, “I’m so excited for the world to hear this album because every song has a catchy hook that will get stuck in your head. That has always been a huge selling point for me with the music that I listen to, and I feel that it is such an important element to have in song writing. We wanted to write an album that would not only be fun to listen to, but also be a great experience to see live. You can bounce up and down to just about every song on the record. Each one of us played a role in writing lyrics, pulling influence from past experiences. You’ll be able to relate to these lyrics in one way or another. I couldn’t be more proud of how this album came together.”

Serianna recently released their new music video for their new single “Lose Yourself“!  The song, originally by Eminem, premiered recently at AltPress.com and is available for download at iTunesAmazonSpotify, and everywhere else music is available. The music video was filmed while the guys were on tour by director and close friend Sam Link (Sleeping With Sirens, Decoder). The video is streaming NOW on YouTube.
The debut album “Inheritors” from Serianna (Madison, WI) is available everywhere NOW!  Fans can listen to the songs “Fragments” and “Guilty Spark” at their Facebook page, and watch a live music video for “Virtues“directed by Sam Link (Sleeping With Sirens, Decoder) from the recent Motel 6 “Rock Yourself To Sleep” Tour.  Their songs “Fragments” and “Inheritors” are also available NOW on Rock Band for Xbox 360.  The band has recently been on tour with Alesana, A Skylit Drive, Sleeping With Sirens, Affiance, Memphis May Fire, Attila, and more!
• “Serianna has unleashed an ambitious work that is both heartfelt and intensive.” – Highwire Daze
• “This record is absolutely sensational. All killer no filler!” – Hard Rock Reviews
• “The band are poised to inherit what all bands strive for. Glory.” – Lexington Music Press
Serianna w/ With Life In Mind, Adaliah, Leaders:
June 1st – Douglasville, GA @ The 7 Venue
June 2nd – Birmingham, AL @ The Forge
June 3rd – Houston, TX @ Walters
June 4th – Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog Bar
June 5th – El Paso, TX @ The War Room
June 6th – Mesa, AZ @ The Underground
June 7th – Canoga Park, CA @ The Cobalt Cafe (Leaders start tour)
June 8th – Bakersfield, CA (Rockin’ Roots Fest)
June 14th – Ogden, UT @ Paris Cafe’
June 15th – Englewood, CO @ Rocky Mountain Sound Garden
June 18th – Barrington, IL @ Penny Road Pub
June 19th – Valparaiso, IN @ Camelot Hall
June 20th – Clinton Twp, MI @ The Detroit Pub
June 21st – Lemoyne, PA @ The Champ
June 22nd – Buffalo, NY @ Broadway Joe’s
June 23rd – Boonton, NJ @ Canvas Clash
*** More dates being added
Serianna is:
Chris Ferraro: Drums
Chris Nutting: Vocals
Kris Meyer-Ruef: Guitar
Rocky Morgan: Guitar
Jimmy McClanahan: Bass
Serianna Music Videos:
• “Virtues” from “Inheritors” (2010)
• “Lose Yourself” (Single 2011)


CONDITIONS have issued a studio update highlighting their current progress recording their brand new record due out next year:

The band came out swinging playing hundreds of shows before the release of “Fluorescent Youth” in 2010. Since then the band has been hard at work on what is poised to be their best material to date with producers Brandon Paddock (D.R.U.G.S., Panic at the Disco, The Used) and Taylor Larsen (Periphery).

In addition to being a part of the AP Tour last year, they have shared stages with the likes of Paramore, New Found Glory, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Good Charlotte. They have earned themselves spots on the Vans Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos, Bamboozle Festival, and SXSW Music Conference.

Upcoming Shows:

12/9 Pontiac, MI

The Crofoot
W/Chiodos & I See Stars

12/11 Cambridge, MA
The Sinclair

12/12 Philadelphia, PA
Theatre of Living Arts

12/13 New York, NY
Gramercy Theatre

12/14 Poughkeepsie, NY
The Loft

12/15 Richmond, VA
Canal Club

12/16 Springfield, VA

12/18 Nashville, TN

12/19 St Louis, MO

12/20 Detroit, MI
St Andrews Hall

12/21 Chicago, IL
Bottom Lounge

Pittsburgh Punks August Ruins Make ‘Headlines’

August Ruins was forged right in PMM’s hometown of Pittsburgh coming up from the “underground armed with motivation, a message, and a melody”. AR was founded in May of 2009 forming randomly through craigslist ads, and ever since has found success with an explosive sound, combining the speed and melody of California punk with the technicality of modern metal. (On first listen one of our reviewers, Melisa, said they sound like Green Day meets A Day to Remember). August Ruins has been described as fist in the air punk rock, with blistering guitar solos and pounding double bass, combined with catchy choruses, melodic back up vocals, and “an all around passion that illuminates from each member of the band”. With elements of hardcore, metal, and melodic punk music August Ruins is sure to find many fans.

Their latest EP “Headlines” includes some crusty gems like “You Decide” and “Gone Forgotten” with posh punk melodies reminiscent of NOFX, Anti-Flag, New Found Glory and a hint of old-old My Chemical Romance. As August Ruins builds their reputation locally and nationally they will certainly gain an audience among old school and new school punks. But, they certainly have enough elements of hardcore and metalcore to also win those prone to that genre(s) as well. This is an exciting up and coming band that has a ton of potential to break out of Steel Town and hit everytown. Keep them on your radar to make more headlines very soon.

