Guest Post from Bored In Pittsburgh-Bull Of Apis Bull of Bronze-What Awaits Us (A Void Is But An Open Mouth)

Guest Post from Bored In Pittsburgh

Today’s listen is a new release coming to us from “mountains and maws in Colorado and Washington.” Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze is a black metal band from out West, and they’ve harnessed a truly powerful force with the song “What Awaits Us (A Void Is But An Open Mouth).” A nearly eleven minute epic, the song features everything from brooding, atmospheric guitar interludes to pummeling blast beats and anguished, howled vocals, and ends with an outro that sounds like an earthquake happening in outer space. It’s an intense listen, but it doesn’t drag, despite its hefty run time.

The song is elevated by some poetic and evocative lyrics from vocalist and synthesizer-ist Achaierei; they touch on themes of destruction and rebirth, as well as transcendence from false beliefs and traditional patterns of thinking. Also I didn’t know that “At the end of all things is a mouth made of light/Teeth dripping like stars/Sharp as the edges of our perception,” but I’m looking forward to seeing that some day, because it sounds pretty wild. In all seriousness, I respect the members of Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze for being open about their anti-oppresion message (and packaging it along with such gripping music), and look forward to hearing more from them.

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Twilight premiere “Swarming Funeral Mass”

Chicago’s black metal assembly, TWILIGHT will release their third and final album,III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb on March 18 via Century Media. Six tracks will appear on the record and we have a premiere of “Swarming Funeral Mass” now at Invisible Oranges:

Check it out here:


Released as a digipack and LP (1000 pressed worldwide, 700 purple (US) and 300 black ), III is much more an experimental album than its predecessors. It’s a dark, uncomfortable listen.


The official track listing is as follows:


1.     Lungs (Whitehead/Jameson)

2.     Oh Wretched Son (Giannopoulos/Whitehead/Jameson)

3.     Swarming Funereal Mass (Whitehead/Jameson)

4.     Seek No Shelter Fevered Ones (Giannopoulos/Whitehead/Jameson)

5.     A Flood of Eyes (Giannopoulos/Moore/Whitehead/Jameson)

6.     Below Lights (Parker/Jameson)


III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb’s album lineup is:


N. Imperial – vocals

Wrest – drums/bass/vocals

Stavros Giannopoulos – guitars/vocals

Sanford Parker – synths/electronics/production

Thurston Moore – guitar/vocals


TWILIGHT online:

ANAGNORISIS: March Tour Dates Confirmed(3/9 PGH @Smiling Moose); Vinyl Edition Of Beyond All Light Out Now

Following several waves of live excursions during the second half of 2013 and a January 2014 Midwest tour, in conjunction with the release of their acclaimed sophomore LP, Beyond All Light, Kentucky’s ominous black metal quintet, ANAGNORISIS, confirms their next bout of 2014 tour actions.


ANAGNORISIS is locking down a solid live run from their Louisville hometown out to the Northeast and down the East Coast during the first half of March, with a full week of dates including shows in Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Charlotte confirmed at press time and several dates still being organized. The complete and final routing will be locked and announced in the coming days.


The nearly fifty minutes of dynamic black metal harnessed on Beyond All Light and the critical accolades provided from international media sources have helped elevate ANAGNORISIS from the cult status they’ve held over the years into the international spotlight. In addition to the digital, digipak CD and cassette versions of Beyond All Light already unfurled in 2013, the delayed but finally triumphant deluxe LP of the album is available. The wax incarnation of the album features redesigned artwork and custom fold-out packaging on, available on black, red, and blue 150-gram vinyl, and includes a high-quality download of the tracks. All copies are hand-numbered. Stream the album and purchase all versions direct from the band at



3/6/2014 Haymarket Whiskey Bar – Louisville, KY

3/7/2014 The Metal Grill – Milwaukee, WI

3/8/2014 Emerson Theater – Indianapolis, IN

3/9/2014 The Smiling Moose – Pittsburgh, PA

3/10/2014 Acheron – Brooklyn, NY

3/11/2014 Kungfu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA

3/14/2014 The Milestone – Charlotte, NC w/ Young and In The Way


“Nothing feels as unexpected as Satyr making wine,” writes journalist, sommelier, and black metal music fan Steven Grubbs.“Black Metal is a genre steeped in bleakness and an obsession with death. But winemaking isn’t the first break Satyr has made with old Oslo form. SATYRICON was the first to sign a major label record deal, and adjusted their sound toward something that is more like dark, heavy rock than pure Black Metal. [Satyr] credits the life on the road that ensued with introducing him to good food. Wine came as a natural consequence.


