Industrial/Rock Band 51 PEG Breaks 14 Year Silence with A\VOID

Industrial/Rock band 51 PEG are pleased to announce the release of their new album A\VOID. This is their first release after a 14 year hiatus.
After garnering a following in the Mid-Atlantic region in the mid-2000’s and sharing the stage with acts such as 30 Seconds to Mars, Orgy, and The Birthday Massacre, the band is back with a 16-track offering that builds on their unique blend of the alt rock, goth, prog, and industrial genres


“A\Void bearing all the hallmarks of the band’s previous work – striking melodies, complex progressions, and top-notch musicianship… but now, much more finely tuned, honed, sharpened into an eloquently produced industrial/rock package. With such a strong showing after 14 years, 51 Peg has certainly made the 14-year-long wait worth our while.” – ReGen

A\VOID Track List:

1. A Void 03:46
2. No Ctrl 04:50
3. Another Nothing 03:38
4. Coded in Time 04:36
5. Acceptance 04:31
6. Prying Eyes 04:04
7. Super Spy 05:19
8. Night Things 05:25
9. Parachute and Savior 06:09
10. Cat Scan 03:25
11. Now and What Used to Be 04:19
12. Death March 03:34
13. Zero Zero 04:47
14. Walk Through Me 04:40
15. The Light That Lit Your Way 05:28
16. The Void 02:56




51 Peg formed in 1998, with the release of their first album “Strange Appointments” coming in 2000 which drew comparisons to a varied group of artists like Peter Murphy, Depeche Mode, and Orgy. The follow-up album “Esc \ Ctrl” featured a more focused and polished sound, and pushed the band forward in popularity. The group went on an indefinite hiatus in 2007 but was offered a reunion show in 2016 which proved to be successful.

Building on that momentum and with the combined experience gathered over the years in other projects, the band decided to write their most ambitious material yet. Listen to the latest evolution of the band’s sound at

Bleachers “I Wanna Get Better” new band from GRAMMY award winning musician Jack Antonoff

Grammy award winning artist and songwriter Jack Antonoff announces his new project Bleachers with the release of the debut single “I Wanna Get Better” (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN).  Founding member of the Grammy award winning band fun. and singer/songwriter of the beloved New Jersey band Steel Train, Antonoff wrote and co-produced the Bleachers debut single alongside producer John Hill (MIA, Jay Z, Empire of the Sun).  “I Wanna Get Better” ships to radio today and is now available at all digital music providers. Bleachers debut album will be released later this spring on RCA Records and features producer John Hill as well as Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yaz, Erasure) and other collaborators.

Bleachers will make their network television debut as the musical guest on NBC’s highly anticipated new Late Night With Seth Meyers on March 26th.  They will play their first live show in Austin, TX at SXSW followed by a string of live performances throughout the spring and summer:

March 12           Palladia’s EPIC. AWESOME. SHOWCASE (Austin,TX during SXSW)
March 13           2014 mtvU Woodie Awards and Festival (during SXSW)
March 19           Troubadour (Los Angeles)
March 27           Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn, New York)
June 6-8            Governor’s Ball (New York)
June 19-22        Firefly Music Festival (Dover, Delaware)
July 5-6              Wireless Festival (United Kingdom)
July 10-12         Bilbao BBK Live Festival (Bilbao, Spain)

Hailing from New Jersey, 29 year old Jack Antonoff has been in the music scene for over a decade.  In 2002, with Jack as the lead singer, the success of New Jersey born indie rock band Steel Train was well underway.  Steel Train’s cult following lead them to make their national television debut on Late Night With Conan O’Brien and later appeared on Late Show With David Letterman. In 2008, Jack joined Nate Ruess and Andrew Dost to form the Grammy award winning fun.. In addition to being a multi-talented musician, Jack is a critically acclaimed songwriter and producer.  His achievements include co-writing fun.’s Grammy award winning song “We Are Young” and Grammy nominated album Some Nights, and he received a Golden Globe nomination for his collaboration with Taylor Swift on her song “Sweeter Than Fiction.” Jack has also worked with Sara Bareilles, co-writing her Grammy nominated hit “Brave”, and Canadian Indie icons Tegan and Sara.  Jack is set to release the debut album for new project Bleachers later this spring.


PMM Interviews Renaissance Man William Control: AKA Wil Francis of Aiden

Renaissance man. That is how I would describe Wil Francis AKA William Control. He’s a writer, producer, engineer, performer and as his press kit puts it, “a willing ambassador to the outside world for black sheep everywhere”.
Stepping outside of his role in Aiden, Wil takes on the alter ego of William Control to bring the electronic dark wave that is reminiscent of New Order, Bauhaus, Gary Numan, and Depeche Mode. Although this genre of music is not my first choice on my iPod, while listening to Control’s latest effort “Silentium Amoris”, I was deeply impressed with the lyricism and the respect and reverence with which Wil pays homage to his influences. But don’t let those influences that you assume stop at 80’s synth pop and New Wave. Wil grabs from Sinatra to Cash to Sabbath.
Silentium Amoris has a thematic bend to it, (a) “journey about finding a voice in
the rubble of a broken world…a stepping-stone in the development of a protagonist who is seeking revenge. It is proof that one can come to his senses through otherwise unconventional means – pleasure and pain – and come out better able to fight through the obstacles set in his path. London, Paris and Berlin serve as the gritty backdrop for this utterly unwholesome romp, intertwining fantasy with harsh reality”.
Wil’s performance at The Altar Bar was an extremely high energy romp that had the dark tone and atmosphere of a Lord Byron party on ecstasy. The sold out crowd ate up all that Wil threw at them and at times the high squealed screams of the girls (and some boys) was overwhelming.
Check out our interview with Wil where we discuss Morrissey, Black Sabbath, writing poetry and lyrics, capitalism and music, the book he is writing, and much more…

William Control backstage at Altar Bar with Editor in Chief Alan Welding
William Control backstage at Altar Bar with Editor in Chief Alan Welding












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Download Missing 10th Track From Upcoming Lone Wolf Album

The Lovers Will Be Self Released On November 27, 2012

Stream “All Clear” Here!
Download “All Clear” Here!

“All Clear,” is described as the “missing 10th track from The Lovers, and Paul Marshall explains how the track came to be:

“It was written in the middle of the night when everyone else was in bed and I was up by myself, extremely drunk. I just sat at the piano, pressed record on my iPhone and this song just came out. The next afternoon I remembered I had recorded something the night before, and I played it to album producer James Kenosha, and he insisted we immediately record a proper version of it, and here it is. The only reason it didn’t make it onto the album was because of the fact that it was piano driven, unlike any of the other tracks on the album. Also, lyrically it was supposed to be me reflecting on the mess that has just happened in my mind throughout the course of the record, and we agreed it was better to end the album in distress rather than comfort, still love the track all the same and it has a life of it’s own, with a very simple repeating lyric.”

Lone Wolf began life in 2009 in various dusty rooms and tape studios around Sweden where Paul Marshall pulled his songs and ideas slowly together. After a month of various field recordings, sneaking into concert halls late at night to use the piano, setting up gear in small village churches, and other surreptitious places, the basic album tracks were done. The resulting body of work: The Devil And I, Lone Wolf’s (Paul Marshall’s musical moniker) debut, was released on Bella Union in mid-2010 to welcome arms. A new singer-songwriter to behold was born that day.

A year followed of Paul sharpening his teeth on the road, looking for a leaner, more focused sound; one he could truly call his own. Working his way solo and with a band across the UK, USA and Europe, the seeds of Lone Wolf’s second chapter were sewn.

Throughout 2011 Paul meticulously crafted a new creative template he could draw from, pooling all his experience thus far into a new melting pot; with the aim of creating music free of immediate categorisation. He called upon the talents once again of engineer James Kenosha (who mixed The Devil And I) and producer Jon Fougler to make an experimental, yet definitive, statement of an artist willing to push his own boundaries, and also an audience’s pre-conceptions. Putting narrative and his powerful vocals front and centre, the rest of the sonic canvas was free to paint as was his will.