Mike Sebula – Bass Guitar / Lead Vocals
Eric Sebula – Lead Guitar / Vocals
Reggie Little – Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Kory Caldarelli – Percussion

“Headlines” Produced and Recorded by Brian Mcternan and Mike Schleibaum at Salad Days Studio! On Sale Now. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/headlines-ep/id523654028



Vans Warped Tour 2012 Pittsburgh Pictorial

Just some quick shots of some of the days excitement at Vans Warped Tour in Pittsburgh including some stellar bands like Dead Sara, For Today, Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, New Found Glory, Ballyhoo!, Hyro Da Hero, Title Fight, Echo Movement, We the Kings, Anti-Flag, Of Mice and Men, and many more!

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Title Fight Pictures- Stage AE

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-all photos aweldingphoto.com
Musical trends come and go, but the bands who stick around are the ones who eschew whatever’s popular in favor of playing the music that’s in their hearts—and Kingston, Pennsylvania’s Title Fight are a perfect example of this. Originally formed in 2003 by guitarist/vocalist Jamie Rhoden and the twin brother duo of vocalist/bassist Ned Russin and drummer Ben Russin when the trio were barely teenagers, Title Fight started as a way for these young kids to explore their burgeoning love of hardcore. But after adding guitarist Shane Moran in 2005, something funny happened: Their tireless practicing eventually transformed them into one of the most exciting hardcore acts in recent memory.
After releasing a handful of EPs and 7-inches as well as performing shows all over the world, Title Fight began attracting attention from fans and labels who were captivated by the way the band managed to put a modern spin on the melodic hardcore sound pioneered by acts like Gorilla Biscuits and Lifetime—and in 2010 the members of Title Fight dropped out of college in order to tour full-time with acts such as New Found Glory, Four Year Strong and H20. It was also around this time that the band entered the studio with Gorilla Biscuits/Quicksand guitarist Walter Schreifels who agreed to produce the band and promptly drove down to Northeastern Pennsylvania to help them prepare to record their highly anticipated full-length debut Shed.
“The cool thing about Walter is that when we came to him he told us he doesn’t produce a lot of records because he’s a full-time musician himself, so he only works with bands he really likes and hearing that was a huge compliment because he’s one of our biggest inspirations,” Ned Russin explains. “We were really up front about the fact that we wanted to feel in control with our music so he really just let us do our thing but came up with some helpful suggestions without trying to transform us into something we aren’t,” he continues when asked about Schreifels’ role in the process. “He came down and stayed at Ned and Ben’s parents’ house and we just hashed it all out in Jamie’s parents’ basement.”
From there the band headed to Philadelphia to record Shed over a grueling two-week period at the legendary Studio 4. However all those long nights paid off as Shed sees the band implementing various subgenres that range from old-school hardcore to aggressive punk rock that make these twelve energetic anthems instant classics for a new generation of listeners searching for music that inspires them as much as Title Fight were inspired by their heroes. “We wrote the last record when we were in high school and since then we’ve dropped out of school, seen the world and had life experiences that are all reflected here,” Ned Russin explains when asked what it’s been like to sacrifice everything to make Shed a reality.
From the Hot Water Music-esque power of “27” to the old-school feel of “You Can’t Say Kingston Doesn’t Love You,” Shed is also a remarkably varied record that proves hardcore doesn’t need to be formulaic in order to be powerful. “The most important thing is that this is a Title Fight record,” Ned Russin summarizes, ”we’re not trying to pose and be anything we’re not.” Moran concurs adding, “we’re not a surface level band, we’re the kind of act who likes to dig a little deeper and we’re really interested in learning about the history of punk and hardcore to find the stuff that really speaks to us on a personal level.”
Speaking of personal, Shed also features some of the band’s most heartfelt lyrics to date—a fact that is largely due to the life-changing experiences the band have endured, both good and band since their previous recordings. “This album was a lot more collaborative from a lyrical perspective and instead of being about girls, it’s about real life situations,” Ned Russin says. “Throughout the past few years my grandmother passed away and my dad had reconstructive heart surgery so a lot has been on my mind and Title Fight has always been a great release for me to get out what’s bottled up inside,” he continues. “We just tried to be as sincere as we possibly could and write songs about what was important to us at the time.”
Ultimately this sentiment has always remained at the core of Title Fight and it’s one of the reasons why so many fans have gravitated toward the band’s music despite the fact that they don’t have any fancy costumes or onstage gimmicks. “I think we have a unique dynamic because we can always play a hardcore show with our friends in a basement but we can also play a show with more commercial bands on a larger scale and be accepted in both situations,” Moran explains.
“We’ve been a band for seven years and this is the first time we’ve had a recording that’s longer than seven minutes long,” Ned Russin adds. “The last year has been a crazy ride but the whole time we’ve always stayed true to the fact that we’re not trying to be anything we’re not,” he summarizes. “We’re four friends that play in a band together and we would still be doing this whether we were playing to five people or five hundred of them.”