Third Annual Decibel Magazine Tour Lineup and Dates Announced/PGH Stage AE Apr 7, 2014


CarcassThe Black Dahlia MurderGorguts and Noisem headline renowned metal mag’s latest national tour this March

With two triumphant star-studded national tours under our bullet belt, Decibel Magazine is raising the (bloody) stakes on our hotly anticipated third cross-country domination. This spring, we’re proud to bring you the reanimation of death metal demigods Carcass alongside melodeath powerhouse The Black Dahlia Murder, technical death metal heroes Gorguts and emerging death/thrash squad Noisem.

The third time’s the harm, as Carcass—the Liverpool legends responsible for Surgical Steel, our number one album of 2013—embark upon their first sustained domestic tour in five years. Presented by Nuclear Blast, Peavey, Metal Blade,, Season of Mist and Lace Music, the 2014 Decibel Magazine Tour will fester across North America for 21 putrefying dates, once again seamlessly integrating the past, present and future of extreme music.

Ever-acerbic Carcass frontman Jeff Walker finds it difficult to contain his enthusiasm. “This is possibly the unsexiest Decibel Tour lineup yet,” he quips. “We’re all bringing the ‘girth’ back to the U.S., along with gray hair and sensible footwear. But it’s the music that matters, right? Just close your eyes and think of England. If that fails, think of Tampa.”

Black Dahlia Murder frontman Trevor Strand is a longtime Carcass superfan, so much so that he has the coolest tattoo ever: surgical instruments from the cover of the 1992 Tools of the Trade EP: “We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of this amazing tour. I will do my best to play it cool in the presence of such great and influential musicians who I have worshipped since the seventh grade—but I can’t guarantee anything. We in the Dahlia camp are elated to have been considered, and vow to do our best to impress. Nothing less for the combined might of Carcass and Gorguts!”

Luc Lemay of Canadian technical death metal institution Gorguts can’t wait to bring songs from 2013 comeback sensation Colored Sands to the stage. “Since the first day I discovered Decibel, I always saw them like an institution,” he enthuses. “So, when I got the news that we were offered to be part of their annual tour, I felt totally honored and excited as hell! It will be amazing to share the stage with Carcass, the Black Dahlia Murder and Noisem to perform our new music every night!”

As for Baltimore death-thrash upstarts Noisem—who blew minds with brutal-beyond-their-years debut Agony Defined—guitarist Sebastian Phillips keeps his thoughts on the tour perfectly succinct: “Dream come true. Period.”

We know you can’t wait for these symphonies of sickness to be conducted either, so here’s your chance to score a great deal AND avoid standing in line. There will be a number of VIP premium packages available in each market, providing you with a T-shirt, poster, “Skip the Line” pass and free digital sampler from Nuclear Blast. The price of this package is less than you would spend on a ticket and a tour shirt at the show! More details, including ticket info, are announced at Pre-Sale tickets are available now at

Tue, March 18 Orlando, FL The Beachum Theater
Wed, March 19 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
Fri, March 21 Dallas, TX Prophet Bar
Sat, March 22 Austin, TX Mohawk
Mon, March 24 Phoenix, AZ The Press Room
Tue, March 25 Santa Ana, CA The Observatory
Wed, March 26 San Francisco, CA The Regency Ballroom
Fri, March 28 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom
Sat, March 29 Seattle, WA Showbox Market
Sun, March 30 Portland, OR Roseland Theater
Wed, April 02 Denver, CO Summit Music Hall
Fri, April 04 Minneapolis, MN Mill City Nights
Sat, April 05 Chicago, IL House Of Blues
Sun, April 06 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
Mon, April 07 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE
Tue, April 08 Toronto, ON Sound Academy
Wed, April 09 Montreal, QC Metropolis
Thu, April 10 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club
Fri, April 11 New York, NY Best Buy Theater
Sat, April 12 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero Theatre
Sun, April 13 Silver Spring, MD The Fillmore

Hails to our partners!


CARCASS: limited, “vomit-inducing” ‘Reek of Putrefaction’ LP re-issue available on Black Friday (Nov. 29th)

On Black Friday (Nov. 29th), a special “vomit-inducing” LP re-issue of CARCASS’ debut album, Reek of Putrefaction, will be available at participating retailers in the USA. Featuring the original banned artwork of autopsy photographs collected from medical journals, this Reek of Putrefaction LP comes tastefully wrapped in “black body bag” shrink-wrap with an assortment of bonus material waiting to be exhumed, including: (1) 24″x36″ fold-out color poster of album art (2) hand-numbered toe tag (3) puke-splattered vinyl.

Limited to 1500 copies, this re-issue will disappear fast. To find a store that carries theReek of Putrefaction LP, please visit:

Reek of Putrefaction track-listing

Side A

1. Genital Grinder

2. Regurgitation of Giblets

3. Maggot Colony

4. Pyosisified (Rotten to the Gore)

5. Carbonized Eyesockets

6. Frenzied Detruncation

7. Vomited Anal Tract

8. Festerday

9. Fermenting Innards

10. Excreted Alive

11. Suppuration

Side B

1. Foeticide

2. Microwaved Uterogestation

3. Feast on Dismembered Carnage

4. Splattered Cavities

5. Psychopathologist

6. Burnt to a Crisp

7. Pungent Excruciation

8. Manifestation of Verrucose Urethra

9. Oxidized Razor Masticator

10. Mucopurulence Excretor

11. Malignant Defecation

Banger Films Launches Final “Extreme Metal” Crowndfunding Push

Award-Winning Metal Filmmakers Join Forces with Underground Metal Community to Complete “Extreme Metal”

After an enormously successful IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign raising nearly $40,000, Grammy-nominated and Juno-winning Banger Films is embarking on a final push to create the “Lost Episode” of the series Metal Evolution: Extreme Metal. The episode will take viewers on an unprecedented journey across Europe and North America to tell the story of metal’s most aggressive and misunderstood sub-genre.

“Our first IndieGoGo campaign was a huge success and we were blown-away by the support of the metal community,” says Banger Films co-founder Sam Dunn. “The research, writing, travel and filming is now complete and we’ve captured some amazing interviews and footage. But we need to turn this footage into an episode!” The new campaign kicked off Friday, August 9th. Details of the campaign, including a brand-new trailer featuring exclusive footage from Banger’s Extreme Metal filming trip, can be found here:

Originally broadcast on VH1 Classic (USA) and Much More Music (Canada), Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn’s series Metal Evolution presented 11 episodes based on the “Heavy Metal Family Tree” originally shown in their groundbreaking documentary, Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey. Host and metalhead-turned-anthropologist Sam Dunn crisscrossed the globe exploring the vast history of Heavy Metal across its 40+ year history, covering everything from the Pre-History of Metal and Shock Rock to Grunge and Thrash Metal. But one very important episode was left out: Extreme Metal. “Some of the networks felt that Extreme Metal was too heavy or too niche. We’re out to prove that Extreme Metal is metal’s most vital sub-genre and that metal would probably die without it!,” says Dunn.

Tom Gabriel Warrior, legendary frontman for extreme metal bands Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, and Triptykon, was interviewed by Dunn for the episode: “It was an absolute honour and a pleasure to host Sam and his outstanding team at my place in Zurich. That extreme metal has been overlooked in this series so far is a scandal. This episode is utterly overdue!”

Bands appearing in the episode include Venom, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Slayer, Napalm Death, Carcass, Death, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Enslaved, Gojira and more. The episode will also feature some renowned locations in the history of Extreme Metal including Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida, as well as travel footage from Norway, Switzerland, UK, US, and Hellfest (France), one of the world’s biggest metal festivals.

Contributors’ support for the new IndieGoGo campaign will cover costs of finishing the episode which includes editing, archival and music licensing, onlining, sound mixing and other post-production costs. “People are often surprised by how much making quality film and TV costs. It requires a lot of hard work from a team of talented people to ensure we make the best possible show. Extreme Metal deserves the same high-production value and attention to detail that we gave the other Metal Evolution episodes”, adds Dunn. “I’m not getting paid to make this episode but what matters to me is that the Metal Evolution series is finally completed!”

Watch the 11 episodes of Metal Evolution here:

In Canada:


BLEED FROM WITHIN join Metal Hammer’s ‘Defenders Of The Faith Tour’

After recently supporting Megadeth in the UK and being awarded “Best New Band” at the Golden Gods by Metal Hammer UK, BLEED FROM WITHIN is thrilled to announce that they have been confirmed for the UK leg of the much anticipated Metal Hammer Defenders Of The Faith tour featuring Amon Armarth, Carcass and Hell.



w/ Amon Armarth, Carcass, Hell

11-12-13 (UK) Birmingham – O2 Academy
11-13-13 (UK) Manchester – O2 Academy
11-14-13 (UK) Glasgow – Barrowland
11-15-13 (UK) Bristol – O2 Academy

11-17-13 (UK) London – Forum


Since their return from the Megadeth tour, BLEED FROM WITHIN have prepared a clip giving you an intimate insight into life on the road with the legendary band – the video has been launched in cooperation with Metal Hammer UK and can be viewed here:



BLEED FROM WITHIN are touring in support of their current album ‘Uprising’ and can also be seen this summer on the following UK festivals and dates.


7-6-13 (D) Muenster – Vainstream Rockfest (

7-20-13 (B) Dour – Dour Festival (
7-21-13 (D) Cologne – MTC

7-22-13 (D) Munich – Hansa 39

7-23-13 (SLO) Tolmin – Metaldays

7-27-13 (UK) Redhill, Surrey – Robin Cooks Farm, Redfest (
7-28-13 (UK) Bournemouth, Burnout Festival

8-9-13 (UK) Kingston – Kingston Peel

8-10-13 (UK) Oxford – O2 Academy 2

8-11-13 (UK) Bridgend – Throwfest

8-24-13 (AT) Kapfenberg – Overdrive Encore Festival

9-14-13 (UK) Hampshire – Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Butserfest


Black Dahlia Murder: A Pittsburgh Pictorial

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The Black Dahlia Murder derived their name from the 1947 unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, and in Pittsburgh the absolutely killed. With influences ranging from Carcass, At the Gates, Darkane, Dissection, Darkthrone, Morbid Angel, The Haunted, In Flames, Dimension Zero, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Pantera and Megadeth- the band has an interesting mix of very hardcore genres.

Mainly sticking to the genres of melodic death metal, metalcore, and deathcore, when asked to describe what kind of music the band plays, Strnad commented: “I’ve always said that we’re melodic death metal. We are mostly influenced by Swedish bands and Carcass. The heavy end of our sound is the American style creeping in, with some Floridian influences like Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation and that kind of stuff. We’ve been labeled more often because of our look than our sound, which is dumb, and speaks volumes about what kind of geniuses are out there!”. In an interview with Uranium Magazine, Strnad also stated, “Some bands that get labeled as metalcore are actually good, like Between the Buried and Me or The Red Chord. Metal is what I grew up with, and then I learned about punk and hardcore. But a lot of our ethics, the way we carry ourselves, is more punk…I like that hardcore has a sense of community without the competition you see in metal.”

The only disappointment for many of the Pittsburgh fans was the “early” start of BDM. Most shows at Stage AE start about an hour after doors open, but BDM went on pretty early (6:30) causing many to miss part or all of their set.

-all photos property of AWeldingphoto and Pittsburgh Music Magazine


Due to an overwhelming demand from metal fans worldwide, Grammy-nominated and Juno award-winning Banger Films is setting out to raise funds to make what has become known as “The Lost Episode” a reality. Metal Evolution: Extreme Metal “The Lost Episode” covers co-director Sam Dunn’s favorite genres: Death Metal, Black Metal and Grindcore, and he is reaching out to metal fans to help make it happen:

Metal Evolution – The Lost Episode: Extreme Metal from Banger Films on Vimeo.

“Hundreds of fans have emailed us demanding, pleading, that we do this episode,” says Banger Films co-founder Sam Dunn. “So in response we’re launching an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funding within the Metal community to finance the episode. The goal is to raise $175,000 in 90 days!” The campaign kicked off Friday, September 14th. Details of the campaign, including cool donor gifts at various contribution levels can be found here:

Originally broadcast on VH1 Classic (USA) and Much More Music (Canada), Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn’s series Metal Evolution presented 11 episodes based on their “Heavy Metal Family Tree” originally shown in their groundbreaking documentary, Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey. Host and metalhead-turned-anthropologist Sam Dunn crisscrossed the globe exploring the vast history of Heavy Metal across its 40+ year history, covering everything from the Pre-History of Metal and Shock Rock to Grunge and Thrash Metal. But one very important episode was left out: Extreme Metal. Perceived to be perhaps too niche or “extreme” to attract enough audience interest, the episode did not see the light of day, ironic considering it is Heavy Metal’s most vibrant and fastest growing genre.

“For many fans, including myself, extreme metal is massively important. It continues to push metal forward, both sonically and aesthetically,” says Sam. Alex Webster, co-founder/bass player of death metal legends Cannibal Corpse, agrees: “There’s really no way that you could tell the complete story of heavy metal without including a chapter that covers extreme metal. And given their knowledge, experience, and passion for the genre of heavy metal, I think that Banger Films are the most qualified people to do it!”

Contributors’ support will send Sam on a global journey from San Francisco and Tampa to the United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden to investigate the history, myths and intricacies of extreme metal. Sam will unravel the lineage between Extreme Metal’s divergent branches – Death Metal, Grindcore and Black Metal – and meet with the sub-genre’s most influential sonic architects, including members of Death, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Napalm Death, Entombed, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Opeth, Enslaved and many more. The result will be an unforgettable portrait of metal’s most iconoclastic sub-genre.

Watch the 11 episodes of Metal Evolution here:
In Canada:

BROKEN HOPE Honors Fallen Heroes of 9/11

BROKEN HOPE, ESP Guitars and Basses and are pleased to announce a special signature ESP guitar giveaway at the band’s upcoming 9/11 NYC show at Gramercy Theater. Fans can enter the contest at the band’s merch table at the show, and one signature ESP will go to a lucky winner chosen at random. To honor the 9/11 heroes and those lost, the band is also donating $911 to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum (9/11 Memorial).

“On behalf of BROKEN HOPE, we’re humbled and grateful to perform at the Gramercy Theater on 9/11. We’re also very excited to give our New York fans a powerful, positive performance and pay tribute to the fallen—we aim to boost everyone’s spirits on this day of loss and reflection,” states guitarist Jeremy Wagner. “Big thanks to all Broken Hope fans for coming out this night, and we thank the great city of New York for having us!”

The band recently announced that they were confirmed for Maryland Deathfest 2013 in Baltimore, MD from May 23rd to 26th. BROKEN HOPE joins an incredible roster of acts for this event, including CARCASS, VENOM, EXODUS, REPULSION, CONVULSE, PIG DESTROYER and many, many more. For more information on MDF, please visit

See below for all current tour dates and stay tuned for updates.

Obituary, BROKEN HOPE, Decrepit Birth, Jungle Rot, and Encrust
9/08 – Orlando, FL – Haven Lounge
9/10 – Springfield, VA – Empire
9/11 – New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre – Signature ESP Guitar Giveaway at the show!
9/12 – Albany, NY – Bogie’s
9/13 – Quebec City, QC – Imperial
9/14 – Montreal, QC – Foufounes Electriques
9/15 – Toronto, ON – The Opera House
9/16 – Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s
9/17 – Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Rock Club
9/18 – St. Paul, MN – Station 4 (no Obituary)
9/19 – Winnipeg, MB – Osborne Village Inn
9/20 – Regina, SK – The Exchange
9/21 – Edmonton, AB – Pawn Shop
9/22 – Kelowna, BC – The Level Nightclub
9/23 – Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
9/25 – Reno, NV – The Alley
9/26 – San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge
9/27 – West Hollywood, CA – Key Club
9/28 – Albuquerque, NM – El Rey Theatre
9/29 – Dallas, TX – Trees
9/30- San Antonio, TX – Korova