Coachwhips Announces ‘Hands On The Controls’ Reissue

Out September 3rd on Castle Face Records

Castle-Face Records is proud to announce the release of Hands On The Controls, on vinyl for the very first time, by the late, great sweat-n-fun factory Coachwhips. If you’re unfamiliar, pull up a chair – helmed by John Dwyer (currently of Thee Oh Sees) from 2001-2005, they were fast, nasty, unintelligible, brutally and primally basic. A telephone through a guitar amp, half a drum kit, a shitty Casio organ, and primal speed-trash riffs never sounded so good. Hands On The Controls was their first studio album and criminally never came out on vinyl – we’re here to remedy that. Dwyer has kindly opened the crypt and added 6 never-before released tracks to sweeten the deal, we’ve remastered the tracks for maximum bludgeon, cleaned up the artwork and even added some period photos from his own personal collection. Early ditties like “That Bitch Is Gonna End Up Dead”, “N.Y.C. L.O.V.E.” and my girlfriend’s personal favorite, “Look Into My Eyes When I Come” will leap off of your turntable, do all of your drugs, and will almost certainly get you in trouble. It’s out on Castle-Face September 3rd.

TWIN GUNS – Saturday, March 23 – 9:00PM @ 31st Street Pub

Twin Guns Sweet Dreams_5

The powerhouse duo of Andrea Sicco and “Jungle” Jim Chandler give the full blown sound out of a two person front that is reminiscent of the Black Keys, but with a unique sound core that defies any one genre of rock n’ roll. On tour for their late 2012 album Sweet Dreams, listen for a wild, but not chaotic, mix of surf, grunge, metal, death metal, electronica, rockabilly, and 50s-60s doo-wop aspects… all tied up in neatly choreographed feats of musical composition.

Twin Guns satisfy like a Wild West Neo-Black Sabbath that rides in from the sunset instead of disappearing into it.

With King Fez, and Retro Agents. Doors at 9:00PM.

Listen to Sweet Dreams by Twin Guns at:

& Twin Guns debut album Scene of the Crime at: