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CliffLight Remix Goodbye 2013 & Remixes

CliffLight – Smokeshow (Remix) After continuous output of free remixes all year, and in celebration of 4K Soundcloud fans, Moduloktopus unleashes his final release for 2013 with a Remix of Clifflight‘s “Smokeshow“.  With this he has announced that he will discontinue bootleg remixes to pursue Originals/Collabs and Official Remixes for 2014. The Dominican Electronic Music Chameleon gifts […]

Girl Are You a (F R E A K) ♦ B&G ≈ OFFICIAL Remix

With the Captivating attention Biscuits & Gravy have received after their FuseTV “Behind The UnSigned” Episode debut, they personally requested an official remix by Moduloktopus to take one their most provocative tunes from their recent release to a dance-floor#FreakRemix. Girl Are You a (Freak) (Moduloktopus #FreakRemix) There is no mistake with the sensual vibes […]

B R E A K I N G ◉ B A D ☽ T°H°E°M°E ∞ ReTwerk

With one of the most memorable television series arriving to it’s last episode, there was no doubt in my mind it deserved a tribute after it’s captivating climax. Breaking Bad Theme (#ReTwerk) Paying homage to the emotional chemistry the Breaking Bad series enchanted our entertainment, Moduloktopus composes his adventurous sonic reaction to […]

Exclusive REMIXtopus premiere on Clubtapes

After contiguous months of Free releases, A full length Mixtape has premiered with the extensive compilation of Remixes exclusively available on Clubtapes.com R E M I X T O P U S The oceanic imagination of the electronic music chameleon Moduloktopus is quite fathomless. The Dominican born producer blasts us with a vast […]

Do you remember Jungle/Dub in 95?

This Apollo 440 song dates back to 1995 when Jungle was vibing all over the scene.  As Moduloktopus states, “In that honor, it’s a pleasure to give to the memory it gave me back in the day, and infuse them in DUB vibez, JUNGLE breaks and the modern TRAP flavors”. […]

The Macklemore ReTwerk

Moduloktopus and Madd Martigann visit and reflip Macklemore’s Thrift Shop to keep Dance Floors warm, featuring a Michael Gold video to make you go DAYUM! Macklemore – Thrift Shop (Moduloktopus x Madd Martigann ReTwerk) Macklemore – Thrift Shop (Moduloktopus x Madd Martigann Retwerk) from Michael Gold on Vimeo.