3112819423_49c1b1121bHenry Rollins has been a major influence since he first became a known name as Black Flag’s lead singer.  Since then he has continued wowing people as the singer in The Rollins Band, a writer, a publisher, a dynamic speaker, an actor, and now a photographer.  Locally, we are lucky enough to hear him speak and talk about his world travels with his poignant images to enhance the performance on the Slide Show Tour that will locally hit Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Rollins became an influence in my life in the early eighties when I was in high school.  The first time I heard Black Flag, I dug them, but when Henry took over vocals, there was a new element to the music that captured me.  I continued to devour all his artistic endeavors as he fronted his own band, published books, did speaking engagements, and even acted in some huge movies (i.e. “Heat”…still a favorite that is sacrilege to turn off when it pops up on cable).  I’ve seen Rollins speak numerous times and have dragged along students, my wife, and my best friends, converting them all into fans of the man who just speaks “real”.  I’ve asked for interviews numerous times but it never seemed to work out for various reasons, mainly Henry’s schedule, he is a super generous guy when he can be.  So, when his assistant told me that I could email questions and he would get back to me from the road, the fanboy in me rose up and did a little embarrassing dance internally.  These are just some of the questions I wanted to ask the man; if I could ask them all he would probably have to write an autobiography!

When did you start taking photos of your adventures?

I think I stared in 1998 in Egypt. I had been to the African continent before but didn’t want to haul camera gear around with me but after that first time there, I figured I better bring a camera, even if it was a point and shoot.

What type of equipment do you use?

I try to keep things as simple as possible. I use a Canon 5D and a couple of lenses. The more I travel with camera gear, the less I take. I would rather travel with two bodies but often I’m carrying things on my back for long periods of time, so I try to keep it light.

Do you have any idea of how many miles you have logged?

I travel internationally every year. Multiple times to Europe and Australia in 2018, with one more trip to Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and Iceland still to go. I’ve been traveling like this for decades, so I don’t know how many miles. I know there are people who fly internationally like someone takes a taxi across town.

rollinsI’ve seen you perform many times before and it always had the feel of being fresh and not canned.  Will you use different photos to speak of different experiences each night?

During the show, I put up a photo on the screen, talk about it, perhaps some historical information. The stories I tell onstage are often driven by travel. This time you will have the image of what I’m talking about.

Can you tell us a bit about the VIP experience you are offering? (note: not all cities)

 I meet a few people post-show. Do photos with them and answer some questions and that’s it. It’s not a big deal. I can no longer stand out by the bus for 90 minutes and sign things and then seem them on eBay, so it’s a way to hit the middle.

Will you avoid politics speaking in front of mixed audiences, or project your opinions and let the cards fall where they may?

No. I never avoid politics. You can’t take photos internationally and not be political. The world is political. Water is political, almost everything is political. There isn’t anything I would say politically or otherwise, that is in any way controversial.

What you consider being called a renaissance man a compliment or an insult?

Mainly it’s a mistake and an insult to all those hard-working renaissance people out there. I’m not a renaissance man. I’m an opportunist. I’m adverse to boredom and mediocrity, so I try to make things as interesting as I can. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. I do like to get things done, so I say yes to a lot of different kinds of work.

What would it take for you to play live with a band again? Is it a never or only if that becomes what you are passionate about at the time?

HenryRollins_Performing_1993I’m not a musician. For me, it was a time/place thing. One of the reasons I know it was real is because I never really liked being in a band but it was in me and it had to come out. When there was no more left, I stopped. It was never about art or a career. It was like having a flu. It’s in you and then it’s gone. The idea of going out and doing old music to me is fighting wars that have already been fought. If I can’t do new music, then I’m just a war reenactor. It has to be real or I can’t do it. Like I said, it was a time/place thing. If I can’t hit it hard, then I don’t hit it at all.

What prompted you to get into podcasting?  Do you have favorite podcasts? (The I did some fanboy flattery over him being on The Joe Rogan podcast, so, Please check out his appearance on Rogan it’s fantastic)

Thanks. Mr. Rogan is great. My manager, Heidi said to me several months ago, that there were a lot of stories I’ve told her that I’ve not done onstage and that we should do a podcast so I could tell them. So, we started doing them and apparently, people seem to like them. I have not listened to many podcasts. I’ve heard a couple that Marc Maron did. He’s great.

Are you still in love with bands like Black Sabbath and The Misfits today as much as you were as a kid?  What was it like hanging out with Sabbath in Birmingham {Rollins got to be with them on their last tour}?

