Brooklyn Psych Rockers DINOWALRUS Call for “Light Rain” via CLRVYNT


“Light Rain” Now Streaming via



“…the magical surrealism that could only come from a band named Dinowalrus”NPR

“…a strange and heady brew of psychedelia, Krautrock, Gang Gang Dance-style electro experimentation and, perhaps most strangely of all, take on late 80s British indie-dance.”The Line of Best Fit

FAIRWEATHER LP Available September 23

Brooklyn DIY genre-benders Dinowalrus have unleashed the second track from their upcoming LP: the synth-psych-gaze “Light Rain” is now streaming exclusively via new siteCLRVYNT, along with an in-depth feature on frontman Pete Feigenbaum’s take on physical media as a recording artist.


The track is featured on their upcoming studio album, FAIRWEATHER, a spacey exploration of vivid sonic vivacity, due September 23. The track is driven by a pulsing krautrock beat and, like much of the album, could be described as the sonic and lyrical equivalent of a light spectacle – “Life rushes by when I stand still,” sings Pete Feigenbaum. Along with flowing synths and electronic beats, it also harkens back to classic rock n’ roll as it ends with a driving guitar solo.

Although heavily dosed with electronics, FAIRWEATHER contrasts the dystopian industrial arpeggiators of their previous albums with a warm, timeless palette of organs, looped breakbeats, and radio-ready vocals, including the occasional psychedelic flourish of reversed guitars and exploding delay trails. As a result, the music moves forward by looking back, bringing to mind the work of contemporaries like Jagwar Ma, Tame Impala, andDeerhunter, while also incorporating some of the more exciting and psychedelic pop sounds of the early ’90s Creation Records back catalog with aesthetic nods to The House of Love, Primal Scream, and Ride.

Dinowalrus will be playing a hometown release show at Rough Trade NYC on September 25 (tickets available here). The band will be joined by Sharkmuffin, Dead Leaf Echo, and Drawing Boards.


Return of the Dreads Tour: Dreadfully Entertaining (Korn, Rob Zombie, and In This Moment)

Somehow metal has a way of surviving like a cockroach.  Not your dirty hotel cockroach, though, more like something “Kafkaesque”.  Korn has never really gone away since they hit in the 90’s, Rob Zombie has stayed in the limelight from White Zombie since blowing up mainstream in 92, and In This Moment (since 2005) takes some of those influences and puts them to good use.  What that all added together makes is the sum of Return of the Dreads Tour that was a downright full on blast of great metal music with a lot of showmanship from each band.

To call In This Moment an opener is a bit of a slight, let’s just say they have not built the audience that the co-headliners have…yet.  Maria Brink has always been a beautiful temptress who blurs the lines of what many would believe a “metal singer” sounds like.  She takes that amazing voice, throws in props, wardrobe changes, grand theatrics, and of course the music to truly put together a brand.  Her guitar players, Chris Howorth and Randy Weitzel play off of one another with fluidity and flash.  What was nice about having a more open stage at First Niagara Pavilion was that the audience could see and interact with the band members more.  When ITM plays smaller venues, it is often hard to see the band and what they are doing behind the masks and makeup.  Although Brink is a show unto herself, the addition of the dancers and even the blank expression of Lord Hannibal provide that little extra that provides a memorable experience. (setlist here)

Korn and Rob Zombie have been flip flopping each night as the final performing band.  In Pittsburgh, Rob Zombie followed ITM and put on his usual jaw-dropping performance.  Zombie also employs theatrics on a grander scale with giant aliens, a dancing satan, oversized boom boxes, and tossed to the crowd massive balloons and “E.T.’s” that may or may not be anatomically correct.  Watching Rob Zombie move is a lesson in frenetic motion, he is a blur of dance, bounce, and twirl.  That guttural tone in his voice is as strong as ever, and his band mates are beyond tight.  John 5 put on his usual guitar pyrotechnics and is able to show off just a fraction of what he can do within the confines of Zombie’s genre, he may be one of the most versatile guitar players in music today.  Piggy D and Ginger Fish (bass and drums respectively) held down the beat that is an essential aspect of Zombie’s music, even when throwing in a cover such as Tone Loc‘s “Wild Thing”.  All in all, it was an amazing set with all the hits you would want to hear including some White Zombie material (“More Human Than Human” and “Thunderkiss ’65“). (setlist here)

