GODFLESH: limited self-titled 2LP re-issue now available at CM Distro.com

GODFLESH’s self-titled debut, a genre-defining album that launched the sludge-industrial metal scene, is now available as a limited edition 2LP at CM Distro. Pressed in a double gatefold format, this special Godflesh re-issue showcases 3 sides of groundbreaking music on white marbled clear wax with side 4 being an exclusive etching. The packaging also includes: (1) 2 bonus tracks originally only available on the CD re-release from 1990, (2) 2 double-sided 12″ lyric/picture panels, and (3) a collectible double-sided 24×36 poster.

Limited to 500 copies worldwide, this Godflesh 2LP will disappear fast! Please visit CM Distro to purchase your copy: http://www.cmdistro.com/Item/Godflesh_-_Godflesh_-2LP-_-Clear_w+Glow_In_The_Dark_Splatter-/46919

Godflesh track-listing
Side A
1. Avalanche Master Song
2. Veins
3. Godhead
4. Spinebender
Side B
1. Weak Flesh
2. Ice Nerveshatter
3. Streetcleaner*
Side C
1. Wounds*
Side D
Etching (no audio)

*=2 bonus tracks originally only available on the CD re-release from 1990

Godflesh To Release Hymns Deluxe Remaster

Click Here To Pre-Order ‘Hymns’ Deluxe Remaster

Godflesh is classic, ballsy, catchy, and mean.  Justin Broadrick (the band’s frontman, and ex member of Napalm Death) manages to craft catchy riffs and choruses into the mix without losing a drop of originality. Even though ”Hymns” is the band’s swan song, it still sounds just as passionate as their first record “Streetcleaner”.   Often called their finest album, “Hymns” was released on 2001, and is now being re-issued by The End Records as a Special Edition 2CD Deluxe Remaster with Bonus Tracks, Liner Notes, Lyrics and Never Before Seen Photos and Images.  Always a few steps ahead of the pack,Godflesh have once again reinvented themselves, providing their audience with a challenging and inspirational slab of crushing industrial metal.

‘Hymns’ Deluxe Remaster Tracklisting

Disc 1: 2012 Remaster

1.     Defeated
2.     Deaf, Dumb & Blind
3.     Paralyzed
4.     Anthem
5.     Viodhead
6.     Tyrant
7.     White Flag
8.     For Life
9.     Animals
10.   Vampires
11.   Antihuman
12.   Regal
13.   Jesu

Disc 2: Bonus Material

1.     Voidhead (Demo 2012 Mix)
2.     Vampires (Demo 2012 Mix)
3.     Deaf, Dumb & Blind (Demo 2012 Remastered)
4.     Anthem (Demo 2012 Remastered)
5.     Paralyzed (Demo 2012 Remastered)
6.     For Life (Demo 2012 Remastered)
7.     If I Could Only Be What You Want (2012 Remastered)