New Album: Klassik – YRP (Young Rising Phenoms)

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 Klassik, Wisconsin Area Music Industry’s Rap/Hip Hop Artist of 2013, debuts his new LP entitled YRP – Young Rising Phenoms available YRP spawned the hot new single and music video, Boogie, which has been featured on major music blogs such as The Sourceand Ruby Hornet.

Klassik releases YRP one year following his well-received 2012 LP, In The Making, which earned him recognition as Radio Milwaukee’s Artist of the Year. Klassik collaborated with other rising artists in both Milwaukee and Chicago such as Lili K, B~Free, Mr. Wilder and THEM People to help shape the sound of YRP.

The project begins with the song Haunts Me, an instrumental tribute to his deceased father that introduces an intimate yet assertive story about his time as artist of the year. This Is That New!is a lively song, denouncing the conformity of musical creativity. Lili K’s sweet voice decorates the melody. #Keepitklassik displays Klassik’s lyrical skills and is the overarching anthem of YRP. He delivers assertive, boastful lines about how he’s coming for the top spot, “Running down a list of your favorites, and when I catch them slipping I’ma gun em down, lyrical assassin.” The album evokes a more heartfelt sentiment on Mothership, which is an ode to Klassik’s mother and her support through both his triumphs and the downfalls. Overall, YRP demonstrates the inability to categorize Klassik’s music and the importance of masterful songwriting.

About Klassik

Klassik is an independent music artist from Milwaukee, WI. His first full length album “In the Making” was released in the fall 2012. This album garnered Klassik national attention and charted on the College Music Journal’s Hip-Hop Top 40 for 15 weeks following its release. Klassik was also named Solo Artist of the Year in 2012 at the 88.9 Radio Milwaukee Music Awards, and his single “Anything” was Milwaukee Magazine’s Catchiest Song of the Year. Klassik’s inspiration is derived from his background in music composition and jazz studies.

About Klass Act Production

Klass Act Production was formed in 2012 by Louis DeFino and Kellen “Klassik” Abston. This independent management/artistic development firm prides itself in providing up and coming artists with the necessary instrumentation to create and maintain their musical expression.

Klassik – “What Do I Know” (Feat. B~Free)

With the first anniversary of his critically-acclaimed debut LP In The Making rapidly approaching, Klassik delivers the first sounds from his upcoming EP YRP (Young Rising Phenom) entitled “What Do I Know?”, featuring multi-instrumentalist and soul-songstress B~Free.

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Originally released as part of the motion picture soundtrack and opening title theme of “Role Play”, a film directed by Rubin Whitmore III in January 2013, the undeniable groove is receiving new life as part of the new EP from Radio Milwaukee’s 2012 Solo Artist of the Year.  Heavy on funk but light on the mood, “What Do I Know?” questions relationship roles and the dreams we sell, or fall short of, to maintain those roles.  With the help of B~Free’s heavenly, light harmonies in the mix, and a bright, jazzy flute solo in the outro, Klassik continues to find a way to turn the harsh realities of this world into a luscious musical escape; because with so many uncertainties in this world, what do we really know?

We know Klassik will keep the melodies pumping, your feet (and mind) moving, and your musical pallets satisfied when YRP drops this Fall. See Klassik perform this new song and other new music on September 6th with Chicago artist Show You Suck and Midwest trio RAGELIFE at the Stonefly Brewery in Milwaukee, WI. 

RAGELIFE, “Champagne Range” featuring Klassik

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¡OYE!, P/1 and DJ *hitmayng are Midwest trio RAGELIFE, presenting the Mark Gage-directed music video for “Champagne Range”, the single from their forthcoming self-titled full-length. “Champagne Range” features production and a vocal appearance from Klassik, the rapper/producer/musician named Radio Milwaukee’s 2012 Artist Of The Year whose In The Making album features single “Forever Whatever” (click to watch video). The group recently represented the University of Wisconsin and the greater Midwest Region at the 2012 National College Battle of the Bands in Los Angeles, a competition that has presented acts such as Raquel Rodriquez, Land of Pines, and Mike Posner. They have shared the stage with artists such as Ludacris, Wale, Janelle Monae, Lil B, Kids These Days, Prof, and Mac Miller, Chance the Rapper, Dumbfoundead, and Watsky. “RAGELIFE is the intersection of hard work, constant energy, all while having the time of your life,” says ¡OYE! “Always living in the moment. The project started on the stage, so we tried to keep that level of energy throughout the post apocalyptic journey that is RAGELIFE.” The RAGELIFE LP drops August 20.

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Klassik – Late2TheParty- the first musical offering from the TIME OF OUR LIVES LP




Often in the days of young, innocent, and brave hearts, love is desired most from the fickle and unattainable muse. The beautiful woman with too much attention and not a care in the world. “Late2TheParty”, Milwaukee artist Klassik’s latest piece, is a beautiful, poetic plea set within such a scenario. The succinct, yet masterfully arranged record, details the chase of the young, brave-hearted Klassik, going after his unattainable beauty. At first witty and adoring in its delivery, the cries of the big-hearted lover turn to a very frank and introspective acceptance of just how unrealistic his chase has become. His name isn’t on the guest list of her heart, but if he can just get there in time to say the perfect thing and win her over, his chase, though unrealistic, is never impossible.

“Please don’t tell me, I’m late to the party. Hold the door.”

Thank you for your continued support and appreciation for quality music.

– Klass Act Production LLC

Klassik, “Forever Whatever” | “In The Making” spends 15 weeks on CMJ Hip-Hop charts

directed by Xavier Ruffin | from Klassik’s album In The Making

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Milwaukee emcee/producer/musician Klassik presents the Xavier Ruffin-directed music video for “Forever Whatever”, the second single from his album In The Making. Two years after his father inspired him to pick up the saxophone, a young Klassik was being mentored by sax legend Berkley Fudge. By high school he was touring Europe as a professional jazz musician and experimenting with beat production programs like Fruity Loops. A couple of years later he dropped out of the University of Wisconsin to pursue music. Since releasingIn The Making, Klassik has won “Solo Artist of the Year” 2012 for the 88.9 Radio Milwaukee Music Awards, “Rap/Hip Hop Artist of the Year” for the 2013 Wisconsin Area Music Industry Awards, Milwaukee Magazine named the first single “Anything” (watch video here) as the “Catchiest Song Of The Year”, and the album spent 15 weeks on CMJ’s Top 40 hip-hop charts. “Life is about rolling with the punches and finding the silver lining in everything,” says Klassik about the song. “Staying positive is how I stay afloat in the midst of the darkness, so all the negative, at the end of the day, is forever whatever.” Klassik is slated to open for Talib Kweli at this year’s Summerfest.