Grubbs recently spoke with SATYRICON founder, frontman, and winemaker Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven and asked whether his friends in the metal scene think it’s odd that he makes wine, which is sold under the Wongraven family name. “I think the majority think it’s pretty cool, actually. For them, wine is this thing that is kind of mysterious and unapproachable.”

When it comes to wine, Satyr is quick to describe himself as a traditionalist, preferring the old Piemonte style (wines of medium weight and stern tannins and acidity). “I like wines that are representative of their places,” he says.  The sentiment is echoed in what stirs him about Black Metal. “It is the music of my people, my place.”

Satyr has been making and selling a Burgandy Barolo from Castiglione Falletto since 2010.  He sources fruit from a monopole cru owned by the Roagna family, a venerable bastion of Piemontese winemaking tradition. Luca Roagna handles the vinification and Satyr assembles the final product.

“Who can say that ‘Barolo Made By Singers in Black Metal Bands’ isn’t a totally new category?” asks Grubbs.

Read the feature in its entirety here:


Wine label illustration by Justin Bartlett

SATYRICON’s self-titled eighth studio album debuted at #12 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and #30 on the Hard Music chart in September.  Other world chart entries include: #1 – Norway; #6 – Finland; #23 – Germany; and #26 – Australia.

Recorded in Norway, produced by Satyr, and mixed by Adam Kasper & Satyr in Seattle, Satyricon can be purchased in CD, vinyl, and digital formats via the links on the album’s landing page:



Official live music video for the track “Phoenix”


Official SATYRICON lyric videos:




SATYRICON: Frost & Satyr


Visit SATYRICON online at



TWILIGHT announce new album details and band dissolution

III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb is the title for the final album from experimental black metal band, TWILIGHT, and will be released in North America on March 18 and Europe on March 17. Six tracks will appear on the record, whose album artwork can be seen above.


Released as a digipack and LP (1000 pressed worldwide, 500 on purple vinyl (US only), 500 on black), III is much more an experimental album than its predecessors. It’s a dark, uncomfortable listen.


The track, “Lungs,” which made its debut in a recent Decibel podcast, is now streaming online. You can listen to the track here:



The official tracklisting is as follows:


1.     Lungs (Whitehead/Jameson)

2.     Oh Wretched Son (Giannopoulos/Whitehead/Jameson)

3.     Swarming Funereal Mass (Whitehead/Jameson)

4.     Seek No Shelter Fevered Ones (Giannopoulos/Whitehead/Jameson)

5.     A Flood of Eyes (Giannopoulos/Moore/Whitehead/Jameson)

6.     Below Lights (Parker/Jameson)


III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb’s album lineup is:


N. Imperial – vocals

Wrest – drums/bass/vocals

Stavros Giannopoulos – guitars/vocals

Sanford Parker – synths/electronics/production

Thurston Moore – guitar/vocals


TWILIGHT online:


ANAGNORISIS Releases Video Documentary On The Making Of Beyond All Light

Following the July release of their second full-length Beyond All Light, Louisville black metal quartet ANAGNORISIS this week hosts an in-depth, behind the scenes video documentary on the creation of the layered, tormented album. Featuring tons of hi-def studio footage, interviews and gear talk with all five members and more, the video shows the immense amount of time and planning the band put into the album.


Tune in and check out the video AT THIS LOCATION.


Also stream the entire album at Revolver RIGHT HERE.


Beyond All Light surges with nearly fifty minutes of chaotic and epic sinister black metal showcasingANAGNORISIS‘ most layered, technical and most adventurous work to date. The band self-released the album on CD, cassette and digital formats available RIGHT HERE. The LP pressing is in the works to be released later in the year. Stay tuned for more updates on the vinyl, new tour dates and more.


