MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT Announce Upcoming, New Compilation Album, ‘SLEAZY ACTION’!

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On 02/22/21, Gothic-Disco legends MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT will release Sleazy Action a compilation of 12 previously unreleased remixes by TKK’s BUZZ McCOY, highlighting the group’s past 12 years on SleazeBox Records. The album also includes tracks from related side-project BOMB GANG GIRLZ and new songs by BUZZ McCOY and GROOVIE MANN’s DARLING KANDIE.


1. “Bella Piranha (Hot Shot Mix)” – My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
2. “Studio 21 (Titan Mix)” – My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
3. “Hell Kat Klub (Klit Klub Mix)” – My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
4. “Want (Cockadoodledoo Mix)” – Bomb Gang Girlz
5. “Royal Skull (Karmakazi Mix)” – My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
6. “My Wicked Ways (Babylonia Mix)” – Darling Kandie
7. “Witchpunkrockstar (Heavy Mental Mix)” – My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
8. “Monti Karlo (Kasino Mix)” – My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
9. “Prism (Mata Hari Mix)” – Buzz McCoy
10. “All The Way (S.T.R.U.T. Mix)” – Bomb Gang Girlz
11. “Suite 16 (Love To Love Mix)” – Buzz McCoy
12. “Lone Road (Dead End Mix)” – My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

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Hailing from Chicago’s renowned Wax Trax! Records stable of recording artists, MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT have been conjuring up sonic tales of sex, blasphemy and kitschy horror since 1987. Along with label mates such as Front 242KMFDM and Ministry, TKK (as often abbreviated), helped develop the industrial music genre, but they themselves continued to evolve, creating one of the most diverse repertoires in modern day music. Their sound can be described as electronic rock, heavily influenced by both disco and funk. One of their most distinctive characteristics is the use of spoken-word samples lifted from B-movies laced throughout their songs. Since debuting, they have released 13 studio albums, and their music has been featured in a variety of films, television/cable shows and soundtracks, all the while making a reputation for themselves as one of the most notorious and controversial cult bands of their generation.

Artist Franke Nardiello and musician Marston Daley, two Chicago neighbors who enjoyed late night burritos while watching foreign horror movies on VHS rented from the corner store, began conspiring to make a trashy B movie (in the style of Russ Meyer and John Waters) to be called “My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult”. While the film itself never came to fruition, they also wrote some music to be the accompanying soundtrack. Both worked at Wax Trax! Records in Chicago, and when the label heard the tracks, they were intrigued and eager to release it.

The duo took the title of the film as the name for their band, and decided to focus on the musical group full time. Taking the stage names Groovie Mann (Nardiello) and Buzz McCoy (Daley), they worked on creating an occult-biker meets disco-rock influence look for the project, which included a bevy of voluptuous back-up singers and dancers known as the BOMB GANG GIRLZ. The New York Times wrote, “Sex, blasphemy, big beats and go-go dancing; they’re all in a day’s work for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult ”. This attracted the attention of indie fans and the ire of religious groups in practically equal measure. They released their first album I See Good Spirits And I See Bad Spirits in 1988 followed up by the hard-hitting dance floor classics “Kooler Than Jesus” and “A Girl Doesn’t Get Killed By A Make-Believe Lover Cuz It’s Hot,” which featured no-wave chanteuse Lydia Lunch on vocals. By the time they released their second album, Confessions Of A Knife (1990), they were far and away one of the biggest selling acts on the label.

In 1991, the band embarked on the decadent “Sexplosion! Tour”, titled after their third album. Alternative Press reviewed the show as “Sin-sational!”. The tour was a success and the record sold so well that they signed a deal with Interscope Records shortly afterwards, and the single “Sex On Wheelz” became a sizeable radio hit.

Hollywood also embraced the group, recognizing the unique cinematic aspect of their sound. The band’s music has appeared in a slew of films and tv/cable shows including, director Ralph Bakshi’s “Cool World”, Paul Verhoven’s saucy “Showgirls”, MTV’s “Beavis And Butthead“, and the cult film classic “The Crow”, in which the ensemble make a cameo appearance performing their song “After The Flesh”. More recently the KULT was written into the story line of the 2014 film “Sexy Evil Genius” starring Seth Green.

THRILL KILL KULT continue to release new material via their own SleazeBox Records label ( and tour extensively with a rotating cast of musicians and dubious characters, however the core of the project has always been Nardiello and Daley, both on record and in the live act. Their performances sizzle with sleaze and infectious grooves, as Melody Maker once described, “A red hot cabaret from Hell”.

They begin their 4th decade this year with the release of a new album, In The House Of Strange Affairs on February 14th, and a North American tour commencing May 5th in Las Vegas. The current line-up is Groovie Mann (vocals), Buzz McCoy (keys), Mimi Star (bass), Justin Thyme (drums), Arena Rock (Bomb Gang Girl).


FUSED BY DEFIANCE Release Official Music Video for “Cancel Culture”

cancel culture art work 2020

LA Based, 5 piece band FUSED BY DEFIANCE has released the official music video for their single, “Cancel Culture.” Originally premiered on GHOST CULT MAGAZINE, “Cancel Culture” was directed and edited by Ron Underwood.


“Cancel culture is a powerful weapon that when used appropriately, has the power to take down disgusting human-beings in less than 140 characters; something most court systems can’t manage to do in 140 days. But like a vigilante with no moral code or restraint, it can easily tip toward the dark-side. This song talks about the inappropriate usage of cancel culture. Metaphorically, a virus in the system; that searches through a person’s past and finds the one thing that may be able to bring them down as a petty response or knee jerk reaction to a human occasion. What cancel culture in this instance fails to take into account is the fallibility of humanity. Within this cycle is a tale of growth through experience which in current times are posted for public review. We are all human and all make mistakes, however only in the fallacy of stagnation does cancel culture become its own demise.” – FUSED BY DEFIANCE

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Fused By Defiance, also known as FxD, is a five piece band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2012. They incorporate sounds of Rock, Metal, Rap and Funk, coupled with socially conscious lyrics, to create songs that will move both your body and your mind. Add in their naturally energetic performance and the live shows become an event to remember, or as one fan put it, “Poetry In Motion.”

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Review:Richie Aldente Band’s “Disco Baby” Like A Studio 54 Flashback

Endorsed by none other than Jason Mraz, Seattle’s Richie Aldente Band are redefining the sound of the Emerald City.  Like many of the best bands hip to the intelligent music consumer, RAB creates a fusion of dance beats, disco, yacht rock, and hip-hop to meld their own unique sound.  Richie’s debut, “For The Ladies” was a huge success and put them on the top of the heap in the Seattle club scene.  The video single of “Cougar Hunt” received 10K hits alone on YouTube.  Riding the wave of momentum, Aldente and his band hit the studio again to record “Disco Baby”, an 11 track party fest for your ears and your dancing soul filled with enough grooves to put you back in Studio 54.

Kicking off with “Take My Party Serious” the listener can easily visualize the scene unfolding, limbs grinding and glasses in the air.  The combination of opposing vocals works well here against the funk beat and sets the tone for  what is to follow.  “Lonely Dancer”  takes a shift into a more subtle dance beat that has shades of Joe Jackson era material and shows the diversity that Richie and his mates create.  But immediately that slower mix goes more to the contemporary pop-hip-hop mode with “Reverse Psychology”, a very eighties feel pop tune with some R&B peppered in and maybe some JT.    Other standouts on the LP include “Droptop” with the killer bassline and lyrics that take a shot at our technical age, the title track “Disco Baby” that starts a bit “Prince-esque” and then fades into more of Daft Punk’s “Lucky” vibe, and “1+2” that is definitely a full blown blast hitting the hips immediately, defying one not to dance… and if you don’t you have no funkin’ soul.

It comes down to this- the Richie Aldente Band is a fun-loving, hip swinging, dance jiving, genre blending, good time band that you will love to hear and see.  Check them out for yourself on their website and see what all the funk is about…

CODY KAHMAR Premieres New Song “Last Time”

Singer-songwriter, Cody Kahmar, has just released his third single “Last Time,” an upbeat must-hear dance-trigger for the masses, today on Global Grind. The beat is funk, pop, dance and disco all rolled into one up-tempo track, a variance from Cody’s previous more sensual single, “Sex in the City.” From the moment “Last Time” starts to play, the music propels feel-good vibes that say ‘timeless party anthem.’  You can check out the track on Global Grind, here:


Last Time” was co-penned by Cody Kahmar and neo-songwriter Dominique Maples, to encourage life’s epic moments that will last for years to come. Everyone has extraordinary last times that can be stimulated by music and this song will help people connect with them; like the last time you will ever dance with someone special, the last time you will kiss your lover, or the last time you will party before tying the knot.


“Last Time” was produced by producer Pro Jay (Usher, Lil Wayne, Robin Thicke, Tupac, Jennifer Hudson) and offers the same character and perseverance Prince’s “1999” brought to the dance floor; An adamant plea to cast any cares aside, feel the music and the moment, and go hard!


The first chorus of the song kicks off with “We all came to party tonight…,” a statement that sets the tone for the carefree atmosphere “Last Time” was written to create. The significance of the song’s lighthearted persona also reflects Cody’s high-spirited outlook on life. “Life is short and music is a catalyst to inspire people to live life to the fullest. I want ‘Last time’ to inspire people to celebrate life experiences like second chances don’t exist; like it’s their last time.”


Twitter – @codykahmar

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Klassik – “What Do I Know” (Feat. B~Free)

With the first anniversary of his critically-acclaimed debut LP In The Making rapidly approaching, Klassik delivers the first sounds from his upcoming EP YRP (Young Rising Phenom) entitled “What Do I Know?”, featuring multi-instrumentalist and soul-songstress B~Free.

WDIK Bandcamp Art


Listen here:

Klassik’s Website:

B~Free’s Bandcamp:


Originally released as part of the motion picture soundtrack and opening title theme of “Role Play”, a film directed by Rubin Whitmore III in January 2013, the undeniable groove is receiving new life as part of the new EP from Radio Milwaukee’s 2012 Solo Artist of the Year.  Heavy on funk but light on the mood, “What Do I Know?” questions relationship roles and the dreams we sell, or fall short of, to maintain those roles.  With the help of B~Free’s heavenly, light harmonies in the mix, and a bright, jazzy flute solo in the outro, Klassik continues to find a way to turn the harsh realities of this world into a luscious musical escape; because with so many uncertainties in this world, what do we really know?

We know Klassik will keep the melodies pumping, your feet (and mind) moving, and your musical pallets satisfied when YRP drops this Fall. See Klassik perform this new song and other new music on September 6th with Chicago artist Show You Suck and Midwest trio RAGELIFE at the Stonefly Brewery in Milwaukee, WI. 


New Album Homunculus Out Now!


“Tauk is an incredibly impressive ensemble of talent.

The four-piece band carries an incredible groove that meshes jazz and funk with a fresh pop sound.” – Relix Magazine


“Often compared to established jam bands like Phish and Lotus – but with a feel all their own for deep groove – the quartet has a rare ability to channel emotional melodic leads, and all without a lead singer.” – The Deli Magazine


“A young and guaranteed to quickly-ascend band” – JamBase


NEW YORK, NY – July 18, 2013 – The rock/fusion quartet TAUK announces today they will hit the road this August and September to play select cities in the Midwest to support of their latest LP, Homunculus, released April 30th. TAUK will play in St.Louis, Missouri; Columbia, Missouri; Urbana, Illinois; Chicago, Illinois; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and more to be announced soon.  The NYC group joined forces with Grammy-Winning Producer Robert Carranza (Mars Volta, Jack Johnson) to craft their first entirely instrumental full-length album. For tickets and more information on the new album, visit:


TAUK’s unique experimental blend of instrumental funk, jazz, pop, and rock landed the band spots on last summer’s biggest festivals such as BonnarooTheHangout Music FestivalSummer Camp Music Festival and The Allman Brother’s Peach Fest and opening gigs for moe.Robert Randolph & the Family BandPerpetual GrooveO.A.R.311Tea Leaf Green and Toubab Krewe. Check out TAUK performing their unique rendition of The Beatles classic “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” for Indaba Music:


TAUK is Matt Jalbert (Guitar), Charlie Dolan (Bass), Alric “A.C.” Carter (Keyboard-Organ), and Isaac Teel (Drums). Forming in middle school, a majority of TAUK’s members have been playing together for over a decade. The group experimented with their sound throughout the years both individually while studying at top music universities and conservatories, and together as a band – always working to find their ideal sound. It wasn’t until 2012 with the addition of drummer,Isaac Teel, and the realization the band could build a fan base around a completely instrumental act, that the pieces fell into place for HomunculusJalbertexplains, “This band has been through a lot, but we hit a point last year where it just felt like things were coming together the way they were supposed to. We really wanted this new album to be a statement as to what TAUK is all about.”


With the new album’s psychedelic title, Homunculus, TAUK aims to leave the interpretation of both the title and the music up to the listener. “Being an instrumental band leaves a lot of our music up to being interpreted in different ways,” explains Jalbert.

TAUK manages to create a live show experience to match their masterfully produced recordings.  The unique chemistry and relaxed-focus of Tauk’s performance is undeniable, but their ability to create immensely melodic and emotional music without a vocal lead is what continues to captivate and impress music lovers across all genres. The future is continuing to look bright for this talented and ambitious quartet.

Check out more on Tauk here:






Summer/Fall Shows:

Jul 18 Brooklyn, NY Spike Hill
Jul 19 East Jewett, NY Bellstock 20
Jul 25 Floyd, VA Floyd Fest
Jul 27 Richmond, VA The Camel w/ The Shack Band
Aug 1 Baltimore, MD The 8×10 w/ Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
Aug 2 Washington, D.C. 9:30 Club w/ Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Aug 3 Roscoe, NY MazFest Music Festival
Aug 9 Boston, MA The Wilbur Theatre w/ Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Aug 10 Port Chester, NY Capitol Theatre w/ Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Aug 15 Scranton, PA Peach Music Festival
Aug 28 St. Louis, MO The Gramophone w/ Acoustics Anonymous
Aug 29 Columbia, MO The Bridge w/ Acoustics Anonymous
Aug 30 Chicago, IL Cubby Bear w/ Spread and Acoustics Anonymous
Aug 31 Urbana, IL The Canopy Club w/ Acoustics Anonymous
Sep 4 Ann Arbor, MI Woodruff’s
Sep 5 Columbus, OH Woodland’s
Sep 6 Cleveland, OH TBA
Sep 7 Pittsburgh, PA Mullen’s Bar & Grill

New Music: RAGELIFE “Let Me Go”

“Let Me Go” is the first single from the self titled debut EP set to be released August 2013.

Remix of XXYYXX “About You”

Listen and Download free here:

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 “Turnt Up and I’m Raging/Ring Finger Stay Vacant”

RAGELIFE brings Hip Hop, EDM, and funk sounds together on their debut project that is the perfect soundtrack for a party. While the first single “Let Me Go” is a smoother, trippy interpretation of the woes of monogamy, it is also a great depiction of the trio’s talent and their fun loving attitude. The self-titled EP is scheduled to drop August 2013 with a video for the second single “Champagne Range” Featuring Milwaukee Artist Klassik set to drop July 2013. RAGELIFE consists of Karl “¡OYE!” Iglesias, Andrew “P/1” Thomas, and Ian “DJ *hitmayng” Carroll, who met while attending The University of Wisconsin, a top five Party school for the last four years according to Playboy. Although all of the members bring their own influences and vision, they meet at the common ground with RAGELIFE; a way to describe the intense battle of hard work, constant energy, all while having the time of your life.


Ultraviolet Hippopotamus w/Dopapod @ Rex Theater Feb. 8

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus is an explosive five-piece progressive improvisational band with a rapidly growing fan base across the U.S. and Europe. Described as “brightening the future of the jam band scene,” Ultraviolet Hippopotamus mixes tight, funky jams with new dance beats, heartfelt lyrics, compelling composition, eccentric effects and a vibrant light show for an incredible, one-of-a-kind musical experience. Known for its on-stage musical alchemy – cultivated from years of relentless touring – the band performs an eclectic selection of technically demanding compositions and improvised material along with unconventional and fun covers.

The band recently joined the rooster at Hoplite where founding partners Tom Baggott and Chris Cate have presided over the foundational career development of Disco Biscuits, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Railroad Earth, Ryan Montbleau Band, Zach Deputy and many other smaller artists. Through time spent at other agencies or in other roles ranging from artist management, tour management, production, marketing and management over the last 20+ years, they also participated in the career growth of Agents of Good Roots, Johnny Winter, Michelle Shocked, The Radiators, Tim Reynolds, Victor Wooten and many more. The band is now being managed and booked by the agency which has already led to bigger and better touring opportunities.

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus also just spent time in the studio recording a new concept EP, Broomhilda Suite, which they released to fans at its Halloween 2012 show. It is now available for purchase at shows and online for just $5. Broomhilda Suite is the band’s latest studio effort featuring an epic story of the hero Kanyon and his journey to defeat a mean, old witch Broomhilda. The band is extremely proud of the work and can’t wait to release a full-length studio album later this year.

