Can’t Dance premiere new single “Trust Issues” on PGHMUSICMAG

Can’t Dance, previously known as Like Noise, is a three-piece “Indie-Rock” band based out of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  Drawing influences from such great acts as: Pavement, Built to Spill, Dismemberment Plan, and Cloud Nothings, the band has gained a strong guitar-driven 90’s Alternative sound; using youthful imagery in lyrics and crunchy guitar riffs to drive energetic song structures.

These guys sound like they could have easily come out of Athens, Georgia in the eighties, but they have an edge that bites and a buzz that lingers truer to a dreamy landscape. ” (A. Welding, EIC Pittsburgh Music Magazine)

     Can’t Dance formed in early 2011, using a cabin in backwoods redneck western Pennsylvania as a practice space. The music has evolved rapidly and the band has grown a lot as a whole. While the band members may be young they are constantly writing and rehearsing new material; always looking to the future, determined to make something truly great. Can’t Dance is comprised of: Garrett McKee- Guitar/Vocals, Jordan Gorsuch- Guitar/Vocals, Kidd Kovach – Drums/Money
    Can’t Dance, while unsigned, is due to release their 7-track debut EP “Comfortably Dumb” on June 11th. With this EP the band aspires to increase their fan base through live performance in surrounding cities, along with various online promotions thanks to Banter Media Management!
“These Like Noise kids from ‘Johnstown’ might be lacking in the production department, but they got spunk. 90’s style spunk.” – Marc Z. Gold, Gold Soundz Blog