Avenged Sevenfold Plan New Music

Most fans were pretty sure Avenged Sevenfold would carry on, but with little in output since the death of drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan except ‘Carry On,’ associated with ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’ video game, there was little to solidify intentions of the band’s future.

According to The Pulse of Radio A7X has delved into writing new music since August, “The album is coming along very nicely. We’re excited to get in the studio. We have about six songs that I’m really happy with right now, and we’re continuing to write every single day…I try not to say too much about the album because you know how the Internet world is, so I’ll just say this: We have a direction, we’re sticking to that direction and we feel really very happy writing in these terms that we’ve laid out for ourselves,” stated singer M. Shadows. Estimates for the new album are July of 2013.