Korn has been coming to Pittsburgh from the very beginning, playing small venues such as the defunct Metropol.  Korn have never been known to ‘phone it in’ and their performance last week was no exception.  Opening with “Right Now” from Take a Look in the Mirror, the band launched into full out dreads flying mode and set the tone from there.  Even though Korn’s brand of nu-metal may not be at the top of the charts anymore, the band is just as fresh sounding and aggressive as ever.  Pittsburgh’s very own Ray Luzier on drums has become a backbone member of the band and even though Head has been back for a few years now, he plays like someone fighting for starting position.  Korn had a little less of the theatrics to offer, but made up for it with a very tight set that included new material that definitely reminds one of their earlier work.  Davis’ voice is an instrument to itself and playing off of Munky, Fieldy, and the aforementioned Luzier and Head shows why the genre they championed is still alive and well.

All photos AWELDINGPHOTO ©2016

GHOST B.C. New ‘If You Have Ghost’ EP + Stream | Pre-order Now

Upcoming Ghost EP If You Have Ghost Announced – Stream “If You Have Ghosts” + Pre-order Now

Upcoming EP
If You Have Ghost
Pre-order Now Available

We wish to inform you of the upcoming Ghost EP, If You Have Ghost, produced by Dave Grohl. If You Have Ghost will be arriving November 19th worldwide.

If You Have Ghost EP Tracklisting:
1. If You Have Ghosts (Originally Recorded By Roky Erickson)
2. I Am A Marionette (Originally Recorded By ABBA)
3. Crucified (Originally Recorded By Army Of Lovers)
4. Waiting For The Night (Originally Recorded By Depeche Mode)
5. Secular Haze (Recorded Live At Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

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Got mycopy of Louder Than Hell in the mail yesterday…wow.  Really, no B.S. No filler, all killer.  I read a ton of rock bios and rock related books every month; actually I read a ridiculous amount.  Half of those books are decent, a quarter complete garbage, the other quarter is split between excellent and “how the fuck did this get published?”.  Louder Than Hell falls in the category of “I will now devour this, keep your grubby hands off of it, no you can’t borrow it, and yes it’s a bit beat up ‘cuz I keep going back to it again and again”.  Yep, it’s that cool.  There really is nothing like getting the story straight from the people in the middle of the shit, deep and dirty in the trenches.  And that is what this book gives you.  If you are a fan of rock, metal, music in general, you owe it to yourself. Get this book!

Alan Welding (Editor and COO of PMM)

image001 (6)

Based on Hundreds of Original Interviews with the Metal Elite — Including Lemmy/Motorhead, Members Of Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Korn, Pantera, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Van Halen, and many more.

“…no one’s gone quite as deep into the genre’s recesses as this 736-page oral history…”

– ROLLING STONE (4 star review!)

“It’s an aficionado’s delight.”



“…an amazing account of the four-decades-old genre…”


“If you want some debauchery and demonology to go with your gentle summer breezes,Louder Than Hell is the tome for you.” – YAHOO SUMMER MUSIC GUIDE, “ROCK’S BEST BEACH READS”

“Essential.” REVOLVER (4/4 stars review!)

“An indispensable oral history of an often misunderstood musical genre.”

KIRKUS REVIEWS (a starred review!)

“I’m not saying this just because I’m in the book, but . . . if you love metal, great stories, and music history told by the people who made it, then Louder than Hell is a must-read.”



“…the authors’ inclusiveness give this examination a weight that is just as heavy as the music.”


LOUDER THAN HELL: The Definitive Oral History of Metal is in stores TODAY! Compiled from over 400 interviews conducted by respected music journalists Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman, LOUDER THAN HELL: The Definitive Oral History of Metal (It Books; May 14, 2013; Hardcover; $32.50) is a chronological history of heavy metal, told through the words of the men and women who created it, played it, re-invented it, and continue to rock it.

