A Friendly Gesture Release First EP                


Coming right out of the Pittsburgh area, A Friendly Gesture has the potential to raise a few eyebrows with their first EP release called “Escape in the Sky”.  Only starting as a cover band in 2008, Joe Leytrick (Vocals and Guitar), Dan Suriano (Bass), and Ed Terrell (Drums) started to finally write their own music in late 2011.  Since then they have wrote several new songs and have played multiple shows.  Constantly critiquing their sound till they finally found exactly what they were looking for.   Just this past February, they entered the recording studio with David Leichliter who recorded and produced the album for them.  In a short two months of recording, but only on the weekends, they entered the final process of mixing and finalizing the album.  The EP is only a short four songs but it defiantly helps you get the feel of what they are going for.  The EP starts off with a song called “Addiction” which has an extremely sick beat and groove to it.  This would be one of the songs that no one in the band held back too much.  After that, the EP took a different turn with a slower pace song called “Picture Perfect” which has a lot of harmonics involved that sets everything in your mind at ease.  “Fall and Fly” picks the pace back up with a build up intro and verse that leads into a chorus that kicks in and really grabs your attention.  Last, would be “Watch it Burn” which is another laid back song, but it’s a nice way to finish off the album with some more harmonics and some deep meaning lyrics.

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