After the Burial Jams Out at the Rex

-by Dave Mondine

With the newer generation of metal called “metalcore” spreading like a disease throughout the United States, After the Burial is one of the first bands to start this trend.  Metalcore is a mixture of the old school heavy metal mixed with some newer more technical and electronic sounds.  After the Burial was joined by four other bands at the Rex Theatre in Pittsburgh, Within the Ruins, The Contortionist, Class Cloud, and City in the Sea.

Finally showing up to the show, The Contortionist was about to go on.  They haven’t been around the whole mainstream scene a whole lot which in this case is a good thing.  They are very similar to Between the Buried and Me with their slow to fast pace technicalities.  Their style is very unique and listening to them is defiantly a journey by itself.  Watching these guys on stage wasn’t really entertaining to but this time around it was more about the music.  Just from observing you can tell that they really get into what they are playing and are concentrating extremely hard since timing is a huge factor for this genre of music.  I wouldn’t say The Contortionist is highly recommended since their style is hard to get into sometimes but they are defiantly worth checking out if you are into Between the Buried and Me at all.

Next up was Within the Ruins and personally I was more excited to see these guys play over everyone else.  Within the Ruins is one of those bands who just keeps getting better with every album.  Their newest album that has already come out this year, “Elite”, is one of the best and most solid albums I have heard in awhile.  It’s fresh, heavy, and nonstop fast pace action.  So experiencing their performance was hopefully going to be completely outrageous and it was even better than that.  Within the Ruins gave it their all and had the crowd jumping all around and moshing quite a bit.  Playing a lot of new songs made the crowd pretty happy and I can’t say I blame them.  It seems that Within the Ruins is not afraid to tell you exactly what they think about everything in their song lyrics.  Being straight up atheists probably has something to do with that.  All and all this was defiantly the best performance of the night and if you need someone to jam to, Within the Ruins is where its at.

Last, After the Burial was finally up.  They are one of those bands who has a pretty decent size following but they are pretty underrated.  Just like The Acacia Strain, when these guys come to town to play, you end up seeing a nice size crowd ready to go.  Probably the best part about After the Burial is that even though they are recording a new album (set to come out this year) they played a nice even mixture of old and new songs to pleas the crowd.  What more could you ask for?  While on stage these guys were very hard to get pictures of but they made up for it with the high volume of their drummers bass drum blasting out of the speakers.  Just one of those feeling that makes your body shake it was so loud with such a deep sound.  Seeing After the Burial was a nice experience because they do tend to actually put guitar solos in their songs, which is hard to find with newer bands.  But these guys have been around for awhile so they know how this whole game works.  Once again I would recommend checking After the Burial out if you need some pretty sick metalcore to listen to, because they are some of the first to play that style.