EMILY LAZAR (SEPTEMBER MOURNING) Leads the Way Launching Music and Animation NFT

IMG 9100

March 1, 2021 – Emily Lazar is the first female rock/ metal front person to create and launch a music and animation NFT (Non-fungible token), on Friday, March 5, 2021.

Emily created and leads September Mourning, a transmedia project spanning music, animation, graphic novels, video, costume design and more. Naturally, she wanted to expand the universe of September Mourning into NFTs, a new realm of creative possibility on the forefront of the digital landscape.

NFTs are unique, limited edition digital pieces of art that the creator signs & authenticates. You can own each one forever like you would a vinyl record or sell it as the NFT appreciates in value on an NFT exchange like Open Sea. The artist gets a residual portion of the sale so you are always supporting them both monetarily and promotionally. Think of the space as a collectible marketplace for the digital world.

Emily is dropping a limited edition of 2 different NFT’s on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace.

Emily’s NFT’s combine extreme animation and music from the single “Wake the Dead,” with one version giving a slight nod to the Bitcoin and Ethereum meme culture.

Emily has a very limited number of authentic pieces of her art for this launch, which you can view and purchase at https://opensea.io/collection/emily-lazar-september-mourning-the-soul-collection,

She’s excited that, together, her supporters and her can help make her art their own, as they share their newly acquired collectible and help spread her vision.

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 3.57.38 PM

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda recently dropped a similar NFT and said:

“The [NFT] I posted will be (must be, by design) 1 of 1,” the musician said. “What you own: the file (art?) … I can’t upload that file again. You don’t own the ‘song’ or ‘master’ or ‘copyright,’ but you own the file. For example, if I write an original lyric on a piece of paper, I own that lyric. If you buy that piece of paper, you own that paper. And it is one-of-a-kind. In this case, you get a certificate of authenticity via blockchain that you are the sole owner.”

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1. What are you launching?
I’m launching two NFTs:

A music/art one that speaks to my fans around the world, and a music/art/meme one which contains something special for the Bitcoin & crypto community.

NFTs are unique, limited edition digital pieces of art that the creator signs & authenticates. You can own each one forever like you would a vinyl record or as the NFT appreciates in value, if you would like, you can sell it to anyone, anywhere such as an NFT exchange like OpenSea…. Therefore profiting from the increase in value. The artist gets a residual portion of the sale so you are always supporting them both monetarily and promotionally. Think of the space as a collectible marketplace for the digital world.

2. What’s unique & visionary about yours?
Music and art feed my soul but as a touring musician stuck in a pandemic where there’s no touring, I need to find new ways to express myself and share my art with the world and possibly have it appreciate in value. NFT’s provide all of this.

3. What unmet need does your NFT meet?
This is a scarce asset and my first foray into a burgeoning new segment of the art world. I believe my art speaks uniquely to super fans, collectors, crypto traders and investors.

I’m deeply touched by the phenomenal prelaunch interest I’ve received from significant investors, whom I’ve been fortunate to connect with despite being in a pandemic.

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SWIM THE CURRENT Releases Official Music Video for “Red Desert”

Greg Antine

SWIM THE CURRENT has released the official music video for their new single, “Red Desert.” Recorded at GoreGrin Studios and Rival Sound Studios and the video filmed and directed by Second Sight Music Videos/Nightcast Productions, “Red Desert” is off of the band’s upcoming EP, Bright Lights, which is due out in early 2020.


“’Red Desert’ is a song about relationships and their upward spin that sails the oceans of elated emotions. Yet, the song also shows conversely those relationships that have gone south can be gut-wrenching; filled with emotional torture as they spiral down and the effects surface the cutting edge of pain. Relationships both upward and downward are matters of the heart and ‘Red Desert’ tells them very well. The highs and the lows all come out in the song.” – Greg Antine (Guitar)

Greg Antine a

Swim the Current was formed by guitarist Greg Antine as a project to showcase music ideas that needed a place to come to life. Antine combines his notable rock guitar talent and pushes his own personal development with a vision. Soon, he decided he wanted to take what he was creating and bring together a few local vocalists and musicians as guests and set a goal of music that pulls from the solid hard/metal rock. Taking the course of his precision guitar sound, he has pushed it forward to meet today’s rock demands. The sound of Swim the Current is set to capture a unique and distinctive blend of heavy, dark, and emotional rock. Most would say that Deftones are a big inspiration behind the infectious sounding music that this artist portrays.

From San Diego to Portugal, Swim the Current will inspire, and perhaps one day, make the world more universally connected through music, space,and time.

Greg Antine has performed with (Disciples of VerityHengine and Madjul). Presently, along with his project, Swim the Current, he is a guitarist for the metal band Slave Revolt.



Killin’ Candace Release New Single “STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND”!

Straight From the Underground smallHollywood’s hard rock n roll heroes Killin’ Candace have released a brand new single and lyric video which is the title track to their upcoming album STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND.  “I’m super excited to drop this one as I feel it’s some of my best work to date,” says Killin’ Candace vocalist Aaron Lee. Continue reading “Killin’ Candace Release New Single “STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND”!”

Guest Post From Bored In Pittsburgh-Destroyer Of Light-Falling Star

Austin, TX’s Destroyer Of Light are a group that ties the past to the present, merging the crushing instrumentals of modern day doom with the soaring vocals and guitar solos of classic metal acts like Dio. One look at the dramatic, mythologic artwork for the newly released Mors Aeterna (Argonauta Records), and it’s clear that the members of this band have a real soft spot for the 80’s.

Hell, the riff that kicks off album opener “Falling Star” is downright bluesy, like Stevie Ray Vaughn playing a flaming guitar at the gates of the underworld while the three-headed dog Cerberus prowls behind him. Frontman Steve Colca sounds like a slightly more intelligible Brent Hinds (of Mastodon fame), and, come to think of it, the sludgy, stoner metal vibe the group conjures on this song does kind of remind me of a less proggy take on that classic Atlanta band’s sound.

The artwork for Mors Aeterna also demonstrates the best thing about Destroyer of Light: they know how to have some fun. The scene looks like something from an especially crowded John Martin painting; a Zeus-looking dude paddles a boat across choppy waters, fending off the submerged Damned with an oar while Death himself stands at the prow; looming behind all of this is a massive, many-armed, scythe-baring aquatic she-monster. It’s so excessive that it’s actually kind of awesome. Similarly, Destroyer of Light’s anthemic vocals, massive riffs, and lyrics about “realms of spirits,” “the face of death,” etc. are so dramatic that they transcend pure gloom n’ doom, making for a good time. Great song and band.

Check out more Destroyer of Light: https://destroyeroflight.bandcamp.com/

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Guest Post from Bored In Pittsburgh-Bull Of Apis Bull of Bronze-What Awaits Us (A Void Is But An Open Mouth)

Guest Post from Bored In Pittsburgh

Today’s listen is a new release coming to us from “mountains and maws in Colorado and Washington.” Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze is a black metal band from out West, and they’ve harnessed a truly powerful force with the song “What Awaits Us (A Void Is But An Open Mouth).” A nearly eleven minute epic, the song features everything from brooding, atmospheric guitar interludes to pummeling blast beats and anguished, howled vocals, and ends with an outro that sounds like an earthquake happening in outer space. It’s an intense listen, but it doesn’t drag, despite its hefty run time.

The song is elevated by some poetic and evocative lyrics from vocalist and synthesizer-ist Achaierei; they touch on themes of destruction and rebirth, as well as transcendence from false beliefs and traditional patterns of thinking. Also I didn’t know that “At the end of all things is a mouth made of light/Teeth dripping like stars/Sharp as the edges of our perception,” but I’m looking forward to seeing that some day, because it sounds pretty wild. In all seriousness, I respect the members of Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze for being open about their anti-oppresion message (and packaging it along with such gripping music), and look forward to hearing more from them.

Check out Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze on Bandcamp: https://bullofapisbullofbronze.bandcamp.com/releases

and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BullOfApisCO/

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Guest Post From Bored In Pittsburgh-Brought To The Water-Creator, Destroyer

By Ben Gibbons of Bored In Pittsburgh

If I were a betting man, I’d put some money on the possibility that the members of Winston Salem, NC’s Brought To The Water are big Deafheaven fans. From the fact that they’re named after a song by the popular San Fran metal band, to the strong resemblance between the cover art for the newly released Oblivion EP and 2013’s Sunbather, to Brought To The Water’s strong experimental streak…it’s a safe guess.

That’s not to say that this band is derivative, though; I’d go so far as to say that “Creator, Destroyer” is stranger than anything I’ve heard from Deafheaven. The song kicks off with an atmospheric three minute intro featuring harmonized vocals, a sample that sounds like some infernal machine revving up and then dying, and legitimately jazzy guitar and keyboard flourishes. Then comes the ass-kicking in the form of molten guitar riffs, punishing drum fills, and vocals that vacillate between Killswitch Engage-esque and My Chemical Romance-ish.

I was baffled when I first listened to “Creator, Destroyer,” since it packs so many styles and influences together into a relatively short runtime. After a few more plays through, I’ve grown to appreciate it for its sheer weirdness and willingness to push the sonic envelope. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested in the more bizarre side of heavy music.

A visual representation of this song’s mashed-up styles (courtesy of South Park)

Check out more from Brought To The Water: https://broughttothewater.bandcamp.com/

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MF Ruckus Launch Their Rock Comic: The Front Lines of Good Times

America’s favorite power rock party machine MF Ruckus have launched a new comic book and motion comic that is just as wild and reckless as the band entitled The Front Lines of Good TimesThe Front Lines of Good Times is scripted by the band including some insane touring experiences set in a pre-post-apocalyptic setting that has to be experienced to believe. Drawn by the dashingly handsome Jake Fairly of This is Heavy Metal fame Fairly’s masterful art makes the panels of Front Lines come to life and jump off the page.  The Front Lines of Good Times can be ordered from MFR’s web site here: https://mfruckus.com/home

“We’re absolutely ecstatic to be working with Jake,” Said MFR vocalist Aaron Howell. “It’s a match made in heaven…or hell….whichever one is better.

Artist Jake Fairly, “Do you ever feel like you’re the exact right person for the job? Well that’s how I feel about working on The Front Lines of Good Times with MF Ruckus. The book combines my favorite things; rock and roll and comics.

About The Front Lines of Good Times:
The Front Lines of Good Times is set in the not-so-distant pre-apocalyptic future. The year is 2040. A near-extinction event known as “The great dying” has wiped out two-thirds of the Earth’s population through a long, drawn out series of seemingly unrelated causes. Organized governments and religions around the world have dissolved giving way to new systems of rule and worship, some of which are quite dark and destructive. Such is the case in the United States where a military Junta has felled the democratic republic in place of a harsh and brutal fascist regime known as the New Order of Fundamentalist Utilitarian Nationalists (NOFUN for short).

About MF Ruckus:
When MF Ruckus hits the stage, a nexus in the universe forms, creating a place where all is in perfect harmony, war ceases, poverty becomes abundance and all the starving children of the world dance and sing. MF Ruckus is a turbocharged Rock n Roll supergroup comprised from salvaged and Frenkensteined pieces of Denver and Chicago’s most legendary unknown bands to create a 5 headed rockstrosity which is known as “Motherfucking Ruckus” or MF RUCKUS for use in polite company.


Echo 2 Locate Release Official Music Video for “High”

E2L Promo Photo JPEG

Alternative Rock Band ECHO 2 LOCATE has released the official music video for their single, “High.”


“Although I usually leave lyrics unexplained in an effort to keep them open to interpretation, I do provide a songs foundational meaning in order to properly visualize it through video. When it comes to our new single ‘HIGH,’ I wanted us to write something that was addictive to listen to and to create a visualization to represent what it’s like for some people, like myself, to experience manic tendencies. The song talks about how addictive and stimulating the feeling of mania can be. It also speaks about the constant battle in one’s mind that wants to engage in manic tendencies while the other side of you understands what typically comes after those manic tendencies dissipate. ( ‘Is it really so bad the manic mind that I’ve had , if it ever goes bad’) The stimulating lights throughout the video represent how fast thought processes can become when one is manic. Sometimes one can completely ignore the consequences of their own reality when being manic to the point that they may not even realize a situation they are in or the type of self destructive people they are around. (‘I don’t care about my memories, I just wanna feel so high’) This is why all of the extras are masked in the video and they can be seen almost like they are cheering me on throughout this manic episode. The importance of everybody laying down at the end is actually crucial to the representation of ‘High’ as it represents the exhaustion after mania and how mania can never last forever.(‘I don’t need the ground beneath my feet, cause I just wanna feel so high’) However, just because that’s the meaning we gave the song and the video, doesn’t mean that’s what it will be for you. That’s why we kept it simple. Our job is to create music for our fans to connect to in their own way and to make them feel or think in way that they haven’t before.” – Echo 2 Locate

HIGH Cover art

Download / Stream “High” Online:


e2l logo

We are an alternative rock band based out of Maryland that strives to bring those who feel alone, a place where they can feel at home.



3112819423_49c1b1121bHenry Rollins has been a major influence since he first became a known name as Black Flag’s lead singer.  Since then he has continued wowing people as the singer in The Rollins Band, a writer, a publisher, a dynamic speaker, an actor, and now a photographer.  Locally, we are lucky enough to hear him speak and talk about his world travels with his poignant images to enhance the performance on the Slide Show Tour that will locally hit Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Rollins became an influence in my life in the early eighties when I was in high school.  The first time I heard Black Flag, I dug them, but when Henry took over vocals, there was a new element to the music that captured me.  I continued to devour all his artistic endeavors as he fronted his own band, published books, did speaking engagements, and even acted in some huge movies (i.e. “Heat”…still a favorite that is sacrilege to turn off when it pops up on cable).  I’ve seen Rollins speak numerous times and have dragged along students, my wife, and my best friends, converting them all into fans of the man who just speaks “real”.  I’ve asked for interviews numerous times but it never seemed to work out for various reasons, mainly Henry’s schedule, he is a super generous guy when he can be.  So, when his assistant told me that I could email questions and he would get back to me from the road, the fanboy in me rose up and did a little embarrassing dance internally.  These are just some of the questions I wanted to ask the man; if I could ask them all he would probably have to write an autobiography!

When did you start taking photos of your adventures?

I think I stared in 1998 in Egypt. I had been to the African continent before but didn’t want to haul camera gear around with me but after that first time there, I figured I better bring a camera, even if it was a point and shoot.

What type of equipment do you use?

I try to keep things as simple as possible. I use a Canon 5D and a couple of lenses. The more I travel with camera gear, the less I take. I would rather travel with two bodies but often I’m carrying things on my back for long periods of time, so I try to keep it light.

Do you have any idea of how many miles you have logged?

I travel internationally every year. Multiple times to Europe and Australia in 2018, with one more trip to Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and Iceland still to go. I’ve been traveling like this for decades, so I don’t know how many miles. I know there are people who fly internationally like someone takes a taxi across town.

rollinsI’ve seen you perform many times before and it always had the feel of being fresh and not canned.  Will you use different photos to speak of different experiences each night?

During the show, I put up a photo on the screen, talk about it, perhaps some historical information. The stories I tell onstage are often driven by travel. This time you will have the image of what I’m talking about.

Can you tell us a bit about the VIP experience you are offering? (note: not all cities)

 I meet a few people post-show. Do photos with them and answer some questions and that’s it. It’s not a big deal. I can no longer stand out by the bus for 90 minutes and sign things and then seem them on eBay, so it’s a way to hit the middle.

Will you avoid politics speaking in front of mixed audiences, or project your opinions and let the cards fall where they may?

No. I never avoid politics. You can’t take photos internationally and not be political. The world is political. Water is political, almost everything is political. There isn’t anything I would say politically or otherwise, that is in any way controversial.

What you consider being called a renaissance man a compliment or an insult?

Mainly it’s a mistake and an insult to all those hard-working renaissance people out there. I’m not a renaissance man. I’m an opportunist. I’m adverse to boredom and mediocrity, so I try to make things as interesting as I can. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. I do like to get things done, so I say yes to a lot of different kinds of work.

What would it take for you to play live with a band again? Is it a never or only if that becomes what you are passionate about at the time?

HenryRollins_Performing_1993I’m not a musician. For me, it was a time/place thing. One of the reasons I know it was real is because I never really liked being in a band but it was in me and it had to come out. When there was no more left, I stopped. It was never about art or a career. It was like having a flu. It’s in you and then it’s gone. The idea of going out and doing old music to me is fighting wars that have already been fought. If I can’t do new music, then I’m just a war reenactor. It has to be real or I can’t do it. Like I said, it was a time/place thing. If I can’t hit it hard, then I don’t hit it at all.

What prompted you to get into podcasting?  Do you have favorite podcasts? (The I did some fanboy flattery over him being on The Joe Rogan podcast, so, Please check out his appearance on Rogan it’s fantastic)

Thanks. Mr. Rogan is great. My manager, Heidi said to me several months ago, that there were a lot of stories I’ve told her that I’ve not done onstage and that we should do a podcast so I could tell them. So, we started doing them and apparently, people seem to like them. I have not listened to many podcasts. I’ve heard a couple that Marc Maron did. He’s great.

Are you still in love with bands like Black Sabbath and The Misfits today as much as you were as a kid?  What was it like hanging out with Sabbath in Birmingham {Rollins got to be with them on their last tour}?

I listen to both bands all the time. They are core listening experiences. They’re like part of me. When Sabbath was planning to do their reunion shows in 1997, I think it was, I went to their band practice in Wales and then to Birmingham for the two shows. It was an amazing week. I was with the band pretty much every day. I sang Paranoid at soundcheck with Geezer, Tony and Bill playing. That was a great moment. The shows were fantastic. The day after they were done, I flew to Kenya. I used some of the leftover food from their dressing rooms for days while living in a tent.

When you worked in the ice cream store did you ever have an inclination (or even a desire) to travel the world like you do now?

When I graduated from high school, I had no plan. So, when I was working at the shop, I thought a version of that would be the rest of my life. I had no idea of anything. All I knew was that I was crazy, it was going to be very hard to be in the regular world and it was going to be all I could do to maintain. I truly thought the rest of my life was going to be a grind. I knew it wasn’t right for me but I didn’t think I had any choice.

Is there someone that influenced you to retain the humility, curiosity, and creativeness that you embody?

Not really somebody but some thing, yes. The reality that I’m nobody from nowhere. I was given a chance and to not make the best of it, would be betraying the break I was given. This truth keeps me fairly grounded. I don’t expect any of this to last more than the end of the next tour or whatever task is at hand. I’ve always felt this way.

You have been to Pittsburgh many times, what are your impressions of the city and do you have any favorite spots within the city?

Actually, I’ve always found the people to be great and very honest. It’s a very good audience. It’s a tough town but if you’re real then I reckon you’ll be okay. Pittsburgh was one of the first cities I played when I started out. I did a lot of two set nights there. Not easy. As to favorite spots, I can’t recall any, although I’ve had some great meals there. What’s that place where they put the French fries in the sandwich, that place is amazing (for those of you who do not know, he is speaking of Primanti’s).

You are speaking at The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh…did Andy have any influence on you or fascination?

No influence but he’s a fascinating artist. When you go to the museum and see the pieces full size, it’s almost too much to take in. Incredibly powerful.

You can check out Henry on any of the dates listed below and use the link for tickets…



9/17/2018    Royal Oak Music Theatre – Royal Oak, MI    BUY TICKETS

9/18/2018    Southern Theatre – Columbus, OH    BUY TICKETS

9/19/2018    Ohio Theatre – Cleveland, OH    BUY TICKETS

9/20/2018    Music Hall Ballroom – Cincinnati, OH    BUY TICKETS

9/21/2018    Kentucky Center for the Arts – Louisville, KY    BUY TICKETS

9/22/2018    The Andy Warhol Museum Theater – Pittsburgh, PA    BUY TICKETS

9/23/2018    Egyptian Room at Old National Centre – Indianapolis, IN    BUY TICKETS

9/24/2018    Thalia Hall – Chicago, IL    BUY TICKETS

9/25/2018    Thalia Hall – Chicago, IL    BUY TICKETS

9/26/2018    Turner Hall Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI    BUY TICKETS

9/27/2018    Ames Center – Burnsville, MN    BUY TICKETS

9/28/2018    Barrymore Theatre  –  Madison, WI    BUY TICKETS

9/29/2018    Hoyt Sherman Theatre  –  Des Moines, IA    BUY TICKETS

9/30/2018    Icon Lounge – Sioux Falls, SD    BUY TICKETS

10/1/2018    Rococo Theatre – Lincoln, NE    BUY TICKETS

10/2/2018    The Pageant – Saint Louis, MO    BUY TICKETS

10/3/2018    The Englert Theatre – Iowa City, IA    BUY TICKETS

10/4/2018    Liberty Hall  – Lawrence, KS    BUY TICKETS

10/5/2018    Orpheum Performing Arts Center – Wichita, KS    BUY TICKETS

10/6/2018    Gillioz Theater – Springfield, MO    BUY TICKETS

10/7/2018    Revolution Music Room – Little Rock, AR    BUY TICKETS

10/8/2018    Tower Theatre – Oklahoma City, OK    BUY TICKETS

10/9/2018    Kessler Theater – Dallas, TX    BUY TICKETS

10/10/2018    Heights Theater – Houston, TX    BUY TICKETS

10/11/2018    Jefferson Theater – Beaumont, TX    BUY TICKETS

10/12/2018    KiMo Theatre – Albuquerque, NM    BUY TICKETS

10/14/2018    Boulder Theater – Boulder, CO    BUY TICKETS

10/15/2018    Avalon Theater – Grand Junction, CO    BUY TICKETS

10/16/2018    The State Room – Salt Lake City, UT    BUY TICKETS

10/17/2018    Egyptian Theatre – Boise, ID    BUY TICKETS

10/18/2018    Bing Crosby Theater – Spokane, WA    BUY TICKETS

10/19/2018    Neptune Theatre – Seattle, WA    BUY TICKETS

10/20/2018    Capitol Theatre – Yakima, WA    BUY TICKETS

10/21/2018    Aladdin Theater – Portland, OR    3PM BUY TICKETS   8PM BUY TICKETS

10/22/2018    McDonald Theatre – Eugene, OR    BUY TICKETS

10/23/2018    Rogue Theatre – Grants Pass, OR    BUY TICKETS

10/24/2018    Cargo @ Whitney Peak Hotel – Reno, NV    BUY TICKETS

10/25/2018    Herbst Theatre – San Francisco, CA    BUY TICKETS

10/26/2018    Crest Theatre – Sacramento, CA    BUY TICKETS

10/27/2018    Rio Theatre – Santa Cruz, CA    BUY TICKETS

10/28/2018    Visalia Fox Theater – Visalia, CA    BUY TICKETS

10/29/2018    Fremont Theater – San Luis Obispo, CA    BUY TICKETS

10/30/2018    City National Grove – Anaheim, CA    BUY TICKETS

11/28/2018    TivoliVredenberg Grote Zaal  –  Utrecht, Netherlands  BUY TICKETS

11/29/2018    Christuskirche  –  Bochum, Germany  BUY TICKETS

11/30/2018    Schouwburg  –  Kortrijk, Belgium  BUY TICKETS

12/1/2018     Arenbergschouwburg  –  Antwerpen, Belgium  BUY TICKETS

12/3/2018    Rival  –  Stockholm, Sweden  BUY TICKETS

12/4/2018    Parkteatret  –  Oslo, Norway  BUY TICKETS

12/6/2018    The House of Culture  –  Helsinki, Finland  BUY TICKETS

12/7/2018    Studio 2 (DR Concert House)  –  Copenhagen, Denmark  BUY TICKETS

12/9/2018    Muffathalle  –  München, Germany  BUY TICKETS

12/10/2018    Schlachthof  –  Wiesbaden, Germany  BUY TICKETS

12/12/2018    Im Wizemann  –  Stuttgart, Germany  BUY TICKETS

12/13/2018    Kampnagel  –  Hamburg, Germany  BUY TICKETS

12/15/2018    Gartenbaukino  –  Vienna, Austria  BUY TICKETS

12/17/2018    Moscow Hall  –  Moscow, Russia  BUY TICKETS

12/19/2018    Caribbean Club  –  Kiev, Ukraine  BUY TICKETS

Pandora’s Songs of Summer 2016

With Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, Summer is officially upon us! To kick off the best season of the year, Pandora took a stab at predicting the top jams that will be the soundtrack to your Summer.  They were selected based on a combination of Pandora and Next Big Sound data-trajectory of station adds, spins and thumbs, and insights from Pandora’s expert musicologists. See below for the full list and stream Pandora’s Songs of Summer 2016 Mixtape HERE.
Pandora’s Songs of Summer 2016:
Pandora is the world’s most powerful music discovery platform – a place where artists find their fans and listeners find music they love. We are driven by a single purpose: unleashing the infinite power of music by connecting artists and fans, whether through earbuds, car speakers, live on stage or anywhere fans want to experience it. Our team of highly trained musicologists analyze hundreds of attributes for each recording which powers our proprietary Music Genome Project®, delivering billions of hours of personalized music tailored to the tastes of each music listener, full of discovery, making artist/fan connections at unprecedented scale. Founded by musicians, Pandora empowers artists with valuable data and tools to help grow their careers and connect with their fans.

VIRUS: Norwegian Avant-Garde Rock Unit Reveals New Video For “Rogue Fossil” Via Stereogum

In advance of the release of their fourth full-length, Memento Collider, Norwegian avant-garde rockers/recent Karisma Records signees, VIRUS, today issue the official new video accompaniment to the track “Rogue Fossil” via Stereogum.


The twisted, animated clip was created by renowned Romanian multi-media artist Costin Chioreanu, who says of his new creation for the pioneering experimental rockers, “I went beyond all my boundaries and I have a feeling I touched a bit of insanity. You know that it’s going to be something unique.” Having made his mark not only as a graphic artist, but also as a stage artist, musician, animator, and movie maker at a relatively young age, Chioreanu’s visual manifestation for VIRUS is the latest in a series of collaborations with artists from Karisma Records, and its sister label Dark Essence Records.


“I’m not sure if you even can adequately prepare someone for VIRUS, any more than you can verbally explain the experience of seeing the Grand Canyon in person for the first time,” offers Stereogum of the latest track, further elaborating of “Rogue Fossil,” “Its nervous shuffle and up-the-ribcage guitar clatter will immediately inform you that you are now in unfamiliar country, and Costin Chioreanu’s nightmare-fuel storybook of a music video deepens the impression. But even [vocalist/guitarist] Czral’s [Carl ‘Czral’ Michael Eide] deadpan croon somehow does not stop ‘Rogue Fossil’ from immediately registering as a song – not a ‘piece’ or ‘suite’ whatever, but a song – and a damn fun one at that. VIRUS‘ music often evokes dreamy introspection, but ‘Rogue Fossil’ showcases their springy, sardonic side. It is highly unusual for music this weird to offer such immediate delights.”


Watch “Rogue Fossil,” courtesy of Stereogum, at THIS LOCATION.  


You can also hear “Steamer,” still streaming at Decibel at THIS LOCATION.   


Set for release on Karisma Records on the 3rd of June, Memento Collider was recorded at the Amper Tone Studios in Oslo and includes a guest appearance from Voivod’s Dan Mongrain. It is, without a doubt, an album that demonstrates the true essence of progressive rock. To preorder Momento Collider on CD or vinyl go HERE. For digital orders, go HERE.


For over a decade now, VIRUS has maintained their status as one of the most unique bands to have emerged from Norway’s burgeoning progressive music scene. Memento Collider sees the band returning to their original three-piece lineup of Czral on guitars and vocals, Petter “Plenum” Berntsen on bass, and Einar “Einz” Sjursø on drums. Their otherworldly sound, replete with flowing bass lines, experimental riffs, and groovy rhythms, is still the epitome of all that is contained in the definition of “progressive” and “experimental,” and with this, their fourth full-length release, VIRUS have come storming back with an album that is also catchy and melodic.





Head over to Fuse TV for the exclusive premiere of TEAR OUT THE HEART’s new music video for the track, “Dead By Dawn”.

Watch “Dead By Dawn” now!

Catch tracks off of their debut album, Violence, live asTEAR OUT THE HEART perform all summer long on Vans Warped Tour 2014. For more from Violence, check out the music videos for “Infamous Last Words”“Coffin Eyes” feat. Dan Marsala (Story Of The Year) and head toVictoryMerch.com for the latest TEAR OUT THE HEARTmerch items.

For Additional Information on TEAR OUT THE HEART:
“Coffin Eyes” feat. Dan Marsala (Story of the Year)
“Infamous Last Words”
“Dead By Dawn”

Tour Dates:

w/ Palisades, Famous Last Words
Jan 28 – Pontiac, MI @ Crofoot Ballroom
Jan 29 – Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom
Jan 30 – Joliet, IL @ Mojoe’s
Jan 31 – Newport, KY @ Thompson House
Feb 01 – St Louis, MO @ Fubar
Feb 02 – Johnson City, TN @ The Hideaway
Feb 03 – Nashville, TN @ Café Coco
Feb 04 – Marietta, GA @ Swayze’s
Feb 06 – Charleston, SC @ The Skate Park of Charleston
Feb 07 – Orlando, FL @ Backbooth
Feb 08 – Gainesville, FL @ 1982 Bar
Feb 09 – Tampa, FL @ Epic Problem
Feb 10 – Wilmington, NC @ Orton’s
Feb 11 – Springfield, VA @ Empire
Feb 12 – Providence, RI @ Simon’s 677
Feb 13 – Howell, NJ @ GameChanger World
Feb 14 – Williamsport, PA @ The Ground Floor
Feb 15 – Lemoyne, PA @ The Champ
Feb 16 – Columbus, OH @ Kobo’s Live
Feb 17 – Bedford, IN @ Leesville Community Center
Feb 18 – Kokomo, IN @ Centerstage Bar & Grill
w/ Vans Warped Tour 2014
Jun 13 – Houston, TX @ Reliant Center
Jun 14 – San Antonio, TX @ AT&T Center
Jun 15 – Dallas, TX @ Gexa Energy Pavilion
Jun 17 – Albuquerque, NM @ Isleta Amphitheater
Jun 18 – Mesa, AZ @ Quail Run Park
Jun 19 – Las Vegas, NV @ Luxor Lot
Jun 20 – Pomona, CA @ Pomona Fairplex
Jun 21 – Mountain View, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheatre
Jun 22 – Ventura, CA @ Seaside Park
Jun 25 – Chula Vista, CA @ Sleep Train Amphitheatre
Jun 26 – Wheatland, CA @ Sleep Train Amphitheatre
Jun 28 – Southeast Auburn, WA @ White River Amphitheater
Jun 29 – Portland, OR @ Portland Expo Center
Jul 02 – Maryland Heights, MO @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Jul 03 – Nobelsville, IN @ Klipsch Music Center
Jul 04 – Toronto, ON @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
Jul 05 – Montreal, QC @ Parc Jean Drapeau
Jul 06 – Holmdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Arts Concert Center
Jul 08 – Darien Center, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Jul 09 – Scranton, PA @ Toyota Pavilion
Jul 10 – Mansfield, MA @ Xfinity Center
Jul 11 – Camden, NJ @ Susquehanna Bank Center
Jul 12 – Wantagh, NY @ Nikon at Jones Beach Amphitheater
Jul 13 – Hartford, CT @ Xfinity Theatre
Jul 15 – Burgettstown, PA @ First Niagara Pavilion 
Jul 16 – Cincinnati, OH @ Riverbend Music Center
Jul 17 – Cuyahoga Falls, OH @ Blossom Music Cneter
Jul 18 – Auburn Hills, MI @ The Palace of Auburn Hills
Jul 19 – Tinley Park, IL @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
Jul 20 – Shakopee, MN @ Canterbury Park
Jul 22 – Columbia, MD @ Merriweather Post Pavilion
Jul 23 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach
Jul 24 – Atlanta, GA @ Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood
Jul 25 – St Petersburg, FL @ Vinoy Park
Jul 26 – West Palm Beach, FL @ Cruzan Amphitheatre
Jul 27 – Orlando, FL @ Central Florida Fairgrounds
Jul 28 – Charlotte, NC @ PNC Music Pavilion Charlotte

Jul 29 – Nashville, TN @ Tennessee State Fairgrounds
Jul 30 – Milwaukee, WI @ Marcus Amphitheatre
Jul 31 – Bonner Springs, KS @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheater
Aug 02 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Utah State Fairpark
Aug 03 – Denver, CO @ Sports Authority Field at Mile High

GUS G. releases album cover and tracks listing for ‘I AM THE FIRE’

Guitar virtuoso GUS G., well known in rock and metal circles for his work as OZZY OSBOURNE’s guitarist and as leader of his own band FIREWIND, has unveiled the album cover and track listing for ‘I AM THE FIRE’, his debut solo album to be released March 18, 2014 in North America. The album will be released internationally on Century Media Records, and will come out March 17 in Europe.


  1. My Will Be Done (featuring Mats Levén)
  2. Blame It On Me (featuring Mats Levén)
  3. I Am The Fire (featuring Devour The Day)
  4. Vengeance (featuring David Ellefson)
  5. Long Way Down (featuring Alexia Rodriguez)
  6. Just Can’t Let Go (featuring Jacob Bunton)
  7. Terrified (featuring Billy Sheehan)
  8. Eyes Wide Open (featuring Mats Levén)
  9. Redemption (featuring Michael Starr)
  10. Summer Days (featuring Jeff Scott Soto)
  11. Dreamkeeper (featuring Tom S. Englund)
  12. End Of The Line (featuring Mats Levén)


The cover artwork, pictured above, was designed by Gustavo Sazes / www.abstrata.net[Arch Enemy, Kamelot, Dream Evil]. A first song from the album can now be heard via the video for the album’s opening track “My Will Be Done (featuring Mats Levén)”, which was produced by Patric Ullaeus / revolver.se [Within Temptation, In Flames, Lacuna Coil].Click here to watch the video.

Says GUS G. of the song and album: “I hope you all enjoy the first taste of things to come. ‘My Will Be Done’ is a cool rock track with a modern edge to it… Looking back, I can’t believe all the great musicians that got on board for this album. Everybody brought in their unmistakable style and talent and they really lifted the songs! Check it out and enjoy the music!”


GUS G. will be attending the 2014 NAMM convention, which runs January 23 – 26, 2014, in Anaheim, CA. In addition to signing sessions at ESP Guitars [January 24, 2pm] and Blackstar Amps [January 25, 1pm], Gus will also appear as guest at the RANDY RHOADS REMEMBERED tribute concert at The Observatory in Santa Ana, January 25. Other guests include Nuno Bettencourt [Extreme / Rihanna], Phil Demmel [Machine Head], Marty Friedmann, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal [Guns N’ Roses] and more.



Gus handles all guitar, bass and keyboards on ‘I AM THE FIRE’, and is joined by a roster of friends and guests that help bring his vision to fruition: drummers JEFF FRIEDL [A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Devo] and DANIEL ERLANDSSON [Arch Enemy], bassists DAVID ELLEFSON [Megadeth], BILLY SHEEHAN [Mr. Big, David Lee Roth] and MARTY O’BRIEN [Tommy Lee, We Are The Fallen], and vocalists MATS LEVEN [Clandesmass, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen/Therion], BLAKE ALLISON [Devour The Day], MICHAEL STARR [Steel Panther], ALEXIA RODRIGUEZ [Eyes Set To Kill], TOM S. ENGLUND [Evergrey], JACOB BUNTON [Adler] and JEFF SCOTT SOTO [Trans-Siberian Orchestra, ex-Journey].


‘I AM THE FIRE’ was mixed by Jay Ruston [Anthrax, Stone Sour, Steel Panther] and was recorded between Los Angeles and Gus’ home country of Greece through the latter half of 2013. A few of the album’s tracks include “Eyes Wide Open,” “Redemption,” “End Of The Line” and “Blame It On Me.” The album showcases a well-balanced mix of active rock, classic hard rock, traditional metal and guitar-driven instrumentals, taking listeners on a diverse journey and opening doors to GUS G.’s soulful playing.

The album’s first commercial single – title track “I Am The Fire (featuring DEVOUR THE DAY)” – will be released digitally February 25 in North America.


GUS G. has had an amazing rise within the worldwide rock and metal scenes and has amassed an impressive body of work, both in studio and touring. He emerged as an up-and-coming talent with the groups DREAM EVIL [Sweden], MYSTIC PROPHECY [German] and NIGHTRAGE [Greece], but it is his work with his own band FIREWIND (who have released seven studio albums and two live releases) and as a member of OZZY OSBOURNE’s band that have helped him emerge as one of the world’s top metal and rock guitarists. His work on OZZY’s ‘Scream’ album led to a Grammy nomination in 2010, and his list of accolades includes Guitar Player Magazine’s Best Metal Guitarist, the Dimebag Darrell Shredder award at the Metal Hammer UK Golden Gods Awards, and Metal Hammer Greece Best Guitarist on four separate occasions.


The NEW ENGLAND METAL & HARDCORE FESTIVAL is pleased to officially welcome The Metal Alliance Tour to its already punishing three-day assault. The illustrious tour package will make a stop in Worcester on Saturday April 18th and features headliners Behemoth, alongside their Metal Blade labelmates Goatwhore, with additional support from 1349, Inquisition, and Black Crown Initiate.


Featuring two stages, the now legendary NEW ENGLAND METAL & HARDCORE FESTIVALcontinues to drive dozens of bands and thousands of fans to the iconic Worcester Palladium. Celebrating its sixteenth anniversary, this year’s edition will take place on April 17th, 18th, and 19th. Initial day-to-day lineups are officially posted with more bands to be confirmed in the coming weeks. (Note this is NOT the official running order).


Thursday – April 17, 2014

All That Remains

Bleeding Through

Broken Hope

Cop Problem





Kublai Khan

Obey The Brave

Rivers of Nihil

Years Since The Storm

Young and In The Way


Friday – April 18, 2014



Bent Life

Black Crown Initiate

Born Low


Colin Of Arabia

Cruel Hand


Fire and Ice

Fit For An Autopsy


I Declare War





Suburban Scum

The Acacia Strain

The Mongoloids

Thy Art Is Murder



Within The Ruins


Saturday – April 19, 2014

All Out War

Alpha & Omega





Gift Giver

Harm’s Way

Iced Earth


King Nine


Loyal To The Grave




Reign Supreme



Scars of Tomorrow


The Last Ten Seconds of Life

Those Who Fear

Twitching Tongues

Will To Die


Tickets for the festival are on sale now and available for purchase at THIS LOCATION. Special VIP packages are also available and include:


ONE DAY VIP TICKET: $85 Thursday/Friday and $90 Saturday
– Exclusive T-Shirt
– VIP Laminate w/ Lanyard
– 18″ x 24″ NEMHF Poster
– NEMHF Guitar Picks
– Exclusive Meet and Greets
– Free Monster All Day
– NEMHF Koozie
– Pin Pack
– Refrigerator Magnet


– Exclusive T-Shirt
– VIP Laminate w/ Lanyard
– 18″ x 24″ NEMHF Poster
– NEMHF Guitar Picks
– Exclusive Meet and Greets
– Free Monster All Day
– NEMHF Koozie
– Pin Pack
– Refrigerator Magnet
– Early Entrance/In-and-Out Privileges
– Chance to Win Ibanez Guitar
– NEMHF Key Chain


For VIP purchases, point your browser HERE.


In related news, the fourth annual Mission Quest to Metalfest lineup was confirmed last week. A trek launched by MassConcerts in an effort to help bands make their way to Worcester, this year the expedition joins Cruel HandAlpha & OmegaNaysayerBent LifeBarrierMalfunction and Will To Die on a massive, thirty-seven-date North American assault set to commence at SXSW in Austin, Texas.


Mission Quest To Metal Fest 2014:
Cruel Hand, Alpha & Omega, Malfunction, Barrier
3/14/2014 SXSW – Austin, TX
3/15/2014 SXSW – Austin, TX
3/16/2014 QuikTrip Park – Grand Prairie, TX
3/17/2013 The Demo – St Louis, MO
3/18/2014 The Hatch – Evansville, IN
3/19/2014 Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL
3/20/2014 Triple Rock – Minneapolis, MN
Cruel Hand, Malfunction, Barrier
3/21/2014 The Grave – Winnipeg, MB
3/22/2014 The Exchange – Regina, SK
3/23/2014 The Pawn Shop – Edmonton, AB
3/24/2014 Golden Age Club – Calgary, AB
3/25/2014 Ellison Community Hall – Kelowna, BC
Cruel Hand, Alpha & Omega, Bent Life, Malfunction, Barrier

3/26/2014 Quesadilla Factory – Centralia, WA
3/27/2014 Slabtown – Portland, OR
3/28/2014 Jub Jubs – Reno, NV
3/29/2014 418 Project – Santa Cruz, CA
3/30/2014 Aladdin Jr – Pomona, CA
3/31/2014 Industry Theater – Lancaster, CA
4/01/2014 Wallstreet – Phoenix, AZ
4/02/2014 The Spot – El Paso, TX
4/03/2014 Korova – San Antonio, TX
Alpha & Omega, Bent Life, Malfunction
4/04/2014 Walters on Washington – Houston, TX
4/05/2014 HTGT – Baton Rouge, LA
Alpha & Omega, Naysayer, Malfunction, Bent Life, Will To Die
4/06/2014 Roc Bar – Jacksonville, FL
4/07/2014 The Plughouse – Columbus, GA
4/08/2014 The Forge – Birmingham, AL
4/09/2014 The Owl Farm – Nashville, TN
4/10/2014 Haymarket Whiskey Bar- Louisville, KY
4/11/2014 Legends – Cincinnati, OH
4/12/2014 Refuge Skateshop – Dearborn, MI
4/13/2014 The Foundry – Lakewood, OH
4/14/2014 The Mansion – Rochester, NY
4/15/2014 Even Flow Bar & Grill – Long Island, NY
4/16/2014  Chameleon’s – Pittsfield,  MA
4/17/2014 The Kave – Bucksport, ME
4/18/2014 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
4/19/2014 The Palladium – Worcester, MA


Finally, Break Thru Music kicked off the Battle for Metal Fest competition this past Saturday. Battle for Metal Fest offers local bands the opportunity to compete for a chance to perform live at this year’s massacre. Performances will take place on select dates throughout the coming months at the Worcester Palladium and Webster Theater in Hartford, Connecticut. Spots are booking up fast so if your band is interested in the chance to earn a spot on the Main Stage, emailbooking@breakthrumusic.net now!


Break Thru Music Presents: The Battle For Metal Fest 2014 
1/24/2014: Round 1 Webster Underground
2/07/2014: Round 2 Webster Underground
2/07/2014: Round 2 Palladium Upstairs
2/21/2014: Round 3 Palladium Upstairs
2/21/2014: Round 3 Webster Underground
3/07/2014: Round 4 Palladium Upstairs
3/08/2014: Round 4 Webster Underground
3/22/2014: Finals Palladium Upstairs
3/22/2014: Finals Webster Underground


Doors: 6:00pm
All Ages
Tickets $12


Devour The Day’s Blake Allison Interview with PGH Music Magazine

DEVOUR THE DAY–Joey “Chicago” Walser (bass, backing vocals, songwriter) and Blake Allison (singer, guitarist, producer, songwriter)–is definitely one of music’s biggest Cinderella stories of 2013.  The first single, “Good Man,” reached the Top 10 on the “Active Rock” chart, the Top 15 on the “Mainstream Rock Tracks” chart.  They have sold over 100,000 downloads on iTunes and “Good Man” was the 36th most spun track of 2013 on Active Rock stations nationwide.  The video for “Good Man” garnered over 900,000 views on YouTube.  They’ve toured with Theory of a Deadman, Hinder, Sevendust, Sick Puppies and others.  All this while on the independent label, Fat Lady Music.  We caught up with Blake while Devour The Day was in Pittsburgh on The Hellpop II Tour to talk to him about all that is happening with the band…

All photos ©2014 AWeldingphoto and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

dtd1 dtd2 dtd3 dtd4 dtd5 dtd6

Thanks to this initial success and groundwork laid over the last year, DEVOUR THE DAY and Fat Lady Music have now joined forces with Caroline to help usher in the next phase of their evolving journey.   As part of this new partnership, a new version of TIME & PRESSURE is being re-released on January 14 and will include an acoustic version of “Good Man,” as well as a brand new song, “Check Your Head.” Legendary producer/mixer Brian Malouf (Queen, Michael Jackson, Dave Matthews Band) revamped the entire album and has brought a new sound and life to DEVOUR THE DAY’s music.  The first release had previously only been available digitally, while the updated album will be sold at both online and major retailers nationwide.

Not one to shy away from confrontation of his own demons and personal tribulations, Walser candidly explains the meaning behind the second single, “Move On” (which is being serviced to Rock and Alternative radio this week):  “I remember myself standing outside of a downtown Chicago apartment, freezing in the snow without socks or shoes, waiting on a ride from anyone that would come get me.  I had just been removed from my house by the police, in front of my crying children.  My wife, who I discovered was having an affair with her drug dealer, was screaming and hurling hatred at me, to combat her guilt, as the officers and apartment staff pulled me into the elevator.  As I stood there in the snow, chained to my confusion and pain, I received a call.  John, the singer of the band I had put ten years of hard work into was quitting.  No real explanation, just the end.  Everything was over.  I had discovered my wife’s infidelity at 7am, and by 9am, my marriage, my home and my career were over.  I was empty.  I watched my breath as it hit the frozen air and drift away.  But I was still alive.  After months of hurting in a way only those of us who have experienced real tragedy would, I remembered that simple fact:  I was still alive.  I wanted to write a song about that moment, when you stop crying and hurting and feeling bad for yourself. The instant when you stop allowing everything that has been piled on you, to crush and destroy you.  After all that devastation, I had two choices. I could let the circumstances overcome and conquer me, I could let this swallow me whole or I could refuse and keep fighting.  I would not give in.  I will move on.  That is honestly what the song personally means to me.  Nothing better than the truth.”

Iconvsicon.com described the album as a “…powerful wall of sound,” while Metalholic.com noted, “TIME & PRESSURE does justice to their reputation for crafting great rocks songs with an empowering message” and Ampkicker raved, “This is a brutally good record.”  AndEmurg.com agrees:  “TIME & PRESSURE is an album filled with in-your-face lyrics, guitar driven tracks, and an energy that keeps the listener on their toes throughout the entire duration of the album.”

Worn Out Tigers Sign To Rock Paper Records

Worn Out Tigers formed as a nameless, instrumental three-piece late in the summer of 2008. At its outset, the group consisted of guitarist Jack Musil, bassist Max Wesoloski (both former members of alt-indie band Deep Sleep Empire), and drummer Trevor Read. The trio recorded an unmastered – and ultimately unreleased – three-song demo of early instrumental tracks in February 2009. Braden Faisant joined the group as its vocalist and primary lyricist later that spring. The band adopted the temporary alias Abrelos Ojos and began playing local shows in earnest, landing opening spots for Dr. Manhattanand Orbs. By September, they were prepped to record a second three-song demo which they released as a free, digital-only edition the following year.

Early in 2010, the group permanently adopted the name Worn Out Tigers. Months of exhaustive experimentation and revision culminated in the group’s third (and first “official”) release. In June, they travelled to Fairless Hills, PA to record with Vince Ratti (Circa Survive, Title Fight, August Burns Red) at The Skylight Studio. Worn Out Tigers self-released their eponymous four-track EP on Sept. 11, 2010.

The band continued to write and perform throughout the following year, embarking on several East Coast/Midwest mini-tours with Run, Forever (Tiny Engines), Pittsburghers Edhochuli, and In the Wake of Giants. In the summer of 2011, Worn Out Tigers went on indefinite hiatus, returning briefly the following winter for a short run of shows and an official farewell performance. The group reunited in the summer of 2013 for a raucous, one-off anniversary show.

During their three years together, Worn Out Tigers had the privilege of sharing the stage with artists likeLa Dispute, Cancer Bats, Algernon Cadwallader, White Wives, Code Orange Kids, Sundials,1994! and more. They leave behind several unrecorded tracks, a surfeit of unexplored ideas, a trail of empty Pabst cans and Taco Bell wrappers, and a legacy of staying weird.

Having now signed to Rock Paper Records, who knows what the future may hold for these guys. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see them together again.

“Worn Out Tigers” Track List:
1. Shipwrecker
2. Like a Lizard
3. Wolf Eyes
4. Eat the Head Off

For more information, visit:

LP to Hit the Road with Kodaline in February 2014

Singer/songwriter/performer LP has just announced that she will hit the road with Irish rock band Kodaline for a winter tour, which kicks off on February 8th in Toronto and wraps up at Chicago’s Bottom Lounge on March 7th. Click here to view a message from LP.

LP is sure to reveal new tunes she has completed for her highly anticipated full-length debut album, which will be released next year. In April 2012, the Los Angeles-based artist released her debut EP for Warner Bros Records, a CD + DVD package titled Into The Wild: Live At EastWest Studios,which received rapturous reviews:

“With her penetrating voice and Dylan-goes electric swagger, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter LP may be on the verge of serious mainstream success.” – Vogue

“Knocking on stardom’s door. She has her own kind of charisma that can deliver a wide audience.”

– Wall Street Journal


“She has the kind of show-stopping, booming voice that draws standing ovations.” – The Los Angeles Times

LP’s tour dates with Kodaline are as follows:

02/08    Toronto, ON                  Phoenix Concert Theatre

02/09    Montreal, QC                 La Sala Rossa

02/10    Montreal, QC                 La Sala Rossa

02/12    New York, NY               Webster Hall

02/13    Philadelphia, PA            World Café Live – Downstairs

02/14    Boston, MA                  Paradise Rock Club

02/15    Washington, DC            9:30 Club

02/17    Atlanta, GA                   Terminal West

02/18    Nashville, TN                 Exit In

02/20    Austin, TX                     The Parish

02/21    Dallas, TX                     House of Blues – Cambridge Room

02/25    San Diego, CA              Casbah

02/26    San Francisco, CA        Great American Music Hall

02/27    Los Angeles, CA           El Rey Theatre

03/02    Denver, CO                   Bluebird Theater

03/03    Kansas City, MO           Record Bar

03/04    Minneapolis, MN           7th Street Entry

03/06    Columbus, OH              A&R Music Bar

03/07    Chicago, IL                   Bottom Lounge

THE UNGUIDED Premiere Video for “Inception” on Metal Injection

THE UNGUIDED the Swedish band featuring former Sonic Syndicate members Richard Sjunnesson (vocals), Roland Johansson (vocals) andRoger Sjunnesson guitar; (Richard‘s brother) will release their debut albumFragile Immortality in early 2014!


Today the THE UNGUIDED premieres the first video from the album for the song “Inception”.  The video was directed by 11Frame Productions.  Check out the exclusive premiere courtesy of Metal Injection HERE.


Vocalist Richard Sjunnesson spoke about the video and the album:


“If you take a brief peek in the rear-view mirror of our career, this music video is the thirteenth professional production to date. We’ve basically tried and done everything when it comes to music videos, so we asked ourselves; how the hell do we top all that, with this release!? Certainly this massive album deserves to be spoiled with an equally spectacular music video!”


“The answer came to be fairly obvious. We simply had to shift gear up to “ludicrous speed” and add “extra everything” to the project, of course in our own unguided fashion. And with the right allies in; 11Frames Production, right band and the right song; we’ve certainly made our carriers most impressive and brutal creation; up to date!”


“Just imagine the opportunity to have a show; in a machine infested city, were laser sights are following your every move, right in the middle of an epic battle between heavens cast outs, while a nuclear firestorm is moving closer. I can’t picture a better location to unleash the live energy of The Unguided, and that’s exactly what happens in this production! We had a lot of fun scripting and recording this, hope you’ll have as much fun, watching it. Only robots were harmed in the making of this music video.”


The digital single of “Inception” will be available in North America onJanuary 21, 2014 and December 20, 2013 in the rest of the world.


Fragile Immortality features highly infectious melodies combined with metallic heaviness and turns songs like “Blodbad” or “Inception” into hymns of a new generation. The centerpiece is undoubtedly the vocal duo Roland Johansson & Richard Sjunnesson, who also branded the trademark sound of SONIC SYNDICATE. The new songs were mixed and mastered at the legendary “Studio Fredman” by Fredrik Nordström & Henric Udd. Fragile Immortality breathes new life into the Melodic Death Metal genre and furthermore sets the band’s course to become one of the big players in the music world.


With Fragile Immortality,listeners can expect a highly dynamic and electrifying Melodic Death Metal Album! The future belongs to THE UNGUIDED!


Fragile Immortality / Release-Dates:

2/11/14: USA/CAN

1/31/14: GAS/FIN & BENELUX

2/3/14: UK/Rest of Europe

2/5/14: ESP/SWE/NOR


For More Info Visit:




Chi City “HYFL” | from mixtape My Untold Story

My Untold Story at datpiff.com/Chi-City-My-Untold-Story-mixtape.475123.html
 | Twitter (@iamchicity) | Facebook | Twitter [@thecashjordan]


Southside Chicago rapper Chi City presents the music video for his single “H.Y.F.L.”. With over nine underground tapes bearing his name – his last being 2011′s Who Is Chi City – Chi has collaborated with Cory Gunz, Mullyman and has toured with Philadelphia Freeway, Mickey Factz, Mikey Halsted and Daytona. He was crowned Coast To Coast’s Indie Artist Next To Blow and has performed at the BET Artist Showcase and ThisIs50.com’s Independent Fridays. He has ghostwritten for B.O.B., Diggy Simmons and G.O.O.D. Music affiliates. “Hell yeah fuck ya life is what the H.Y.F.L stands for,” explains Chi. “The idea behind it is really about me saying f**k you to everyone who left me when they felt like I was going to fail, or those who only hung around me to benefit and not really help put the work in. So I paint the picture loud and clear about how I feel when it comes to fake frends.”

Christmas Gifts…Metal Style

After the success of last year’s Christmas sale, Century Media Records has once again released a line of heavy metal winter-wear, just in time for the holidays! With slippers, scarves, sweaters, beanies and more, there is something for everyone at CM Distro:http://smarturl.it/CMDholiday2013?IQid=CM.holiday   Also…


To further celebrate the holiday season, Century Media (in conjunction with the LA Regional Food Bank) has also launched a food drive at the label’s parking lot sale onDecember 7th. Fans who bring in the following items will receive a free gift:

–Canned protein (such as tuna, sardines, stews, and soups)

–Peanut butter


–Canned fruits and vegetables

–Fruit juices




–Personal care items (such as lotion, deodorant, and toothpaste)

The sale will take place from 12-4PM at Century Media’s US office at 2323 W. El Segundo Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90250. For more details about this event, please visit:https://www.facebook.com/events/626717244033818/

For fans who cannot participate in the food drive (but would like to contribute), an online donations page is available: http://www.lafoodbank.org/virtual-food-drive/donor-pledge.aspx?member=83E72BA0D98679F48BABE64E4F2774A4. USA residents who donate $20 or more will receive 20% off their CM Distro order between Jan. 1 and Jan. 31 and receive a free vinyl slipmat.

If you are into old school…

EVH Gear is getting into the holiday spirit with gift giving ideas that compliment everyone’s budget.

Say Happy Holidays to your favorite Eddie Van Halen fan and fulfill their holiday wish lists with EVH striped accessories, apparel and much more, all available at evhgear.com.

Zip-Up Hoodie
Striped iPhone 4 & 5 Covers             Striped License Plate Frame


Frankenstein Key Chain

Metal Blade has a great sale and contest…



and Roadrunner has an awesome sale as well,,,

Heavy Holidays Are Coming Your Way!
Throughout the end of November and the month of December, we’re going to be offering some very special deals in the Roadrunner store! Starting this Monday, 11/25, shipping will be free on all orders over $50. This deal will last until 12/1, after which we will be offering daily band-specific specials. Stay up to date with the latest deals over at heavyholidays.roadrunnerrecords.com.


That’s it for now…hope this helps with the metalhead on your naughty list!


Testament Stands the Test of Time at Stage AE Pittsburgh

You have just got to love anyone who is not afraid to play air guitar openly and rock out with the crowd, especially if that someone has an awesome custom light up mic and happens to be the one and only Chuck Billy of Testament.  Being an old metalhead, I have been into Testament since that first CD (remember those?) The Legacy in 1987, actually latching onto their sound a bit before Metallica, even though they both represent the Bay Area thrash that we come to love so much.  Getting to see Billy, Skolnick, Peterson, Christian, and Hoglan onstage is such a treat and a lesson in longevity within the music biz done right.  I highly suggest reading Skolnick’s book, Geek to Guitar Hero, to learn a bit more of the personal.  Anyways, being able to see these guys once again and on a bill with some younger guys like Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, and Huntress, and not only hold their own, but put on a dominating performance was nothing short of awesome and one for the mind’s scrapbook.

I was lucky enough to run into Chuck Billy before the show, and although physically a very intimidating individual, he is nothing but a very gracious, humble, and accommodating guy.  Years on the road can make you jaded and bitter, but not Chuck, he’s as good-natured and appreciate of it all as ever. My guitar hero geek out was also fulfilled getting to see Alex Skolnick put on a firework display with his fingers as he flitted around the fretboard like it was nothing and threw his axe into the air catching it like a babey only to crank right into the next arpeggio with ease…absolutely mind blowingly brilliant to witness.  On the back end thee Gene Hoglan was putting on his usual drum clinic and all aspiring percussionist really should have been paying attention because two of the best in the best were performing that night: Gene and Chris Adler.  Of course, the one absolute original member from when Testament were called Legacy, Eric Peterson was thrashing his own path with his guitar holding the base of the true sound that is Testament down along with bassist Greg Christian.

It was a set full of goodies.  Supporting their latest release Dark Roots of Earth, there of course were some numbers from what might be their strongest album to date including set highlight “Native Blood” and the opener “Rise Up”.  Otherwise, the delved into The Formation of Damnation’s “More Than Meets The Eye”, a lot of songs off of The New Order including “The Preacher” “Into the Pit” “Disciples Of the Watch” and “The New Order”, and ending with old school The Legacy’s “Over The Wall”.  I would have loved to have seen more from Dark Roots of Earth, but I’m sure I am in the minority.

Great show.  Great dudes.  Great band.  Sure hope to see these guys come around again on their own sometime soon.

All photos ©2013 AWeldingphoto and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

IMG_3776_Snapseed IMG_3943_Snapseed IMG_3945_Snapseed IMG_3988_Snapseed IMG_3994_Snapseed IMG_4042_Snapseed IMG_4096_Snapseed IMG_4211_Snapseed IMG_4230_Snapseed IMG_4288_Snapseed IMG_4311_Snapseed IMG_4326_Snapseed IMG_4362_Snapseed IMG_4422_Snapseed IMG_4585_Snapseed IMG_4592_Snapseed IMG_4593_Snapseed IMG_4633_Snapseed IMG_3770_Snapseed IMG_3773_Snapseed

Killswitch Engage Disarm Pittsburgh at Stage AE

If it was your first time at a Killswitch Engage show you might think that guitarist Adam Jonathan Dutkiewicz was well, a bit “touched”.  He is a one man force to be reckoned with, but not what one would typically expect at a metal show, a guy who is often described as ‘liking to take the piss out of things’, a man with a sense of humor.   This is a guy who is prone to taking his guitar off to do mid song sprints back and forth the stage for?  I’m not sure, but it was great (see pix below).  In other words, your eyes lock onto him all the time.  From the moment that the Rocky theme song “Survivor” began the set and Dutkiewicz ran out onto the stage screaming and yelling like a teenage girl at a One Direction show, a Killswitch virgin knew this was going to be different than anything they had ever experienced before and…hilarious.

Back with original vocalist Jesse Leach and sounding incredibly powerful and clean at the same time, Killswitch Engage blitzed right into A Bid Farewell from The End of Heartache.  This of course is not the first time Pittsburgh has been treated to KE back with Jesse, many of the same fans witnessed the comeback at  Metal Hammer‘s “Trespass America Festival” at Stage AE as well a few summers back.  But this was an entirely different vibe, and an inside show that was beyond packed and completely sold out.  The extreme metalcore/hardcore continued with highlights such as “The New Awakening” and “Turning Point” from new effort Disarm the Descent,  “Rose of Sharyn” and “The End of Heartache” from The End of Heartache, and “My Last Serenade” and “In The Unblind” from Alive or Just Breathing.

What makes Killswitch special an so endearing to fans seems to be the versatility within their songs and between their material.  But with that, their live show is proof positive that their career has lasted and expanded the way that it has for good reason.  Besides the enigmatic performances of Jesse and Adam, Mike D’Antonio (bass), Joel Stoetzel (guitar), and Justin Foley (drums) never stop moving and playing to the crowd making them feel one with the band and part of the performance.  This was a true double act with Lamb of God and full set to appease the wall to wall packed in audience who was at a fever pitch during the entire bit from start to finish.  Some left scarred, some left shocked, and some left sapped of all energy, but all left bigger fans of Killswitch Engage.

All photos ©2013 AWelding and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

IMG_4721_Snapseed IMG_4780_Snapseed IMG_4787_Snapseed IMG_4830_Snapseed IMG_4850_Snapseed IMG_4939_Snapseed IMG_4959_Snapseed IMG_5090_Snapseed IMG_5135_Snapseed IMG_5193_Snapseed IMG_5235_Snapseed IMG_5282_Snapseed IMG_5331_Snapseed IMG_5455_Snapseed IMG_5472_Snapseed IMG_5473_Snapseed IMG_4717_SnapseedIMG_4719_Snapseed

Setlist from setlist.fm

  1. The End of Heartache

YOUTH FORGOTTEN: Collective Of Cleveland Metal/Hardcore Scene Veterans Prepares To Release Debut Full-Length

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, with a wide base of roots feeding deep into their city’s underbelly, the members of YOUTH FORGOTTEN culminate in this new outfit with a unified sense of keeping the movement alive with the utmost urgency.


While overall retaining dark hardcore/metal outfit tactics to spread their message, an influx of thrash metal dynamics and streetpunk energy coalesce in fueling the anthems YOUTH FORGOTTENdeploys. Genre boundaries and inner-scene platforms are eradicated as this quintet relentlessly dispatches song after song of energized, enraged fury, while lyrically the outfit speaks from an equally grounded, forward-thinking mentality. The lineup consists of vocalist J.C. Koszewski (Dead Even), lead guitarist Matt Brewer (ex-Integrity), drummer Rob Walters (Salt The Wound), guitarist Aaron Salo (Above This Fire) and bassist Jim LaMarca (Chimaira).


Having coalesced their collective strengths into the powerhouse dubbed YOUTH FORGOTTEN, the band recorded their debut record, Ghost Of A Fallen Empire, at RobArnoldWorld with Rob Arnold of Chimaira, marking his debut as a producer. Destroying and decimating, while aiming to aggravate and invigorate, they burn through nearly forty-five minutes of material surging with the vitality the often overlooked energy the Cleveland landscape has provided over the past few decades, concentrated into the album’s ten tracks.