The group deftly journeys between funk, jazz, livetronica, space rock, reggae, bluegrass, and progressive rock within a single show and, sometimes, within a single song. Exploring new ground and taking risks make every performance unique, and fans are never sure what exactly the band will deliver each night; other than exceptional music.

Anyone remotely familiar with the ‘jam band sound’ will immediately recognize Ultraviolet Hippopotamus’ influences and genre-mixing musical objectives, but the band adds a level of talent, intricacy and polish that truly sets it apart. Tight, energetic jams and outstanding vocals — a true rarity among the band’s peers — coupled with the act’s spontaneity and strong songwriting add to its appeal. The word is out, and the band is quickly developing into an international sensation.

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus’ highly praised third album, “Square Pegs, Round Holes,” reached No. 3 and spent much of the year in the top 25 of the Relix Magazine/ National Radio Chart and was voted “2011 Studio Album of the Year” at the Home Grown Music Network. It also received similar nominations from several radio programs, among other acclaim. The album continues to sell steadily and receives airplay across the U.S. as well as internationally in Italy, Brazil, France, Switzerland, England, Spain, Germany and other countries.

Dopapod exists at the crossroads of full throttle intensity, deep pocket groove, intricate technicality, and limitless experimentation. With no regard towards limiting themselves to stylistic boundaries, the sound that emerges from the quartet both live and in the studio is as varied and diverse as the many influences that they adapt from.

ONLINE INFO: (“Square Pegs Round Holes” available here)

LIVE STREAMING MUSIC: (Halloween: Nintendo Power Show)

Winslow To Release New LP ‘Left Of The Right Direction’ March 26th

Cleveland’s heralded soul/rock band Winslow, is set to release their much anticipated sophomore album Left of the Right Direction on March 26th via Little Fish Records and RCR Recording Studios. The 6-piece teamed up with Grammy-Award Winning Producer Edwin “Tony” Nicholas (Barry White, Mary J Blige, Gerald Levert) and Grammy-Nominated engineer Nick Chahwala (Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Gym Class Heroes) to produce the new album.

In celebration of the announcement, the band premiered the album’s first single, “Alone Tonight” on WJCU Cleveland 88.7FM. Purchase “Alone Tonight,” here:

Winslow’s unique blend of soul, funk, rock and jazz has been described as a musical breath of fresh air. This sound, combined with the group’s polished and passionate live show has led them to sharing the stage with such major acts as Incubus, Earth Wind & Fire, OAR, Robert Randolph, Keane, Lupe Fiasco, Rusted Root, and many more.

Maurice Martin, vocalist for Winslow, explains how the band’s four years of growth and changes has led them to creating Left of the Right Direction. “We have grown a lot since our first album. I feel like our songwriting really has come a long way. We aren’t trying to fit into a mold of a certain genre or style. Our real goal was to create an album that we could be proud of. Call it pop. Call it soul. As long as people listen, they can call it what they will.”

Winslow is Maurice Martin (vocals), Matt Tieman (saxophone), Curtis Tate (keyboard), Charlie Trenta (guitar), Danny Kolliner (bass), and Jesse Marquardt (drums). Each member of the band has a background studying diverse styles of music and it comes through in the music. Subsequently, all of Winslow’s tracks can be heard as their own individual vignettes, highlighting one distinct part of the group’s musical background. Martin’s hooks and signature vocal style serve as the bond that ties the songs together and make the album cohesive.

Winslow will release Left of the Right Direction on March 26th. Please head to for more updates.


Track Listing:
01. Ain’t That A Shame
02. Alone Tonight
03. Nothin’s Easy
04. Quarter-life
05. Stand Up
06. Everyday
07. Clarity
08. Mo’s Joint
09. Last Goodbye
10. The Change

Upcoming Shows:
Feb 15 Millenium Music Conference @ Rods Roadhouse Harrisburg, PA
Mar 1 Musica Akron, OH
Mar 2 Lemon Grove Youngstown, OH
Mar 8 Buzzbin Art & Music Canton, OH
Mar 14 Red Gorilla Music Fest Austin, TX
April 13 Mojos Jamestown, NY
Apr 15 University of Akron Akron, OH
Apr 27 Brother’s Lounge Cleveland, OH
May 3 WJCU 5th Birthday Party Cleveland, OH