Last night (May 13), co-authors Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman threw a hugely successful public party and signing at Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn, NY. An in-depth Q&A was moderated by That Metal Show’s Don Jamieson and renowned music photographer Stephanie Cabral (her gorgeous, full-color photos can be seen in the book) also joined the session. The event was such a huge success that the venue actually ran out of beer and the authors ran out of books to sign! Press and photographers came out in droves. See below for some photos from last night, taken by well-known New York photographer Greg Cristman.

On a related note, Jon and Katherine visited the Rock N’ Roll Heaven and Old Bridge Metal Militia Reunion Concert and Fundraiser in Freehold, NJ this weekend to witness the stellar line-up and sell signed books for charity. Again, all books were sold out before the end of the show and the authors were able to raise over $400 in proceeds to donate to victims of Superstorm Sandy.

The amount of positive reaction that LOUDER THAN HELL has received so far is staggering, as the quotes above can attest to. Not surprisingly, LOUDER THAN HELL was already being used as an official source even before the book release.  This book is being recognized as a credible, definitive guide to the history of heavy metal.  As published in the New York Times on May 3, the paper of Record referred to the new book LOUDER THAN HELL: The Definitive Oral History of Metal” to gain further insight into their story.

Revolver senior editor Wiederhorn and Nights with Alice Cooper producer Turman dug deep into their extensive list of contacts to uncover never-before-heard stories, eye-opening admissions and the truth behind metal’s most explosive legends. Candid and confessional commentary comes straight from icons of the genre, including: Ronnie James Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Bruce Dickinson, Eddie Van Halen, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Lita Ford, Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Axl Rose, Slash, Corey Taylor, Dave Mustaine, Chuck Schuldiner, Lemmy Kilmister, King Diamond, Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor, Slayer’s Kerry King, Phil Anselmo, Rob Zombie and more. With an introduction by Scott Ian of Anthrax and an afterword by Rob Halford of Judas Priest, and with two 16-page photo inserts, with some never-before seen candid shots by celebrated rock photographers Stephanie Cabral and Robert Matheu, this is the book metal fans have been waiting for.

The many musicians interviewed by these veteran journalists offer their take on their influences, touring, the music business, and songwriting, as well as their often-traumatic upbringings, battles with substance abuse, and bizarre sexual exploits. Industry insiders (including managers, record label executives, family members, friends, scenesters, groupies, journalists, and porn stars) provide additional insight.
From the creation of Black Sabbath in the late 1960s, to Judas Priest’s development of the leather-and-studs look, to Metallica introducing the world to thrash, to the inception of Ozzfest, to Faith No More accidentally creating the first hybrid of rap and metal, to the provocative exploits of the Sunset Strip scene, to the death and destruction surrounding Norwegian black metal, LOUDER THAN HELL gets to the meat of the metal matter:

  • Rob Halford of Judas Priest reveals how he kicked cocaine and alcohol in 1986 after tragically witnessing his boyfriend’s suicide and sought solace in spirituality, which has helped the Metal God stay clean to this day.
  • Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose talks about the early days of Guns N’ Roses, the making of the 36-million-copy-selling debut Appetite for Destruction, and how Robert Willams’ graphic cover art was censored.
  • Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi explains how he lost parts of his fingers while working a day job in a factory – and created homemade prosthetics so he could play guitar, which changed the tonality of the instrument and the sound of heavy metal forever.
  • Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson shares how he dug through his own vomit in search of the balloon of heroin he’d swallowed to avoid being arrested by the police, and then used that heroin to celebrate his victory over not getting busted.
  • Members of Metallica and Anthrax detail the horrifying events of 1986 when Metallica’s tour bus crashed and tipped over, crushing bassist Cliff Burton beneath it while the rest of the members escaped relatively unscathed.
  • Alice Cooper reveals how it was really wheelchair-bound members of his AUDIENCE who tore the live chicken apart during his fateful concert in Toronto, while Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne give first-person accounts of Ozzy biting the head off a dove while wasted during a high-level record company meeting, and decapitating a bat onstage during his Diary of a Madman tour.
  • Hellhammer, drummer of Norway’s pioneering black metal band Mayhem, talks about ex-vocalist Dead committing suicide and how guitarist Euronymous used a chunk of Dead’s brain to make a Mexican stew.
  • Biohazard guitarist Billy Graziadei details how gang bangers stabbed a member of the group’s posse with a hunting knife while shouting, “Payback, Motherfucker!” and how the band vowed to retaliate. Vocalist Evan Seinfeld also recounts his graphic sexual liaisons while on tour, and how they led to his career in porn.
  • Slipknot bassist Paul Gray (who died of an overdose at age 38 during the writing of LOUDER THAN HELL) discusses the evolution of the lineup; physical fights between band members, and his own struggles with addiction.

LOUDER THAN HELL explores the transformation of metal culture, with stories and anecdotes straight from the mouths of the most infamous and successful bands. Filled with hundreds of revealing interviews representing every type and era of heavy metal—from metal progenitors such as Blue Cheer, Led Zeppelin, and the MC5 to current day innovators including Slipknot, Mastodon, and Lamb of God—LOUDER THAN HELL is the ultimate look behind the curtain at one of our most dynamic, controversial and enduring musical genres.

To learn more about LOUDER THAN HELL, please visit these official locations:





Buy your copy of LOUDER THAN HELL on now at this location.

About the Authors:

Jon Wiederhorn is a senior writer for Revolver who also writes for Guitar World,, and His second book, the authorized biography of Ministry’s Al Jourgensen, Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen, is scheduled for release in August. His work has also appeared in Rolling StoneSPIN, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide,, AOL Noisecreep, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, RIP, Alternative Press and Cosmopolitan. Jon currently lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, down the street from legendary ‘80s/’90s metal club L’Amour. His greatest accomplishment is teaching his two pre-teens to flash the devil horns long before they discovered Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

Katherine Turman is the producer for Alice Cooper’s nightly syndicated radio show, Nights with Alice Cooper. A former editor of RIP magazine and producer at TV’s The Sharon Osbourne Show as well as radio’s Rockline, her writing has been in major publications including Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, SPIN, Billboard, Marie Claire, Guitar World, Metal Hammer, Village Voice and Daily Variety. A Los Angeles native, she now lives in Brooklyn.

Advance Praise for LOUDER THAN HELL:

“This is the best oral history I’ve read since Please Kill Me. Louder than Hell is the first book that really delivers the brutal truth from the mouths of the artists and key players themselves!

I couldn’t put it down.” —Matt Pinfield

Louder Than Hell comes straight from the twisted minds of rock icons and flows seamlessly through various eras of heavy metal. You hear from the guys that were there on the stage, in the pit, puking in the gutter. It brought back memories, and I even learned a few things I never knew. I really dig this book.”  —Riki Rachtman, DJ, VJ

“Books on the history of even something as cool as metal can be a bit antiseptic and boring—not this one. It’s the story straight from the horse’s mouth. Even better is when the horses have experimented with drugs and black out occasionally. . .” —Brendon Small, creator of Dethklok and Metalocalypse

“Who likes rock n roll here?? Well if you do, this is the book for you! Every rock has been overturned, every band has been analyzed, quoted, and lionized and every page offers a new fact or figure that you probably didn’t know. This is the definitive chronicle of all that is heavy metal and I’ve read them all!”  —Chris Jericho, Fozzy

“Katherine Turman and Jon Wiederhorn know metal. Louder than Hell is an amazing gathering of different breeds of heavy metal rockers telling the tales metal fans want to hear.”

—Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine

“This is the book every metal fan should own. A fascinating high-octane chronicle of metal mayhem that takes readers on a wild ride, from metal’s earliest days to the head-banging present. I’m not saying this just because I’m in the book, but . . . if you love metal, great stories, and music history told by the people who made it, then Louder than Hell is a must-read.”

—Alice Cooper

Louder than Hell is a love letter to the misunderstood genre of heavy metal music, written by trusted companions who had a front row seat on the devil’s rollercoaster. The definitive chronological testimony by the people who were there, including some who are no longer with us.” —Mark McGrath, Sugar Ray and co-host Extra

“An amazingly comprehensive book on all eras and genres of hard rock and heavy metal. The stories and attention to detail make it an instant must for anyone who ever was or is a fan.”

—Eddie Trunk, DJ and host of “That Metal Show” on VH1 Classic


authors louder

Sound City Behind the Scenes: Mantra – Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, Trent Reznor

Music created for the film, Sound City.
From the album Sound City – Real to Reel.
Available from iTunes




Bleeding Rainbow Announces Tour With Cave Singers

Philadelphia based rock quartet Bleeding Rainbow just released their third LP “Yeah Right” on Kanine Records. Bleeding Rainbow says their sounds was directly influenced by bands from their teenage-hood such as Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Yo La Tengo to name a few. Mixing hints of Greg Sage’s anthemic, anxiety-ridden punk riffs, with equal parts drone and noise swells reminiscent of Kevin Shields at his most inventive, with an overlaying of boy-girl harmonies, Bleeding Rainbow channels the Mamas and the Papas as if backed by early Smashing Pumpkins.

Previously Bleeding Rainbow has released a 7 inch singles series including “Pink Ruff”, “Drift Away” and “Waking Dream” – also available digitally with exclusive b sides. Fans of the band now include Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl.

Tour Dates

03/31/13 Chicago IL – Empty Bottle *
04/01/13 St Louis MO – Old Rock House *
04/02/13 Louisville KY – Zanzabar *
04/03/13 Columbus OH – The Basement *
04/04/13 Philadelphia PA – Johnny Brendas *
04/06/13 Brooklyn NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg *
04/07/13 Boston MA – Brighton Music Hall *
04/09/13 Washington DC – Rock & Roll Hotel *
04/10/13 Chapel Hill NC – Local 506 *
04/11/13 Asheville NC – Emerald Lounge *
04/12/13 Atlanta GA – The EARL *
04/13/13 St. Augustine FL – Cafe Eleven *
04/14/13 Tampa FL- Crowbar *
04/15/13 Orlando FL – Will’s Pub *
04/17/13 Baton Rouge LA – Spanish Moon *
04/18/13 Dallas TX – Club Dada *
04/19/13 Houston TX – Fitzgeralds *
04/20/13 Austin TX – Red 7 *
04/22/13 Phoenix AZ – Rhythm Room *
04/23/13 Tucson AZ – Solar Culture *
04/24/13 San Diego CA – Casbah *
04/26/13 Los Angeles CA – Bootleg Theatre *
04/27/13 Santa Cruz CA – Crepe Place *
04/28/13 San Francisco CA – Great American Music Hall *
04/29/13 Eugene OR – Cozmic Pizza *
05/02/13 Vancouver BC – Commodore Ballroom *
05/03/13 Portland OR – Wonder Ballroom *
05/04/13 Seattle WA – The Showbox *

* – w/ Cave Singers

Bleeding Rainbow Streams Full LP On Pitchfork, Recieves Praise From Dave Grohl

Click Here To Stream ‘Yeah Right’ On Pitchfork

Click Here To Read Bleeding Rainbow’s “Quit Your Day Job” Feature on Stereogum

Philadelphia based rock quartet Bleeding Rainbow will release “Yeah Right” next Tuesday January 29th. Bleeding Rainbow says their sounds was directly influenced by bands from their teenage-hood such as Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Yo La Tengo to name a few. Mixing hints of Greg Sage’s anthemic, anxiety-ridden punk riffs, with equal parts drone and noise swells reminiscent of Kevin Shields at his most inventive, with an overlaying of boy-girl harmonies, Bleeding Rainbow channels the Mamas and the Papas as if backed by early Smashing Pumpkins.

Previously Bleeding Rainbow has released a 7 inch singles series including “Pink Ruff”, “Drift Away” and “Waking Dream” – also available digitally with exclusive b sides. Fans of the band now include Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl.

Tour Dates

2/11/13 NY, NY – Cake Shop
2/12/13 Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands
2/13/13 Washington, DC – DC9
2/14/13 Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brendas

Yeah Right Tracklisting

1 Go Ahead
2 Pink Ruff
3 You’re Not Alone
4 Drift Away
5 Shades of Eternal Night
6 Fall Into Your Eyes
7 Inside My Head
8 Waking Dream
9 Losing Touch
10 Cover the Sky
11 Get Lost

Press Quotes

“Have you heard this fcking band, they are great” DAVE GROHL on Marc Maron’s WTF

“Everton and Garcia have a tight grip on what makes indie pop tick—sincerity, enthusiasm, and a catchy chorus” PITCHFORK

“Some noisy/dreamy, endlessly replayable garage-punk perfection” GORILLA VS BEAR

“The minimal noisepop duo formerly known as Reading Rainbow is now a full-blown, epic sounding indie punk foursome Bleeding Rainbow” XPN

“Bleeding Rainbow is devoted to evolution, testing the limits of genre, and creating a fun experience for everyone involved.” INTERVIEW MAGAZINE

“Yeah Right, the first recorded under their new name, is more fleshed-out and expansive, pushing the band’s harmonies over bleary fuzz-jams that remind me a bit of the Jesus And Mary Chain.” STEREOGUM

Dave Grohl’s Sound City Film Sure to Be Real to Real


I am so pumped for Dave Grohl’s new documentary about legendary studio Sound City in Van Nuys, CA to be released Feb. 1. The amount of people appearing in the doc is pretty sick ( and will have any music buff salivating. Grohl actually purchased the custom Neve 8028 Console from Studio A, in order to install the board at his private recording studio. Just to name some famous moments that came out of Sound City: Neil Young’s After The Gold Rush, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, Nirvana’s Nevermind, and Metallica’s Death Magnetic. Tom Petty, Charles Manson (yea- that Charles Manson), Foreigner, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Joe Cocker are some of the other artists who have pumped out legendary tunes there. If the walls could talk!

Here is part of Dave’s message when you purchase the film, “I started this project a little over a year ago with ONE of my good old friends (Jim Rota from the band Fireball Ministry). That’s right….just me, my drinking buddy, and a crazy idea that we should tell the story of a studio we had loved hanging around for years, and our heartbreak to see it close. It soon blossomed into something truly epic! I don’t think either of us ever imagined our little project would become what it is now. Like all the best things in life, it just…….happened.

From day one, it was the most incredible experience of my life. I swear. Sitting down with Neil Young talking about recording guitars, John Fogerty telling me about the day he decided to become a musician, Stevie Nicks telling me the story of how she joined Fleetwood Mac, Trent Reznor schooling me on the world of computers and digital technology, etc etc etc…..can you imagine? All I had to do was listen…I am the luckiest man on earth.

And, being a completely independent film, no one told us how or what to do! Me and my crew of under 20 people did it OUR way. It was like a keg party with a camera. WE got to tell the story of a place we all held so dear. WE wanted to do it justice. And I think we did.

But, SOUND CITY is only part of the story…..

What is it that happens when 4 people turn on, plug in, and really play that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up? What is it about those moments when you hear something and it immediately puts its hooks in you, and you feel…..understood? What is it that will inspire the next generation of kids wanna do what I did when I was a little punk growing up in Springfield, Virginia? That feeling like, “Wait……I can do this too…..”

That’s what I’m talking about. That human connection. That human feel. That human sound…that isn’t perfect…but it’s sooooo good.

I really feel like SOUND CITY is my life’s most important work. I hope you do too.

Psyched that you get to see it! Show it to your friends! Get together, start a band, sound like shit, and change the world. GO!”

Sound City Theaters
the first round of theaters have been announced…some of these are ONE NIGHT ONLY.

The Soundtrack: SOUND CITY – REAL TO REAL, the album, features Grohl enlisting the musical legends who recorded at Sound City–and then some (hello, Paul McCartney!) to demonstrate the human element of creating and recording music, teaming up to write and record brand new original songs on the spot.

Queens of the Stone Age and Dave Grohl Reunite?

This picture on QOTSA’s Facebook sure piqued a lot of interest. With Josh Homme confirming that drummer Joey Castillo out, seems Dave might be taking advantage of Foo Fighters extended hiatus. Remember Grohl played on the band’s 2002 album, Songs for the Deaf (and did limited touring until Joey took over). Of course there is that other “small” band with Led Zep great JP Jones and Homme in Them Crooked Vultures. It would not surprise anyone that Dave is back behind the kit, never being one to sit still. Look for QOTSA’s new CD to be out by June before the Download Festival.