Cymbals Eat Guitars Premieres “Hawk Highway” on Pitchfork

Masters From Their Day is an on-going series of short documentaries focusing on artists making records. Each episode chronicles the efforts of a band and a record-producer as they attempt to record a new single in one day. The viewer experiences the real-time creative contemplations that go into the records being made by today’s luminaries. Legendary alt-rock producer John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dino Jr, Kurt Vile) who had just produced the most recent Cymbals Eat Guitars album, ‘Lenses Alien’, collaborated with the band again for this project.

Available at iTunes now and all other digital retailers shortly.

Click Here To Listen To “Hawk Highway” On Pitchfork

Tour Dates With Bob Mould

9/7 – Willamsburg Waterfront – Brooklyn, NY
9/10 – The Paradise – Boston, MA
9/11 – Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA

“Old-school indie purists could use a modern hero, and while it may be unfair to peg Cymbals Eat Guitars as ’90s revivalists, their second album will speak to fans of Built to Spill’s squall, Superchunk’s chug, and Modest Mouse’s string-bending strangeness.” – SPIN

“(D’Agostino’s)… designs are musically shifty, producing songs that slacken and snap back, or swerve around unexpected corners.” – New York Times

“… Cymbals has its own calibration of the beautiful and the grinding, one that leaves room for plenty of tunefulness amid the yowls. Over the past two years, the mix has vaulted the group to a rank among the city’s most celebrated young bands.”
– New York Daily News

“Joseph D’Agostino takes an enormous leap of faith by doubling down on his brick-thick verbiage during a lyrics-first record that puts more confidence in the listener’s attention span than pretty much anything else I’ve heard this year.” – Pitchfork

“Despite the fact that they’re really young, Staten Island indie rockers Cymbals Eat Guitars are already the masters of grandiose, guitar-driven rock. On their new LP, Lenses Alien, they push it a little further into a bigger, bolder direction.” – Stereogum