I listen to both bands all the time. They are core listening experiences. They’re like part of me. When Sabbath was planning to do their reunion shows in 1997, I think it was, I went to their band practice in Wales and then to Birmingham for the two shows. It was an amazing week. I was with the band pretty much every day. I sang Paranoid at soundcheck with Geezer, Tony and Bill playing. That was a great moment. The shows were fantastic. The day after they were done, I flew to Kenya. I used some of the leftover food from their dressing rooms for days while living in a tent.

When you worked in the ice cream store did you ever have an inclination (or even a desire) to travel the world like you do now?

When I graduated from high school, I had no plan. So, when I was working at the shop, I thought a version of that would be the rest of my life. I had no idea of anything. All I knew was that I was crazy, it was going to be very hard to be in the regular world and it was going to be all I could do to maintain. I truly thought the rest of my life was going to be a grind. I knew it wasn’t right for me but I didn’t think I had any choice.

Is there someone that influenced you to retain the humility, curiosity, and creativeness that you embody?

Not really somebody but some thing, yes. The reality that I’m nobody from nowhere. I was given a chance and to not make the best of it, would be betraying the break I was given. This truth keeps me fairly grounded. I don’t expect any of this to last more than the end of the next tour or whatever task is at hand. I’ve always felt this way.

You have been to Pittsburgh many times, what are your impressions of the city and do you have any favorite spots within the city?

Actually, I’ve always found the people to be great and very honest. It’s a very good audience. It’s a tough town but if you’re real then I reckon you’ll be okay. Pittsburgh was one of the first cities I played when I started out. I did a lot of two set nights there. Not easy. As to favorite spots, I can’t recall any, although I’ve had some great meals there. What’s that place where they put the French fries in the sandwich, that place is amazing (for those of you who do not know, he is speaking of Primanti’s).

You are speaking at The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh…did Andy have any influence on you or fascination?

No influence but he’s a fascinating artist. When you go to the museum and see the pieces full size, it’s almost too much to take in. Incredibly powerful.

You can check out Henry on any of the dates listed below and use the link for tickets…



9/17/2018    Royal Oak Music Theatre – Royal Oak, MI    BUY TICKETS

9/18/2018    Southern Theatre – Columbus, OH    BUY TICKETS

9/19/2018    Ohio Theatre – Cleveland, OH    BUY TICKETS

9/20/2018    Music Hall Ballroom – Cincinnati, OH    BUY TICKETS

9/21/2018    Kentucky Center for the Arts – Louisville, KY    BUY TICKETS

9/22/2018    The Andy Warhol Museum Theater – Pittsburgh, PA    BUY TICKETS

9/23/2018    Egyptian Room at Old National Centre – Indianapolis, IN    BUY TICKETS

9/24/2018    Thalia Hall – Chicago, IL    BUY TICKETS

9/25/2018    Thalia Hall – Chicago, IL    BUY TICKETS

9/26/2018    Turner Hall Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI    BUY TICKETS

9/27/2018    Ames Center – Burnsville, MN    BUY TICKETS

9/28/2018    Barrymore Theatre  –  Madison, WI    BUY TICKETS

9/29/2018    Hoyt Sherman Theatre  –  Des Moines, IA    BUY TICKETS

9/30/2018    Icon Lounge – Sioux Falls, SD    BUY TICKETS

10/1/2018    Rococo Theatre – Lincoln, NE    BUY TICKETS

10/2/2018    The Pageant – Saint Louis, MO    BUY TICKETS

10/3/2018    The Englert Theatre – Iowa City, IA    BUY TICKETS

10/4/2018    Liberty Hall  – Lawrence, KS    BUY TICKETS

10/5/2018    Orpheum Performing Arts Center – Wichita, KS    BUY TICKETS

10/6/2018    Gillioz Theater – Springfield, MO    BUY TICKETS

10/7/2018    Revolution Music Room – Little Rock, AR    BUY TICKETS

10/8/2018    Tower Theatre – Oklahoma City, OK    BUY TICKETS

10/9/2018    Kessler Theater – Dallas, TX    BUY TICKETS

10/10/2018    Heights Theater – Houston, TX    BUY TICKETS

10/11/2018    Jefferson Theater – Beaumont, TX    BUY TICKETS

10/12/2018    KiMo Theatre – Albuquerque, NM    BUY TICKETS

10/14/2018    Boulder Theater – Boulder, CO    BUY TICKETS

10/15/2018    Avalon Theater – Grand Junction, CO    BUY TICKETS

10/16/2018    The State Room – Salt Lake City, UT    BUY TICKETS

10/17/2018    Egyptian Theatre – Boise, ID    BUY TICKETS

10/18/2018    Bing Crosby Theater – Spokane, WA    BUY TICKETS

10/19/2018    Neptune Theatre – Seattle, WA    BUY TICKETS

10/20/2018    Capitol Theatre – Yakima, WA    BUY TICKETS

10/21/2018    Aladdin Theater – Portland, OR    3PM BUY TICKETS   8PM BUY TICKETS

10/22/2018    McDonald Theatre – Eugene, OR    BUY TICKETS

10/23/2018    Rogue Theatre – Grants Pass, OR    BUY TICKETS

10/24/2018    Cargo @ Whitney Peak Hotel – Reno, NV    BUY TICKETS

10/25/2018    Herbst Theatre – San Francisco, CA    BUY TICKETS

10/26/2018    Crest Theatre – Sacramento, CA    BUY TICKETS

10/27/2018    Rio Theatre – Santa Cruz, CA    BUY TICKETS

10/28/2018    Visalia Fox Theater – Visalia, CA    BUY TICKETS

10/29/2018    Fremont Theater – San Luis Obispo, CA    BUY TICKETS

10/30/2018    City National Grove – Anaheim, CA    BUY TICKETS

11/28/2018    TivoliVredenberg Grote Zaal  –  Utrecht, Netherlands  BUY TICKETS

11/29/2018    Christuskirche  –  Bochum, Germany  BUY TICKETS

11/30/2018    Schouwburg  –  Kortrijk, Belgium  BUY TICKETS

12/1/2018     Arenbergschouwburg  –  Antwerpen, Belgium  BUY TICKETS

12/3/2018    Rival  –  Stockholm, Sweden  BUY TICKETS

12/4/2018    Parkteatret  –  Oslo, Norway  BUY TICKETS

12/6/2018    The House of Culture  –  Helsinki, Finland  BUY TICKETS

12/7/2018    Studio 2 (DR Concert House)  –  Copenhagen, Denmark  BUY TICKETS

12/9/2018    Muffathalle  –  München, Germany  BUY TICKETS

12/10/2018    Schlachthof  –  Wiesbaden, Germany  BUY TICKETS

12/12/2018    Im Wizemann  –  Stuttgart, Germany  BUY TICKETS

12/13/2018    Kampnagel  –  Hamburg, Germany  BUY TICKETS

12/15/2018    Gartenbaukino  –  Vienna, Austria  BUY TICKETS

12/17/2018    Moscow Hall  –  Moscow, Russia  BUY TICKETS

12/19/2018    Caribbean Club  –  Kiev, Ukraine  BUY TICKETS

The Girls of Metal Part 1: An Interview with That Metal Show’s Jennifer Gottlieb

In the first of a series highlighting women who are famous in various genres of entertainment and unabashed about their “metal” status, Pittsburgh Music Magazine reached out to Thee Metal Girl for many of us. You probably best know her as “Miss Box of Junk” from That Metal Show, but Jennifer Leah Gottlieb is poised to make herself more of a household name. Jennifer has talents way beyond looking gorgeous and bringing out the prize box during Stump the Trunk. Read on to learn a little more about the girl we wish would spend more time in our living rooms…(on our TV’s!!!).

Do you ever have opportunities to hang out with any of the musicians pre or post show?

Yes,I do! I have had the chance to meet some of the greatest musicians of all time. I have the coolest job ever.


Since That Metal Show only films a few weeks per year, what are you
up to at the moment and what do you have in the works?

I am a personal trainer full time right now. I spend my days kicking
my client’s booties into shape. I have a few acting gigs in the works, but can’t talk about them yet. Will share soon! 😉


What was it like playing Linda in the Broadway touring version of
“That Wedding Singer”?

Linda was my dream role, so it was totally
surreal. Being on the road was challenging, but I would say it was
the greatest experience I have ever had.
I learned more about myself in that year than I ever have. I also
created life long friendships.


Since you are a personal trainer-­‐what are your
favorite techniques to teach your clients (i.e. crossfit,etc.)?

I do a lot of HIIT workouts with my clients. (High intensity interval training). I believe it is the best way to burn fat.
I am also a BLITZ coach at Reebok Sports club, which is a
crossfit style class.


It’s been pretty well documented that you love AC/DC’s Brain Johnson-­‐who else do you love in the rock n roll world?

Joe Satriani, Steven Adler and Lita Ford.

Who would you love to see on That Metal Show who has not shown up


Any possibilities of seeing you interview some guests in the future?

I would love to! We will see…!


Any inside stories you care to share with our readers?

The guys have a star chart for who can get ready and mic’d up
first for each episode. Don wins EVERY time! We also have a
great tradition of going to The Rainbow on Sunset for our cast
party every season.

What happens at the Rainbow, stays at the Rainbow…but we have a
rockin’ time!



eOne Music is set to release “Music From the SHOWTIME Series Californication Season 6” on January 15, 2013. The collection features a previously un-released track from Australian musician/actor/comedian and guest star Tim Minchin, titled “So Long (As We Are Together),” which is performed in character as the mad-as-a-hatter Atticus Fetch. The album also features tracks from Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) and Marilyn Manson, both of whom have guest starring roles in the show this season. The album also features music by Ryan Adams, Joe Walsh, Johnny Thunders and more. Season 6 of “Californication” debuts on Sunday, January 13, 2013 at 10:30 PM EST on SHOWTIME.

The SHOWTIME original series Californication takes viewers on a wild, witty and sexy ride in the California fast lane. It centers around Hank Moody (series star and executive producer David Duchovny), as a hedonistic novelist who struggles to be a good father to his college-aged daughter, while still carrying a torch for her mother, his ex-girlfriend. Californication has won several awards, including two Emmy® Awards in 2008 and 2009 for Outstanding Cinematography and one Golden Globe® Award in 2008 for Best Actor (Duchovny).


1. Steve Jones – “Suffragette City” (David Bowie cover)
2. Marilyn Manson – “Personal Jesus” (Depeche Mode cover)
3. The Blind Pets – “Fever”
4. Johnny Thunders – “You Can’t Put Your Arms Round a Memory”
5. Lissie – “Nothing Else Matters” (Metallica cover)
6. Ryan Adams – “Wasted Years” (Iron Maiden cover)
7. Warren Zevon – “For My Next Trick, I’ll Need a Volunteer”
8. Tim Minchin – “So Long” (As We Are Together)
9. Hi Ho Silver Oh ft. Leslie Stevens – “Time To Move On” (Tom Petty cover)
10. Joe Walsh – “Funk 50”
11. The Litter – “Action Woman”
12. Mark Lanegan- “Strange Religion”
13. The Soundtrack of Our Lives – “What’s Your Story”
14. Beth Hart – “My California”

Veronica Falls Premieres “Teenage” Video

You may have had them tagged as goth-tinged pop fantasists, but with their much anticipated sophomore album Waiting For Something To Happen, Veronica Falls easily shrug off any notions of a difficult second album to create something that is easily more polished, more affecting, and more enduring than their peers would dream of making, and stake their claim as one of the most gloriously unpredictable and invaluable bands on the scene right now.

Recorded with Rory Attwell (Male Bonding, The Vaccines), Waiting For Something To Happen is a bold and deliciously assured leap forward which sees the quartet of Roxanne Clifford, Patrick Doyle, James Hoare and Marion Herbain easily throw off the tongue in cheek references to ghostly romances and suicides to elegantly distill the essence of an aimless twenty-something existence – the collective anxieties, tensions and confusion of moving from adolescence into fully fledged adulthood – into a set of immaculately conceived and perfectly wrought pop songs.

Indeed, the emotional throughline, from the title down, is one of slowly coming to terms with the process of growing up and eventually learning to face adult responsibility, of leaving behind the safe haven of “driving late at night, I’ll let you listen to the music you like” (as they sing on the dreamy, dewy-eyed “Teenage”), and then searching for a “shooting star to point me in the right direction” (“Shooting Star”). Far from retreading the playful atmosphere of the debut, the band here mine a much more rich, emotionally resonant vein, be it weariness with dead end social scenes (“So Tired”), or the fear of your peers leaving you behind before you’re ready (“Everybody’s Changing”).

Musically too, this album sees the band evolve into a more poised and confident pop entity, the melodies bolder and songs more muscular, as epitomized on spellbinding album opener (and first single) “Tell Me”. So there are deliciously askew pop belters in the form of “Buried Alive” and “Everybody’s Changing”, but there are also achingly tender moments present too, from the touching love song “Broken Toy” (“I am broken too, a broken toy like you”), to the gentle reverie “Daniel”, which strips the track to its barest essentials – shimmering guitar lines and perfectly harmonized vocals sighing, “nobody needs to know what we know, nobody needs to go where we go” to perfectly heart rending effect. With this superb second album it is clear Veronica Falls are only going from strength to strength – embrace them now.

Tour Dates

3/6 – Black Cat, Washington DC *
3/7 – Johnny Brendas, Philadelphia, PA *
3/8 – Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY *
3/9 – Great Scott, Boston, MA *
3/10 – Divan Orange, Montreal *
3/12 – The Garrison, Toronto, ON *
3/13 – Beachland Tavern, Cleaveland, OH +
3/14 – Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL +
3/15 – High Noon, Madison, WI +
3/16 – 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN +
3/18 – Hi-Dive, Denver, CO
3/21 – Tractor, Seattle, WA ^
3/22 – Media Club, Vancouver, BC #
3/23 – Doug Fir, Portland, OR ^
3/26 – Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA^
3/29 – Echo, Los Angeles, CA ^
3/30 – Casbah, San Diego, CA ^

* w/ Cold Showers & Cheatahs
+ w/ Cold Showers
^ w/ Brilliant Colors & Golden Grrrls
# w/ Brilliant Colors

“You know, it’s really weird”, opines Veronica Falls’ honey-throated singer/ guitarist/ lynchpin Roxanne Clifford when asked about their media-conceived “goth pop” tag. “Because when you start a band, and you start writing songs together, you never think anybody else is going to hear them. You’re just kind of writing it for yourselves. Songs like “Found Love in a Graveyard” and “Beachy Head”, we thought they were playful and not serious at all…”

Veronica Falls are used to wrongfooting easy assumptions. Initially grouped with the explosion of lo-fi bands associated with the Captured Tracks scene in Brooklyn, the quartet of Clifford, drummer Patrick Doyle, fellow guitarist James Hoare and bassist Marion Herbain quietly released a series of limited edition, quickly sold out singles which gradually accrued them underground buzz and a cache of hopelessly devoted fans. Then they signed to Bella Union – one of the UK’s leading lights when it comes to independent labels – and released a blinder of a debut LP in 2011, one which trumped all expectations and rocketed the band to the covers of The Fly and Loud and Quiet and sold out gigs at the Scala. Casual listeners who just assumed that they just made pretty, pristine pop songs were forced to reevaluate their preconceptions when they examined the lyrics more closely – lurking beneath the glacial surfaces were lyrics about suicide and spectral love. Now, with their sophomore album, Veronica Falls look set to pull out the rug from under people’s feet yet again.

“Waiting For Something to Happen” sees the band emerge as one of the most potent and affecting, fully-formed indie guitar pop acts we have around. Beautifully mature and poignant, this marvellously assured second record sees the band throw off the casually morbid references to elegantly distill the essence of an aimless twentysomething existence – the collective anxieties, tension and confusion of moving from adolescence into fully fledged adulthood – into a set of immaculately conceived, perfectly wrought pop songs.

“I’d say the word “wistful” really describes the mood of the album”, Clifford muses. “We chose the album title because to me it captures what people our age are all going through”. Indeed, the emotional throughline, from the title down, is one of slowly coming to terms with the process of growing up and eventually learning to face adult responsibility, of leaving behind the safe haven of “driving late at night, I’ll let you listen to the music you like…everything’s alright” (as they sing on the dreamy, dewy-eyed “Teenage”), and then searching for a “shooting star to point me in the right direction” (“Shooting Star”). Far from retreading the playful atmosphere of the debut, the band here mine a much more rich, emotionally resonant vein, be it weariness with dead end social scenes (“So Tired”), or the fear of your peers moving on with their lives before you’re ready (“Everybody’s Changing”).

Musically too, this album sees the band evolve into a more poised and confident pop entity, the melodies bolder and songs more muscular. Recorded with Rory Attwell (who has worked with everyone from The Vaccines to Male Bonding), these are tracks which spin gorgeous, sun-kissed melodies across their tales of growing pains and romantic dysfunction. So there are deliciously askew pop belters in the form of “Buried Alive” and “Everybody’s Changing”, but there are also achingly tender moments present too, from the touching love song “Broken Toy” (“I am broken too, a broken toy like you”), to the gentle reverie “Daniel”, which strips the track to its barest essentials – shimmering guitar lines and perfectly harmonised vocals sighing, “nobody needs to know what we know, nobody needs to go where we go” to perfectly heart rending effect.

You may have had them tagged as goth-tinged pop fantasists, but with “Waiting For Something to Happen”, Veronica Falls easily shrug off any notions of a difficult second album to create something that is easily more polished, more affecting, and more enduring than their peers would dream of making, and stake their claim as one of the most gloriously unpredictable and invaluable bands the UK has right now. Clutch them close to your heart.

Chevonne To Kickstart Her Career After The Voice

Chevonne, from this season NBC’s “The Voice”, has started a Kickstarter for her debut album & music video. Check out the story CBS did on her here.

Chevonne, the pop/rock/funk/soul scream machine has just announced her Kickstarter campaign launch, which is live now here: http://kck.st/UIm1gR. Fresh off NBC’s “The Voice”, Season 3, it’s time for this big hair, big eyed Jersey girl to release her debut record and music video. Hands down the best Kickstarter yet, there are pledge prizes ranging from: Chevonne’s blind audition denim booty shorts from “The Voice”, a customized and signed acoustic-electric guitar used to write the debut album, a walk-on role in the music video, signed/customized microphone, and more! Make sure to support Chevonne, here: http://kck.st/UIm1gR.

Recently taking reality TV by storm on NBC’s “The Voice”, Chevonne sashayed through three rounds as a quirky underdog. She turned pop/soul megastar Cee Lo Green’s chair, as well as country bigwig Blake Shelton’s, with her sassy rendition of The Pretenders’ “Brass In Pocket” with almost 200k views here: http://bit.ly/THcqZh. Before choosing a coach, she was asked to open up about the “pain” Green heard in her voice. She admitted to the live audience-and the 15+ million viewers watching on TV-that she suffered from eating disorders and crippling insecurity, and that she channels this pain when she sings and performs. She earned nods and applause from the other two coaches, Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine, and Grammy-winning powerhouse singer, Christina Aguilera, before selecting Cee Lo as her coach.

As a member of Team Cee Lo, she wowed both Cee Lo and his team advisor, Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas as she nailed rehearsals for her battle round with Avery Wilson on the David Guetta ft. Sia song “Titanium” which has over 450k views here: http://bit.ly/RVjqQy. Although Chevonne didn’t win the battle against her 17-year-old friend and teammate, she was given high praise for her risky and bold stage moves and soaring high notes. Christina Aguilera saved Chevonne with the new “coach steal” feature, applauding Chevonne for her flamboyant and exciting performance vibe.

On Team Xtina, Chevonne pushed the envelope by choosing Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself,” for the Knockout round, paying homage to her love of 80s rock and celebrating her ability to thrive on the show with a fun crowd-pleaser, watch it here: http://bit.ly/SvJPae. When Chevonne debuted the performance after being paired up with gospel/soul singer De’borah Garner, the crowd’s amped-up reaction was palpable. She nailed the song top to bottom, and all four coaches praised her progress and her command of the stage. Ultimately, Chevonne was sent home, but not before Christina implored the leather-clad firecracker to pursue her own original music and artistry. Christina stated, “Chevonne, you are just unafraid to go to that ledge, in all capacities, and just jump off and be like ‘this is me, take it or leave it! You were just out there, as a woman, having fun and I love that about you!” In addition, Chevonne earned countless hype from E! News, Rolling Stone, TV Guide, MTV, Huffington Post, and many more!

Before surprising audiences with her song and fashion choices on “The Voice,” Chevonne sang backup for visionary pop artist and fashion tastemaker Lady Gaga on her MonsterBall world arena tour from 2010-2011. She danced, sang, and improv’d her way through the campy, dark show, making it onto Good Morning America, Radio 1’s Big Weekend, and even HBO’s live 2-hour special taped at the Madison Square Garden performances, as well as being a part of the “Born This Way” a cappella bonus song from the MSG shows that became a viral video smash hit.

Before touring with Gaga, Chevonne spent eight months with British R&B pop Estelle, most famous for her hit “American Boy.” Tour highlights with Estelle included the World Cup in Cape Town, The Essence music festival in New Orleans, and an NYC taping of BET’s “Rising Icons” series.

Now is the time for Chevonne to use her past A-list industry experience to make what she calls her, “fiery, fun album that marries rock with soul under a glittery pop umbrella.” Her lyrics are tongue-in-cheek and catchy but never lacking in substance and universality. She’s not afraid to play with her multi-octave range and experiment with new sounds not typical of most female pop triple-threats. Chevonne is ready to bust out the gates with a continuation of the excitement she’s brought to the pop music landscape – it’ll be vibrant, badass, and of course BIG.

Chevonne has announced her Kickstarter campaign to help fund her debut album and music video. To support, please visit: http://kck.st/UIm1gR.

UNCONSCIOUS DISTURBANCE New Music Video/Live in Pittsburgh 11/27

Brooklyn, NY’s UNCONSCIOUS DISTURBANCE is pleased to team up with CollegeNews.com for the debut of their brand new music video for the single ‘Benign’.

The video for ‘Benign” is directed by ­­­­­­­Sonia Soares, a Brazilian choreographer and performer who runs Viga Espaco Cenico, a theatre in Sao Paulo. The video features breath-taking storytelling by way of dancing via professional ballerina’s Irupé Sarmiento of Argentina and Carina Nagib of Brazil.

“The lyrics in ‘Benign’ are an outburst from one person who is expressing their feelings to another,” states vocalist Frederico Carneiro. “The dancers represent these two characters, where the dark haired dancer is the narrator and the light haired dancer is the person receiving the message. The video depicts the interaction that the two people have with one another, and moves according to the expressions from the narrator.”

‘Benign’ is cut from UD’s upcoming full-length album, Mind’s Corner, set to release independently via the band on December 4, 2012. The album features seven additional tracks, set to premiere on the web in the coming weeks.

UNCONSCIOUS DISTURBANCE is currently touring the East coast to preview the release of Mind’s Corner. UD also plans to throw a record release party in Brooklyn, NY on December 6th at Trash Bar, as well as host a screening of their independently produced upcoming music video at an event dubbed “Crossing Boundaries”. See directly below for all tour dates:

11/8 – Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz W/ Eye Of Anubis, Faith In Exile, Strike Hold (hosted by Sirius XM and Headbangers Ball host Jose Mangin)
11/9 – Florence, MA @ Silk City W/ The River Neva, Your Pain In Endearing, Flood Of Arcadia
11/11 – Garwood, NJ @ The Crossroads
11/12 – Burlington, VT @ Nectar’s W/ S’iva, Fading Fast and Mind
11/16 – Annandale-on-Hudson, NY @ Smog @ Bard College W/ Contemporaneous, Tween
11/17 – Wallington, NJ @ Zoom Gothic W/ Tween
11/23 – New York, NY @ Bar East (Upper East Side Music Festival & Battle of the Bands)
11/25 – Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13 W/ The Convalescence, Assayer
11/27 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose (Upstairs) W/ Horizons, What Great Fangs, Voices And Vessels
12/6 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar – Mind’s Corner CD release show
12/10 – Burlington, VT @ Nectar’s

12/18 – New York, NY @ Dixon Place

Check Out The New Bud E ‘Goes On’ Lyric Video

From St Louis, Emont Thomas Duncan (born August 5, 1991), better known by his stage name Bud E, is a rapper, writer, performer, and MC. While in high school Bud E first began developing his craft as a skillful writer and rapper, and began to receive high praise as a special talent. Gaining notoriety with his appearances at local events, Bud E quickly became one of the most popular local performers out of St Louis, capturing the attention of many at events such as the Missouri Black Expo, hosting the local TV show “Hot Summer Nights,” the “National No Bully Tour,” and working in the community with “I Do It For The Kids” a program Bud E created to encourage positive thinking, setting goals and valuing education.

With a gift for music Bud E has enthralled thousands of fans with his performances, and has proven that he knows just how to rock a crowd. This comes as no surprise because Bud E draws you in with his charismatic and dynamic personality. With his catchy lyrics, and fresh image Bud E knows just how to please his fans.

In the summer of 2009, Bud E caught the attention of the music execs at Sphinx Music Entertainment. In 2010 the label arranged for Bud E to open for Justin Bieber on the My World Tour in Chicago. Soon after, Lajuanna Burrell, CEO of Sphinx Music Entertainment relocated Bud E to Las Vegas where she could work closely with him on artist development and began recording for his debut album.

While Bud E’s style is sure to be embraced by the youth, his appeal will spread across all demographics. He is invigorating, and is on his way to being the next hip hop music sensation. With the unique talent to completely control the stage with performance intensity and smooth dance moves, Bud E’s desire is to bring performance based hip hop back to its first form… to simply have fun! He is a true talent and an amazing performer! His recording debut will feature his first single “Goes On” with label mate and St. Louis native, Bradd Young. “Goes On” is melodic with infectious lyrics and has already been stamped as a “full fledged hit.” His debut album titled “YEAH BUD E” will be packed with energy and beat driven up tempos and mids that will have both the ladies and fellas moving in the clubs. Now from a region that brought us hip hop stars like Nelly, Chingy, J-Kwon and Jibbs, St. Louis has unleashed another super talent Bud E to carry on the torch.

Suicide Silence Create Memorial Fund in Memory of Singer

Suicide Silence has set up a memorial fund in vocalist Mitch Lucker’s memory. The money will go to Lucker’s daughter, Kenadee, for an education fund. Suicide Silence stated, “We thank you for your continued love & support through this devastating time.”

Those who donate $20 (or more) will receive a commemorative T-shirt.
People who donate at least $5 will get their name on a tribute page on the band’s website in the near future. Please go here to donate.

BLAQK AUDIO Premieres Music Video for “Faith Healer”

Electronic duo BLAQK AUDIO released their sophomore album BRIGHT BLACK HEAVEN last month, where it debuted at #1 on the Billboard Electronic Album Chart and held its place within the top iTunes Electronic charts for days. Comprised of Davey Havok and Jade Puget of multi-platinum selling rock act AFI, BLAQK AUDIO creates addictive, beat-oriented dance music that highlights the pair’s shared love for classic electronica, pop and modern EDM. With their single “Faith Healer” spinning worldwide, the group has teamed up with MTVU to premiere the steamy music video for the track, directed by Daniel Raschko.

Starting at 6:00 AM EST, the video for “Faith Healer” will be airing every hour at the top of the hour on MTVU, and can be seen on the MTVU website here: http://www.mtvu.com/music/blaqk-audios-smokey-new-clip-for-faith-healer

Alternative Press Magazine gives BRIGHT BLACK HEAVEN a 4 out of 5 rating, and notes that the album showcases the duo’s, “stylistic diversity” and the “lack of trendhopping (read: no dubstep) makes the continued evolution of Blaqk Audio worth following.” Beatport.com News says, “the pair make a completely different brand of electro-infused synth rock” and UnderTheGunReview.net hails the album as, “an exciting experience unparalleled by any electronic act currently active.”

BLAQK AUDIO also recently put out an exclusive 3-song EP through premier electronic outlet, BEATPORT. The FAITH HEALER REMIX EP includes the single, “Faith Healer,” the Jacob Plant remix of “Faith Healer,” “Down Here” (a b-side that is not featured on BRIGHT BLACK HEAVEN) and the stems for both tracks. The EP can be found here: http://www.beatport.com/release/faith-healer-remix-ep/978443

The Angel Mary and The Tennessee Werewolves Interview

Closed minded people who will not listen to any types of “country music” need not read any further. But, if you like all genres of music, and can appreciate a great crossover band with influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Pink Floyd to Lynyrd Skynrd…well proceed this way.

Angel Mary and The Tennessee Werewolves are hitting the road on a radio tour, as you read this, and new fans are blowing up the phone lines requesting ‘Cowboy’, their latest single. The Nashville based band draws a huge influence from Johnny Cash and his multi-genre influences, as well as other cross over bands such as Alabama, Kentucky Head Hunters, added in with some outlaw country like David Allen Coe and Merle Haggard. As they push themselves to the limit getting up at 4AM to do morning drive interviews, Angel Mary and The Tennessee Werewolves are in constant motion promoting the EP produced by Doug Phelps and developing work in various genres. Entertainers at heart, all the members are actors as well as musicians much like Kris Kristofferson. Angel Mary has been on shows like ‘Ugly Betty’ and movies such as ‘The Other Guys’. Even though the road offers long hours and lack of sleep, the trio are soaking up all the culture in every city, especially the rich history of some of the venues. What follows is an interview that reveals a fun-loving group with a serious attitude about the music business: Angel Mary and The Tenn Werewolves Interview

Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves Release “Cowboy”

Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves are quickly becoming a notable name in country music. The band puts the sexiness back in country music with cool collective sounds of old fashion Dixie roots, bluegrass picking and Haggard styled lyrics; giving traditional country music a modern overhaul. Their debut project, an EP titled, Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves features the highly anticipated singles ‘Cowboy’ and ‘Waiting On You’ and are both available on iTunes. Frequently referred to as outlaw-themed, ‘Cowboy’ has already triggered the industry buzz.

Co-Produced by Grammy Award winning artist Doug Phelps of The Kentucky Headhunters, the new single delivers a well-balanced rhythm of traditional country music with a hint of pop. Written by the band members Angel Mary, Antoine Wolf and Christian Wolf this collaboration solidifies a new frontrunner in country music. The strong lead vocals and the group’s fun rockstar flare offers a renewed approach to excellent country music.

Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves attended this year’s CMA Festival in Nashville and were greeted by hosts of loyal fans during the red carpet event. The band will be opening up for country music legend John Michael Montgomery November 17th at the Plaza Theatre in Glasgow, Kentucky.

While the group is continuously touring and working on new music, they are also actors. Angel Mary (who once dated Ryan Gosling) has appeared in Hollywood films, The Other Guys with Will Farrell, The Sitter featuring Jonah Hill and in Nicholas Jarecki’s directorial debut, Arbitrage featuring Richard Gere. Antoine Wolf has appeared in Mitch Albom’s For One More Day, produced by Oprah, The Last Airbender, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, and is currently being considered for a role on ABC’s new drama, Nashville. Christian Wolf is a Method Acting Alumni of The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.

PMM will be interviewing Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves in the very near future…stay tuned.

Official website: www.angelmary.net

Twitter: www.twitter.com/AngelMaryMusic

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AngelMaryMusic