YOUTH FORGOTTEN will independently release Ghost Of A Fallen Empire digitally on January 31st, 2014, with physical product to follow shortly behind; final details will be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the band has posted tracks “Nobody Cares,” “The Passion” and “Take Control” boasting the diversity and damagability of the album; tune in RIGHT HERE.


Having shared the stage with a plethora of regional bands as well as international acts including Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Battlecross, Ringworm, 3 Inches of Blood, Revocation, The Acacia Strain and countless more over the years, YOUTH FORGOTTEN will take their new anthems to the public live touring in support of Ghost Of A Fallen Empire in the coming months. Stay tuned for new live actions to be announced.


Ghost Of A Fallen Empire Track Listing:

1. Anthem

2. Revolution For Nothing

3. Take Control

4. The Passion

5. Moral Soul

6. Unite The City

7. Proposed Existence

8. Nobody Cares

9. Eyes On The Prize

10. End Times





Halestorm set to sweep through Stage AE Pittsburgh Dec. 11

They’re baaaack!  Pennsylvania quartet Halestorm are back with their second full-length, The Strange Case of…. Musically diverse and emotionally revealing, the album resonates with a newfound poignancy that takes Halestorm to a new level of creative achievement.

“I was extremely proud of Halestorm when we released it, and I still love it, but I think I was using mostly one musical technique throughout,” explains frontwoman Lzzy Hale. “We were on ‘ten,’ and we blew through the songs in a safe way – or as safe as something that goes, ‘I get off on you getting off on me’ can be. This new record demonstrates more depth and heart. It’s a lot more expressive and really lets down the barriers.”

In support of their latest effort Lzzy Hale and company return to Pittsburgh’s Stage AE with Redlight King and Stars In Stereo Dec. 11.  The show is sure to offer much from their debut and of course from The Strange Case of….

The first single “Love Bites (So Do I)” is a storming rocker that illustrates Hale’s individuality, sense of humor, and willingness to represent young women in today’s fast-paced society.

“I was talking to this little girl over Twitter who was going through her first breakup, and she was asking me for advice,” recalls Hale, who regularly interacts with her fans online. “She typed ‘Love Bites,’ and I replied, ‘Well, so do you, darling. You can still bite back.’ It was meant to be an empowering song for people when love goes down the tubes, and I think it’s a very realistic way of looking at relationships. Nobody talks about all the crap you have to do to keep something alive or just deal with your boyfriend or girlfriend. They always talk about falling in love or having your heart broken. So this is a way of saying, yes, everything can end, but it’s rejuvenating to stand up and go, ‘This sucks right now, but it’s not going to take me down with it.’”

Other tracks, such as “You Call Me a Bitch Like it’s a Bad Thing” and “Freak Like Me” turn epithets into proud slogans, while “Daughters of Darkness” is an admission that women, like men, have their dark side. “Even with the sweetest woman in the world, you click a switch somewhere, and she’s a little bit crazy or she has her secrets,” Hale says. “And a lot of times you see these girls let all that stuff out at our concerts, which is really gratifying.”

One of the most meaningful songs on The Strange Case Of… to Halestorm is “Here’s To Us,” a declarative mission statement which starts with a delicate arpeggio and builds to a rousing pop/rock refrain. As much as it represents the band, “Here’s to Us” was actually an afterthought. “It came together after we already thought the album was complete,” Hale says. “It’s our ‘bottom of the ninth, bases are loaded… home run!’ The song is about celebrating the ups and downs of your journey as you go along because even the bad times can be reasons to crack open the champagne.”

One reason Halestorm has developed the ability to sound completely self-assured and cohesive whether they’re tearing down the rafters or gently massaging a bruised psyche is because they’ve had plenty of time to hone their craft and celebrate their exceptional chemistry. Hale and her brother and drummer Arejay started the group more than a decade ago when she was 13 and he was just 10. From the very beginning they were in it to win it even though they paid their dues along the way. Back in the day, the members lost a talent show to a tap-dancing cowgirl, played Friendly’s for free ice cream, piled the stage with homemade explosives that sometimes went off right in front of their faces, and even played at a funeral.

Halestorm’s determination paid off. Before long, they were playing local bars even though they were underage. They secured guitarist Joe Hottinger in 2003 and bassist Josh Smith in 2004, and in 2005, Halestorm signed a deal with Atlantic Records and released the live EP One and Done, which included an early version of fan favorite “It’s Not You.” The band continued to write, tour and record and in 2009 released their self-titled full-length album. Inspired by Halestorm’s exuberance and spirit, the band’s loyal legions rapidly grew. They became favorites at rock radio, highlights of music festivals and friends of the multitudes of groups they opened for or headlined with. Halestorm went on to sell more than 300,000 copies.

Backing their monster riffs and euphoric choruses with pure rock and roll attitude, Halestorm followed up their eponymous release with the covers EP ReAniMate. In addition to including aggressive fist-pounders by Skid Row, Guns N’ Roses and Temple of the Dog, Halestorm demonstrated their sonic scope with versions of tracks by The Beatles and Lady Gaga. The boundary-stretching was just a prelude to the muscle and sensitivity of The Strange Case Of…

“We’ve taken everything we can do and stretched it in both directions,” Hale says. “This record goes from one song that’s just vocal and piano and the lowest and softest I’ve ever sung all the way up to the highest notes and craziest screaming I’ve ever done.”

As musically advanced as The Strange Case Of… is compared to Halestorm’s debut, the band still has plenty of growth left in them and continue to write songs at an alarming rate. “I create all the time,” Hale says. “And the four of us are working together more now, so we’re really gelling better than ever. We’re really excited with how far we’ve gotten with this album, and we can’t wait to see where we can go in the future. It feels like there are no rules or boundaries, and that’s the ultimate freedom.” (http://www.halestormrocks.com/)

Halestorm – Presented by 105.9 the X

Stage AE – Pittsburgh,Pa

Wednesday December 11, 2013; Doors open at 6:30 PM
$19.00 Advance / $22.00 Day of Show
General Admission – All Ages
Opening Artist: Redlight King, Stars In Stereo

Toxic Holocaust’s “Chemistry of Consciousness ” coming to Pittsburgh’s The Shop 11/27

Portland metal punk assailants, Toxic Holocaust, were formed by Joel Grind in 1999 to pay homage to the raw days of metal and punk.  Influenced by bands like Discharge, Venom, Slayer and G.B.H.  – Toxic Holocaust create the perfect marriage of punk angst and metal aggression.

Toxic Holocaust’s first full-length album, ‘Evil Never Dies,’ was released in 2003, followed by ‘Hell on Earth’ two years later. Both records featured mainman Joel Grind writing all of the music and playing all of the instruments, performing with a band only during their raucous live assaults. After achieving a massive underground following thanks to  embracing a DIY attitude and extensive self-booked tours in Australia, Japan, Europe, Brazil, Canada, and the US, Toxic Holocaust signed to Relapse Records. In 2008, Toxic Holocaust put out their Relapse debut, ‘An Overdose of Death.’ The album was recorded by Jack Endino (High on Fire, Zeke, Dwarves) at Soundhouse Recording and was the first record where Joel Grind opted to work with another musician – Donny Paycheck of Zeke.  The album went on to receive numerous accolades including Revolver calling the album, “Equal parts nuclear reactive riffage and Repo Man punk attitude!”
At the end of 2010, Toxic Holocaust entered the studio again, this time at Dexters Lab. The band recorded with Toxic Holocaust/Kingdom of Sorrow drummer and engineer Nick Bellmore (Hatebreed, Phantoms, Full Blown Chaos). This album, titled ‘Conjure and Command’ was much darker than previous albums. “….sweetly redolent of thrash, d-beat, and raw sewage, the album simmers with tar-thick riffage, staggering breakdowns, and a corroded dose of self-loathing. If this is what Toxic Holocaust’s next decade is going to look like, bring it on” opined The Onion’s A.V. Club.
Following the devastating tsunami in Japan, Toxic Holocaust teamed up with Midnight for a benefit split 7″.with the proceeds entirely going to the Red Cross relief efforts for victims of the tsunami disaster.  Fast forward to 2013 and after almost 15 years in existence, Toxic Holocaust released a 22-track anthology that collected rarities and tracks from vinyl-only splits with the likes of Municipal Waste, Midnight, and others.
Now Toxic Holocaust’s latest album, ‘Chemistry of Consciousness,’ will be released in October 2013. It was self-recorded by Joel Grind and Nick Bellmore, mixed with Kurt Ballou (Converge) at GodCity Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, From Ashes Rise, Nails) at Audiosiege Engineering.  If there’s one thing the punks and the metal heads will agree on in 2013, it’s that Toxic Holocaust’s Chemistry of Consciousness is a rager of a record destined to top any worthwhile best of 2013 list.
Toxic Holocaust continue to road-dog across the world, having toured with Municipal Waste, Napalm Death, At the Gates, Danzig, Satyricon, English Dogs, The Casualties, and Gwar, to name a few.


***All Dates from Nov 18 to Dec 01 with Ramming Speed, In Defence***

Nov 18        Burlington VT         Nectars

Nov 19         Middletown NY         Sounds Asylum

Nov 20         Newark DE        Mojo – main

Nov 21         Baltimore MD         Metro Gallery

Nov 22         Richmond VA         Kingdom w/ Municipal Waste

Nov 23         Lakewood OH         The Foundry

Nov 24         Dayton OH         Rockstar Pro Arena

Nov 25         Detroit MI         Magic Stick

Nov 26         Chicago IL         Reggies

Nov 27         Pittsburgh PA         The Shop

Nov 29         Brooklyn, NY         St. Vitus

Nov 30         Wallingford CT         Cherry St. Station

Dec 01         Island Park NY         No Fun Club

Total Slacker Premiere “Keep the Ships at Bay”

Download “Keep the Ships at Bay” on Rolling Stone Now

Watch the Video for “Sometimes You Gotta Die” on Noisey Now

Total Slacker has a thing for Olive Garden. It’s not just a passing interest or something—next time you talk to Tucker Rountree, their towheaded, lanky frontman, ask him about never-ending pasta bowls and Zuppa Toscana and unlimited breadsticks. He’ll tell you about his ongoing attempt to throw a rock ‘n’ roll show at a Queens Olive Garden, which culminated in a series of phone calls made to corporate centers, demanding answers to questions like: Do you understand the sociological effect that Olive Garden has had on Western culture since the 80s? What are the conceptual underpinnings behind breadsticks?

Beyond casual American dining, Total Slacker has a thing for the 90s. But rest assured, their new record Slip Away, which comes out02.11.14 on Black Bell/ADA, isn’t the sort of hack revivalism that’ll make you want to burn your copy of Bleach. For the album, Total Slacker dug deep into the crates, and came up with something that sounds like Hum and Skywave a bunch of other bands that’ll draw blank stares from nu-gaze numbnuts. Most importantly, they retain their original ethos—to blur the lines between the genuine and the satirical, the earnest and the sarcastic… the shrimp and the scampi.

The band was incubated in New York City, after Tucker met bassist Emily Oppenheimer at a local Laundromat. The pair considered being in a band as an end goal in itself, and began their career without much direction or professionalism. The group released their lo-fi debut, Thrashin’, on Marshall Teller Records in 2011, earning a reputation as a vicious live act by playing more than 350 shows—which often feature flaming guitars, smoke machines, and smashed instruments—in under three years. In the wake of the album’s local success, the band was struck with tragedy following the death of their drummer, Terence Connor, who was struck by a hit-and-run in early October of 2012. They went into the studio within two months, laying down tracks that dealt with that confusion, transposing vague childhood angst into tangible, real-world issues.

Throughout the album’s 11 tracks, the quartet (rounded out by guitarist David Anthony Tassy and drummer Zoë Brecher) makes a potentially futile stab at a life lived in harmony with gargantuan multinational corporations. But don’t worry – recorded with care by Daniel Schlett (DIIV, the Men) at Strange Weather Studios in Brooklyn, Slip Away also features songs centered around the Kennedy assassination, ThighMasters, and fighting your babysitter’s boyfriend.


“’Sometimes You Gotta Die’ is anxious, creepy, and ugly even as it whips itself up into these mountains of guitar noises. Tucker Rountree and Dave Tassy’s guitars take turns dive-bombing into one another over a rhythm section (courtesy of bassist Emily Oppenheimer and drummer Zoë Brecher) that’s all slasher-movie menace.” — Stereogum



Black Bell Records
Last Place Tapes

Trapt at the Altar Bar

Written by: Valerie Wallach

            The Altar Bar was the hot escape from the cold for alternative metal devotees this past Wednesday night. A small, enthusiastic crowd – mostly clad in black and leather – gathered for the nearly six hour long line-up of hard rock entertainment featuring No Resolve, Righteous Vendetta, Restricted Highways, and Trapt.

Each band flowed seamlessly into one another, building off of each other, and culminating in an unforgettable performance by California natives Trapt – who, of course, professed a love for Pittsburgh. Opening with “Who’s Going Home with You Tonight,” Trapt showcased their newest member’s talents; drummer Dylan Thomas Howard banged out a tight, energetic piece that roused the entire audience into a jumping, fist pumping frenzy. The drum beat was perfectly accompanied by Peter Charell’s relentless talent on the bass. Lead singer Chris Taylor Brown maintained a strong stage presence throughout, often standing upon a platform with pirate-like swagger using his hands and swaying his body to emphasize every word. He dedicated the second song, “Waiting,” to each and every person in the audience – as if he had not won over us already. Colorful, ambient lighting set the mood while a slew of cellphones were raised to record videos. An impressive guitar part played by Travis Miguel (Atreyu) reeled beautifully behind Brown’s intensifying voice and sentimental lyrics. Accordingly, each musician on stage exemplified the notion of a full-bodied musical experience, making evident that every note instilled both an emotional and physical reaction within him; and it was contagious.

“End of My Rope,” “Bring It,” “Echo,” and “These Walls” sustained the fierce, crowd-pleasing set list. Singer Chris Taylor Brown picked up a black electric Gibson for the band’s seventh song of the night, “Experience,” which – in Brown’s own words – is about “giving everything you have to offer.” It began with a soft guitar intro, intensified into heavy drum and bass pieces, and then eased back down to highlight the lyrics as a sing-a-long broke out with the entire audience. “Bleed Like Me” characterized a similar rollercoaster of ascending and descending pieces in terms of volume and speed alike, which made the composition consistently engaging and hypnotic. A few songs later Brown reignited his fans, demanding everyone to “get off the ground” as the audience started to jump and dance wildly without haste. “Love Hate Relationship” led into Trapt’s popular 2003 hit “Headstrong” which got the whole crowd – including me – singing loudly. It was rather cathartic.

Trapt closed the show with “Stand Up” – until the crowd insistently chanted for “one more song!” Minutes later, Brown took the stage alone, sitting on a chair with his electric guitar for an intimate moment that truly demonstrated the gorgeous quality of his voice. Singing tender lines like “I remember the smile that always brought me back to you,” Brown proved that Trapt is no ordinary grunge band.

It was a night of passionate performances, rock-solid musicianship, and raucous pleasure, to say the least. Pittsburgh would be fortunate to have Trapt return again soon.


Less Than Jake’s First Show at Stage AE Pittsburgh

On a Wednesday night at Pittsburgh own Stage AE, probably the biggest punk rock/ska show this year has just taken place, and man was it energetic to say the least. Four bands stopped by Stage AE for the “Fat Tour 2013” which included: Get Dead, Masked Intruder, Pittsburgh’s own Anti-Flag, and the headliner Less Than Jake.

Now, Less Than Jake (LTJ) have come to Pittsburgh quite a lot since they started as a band more than 20 years ago! LTJ is one of the very few ska bands that still exists and actually still puts out new music on top of that. Anyway, they visit Pittsburgh a lot, and instead of playing at the usual spots (for them that is) like Mr. Smalls or Altar Bar, they deciding to go BIG by going to Stage AE. It is a challenge to fill that place sometimes; especially on a Wednesday night. LTJ saw no problem in the matter since, according to them that is, “Every day is a Friday night when you’re up on stage.” Pittsburgh has always been very loyal when it comes to punk rock and ska shows so the place did get pretty packed after everyone got out of all of the traffic going downtown.

As LTJ comes out onto the stage and the crowd already screaming at the top of their lungs, they jump right into it with a song off of their new album, “See the Light” called “Good Enough” followed by some good old classic songs: “Automatic”, “Sugar in Your Gas Tank”, and “Last One Out of Liberty City”. The band just kind of played all of those songs before they finally stopped to partake in their usual shenanigans with the crowd and each other. Now if you have never seen LTJ before, let me say this, they always have fun filled jokes and quick witty one-liners to go around all night long. It is always entertaining to see and it makes the show very enjoyable so it is more than just a concert, it’s a comedy skit too.

Leave it to LTJ though to pull two of the security guards up from down in the pit area, to have them come up on stage and have a beer chugging contest. Well… that didn’t happen because they were told “no”; the security guards could not drink. On to plan B then, they kept the security guards up on stage for one song, but had two women from the crowd come up on stage, chug the beers for the guys, then had a competition of who could dance the most provocative (slutty) with one of the guards. Hilarious none the less, and embarrassing too but that’s a ska show for you.

After all of the funny stunts LTJ pulled, they did play a lot more. Obviously they had to joke around with the crowd asking if they could quit playing early because they were “getting old”. Of course that didn’t work so on with the show! Of course though, they played some classics like I said before, like: “The Science of Selling Yourself Short”, “Scott Farcas Takes it on the Chin”, “History of a Boring Town”, and finishing up with, you guessed it “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads”. When the band came back out for their encore, it was probably the most energetic I have seen the crowd the whole night. When I say everybody and their mothers, I truly do mean EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOTHERS was in the pit skanking the night away and having a blast singing and dancing together. The songs they played for their encore were: “The Rest of My Life”, “Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts”, “Plastic Cup Politics”, and lastly “Gainesville Rock City”.

Remember people, LTJ has been around for quite awhile but they can still play and have a great time. The entire show was great from start to finish. It was nice too because LTJ played some alternate versions of some of their songs which shows they can still catch you by surprise. If you missed this show, you missed one of their best performances in Pittsburgh and their first time ever at Stage AE.
Don’t forget to check out Less Than Jake’s new Album “See the Light” that just came out on 11/12/13!

“Get Scared” Proving that Rock and Roll isn’t dead.

Get Scared, an American rock band from Layton, Utah released their new album “Everyone’s out to get me” on November 12th; and it’s exactly what fans were hoping for after Get Scared first fantastic studio album “Best Kind of Mess”. With it being the band’s first studio album since being signed to Fearless Records, many fans weren’t sure what to expect, but I’m happy to report this album is fantastic. The overall sound of the album is something that fans of Escape the Fate, My Chemical Romance, and Vampires Everywhere would be fond of. The first song “Told Ya So” kicks the album off right, instantly throwing stunning guitars and vocals at the listener and keeping them hooked for the rest of the album. But in my personal opinion the song “My Nightmare” takes the number one spot on this album. The way that the song comes together verse after verse is astounding and will keep it on repeat for hours. The song almost even has a My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco feeling to it which will please an enormous amount of listeners while still being unmistakably a Get Scared song. Other favorites off of this album would have to be “Badly Broken”, “Get Out While You Can”, and “Stumbling in Your Footsteps”.

Get Scared stated in the song “For You” that “I don’t know, but I’ve been told that rock and roll is dead” if there’s one thing that this album proves is exactly the opposite. Do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a copy at Best Buy, FYE, or on ITunes; you won’t regret it.

Check them out with The Word Alive, I See Stars, and Crown the Empire on the “We Started at the Bottom Now We’re Here” Tour coming to the Crocodile Rock in Allentown PA on the 16th. croc rock

J. ManifestO, “Vicariously Through Memories” album | f. Dom O Briggs, J Monopoly, Supaman, Hoz The Lyricist

Queens, NY emcee J. ManifestO presents Vicariously Through Memories, his new album featuring Dom O Briggs, JohnNY U., Hoz Da Lyrisist, J. Monopoly, Supaman, and production from Wierddough, Clint Partie, Fate, Six, Vanilla, Mitch Hennessey, The Stuyvesants, Thelonious Martin, Elijah Sentine and PHROMSOPHA. J recently released the Charles Valencia & Fresco-directed music video for “Live, Life & Love It” (click to watch), VTM‘s Fate-produced single. released his eponymous debut mixtape (click here to listen) featuring JohnNY U., MC Elijah Black, Khid 2che, A Will, Dom O Briggs and Top $ Raz. “VTM is an album about how I used to reminisce about of the happier times from my past to cope with the slower, more unfulfilled times in the present,” says J. “Through this project I go on reflecting on times I cherish with the people I love and spend time with the most, recalling lucid dreams, and reliving certain episodes with friends. In a way, sort of dreaming of a second childhood, wishing present times were similar.”

album at jmanifesto.bandcamp.com/album/vicariously-through-memories
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