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Libel’s “Tomorrow’s Children”-animated music video

Grunge-inspired rockers Libel have a new, animated music video for their single “Tomorrow’s Children” off their album, Music for Car Commercials. The video was created by award-winning artist Michela Buttignol, who has been featured all over these days, including in the New York Times and on Illustration Age, most recently. You can check out this inspirational piece of animated […]

LESBIAN Premiere Second Segment of Forestelevision

  LESBIAN‘s third full length offering and Translation Loss debut Forestelevisonis a single song, 44+ minute all-encompassing force of nature!  Never has an album sifted through the deepest trenches of prog-influenced epic-doom and blackened metal to produce such an awe-inspiring aural assault to the senses.  Recorded at Avast! Studios with long […]