From this liberated position, The Lovers was born. Using powerful percussion, Paul’s skilled playing of 6-string (electric) guitar and the soaring backing vocals of XL Recordings’ Blue Roses, The Lovers began to emerge from its corner as a proud, lean fighter of a record, stripping back the traditional role and sound of a singer-songwriter motif, and heading into a territory that only the likes of Mark Hollis have dared tread. Neatly enough then that during the album’s conception, Paul was called to appear – twice – upon a Talk Talk tribute charity compilation, alongside Recoil (Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode), Joan as Police Woman, King Creosote, and Richard Reed Parry (of Arcade Fire).

The Lovers showcases a truly modern yet timeless sound, epic in sonic and song writing ambition. Marshall shares an affinity with contemporaries such as Wild Beasts, The Invisible and Radiohead (having toured with Phil Selway previously). His true sound is that of an unwillingness to compromise in face of increasingly rigid structures, musically and economically, hemming proper free expressive creativity. The Lovers has the kind of conceptual and song writing bravery you turn to in the albums of yesteryear to relive, free of easy categorisation and pigeonholing – and all the stronger for it.

Italian Deathrock Masters HORROR VACUI Release “In Darkness You Will Feel Alright”

Absolute Goth/Deathrock performed by five Vampire Punks! Horror Vacui are a Post-Punk Gothic band that formed in the UK and Italy, referred to as the European answer to Spectres, Lost Tribe, Funeral Parade and Moral Hex. The definition of Horror Vacui is “Fear Of Emptiness”, a statement that perfectly suits the atmosphere which features highly memorable guitar riffs, infectious bass lines, thunderous drums and haunting vocals. Lyrical content is varied and deals with issues ranging from mental health, to anti-militaristic activism, to the governments moral decay. This exclusive CD pressing includes six bonus demo tracks that are not found on the vinyl LP version. For fans of Anasazi, Bauhaus, Bludwulf, Christian Death, The Cure, The Dead Boys, Depeche Mode, Fields Of The Nephilim, Lords Of The New Church, The Misfits, The Ramones, Screaming Dead, Sisters Of Mercy and Swans. In Darkness You Will Feel Alright!

You can pre-order your copy for only $10 including shipping at

Album Sampler:

1. Intro
2. Black Rivers
3. I Like It When A Soldier Dies
4. Corvus Corax
5. Everytime
6. In Darkness You Will Feel Alright
7. Yersinia
8. Arabian Spring
9. Leave Me Alone
10. Outro
11. A Destructive Game (demo)
12. I Like It When A Soldier Dies (demo)
13. Black Rivers (demo)
14. Everytime (demo)
15. Insanity (demo)
16. In Darkness You Will Feel Alright (demo)

Dead Leaf Echo Release Split 7″

Brooklyn band Dead Leaf Echo featuring frontman and founder LG, Ana Breton and Christo Buffam will release a split 7″ with San Francisco band Slowness with special guest Sean Eden from Luna. Pre-orders for the split 7″ sold out within 2 weeks, but the record will be available again from June 26 on Greenfuse Records.

Dead Leaf Echo are currently working on their debut full length with the help of 4AD producer John Fryer (Pale Saints, Lush, This Mortal Coil, NIN, Depeche Mode) and engineer Joe Lambert (The Big Sleep, Deerhunter, School of Seven Bells).

The band will release previews of what’s to come from the gorgeous full length LP through the summer in the form of limited edition 7″s and live shows throughout the country.

Check out ‘Act of Truth” here
Tour Dates
6/23 – Inciting HQ – Philadelphia, PA
6/24 – Gansevoort Park – New York, NY (DJ Set @ 5:30PM)
6/29 – T.T.’s The Bears – Boston, MA
6/30 – Paperbox – Brooklyn, NY (Split 7″ Release Party)
7/20 – South Park Tavern – Dayton, OH
7/21 – Big Day In Festival 2 – Columbus, OH
7/27 – Big Snow Buffalo Lodge – Brooklyn, NY
8/2 – Pete’s Candy Store – Brooklyn, NY (Acoustic show)
9/8 – Cameo Gallery – Brooklyn, NY