Failure Anthem at Diesel Club Lounge September 2nd with Shaman’s Harvest and Texas Hippie Coalition

Failure Anthem just recently announced their new addition to the band Chris Pierson (singer). He has been slaying audiences with his killer voice and stage presence.  Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina and consists of Chris Pierson (vocals), Ryan [bass, backup vocals], Kile [guitar], Zane [drums], and Wil [rhythm guitars]—architect eleven impactful, invigorating, and infectious anthems in First World Problems with hooks so robust that modern bells and whistles just aren’t necessary. The album, which hit #12 on the Hard Rock chart and #39 on the Rock chart, has received numerous amounts of praise. The band has toured with P.O.D., Texas Hippie Coalition, Puddle of Mudd, and many more.

“First World Problems,” was shot in Los Angeles by director Patrick Flaherty, the video sheds a light on many of the world’s most pressing humanitarian struggles – including hunger, human trafficking and homelessness – issues the band is calling attention to in an election year…click HEREto watch.