“An album of massive builds, harsh climaxes, and ambitious track lengths, Beyond All Light necessitates a monstrous finale… Where other acts might break the momentum, Anagnorisis simply pile layers beneath the musical heap, with the rhythm section somehow growing ever a bit more malevolent.” – Pitchfork


“One of my very favorite black metal albums of 2013… epic, melodic, technically flawless black metal that is somehow also brutal, raw, and kinetic: The whole thing is somehow equal parts Dissection and Nails.” – Stereogum


“American black metal is a sprawling continent; a manifest destiny yet to be frozen in place, ossified, and made into a museum piece. It’s a thing that moves and lives and breathes and, frankly, doesn’t need your recognition. I think Anagnorisis understands this, and it’s why Beyond All Light, despite speaking in a familiar language, still sounds boldly new and ultimately vital. 8.5/10” – Last Rites


“… dynamic and absolutely epic, capturing haunting atmospheres and reaching devastating peaks.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

WOE: Black Metal Antagonists Announce Live Assaults

Black metal antagonists WOE are pleased to announce a bout of live assaults next month. Scheduled to commence September 6 and run through September 22, the latest run marks the band’s lengthiest tour of their career. WOE will be joined by genre-crushing co-headliners Inter Arma.


Elaborates vocalist/guitarist Chris Grigg of the trek, “Not only is this WOE‘s longest tour to date, it is almost entirely new ground for us. We couldn’t be more appreciative for this opportunity to ruin so many beautiful cities and their charming populations. We are especially glad to be teaming up with Inter Arma, one of our favorite bands in the American metal scene.”


WOE September Tour Dates:

9/06/2013 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA @ Fall Line Festival w/ Inter Arma, Thou, Earthling

9/07/2013 Milestone Club – Charlotte, NC ***

9/08/2013 Brookland Tavern – Columbia, SC

9/09/2013 The Masquerade/2013 Purgatory – Atlanta, GA

9/10/2013 Caledonia – Athens, GA

9/11/2013 Static Age Records – Asheville, NC

9/12/2013 Stone Fox – Nashville, TN

9/13/2013 Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN

9/14/2013 TBA – West Virginia

9/15/2013 The Brass Rail – Fort Wayne, IN

9/16/2013 Frank’s Power Plant – Milwaukee, WI

9/17/2013 Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL

9/18/2013 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH

9/19/2013 Oberlin College – Oberlin, OH

9/20/2013 Corktown Tavern – Detroit, MI ***

9/21/2013 Gorham Brothers Music – Syracuse, NY ***

9/22/2013 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY ***

*** No Inter Arma


WOE will be touring in support of their latest album, Withdrawal. Called “a staggeringly diverse album,” by City Paper, and “WOE‘s greatest triumph to date,” by Decibel, Withdrawal was unleashed last Spring via Candlelight Records. The seven track offering was produced by Grigg and continues to reap critical accolades from fans and media alike. Pitchfork crowned the record one of this year’s “most irrepressible and energized metal records,” adding that “WOE plays with an urgency that suggests they have a chip on their collective shoulder and a point to prove,” while Cvlt Nation calls it, “exceptional, exciting and a definite landmark in the band’s career and the discography of USBM.” Adds Stereogum, Withdrawal ups the power quotient by a mile.”

LOCRIAN: New Album Streaming via

East Coast Tour June 27-30

Return To Annihilation coming June 25th via Relapse Records

Esoteric, experimental artisan’s Locrian are currently streaming their entire forthcoming full-length Return To Annihilation via at this location.  Spin describes the album as a “an eclectic float down murky, noxious, sludgy waters” and compares the group to everyone from Boards of Canada to Sunn0))) to Neurosis.

Return To Annihilation was recorded by Greg Norman (Pelican, Russian, Circles, Serena Maneesh) at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago, IL and mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service.  The album will be released as CD, 2xLP, and digital formats on June 25th in North America, June 21st in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, and Finland, and June 24th in the UK and rest of the world.

A two-part concept album inspired by the band’s love for prog-rock progenitors Genesis, Yes & King Crimson, Return To Annihilation is easily the group’s most ambitious recordings to date, dubbed by Pitchfork as both “excellent” and “risky”, by Stereogum as “a corona of dream-pop and visceral shoegaze” and Outburn Magazine as “an excellent effort from one of the world’s most creative, interesting, and uncompromising bands.”

Physical CD and 2xLP pre-orders are available via Relapse at this location with digital pre-orders available via Bandcamp here.

     Locrian, located in Chicago, IL and Baltimore, MD, has released over 20 recordings on an eclectic array of labels in their relatively short but prolific career.

Additionally, the group has announced a short run of dates this June plus an appearance at Kentucky’s Boomslang Festival in September.  The shows kick off on June 27th in Montreal.  A complete list of dates is included below.

