It’s no surprise that Alaska born singer-songwriter Kate Earl was recently named Glamour.com’s New Indie Obsession, the singer has re-emerged with the release of her new album Stronger on November 20th via Downtown Records.

Her new video for the single “One Woman Army” is a candid look into the forthcoming album and showcases the development of a singular voice. Directed by filmmaker Matthu Placek, the video uses the element of light to illuminate a thoughtful songwriter coming into her own. Download the track for free at http://onewomanarmy.me/.

“One Woman Army” is the first single from Kate’s new album Stronger, out November 20th via Downtown Records. With the help of notable collaborators Brett Dennen and former Dawes member Blake Mills, Stronger is Kate’s unforgettable story of life, love, hardship and hope. “I’ve reached such a place of honesty with this album. It’s me coming out and telling my stories. This is where I came from,” says Kate.

As part of this year’s CMJ Music Marathon, Kate Earl will be performing in NYC at the Last.fm CMJ showcase at The Living Room, October 18th, 7pm.

Jinja Safari Releases “Mermaids” Track

Click Here To Listen To “Mermaids” Track

CMJ Dates

Thursday 10/18 – 9pm
Neon Gold presents PopShop CMJ @ Santos Party House

Friday 10/19
The Standard (East) w/ Kishi Bashi and Citizens

Friday 10/19 – 11pm
NME / The Great Escape CMJ showcase @ Cakeshop

Saturday 10/20 – 1am
The Aussie BBQ @ The Delancey (downstairs)

Saturday 10/20 – 8:30 pm
Irving Plaza supporting Electric Guest

It was simple beginning, as all tales should start.

Marcus Azon & Pepa Knight met over a campfire party of mutual friends, beside the sub-tropical forests of Australia’s eastern coastline. Pepa, as a 22 year old producer whose long hours experimenting with bizarre eastern instruments yielded a vast inventory of sonic adventures that he alone had heard, collected & banked away soaring melodic tapestry.

Marcus – with hidden note-book & bedroom wall covered with handwritten lyrics, held a sparking curiosity of his Grandmother’s African home, the east Ugandan town of Jinja. Pooling together their childhood friends – quicker than you could say ‘Lost Boys, Assemble’, the rag-tag team of Jinja Safari was born. Alister ‘Nugget’ Roach grew up with Marcus in Tasmania and jumped out of a troupe busking up the coast to join Jinja Safari – armed only some spare half-taped together percussion trinkets. Joe Stranger & Jacob Borg (bass &drums, respectively) had both attended high school with Pepa and were prepared to take time out from their weekend jobs to bring a some ideas to life.

And here is where their luck turned, and their simple story gets dense & exciting… Jinja Safari quickly dove into the national consciousness and yielded 5 high-rotation singles across national radio, knitting together music replete with manipulations of eastern
psychedelic jams, lilting choral art-rock, collages of sampled field-recordings, acrobatic vocal harmonies and dense polyrhythmic drum adventures.

Being self-recorded & produced, Jinja Safari was able to release a near constant stream of music that increasingly built upon the foundations of a bubble universe, reflections of modern youth pitched into a framework of escapism and commonality. With one of the hands-down most encapsulating & incredible live shows in the country, it doesn’t take long to give yourself over to a Jinja Safari show: the beat of a drum, a rouge attitude and five rat-bags clambering over a stage. After 6 months of existence, they had been nominated as ‘Best Live Act’ in the Sydney Music Arts & Culture awards.

Within their first twelve months of stepping foot onto a stage, Jinja Safari had been plucked from the coast and selected for supports with Born Ruffians, Menomena, The Joy Formidable as well as a
long line of major national festival appearances including Splendour In The Grass, Big Day Out, Good Vibrations & Falls Festival.

Recently grazing London for the first time on special invitation from BBC1’s Rob Da Bank to play his rowdy Isle Of White weekender, Bestival, Jinja Safari have also seen spot performances in & around UK, including a key support for LA sisters Haim.

Reactions from the massive, sold out Australia theatre rooms across multiple national tours indicate their audience shares common traits – anyone who thrives from dancing in the dirt, howling at the sky & cheering-on able young men climbing 80’ stage scaffolding (much to the dismay of festival promoters worldwide).

The adventure has just begun. Welcome to the Safari.

BRAIDS Announces 3 CMJ Shows

Wed. 10/17, 6pm – Pianos
Tell All Your Friends Party

Fri. 10/19, 4pm – Public Assembly
Brooklyn Vegan Party

Sat. 10/20, 10pm – Bowery Ballroom
With Wild Nothing + Weekend

Braids, the Canadian experimental pop group who released Native Speaker in 2011, have reinvented themselves in the making of their second full length. Countless late-night drives have steered their attention towards new techno and house genres, deepening their appreciation of electronic based music. This curiosity has taken Braids from the rich, effects laden balance of Native Speaker to the inevitable point of a primarily electronic sound. Years spent as a live band only tightens the group further during this shift. As they head out in anticipation of their next album – due sometime in 2013 – their new songs will be played, fully live, in an exciting time in music as the gap between real and synthetic narrows, leaving room only for the pure energy driving the performance.

Blue Hawaii Premieres Two Tracks

Click Here To Listen To “In Two” And “In Two II” On Gorilla vs. Bear

Blue Hawaii, Arbutus Records and many of their Montreal counter-parts all began with the same breath in early 2010. To date they’ve released an 8 song EP: in May of that year, Blooming Summer (Arbutus Records 2010) was recorded following the pair’s travels in Central America. It frames a time of warmth and novelty, featuring dense female harmonies, tape saturated synths, guitars and drum machines. Eventually Ra– returned to her role in BRAIDS, touring constantly, while Ag–moved to Europe, treading deeper into dance music, electronics, and production.

The two decided to make Untogether in 2012; they began recording on New Years Day in Vancouver and intermittently worked on the project until summer broke in Montreal. The music followed their winter in Canada, it became colder, more introspective. It again captured a time and place, but instead of a dense saturation of love and excitement, this record reflects the vast world of self-awareness and delicacy. It takes for its subject the question of belonging, despite overwhelming space.

Musically, the production on the album is more spacious and physically it was recorded in separation. Despite this, it belongs together in its final form. It demonstrates successful creative process in a pair who composed apart, and in doing so it is a meditation on communication: how technology and art influence modern human relationships. It contains the vast space of two years passing, including watching their Montreal scene change as some launched into international success and others turned deeper inwards. Here, the album finds the conflict of separation/belonging to one’s self and community.

The duo notice that throughout the changing social and personal landscape which is one’s twenties, these divided notions and people somehow stay together. Even the name Blue Hawaii suggests a kind of melancholic, jaded paradise, but a paradise afterall. It is because – or perhaps in spite of – these disjointed intersections that the record is called Untogether.

Catch Blue Hawaii play this year at CMJ.

Solid Gold Premiere ‘The Pendulum’ Track On SPIN

Click Here To Listen To ‘The Pendulum’ On SPIN

Solid Gold frontman Zach Coulter and bassist Adam Hurlburt wrote the first ever Gayngs’ song, “The Gaudy Side of Town”, with Ryan Olson back in 2009. The three met in Minneapolis after Solid Gold’s debut album, Bodies of Water, gained critical acclaim abroad, and in the Midwest.

Zach, as well as bassist Adam Hurlburt, proceeded to record and tour with Gayngs’ for several years before focusing their efforts on Solid Gold. Over two years later, their second full length album, Eat Your Young, is being released on Olson’s Minneapolis-based label, Totally Gross National Product, home of Marijuana Deathsquads and original label of Gayngs’ affiliate, Poliça.


So the Portuguese have this saying: saudade, a single word that summarizes an entire state of being, a lingering sense of longing for lost love and sepia-toned snapshots of yesterday. The way Solid Gold sees it, saudade might as well be the subtitle of their second album: Eat Your Young, a slow-burning set of skittish synths, glassy beats, ripple effect riffs, and melancholic melodies that leave you wondering what left a trail of scar tissue deep within the group’s core trio (frontman Zack Coulter and multi-instrumentalists Matthew Locher and Adam Hurlburt).

Only it’s not that simple, not as easy as reducing a record to a series of bad relationships and broken hearts. Depending on who you ask, Eat Your Young is inspired by everything from lucid dreams to existential dread to the way we often wander through life in a catatonic state. And yet, it’s not a hopeless listen; more like an album that maintains its mood for 40 minutes and leaves an impression as deeply ingrained in your subconscious as the nostalgia-triggering memories that earned saudade its own national holiday in Brazil.

“We’ve never been motivated by making records,” explains Locher. “We’re driven by making something beautiful—capturing a moment in our lives that can translate to any place or time.”

That much is clear as Eat Your Young creeps across your speakers like a quiet storm, ebbing and flowing at every turn, from the exorcised demons of “The Pendulum” to the bookending outbursts of “Shock Notice” and “In the Hollows.” All of which sounds incredibly confident despite the record’s shades of darkness. That’s because Solid Gold spent years developing their musical and lyrical concepts, beginning with their smoky club formation at the University of Wisconsin—Locher and Coulter were in the same architecture class—and becoming much more of a serious pursuit once the group moved to Minneapolis and tracked their 2008 debut, Bodies of Water.

“There’s a competitiveness underlying the desire to make the best music possible,” says Coulter. “It’s a combination of a meticulous approach and an off the cuff, punk-like writing style.”

“Our instrumentation ranges from crude to classic,” adds Locher. “All of us operate within those parameters. The best way to describe our songwriting process is ‘atomic’—electrons trying to rip themselves from a nucleus to recombine into new forms.”

Maybe that’s why Eat Your Young brings to mind everything from the gleaming skyscrapers of Blade Runner to the dimly lit streets of a midnight drive. Or as Locher puts it, alluding to the band’s push and pull dynamics, “Dystopian futures, wrought with oppression and rich with struggle, just seem to fit our sound best.”

CMJ Dates

Wednesday 10.17

4:00 PM – Piano’s (Downstairs) – Tell All Your Friends Showcase

8:00 PM – Bowery Ballroom – w/ Pacific Air, San Cisco, SKATERS, Surprise Guests

Friday 10.19

3:30 PM – FADER Fort (Converse Rubber Tracks)

SLAM ONE DOWN to Take Part in Skateboard Marketing CMJ Showcase

Last week it was announced that New York’s SLAM ONE DOWN will be taking part in this year’s Skateboard Marketing LTD, ReverbNation and Horns Up Rocks CMJ Showcase. The event is scheduled to take place Thursday October 18th at Webster Hall in the “Marlin Room”. Doors will open at 7:00 pm for CMJ Badges and ticket holders. SLAM ONE DOWN is slated to hit the stage at 7:15.

Guitarist JR Gurrieri commented on SLAM ONE DOWN being chosen to perform on at the showcase:

“We are very excited to be a part of CMJ this year. Just adding our name to the incredible list of bands that have taken part over the past 30+ years CMJ has been in existence is an accomplishment to us. We realize that this is an incredible opportunity and will no doubt be a great and rewarding experience. We would like to thank Munsey Ricci and everyone at Skateboard Marketing for inviting us, as well as Horns up Rocks & ReverbNation. We are looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and having the time of our lives….as usual.”

The concept of SLAM ONE DOWN originated in 2005, when guitarist J.R. began developing riffs for what would eventually become the band’s demo album. These riffs followed J.R. throughout three different bands…until he met vocalist Bobby Brazen in 2007. This happened during their time in the New York metal act 4 in the Chamber, and was the catalyst that finally brought S1D to life. Together, the two combined their vision for a band that deftly incorporated elements of thrash metal, metalcore and rock n’ roll in their sound. They recruited the talents of Roach, a veteran drummer from area bands like Shot and Dudes of Doom, and Shane, a seasoned bassist who’d previously played in NYC bands including Sicks Deep and Swear on Your Life. Today, with a tight, aggressive sound and stronger-than-ever lineup, the band is set to dominate the metal scene.

A mainstay on the NYC show circuit, SLAM ONE DOWN has performed with national acts like Drowning Pool, Bleeding Through, Powerman 5000, Unearth, Full Blown Chaos, Mushroomhead, Emmure, Veil of Maya, God Forbid, Generation Kill, Periphery, and Revocation. Fusing blistering style with a unique brand of substance (beer funnels, drinking anthems, and a no-holds-barred stage show), S1D is the band that defines hard-hitting fun.
The band’s first full-length studio album, Who Really Wants to Live Forever, was released at the beginning of September. Appealing to both die-hard Metalheads and crossover rock n’ roll fans, Who Really Wants to Live Forever is sure to blaze a trail through a wasteland of uninspired, cookie-cutter metal – breathing new life into the genre.

Who Really Wants to Live Forever is available for purchase on the band’s website, Amazon and iTunes.

For More Info Visit: