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“Nothing feels as unexpected as Satyr making wine,” writes Punch.com journalist, sommelier, and black metal music fan Steven Grubbs.“Black Metal is a genre steeped in bleakness and an obsession with death. But winemaking isn’t the first break Satyr has made with old Oslo form. SATYRICON was the first to sign a major label record deal, and adjusted their sound toward […]

WOE: Black Metal Antagonists Announce Live Assaults

Black metal antagonists WOE are pleased to announce a bout of live assaults next month. Scheduled to commence September 6 and run through September 22, the latest run marks the band’s lengthiest tour of their career. WOE will be joined by genre-crushing co-headliners Inter Arma.   Elaborates vocalist/guitarist Chris Grigg of the trek, “Not only is […]

LOCRIAN: New Album Streaming via Spin.com

East Coast Tour June 27-30 Return To Annihilation coming June 25th via Relapse Records Esoteric, experimental artisan’s Locrian are currently streaming their entire forthcoming full-length Return To Annihilation via Spin.com at this location.  Spin describes the album as a “an eclectic float down murky, noxious, sludgy waters” and compares the group to everyone from Boards of Canada […]