Locrian Tour Dates:

June 27     Montreal, QC        Casa Del Popolo

June 28     Brooklyn, NY        St. Vitus
June 29     Providence, RI      Machines With Magnets

June 30     Baltimore MD        Metro Gallery

Sep 20-22    Lexington, KY        Boomslang Fest

For all North American Locrian press inquiries, please contact  For all UK inquiries please contact and for all EU inquiries please contact

“This is an excellent effort from one of the world’s most creative, interesting, and uncompromising bands”. – Outburn

If the wrath of heaven sounds anything like Locrian , then archangel Michael has been digging into the prog-rock bin lately.” -NPR

A corona of dream-pop and visceral shoegaze… goddamn is it good.” – Stereogum

Sliding some malicious black metal menace into the gaps created by their dreamlike, sometimes nightmarish, ambient drones…few albums prove to be quite so unsettling.” – The Digital Fix

Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus releases free EP for download on Gun Shy Assassin


Wanna download a free EP from ambient black metal outfit Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus?  Then head to the end of this post where you’ll find the band’s first two songs since the release of the band’s debut album Synkkä Tuuli on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions…Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus has begun recording it’s next full length album, based on the Finnish national epic ‘The Kalevala,’ with a target release date of winter 2013…The digital EP is entitled Väinämöinen and you’ll only find it here…


Lucky Number 7: Trinakrius Explore the Seven Deadly Sins on Newest Album

Italian metal group Trinakrius has undergone a huge amount of changes since their inception in 1995. From lineup to label changes, the band has seen its shares of departures and arrivals, all while adapting to many different shifts in the metal atmosphere. It’s been a bumpy ride for the group, but their newest album Seven Songs of Seven Sins, doesn’t stand in a specific zone of metal. Trinakrius has proven their love for both the sludgy darkness of Black Sabbath and the faster speed metal of Judas Priest, which is a combination that could have been misguided and polarizing among the metal community.

Fortunately, the two influences don’t conflict, instead appearing right where either of them are required. Combining the weight of Black Sabbath with the speed of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal isn’t easy, as they are very different animals. Trinakrius are an ambitious group of musicians to mix both, and while some of the songs lack the tight focus of their influences, Seven Songs of Seven Sins offers a considerable amount of variety along with a broodingly dark atmosphere that echoes the greats of black metal like Opeth.

For an album based around the seven deadly sins, Trinakrius doesn’t do too much with the concept. There aren’t many cases with the lyrics where you can see the band stepping outside of an established template. It’s a brilliant topic that feels fit for both power and doom metal. However, the execution on “Seven Songs…” feels like a missed opportunity. There are some very inventive ideas on the album: “Sloth…” for example is drawn out, sluggish and heavy. “Lust…” is faster, more intense, and energized. This match-up between subject matter and sound is where the entire concept feels at home, but despite the band’s stellar compositions and musicianship, the concept feels wasted among many of the other erratic songs on the album.

While Trinakrius’ implementation of the “seven deadly sins” concept is a bit underwhelming, the musicianship itself is tight and atmospheric. Vocalist Fabio Sparacello mixes the ascendant banshee wails of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson and Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, while guitarist Emanuele “Izzy” Bonura’s versatile axe work takes both the slow and fast roads without misstep. The implementation of keyboards from Alessio Romeo is where the ethereal elegance can show, even when Bonura lays down the hammer with earth-shaking guitar riffs. The band even takes cues from modern day thrash, shown clearly in the revving opening (and later guitar solo) to “Greed (All Mine).” It’s clear that Trinakrius have worked through a number of different metal eras; they’ve seen it all, and as a result, they aren’t afraid to try it all.

Trinakrius’ slight hindrance at the construction of narrative and concept in their music is disappointing, but Seven Songs of Seven Sins still demonstrates a tight anthological tome of all styles metal. You’ll find the slower and darker Black Sabbath influences wide awake with the Judas Priest-influenced guitar solos and Sparacello’s magnificent crow of a metal voice. How each composition fits into the grander tapestry of the album is where there is untapped potential. The album doesn’t feel entirely complete in that regard. If you can ignore the messily implemented concept, you’ll find some fantastic musicianship on Seven Songs of Seven Sins, some that could even rival the genre’s influential forefathers.

Blood & Banjos: A Marriage of Bluegrass and Metal

The musician collective known as Blood & Banjos is announcing the release of a full-length story album, slated for the first quarter of 2014. Concurrent with this announcement is the official release of a 3-track demo and the upcoming launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds needed to produce the album. The campaign will run from February 28th until March 31st.
Blood & Banjos advances a unique genre of music called Blackgrass: a mash-up of musical genres largely inspired by bluegrass and black metal. The project consists of over a dozen artists from across the United States and Germany. Instrumentation includes guitars (acoustic and electric), fiddle,mandolin, banjo, cello, percussion, and seven male and female vocalists. Enabled by Soundcloud, Skype, and Google Sites, the album writing process has consisted predominantly of remote online collaborations amongst the contributing musicians.
Blood & Banjos creator Mike Lindsay and many of the project’s contributors share common roots in Michigan. In conceiving of the album’s story, Lindsay was inspired by a Northern Michigan legend of an ill-fated family doomed by its deranged patriarch. For the project, this legend was appropriately adjusted to unfold in the heart of Appalachia, a nod to the project’s bluegrass influence. The story features the blighted Abram Stone, a once innocent mason who is consumed by the delusion that everyone around him, including his own family, is possessed by evil. In his poisoned mind, he and his 5-string banjo must prevent the coming of the Anti-Christ and the subsequent apocalypse.
Accounts of murder, lynch mobs, and undead love are set adeptly to banjo plucking, 3-part harmonies, and shredding electric guitars.
The project’s final release will include 10 tracks, all of which are frequently updated and posted to the project’s blog as they mature. The story writing, artwork, and other developments are also openly shared on this blog.

Check them out on Facebook:

Stay tuned for our review in the coming weeks…

FINNTROLL reveals cover artwork and track-listing for new album, ‘Blodsvept’

FINNTROLL has now finished recording their 6th album, Blodsvept, which will be released via Century Media Records on March 25th in Europe and March 26th in North America! Recorded at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Blodsvept features cover artwork by the band’s own guitarist Skrymer (who also did the artwork for the band’s previous releases). This painting perfectly visualizes the musical aura of FINNTROLL that combines influences of black and death metal with folk music, ska, Latin music, psychobilly, and Klezmer in a unique and insane sonic assault.

Blodsvept track-listing:
1. Blodsvept
2. Ett Folk Förbannat
3. När Jättar Marschera
4. Mordminnen
5. Rösets Kung
6. Skövlarens Död
7. Skogsdotter
8. Häxbrygd
9. Två Ormar
10. Fanskapsfylld
11. Midvinterdraken

20.06.2013 – Jaworzno @ Metalfest Poland
22.06.2013 – Clisson @ Hellfest
20.06.2013 – Jaworzno @ Metalfest Poland
13.07.2013 – Ballenstedt @ Rock Harz Festival

More dates to be announced soon…


MARDUK and MOONSPELL Announce Dates for “Voices From The Dark” Tour/Mr. Smalls 2/26

This February/March 2013, Rock the Nation America and Hails & Horns are proud to present the “Voices From The Dark” tour, featuring Swedish black metallers MARDUK and Portuguese gothic heavy hitters MOONSPELL as co-headliners! Support for the trek includes Colombian/American black metallers INQUISITION, Italy’s gothic melodic sensation THE FORESHADOWING, and Swedish blackened punk rockers DEATH WOLF, making this one tour that you don’t want to miss! See below for all upcoming dates.

Rock the Nation America and Hails & Horns present: “Voices From The Dark” tour 2013 feat. MARDUK and MOONSPELL with guests INQUISITION, THE FORESHADOWING, DEATH WOLF
2/20 – Springfield, VA @ Empire
2/21 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
2/22 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
2/23 – New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
2/24 – Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
2/25 – Toronto, ON @ Wreck Room
2/26 – Millvale, PA @ Mr. Small’s Theatre
2/27 – Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s
2/28 – Saint Paul, MN @ Station 4
3/01 – Winnipeg, MB @ Osborne Village Inn
3/02 – Regina, SK @ The Exchange
3/03 – Edmonton, AB @ Pawn Shop
3/04 – Calgary, AB @ Dickens
3/05 – Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre
3/06 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
3/07 – Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
3/08 – Oakland, CA @ Oakland Opera House
3/09 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Vex
3/10 – Tempe, AZ @ 910 Live
3/11 – Albuquerque, NM @ TBC
3/12 – Dallas, TX @ Tomcats West
3/13 – San Antonio, TX @ Korova
3/15 – Fort Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
3/16 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade

For the latest updates about “Voices From The Dark” tour 2013, be sure to check out the official Facebook page:

MARDUK will be touring in support of their critically acclaimed new album, Serpent Sermon. Named one of SPIN’s “20 Best Metal Albums of 2012,” Serpent Sermon can be heard in its entirety here and purchased at CM Distro here in various album formats. A new hand-numbered, white MARDUK 7″ will be available on this tour at the band’s merch table (limited to 666 copies). Stay tuned for more information about this US exclusive 7″ coming soon!

Featuring MARDUK’s Morgan on bass, DEATH WOLF will be touring in support of their upcoming album, II: Black Armoured Death. Due out February 19th in North America, II: Black Armoured Death covers a wide musical spectrum that will surely be worth a listen for every fan of dark sinister punk rock with a metal edge! In addition to the album being available for purchase on the road, DEATH WOLF will also be selling a hand-numbered 7″ (entitled Bloodscent) on white vinyl at their merch table (limited to 200 copies). Stay tuned for more information about this US exclusive 7″ coming soon!

Rock the Nation America announces “Voices From The Dark” tour in 2013 featuring MARDUK and MOONSPELL

This February / March 2013, Rock the Nation America is proud to present the elite from the dark way of the force, some of metal’s darkest and most ambitious prodigies that the scene has to offer. From the cold lands of Sweden, the return of the infernal black metal sons MARDUK. Co-headlining is Portugal’s dark gothic heavy hitters MOONSPELL…Both promise a show you won’t soon forget! Backing the assault is Colombian / USA black metal rising demons INQUISITION. Continuing the event in fashion is Italy’s gothic melodic sensation THE FORESHADOWING, and to start up the fire, introducing Sweden’s dark rock / metal band DEATH WOLF (featuring MARDUK members).

“It’s with great delight that we return to your shores again in support of our latest album ‘Serpent Sermon'”, adds Morgan from MARDUK. “We look forward to march across the continent delivering the gospel of the worm. No mercy will be given!!”

MOONSPELL’s Fernando Ribeiro also comments:
“The time for a North American tour is finally up and we are proud to return overseas to bring you all the darkened magic of our Portuguese legend and sound, a rebellion made of passion and communion with the fans. We invite you all to witness the charm and power of ‘Alpha Noir’ and ‘Omega White’ but also to celebrate with us our Twentieth anniversary as a band and time travel with us to ‘Wolfheart,’ ‘Irreligious’ and songs never played before in the American territory. The time has come to gather the pack, let the games begin!!!”

“INQUISITION is pleased to accept the invitation for a return to a second North American tour and evoke the magic of our majesty”, adds Dagon from INQUISITION. “We hope to see those who missed us recently and those loyal supporters who choose to return. This shall be our final full North American tour until the new album is released in late 2013”.

Alex from THE FORESHADOWING also comments:
“It will be our first time in North America and we are very proud to hit the road with such great bands!!! Are you ready to be part of the Second World?”

“Right upon the release of our second album we will be marching across the States on this killer tour, a hard hitting line up of bands ready to bring darkness over the continent”, adds Morgan while introducing DEATH WOLF. “It’s the first proper tour DEATH WOLF is doing and soon, the march of the DEATH WOLF will begin! The circle of abomination is coming…”

All of these warriors will be kicking off 2013 in style– this is one tour not to be missed!

WATAIN signs worldwide deal with Century Media Records

Century Media Records is proud to welcome Swedish black metal extremists WATAIN to its worldwide family. Legitimately labeled as genre leaders, deservedly awarded with a Swedish Grammy, playing the world’s biggest stages and touring the globe constantly while reaching numerous top positions in the annual reader’s polls, WATAIN have worked hard and achieved a lot over the past years despite successfully ignoring any kind of conformity and concession to the metal mainstream. Unrivaled in their unwillingness to compromise and clear artistic vision, WATAIN are most befittingly described with the title of BATHORY’s third opus – “Blood Fire Death”, a fact they never fail to underline with their infamous live shows: The stench of rotting animal cadavers, the inferno of candelabras and torches, chalices of blood, darkness and death – WATAIN are a full scale attack on all sensory organs. In days of toothless, sterile, family-friendly metal they embody danger and dread and are rewarded with a maximum of support and appreciation.

WATAIN comments:
“We are writing this from a magical place of desolation and desert-like vastness, where wondrous things are at this very moment taking place. Things that will come to colour our world as well as yours in the strangest hues for many years to come. We are entering this new chapter of WATAIN with a will and confidence to make it the most diverse and rememberable so far. And with the things that we have in mind for the future, it looks like it will be just so. Just wait and see, f***ers! Loud and terrible shall the trumpets of Devils sound…”

“Century Media is massively excited to work with WATAIN. This band has it all: charisma, the firm will to conquer the world, and an authenticity you rarely find these days. Mixed with their creativity and musical impact – this band will make it to the top. They are a healthy slap in the face for any Metal Bourgeois. We are ready to kill for them!” says Antje Lange, General Manager Century Media Europe

“I am very proud and excited to welcome WATAIN to the Century Media family. There are few bands that remind me of when I first discovered metal as a teenager that could give me the same feeling of extreme release and evil such as SLAYER, VENOM and MERCYFUL FATE did. WATAIN is one of those rare bands and I look forward to being a part of their growing career and helping today’s future metalhead find their way!” adds Don Robertson, President Century Media USA.

Formed back in 1998, the first two albums Rabid Death’s Curse (2000) and Casus Luciferi (2003) established the band firmly within the underground scene whereas Sworn To The Dark (2007) and especially Lawless Darkness (2010) helped them conquer a wider audience making them one of the most talked about acts in recent years. Musically rooted in classic black metal inspired by the likes of VENOM, HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, MAYHEM, DISSECTION as well as the grandeur of old IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA, RAINBOW, it is the larger-than-life aesthetics and total dedication to their art that elevates WATAIN beyond almost any other extreme metal band out there. WATAIN is satanic metal at its most frightening and fascinating.

After celebrating their 13th anniversary with the release of the DVD/double live album Opus Diaboli (2012) under the band’s own imprint His Master’s Noise, followed by an US tour with BEHEMOTH, THE DEVIL’S BLOOD and IN SOLITUDE earlier this year plus celebrated shows at Wacken and Bloodstock Open Air, 2013 will see the release of WATAIN’s much anticipated fifth studio album via His Master’s Noise in collaboration with Century Media Records. Beware!

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Banger Films to Release Extended Cut of Gaahl Interview for the First Time

Continuing in their efforts to fund the production of the “LostEpisode” of the Metal Evolution series, Banger Films isoffering fans for the first time ever an extended cut of director Sam Dunn’s interview with Norwegian Black Metal singer Gaahl, past member of Gorgoroth. Gaahl’s interview has been cited as one of the most compelling and entertaining interviews Sam Dunn has ever conducted.

The video will be delivered digitally when the campaign wraps up in mid-December.

In 2004 Sam, Scot, and the Banger Films crew traveled to Bergen, Norway to interview him for their groundbreaking documentary Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey. According to Dunn, “as the crew started to set up cameras, lights, etc… Gaahl insisted that everyone move to the wine cellar where the room is lit only by candlelight.” What resulted is one of the most memorable interviews in the history of Metal documentaries

Banger Films have issued a call to arms to the global Metal community to help make the “Lost Episode” of the Metal Evolution series by means of a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo. For just $5.00 fans can pre-order the episode which will be delivered to them via secure e-mail link once the production is finished. There are other campaign perks available as well, such as the opportunity to have renowned artist Vince Locke design an exclusive custom tattoo and have Banger Films cover the ink costs. Alternatively, why not order a giant size “Metal Family Tree” poster? Yet another one-off only available as a campaign perk!

For more information and to find out how you can help make this episode happen visit

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Century Media Records to re-issue BORKNAGAR’s ‘The Olden Domain’ and MAYHEM’s ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ on vinyl

To celebrate Black (Metal) Friday, Century Media Records will re-issue two classic titles: BORKNAGAR’s The Olden Domain and MAYHEM’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas! Limited to 1,000 copies each, these titles will be available only at your local independent music store starting on Friday, November 23rd. To find a participating store near you, please check out

The Olden Domain is BORKNAGAR’s second studio album, and their first to feature English lyrics. It also marks the beginning of the band’s transition to their trademark progressive/folk/black metal sound featured on later records. This would be the band’s last studio album to feature Garm (credited on this album as “Fiery G. Maelstrom”) on vocals. It is also their first album to feature Kai K. Lie on bass, replacing Infernus.

Songwriting for De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas began as early as 1987, but due to the suicide of vocalist Per “Dead” Ohlin and murder of guitarist Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth, the album’s release was delayed until May of 1994. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is widely considered to be one of the most influential black metal albums of all time. Now available as a deluxe double LP in gatefold packaging with bonus poster, the darkness continues to bleed forth.

NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has signed Finnish/Philadelphia Black Metal trio Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus and will release their debut album on February 19th 2013. Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus have released a two song promo to introduce people to the band, below is a description:

Forged out of the icy wilderness of the north, this Philadelphia trio composes several tracks of cold subsonics and frigid atmospheres. Inspired by Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus’s founder Mika Mages Finnish heritage, the two tracks presented here showcase the bands ambient black metal techniques with the track Ylitten Jtyneen Pohjoisen (I) and a more delicate side with the track Ketamiini. Cold, grim and strangely uplifting a must have for fans of Gris, Paysage DHiver, Burzum, Velvet Cacoon, Trist, and Neige Et Noirceur. A frozen, ambient masterpiece…

Interview with Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral and Live Pix from Altar Bar

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Pure black metal hit Pittsburgh square in the jaw last night at the fitting setting of The Altar Bar. Click here for Pittsburgh Music Magazine’s interview with Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral:Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral Interview

If you missed last night’s set, you missed a true extreme metal lineup that Pittsburgh rarely witnesses. The inclusion of black metal legends Dark Funeral was like a demented and soiled evil cherry on top of the very blackened cake. PMM can’t thank Nikki at Century Media and Lord Ahriman himself for taking the time to talk to us and letting us in on the Dark Funeral future.

Swedish Black Metal legends DARK FUNERAL and Century Media Records signed a worldwide deal for the next 3 albums:

Guitarist and founding member Lord Ahriman comments: “Our bad luck with labels in the past has for sure been very frustrating. So it is with great pleasure to finally be able to turn the page, move on and start a new dark chapter in the DARK FUNERAL saga, as we join the great Century Media family. Century Media has more than enough proven to be a stable and highly professional label. And we are totally looking forward to this new cooperation, which I’m sure will prove to be very satisfying and successful for both parts. Hail the goat!”

Jens Prueter, Head Of A&R at Century Media Records Europe, comments: “I always respected DARK FUNERAL for their endurance and integrity. They’ve gone through some hard times, but never gave up and also never gave in to compromise on their musical and aesthetic vision. Almost 20 years after their formation it’s still the same powerhouse of unmerciful Black Metal and the new line-up is stronger and more focused than in the past. Thanks to Lord Ahriman and the whole band! Looking forward to their 20th anniversary in 2013 with a new album In The Sign Of The Horns!”

Founded back in 1993 in the depths of Sweden by Lord Ahriman and Blackmoon, DARK FUNERAL has proven to be one of the leaders of the second wave of black metal among other legends such as Marduk and Darkthrone.
While other black metal bands lost themselves through the late 90’s / early 00’s, DARK FUNERAL managed to remain faithful to its roots, be it musically, aesthetically and lyrically.
After 5 albums, hundreds of live rituals, the band leaded by Lord Ahriman and now featuring Nachtgarm on vocals is ready to embark on a new Satanic Crusade with Century Media Records.
Expect nothing but pure black metal the way it was meant to be.

Hopefully Dark Funeral will get back to us in Pittsburgh very soon…

Nachtgarm – vocals
Lord Ahriman – guitars
Chaq Mol – guitars
Zornheym – bass
Dominator – drums

All live photos property of Alan Welding and Pittsburgh Music Magazine

TWILIGHT signs with Century Media Records; set to begin recording new album this August

Century Media Records is proud to announce the signing of the black metal outfit TWILIGHT! Composed of some of the most talented members of the underground metal community, TWILIGHT previously released two full-length albums (2005’s Twilight and 2010’s Monument to Time End) and is ready to begin work on a third album this August– this time, with Thurston Moore (CHELSEA LIGHT MOVING, SONIC YOUTH) added to the band’s ranks. In regards to joining TWILIGHT, Thurston Moore comments, “We’re not coming together to make music, we’re joining forces to destroy all rational thought.”

TWILIGHT’s upcoming album will be produced by the band’s own Sanford Parker (NACHTMYSTIUM, MINSK) and will see a 2013 release worldwide via Century Media Records. Stay tuned for more news about TWILIGHT coming soon!

TWILIGHT line-up 2012
Blake Judd (NACHTMYSTIUM) — guitars
Sanford Parker (NACHTMYSTIUM, MINSK) — synth and production
Thurston Moore (CHELSEA LIGHT MOVING, SONIC YOUTH) — guitars
Stavros Giannopoulos (THE ATLAS MOTH) — guitar
Wrest (LEVIATHAN) — drums and bass
Imperial (KRIEG) — vocals

TWILIGHT online: