Deconstruct In Search of New Front-Man!

The story runs deep with Deconstruct. An aggressive, in your face, heavy rock/modern metal band comprised of the brutal, grungy groove oriented guitar riffs of Joe Fraulob (ex-Danzig), the powerful, deep, head-spinning bass lines of Bobby Real (ex-Dedvolt), the bone crushing drums of Tom Frost (ex-Luxt) and vocalist MC Droze’s intense growling and often melodic vocals. Yeah, this band has got it going on … A solid timeline of success, expanded musicianship and continually evolving into a “Post Apocalyptic” Metal genre!

Deconstruct is currently seeking a new front-man to fill the void after original singer Droze moved to another state. MC Droze will be missed and his latest contribution to the soon to be released LP Ashen Empire is nothing short of incredible. “We wish him the best with all his endeavors,” says Fraulob. The full-length album has been recorded, engineered and produced by Joe Fraulob, and mixed by top renowned industry pro, Juan Urteaga of Trident Studios (TestamentMachine Head). Management has been secured under Frankie James (Culture Rock). Professional videos have also been produced by Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art (see video for “Machine” below) and award winning film-maker Josh Pierson and are ready to be released once the timing is right!

The Deconstruct foundation can be traced to guitarist Joe Fraulob’s 2001 courtship with Columbia Records, when his prior band, Side-Swipe, was targeted by the A&R team of John Weakland (Union Underground) and the legendary John Kalodner (Aerosmith). Once the label threw Side-Swipe into the mix of different producers and spent upwards of $30,000 on demos, the band knew they were on to something big. Ultimately, Columbia felt the demos that Fraulob produced at his own studio were the best, which gave Fraulob and the band the confidence to trust their instincts musically, and to fight for their own path. This gave way to the birth of Deconstruct with Fraulob writing for his new project to include an uncompromising vision for a new sound – dark and heavy yet melodic and dynamic – ready for the radio, but powerful enough to crush skulls in a live setting. Fraulob recorded the first Deconstruct demo at his own studio the Pus Cavern where Fraulob had spent the last decade developing his engineering chops recording Sacramento heavyweights such as The Deftones and began to send this demo out to industry pros. After hearing the demo, David Draiman and Dan Donegan of Disturbed personally chose Deconstruct as opener for their Music As A Weapon 2 tour where Deconstruct’s first show was opening for Disturbed, Chevelle, and Taproot in front of an audience of 5000. Immediately, the band’s prowess as a live act was recognized, and Bill Graham Presents placed the band on several amphitheater shows (Iron MaidenDio, and Motorhead at Sleep Train Amphitheater; and Def Leppard at Irvine Meadows). While building their reputation as one of the West Coast’s most hard hitting live acts, Deconstruct began making headway in the world of Rock Radio. The band’s debut EP “Sign Of Things To Come” received play nationwide, enabling Deconstruct to expand their touring base. The work paid off, resulting in more high profile shows with a diverse array of acts including NickelbackPuddle of MuddDrowning PoolDeath AngelHelmet, and Hed PE. The band’s second EP, a sampler of tracks from their forthcoming album, received radio play on over 100 stations. The single “Time Kills” was added to heavy rotation on commercial station WOBX (98X) in North Carolina. Deconstruct also became the only unsigned band to ever receive play on KRXQ in Sacramento’s “Smash or Trash” receiving a 100% listener “Smash” rating. Deconstruct was definitely on the rise and was then chosen by multi-platinum act Korn as main stage openers for the Korn, Chevelle, and Breaking Benjamin concert at Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA. After 2 successful U.S. tours promoting the first Deconstruct album The Human Condition, Fraulob joined the legendary multi-platinum act Danzig as touring lead guitarist for an incredible 2 year run after which Deconstruct took a hiatus. In 2017 Fraulob joined the legendary Bay Area Metal group Trauma and ended up producing and recording their 2019 album As The World Dies. Recording and touring with Trauma inspired Fraulob to reboot Deconstruct to record a new album then to follow up with more main-stage appearances. The crushing new album, Ashen Empire, features long-time Deconstruct members Fraulob, drummer Tom Frost, and vocalist MC Droze, with additional appearances by drummers Darren Minter (Heathen) and Kris Gustofson (Trauma), and bassist Greg Christian (Testament).

Which brings us to the present, 2021 sees Deconstruct with the strongest, hardest hitting, most talented line-up yet. With Fraulob at the helm with his brutal guitar mastery, the thundering super bassist Bobby Real and one of the best drummers in NorCal, Tom Frost, on board, Deconstruct is firing on all cylinders. All three bring their extensive experience to the table to create a sound that is current but unique, extremely heavy yet mesmerizingly melodic and memorable. There’s no doubt success will once again be risen out of the ashes!! A pro studio and practice room has been built, a new album recorded and mastered, extensive press ready to go out and Deconstruct is tour ready!

However, with the loss of their singer MC Droze, this greatness can’t continue until that void is replaced, so Deconstruct is now placing a call to action to all professional “qualified & stage seasoned” vocalists to front this dynamically structured band. Qualified applicants respond at the email below to arrange an audition.

Serious inquiries only!! Click HERE to contact!

Deconstruct is:
Joe Fraulob / Guitars
Bobby Real / Bass
Tom Frost / Drums
Vocals / YOU?

Connect with DECONSTRUCT:
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Pandora Rolls Out the Next Generation of Its Artist Marketing Platform

OAKLAND, Calif.–Oct. 17, 2016– Pandora (NYSE:P), the go-to music source for fans and artists, today revealed the next generation of its Artist Marketing Platform (AMP), a powerful evolution of Pandora’s unique suite of marketing tools that includes Artist Audio Messages, Featured Tracks andAMPcast. The redesigned platform makes it even easier and faster for artists – emerging to megastar – to grow an audience, track progress and connect with fans on Pandora.
Learn more about Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform:
In addition to providing valuable data about how an artist’s music is performing on Pandora, AMP now features a dynamic feed of an artist’s campaign activity as well as performance metrics and suggestions for new campaigns. AMPcast, in limited release since it launched earlier this year, is now open to all artists. Its new features give artists the ability to geotarget Artist Audio Messages, share these messages via social networks or save draft messages to edit at a later time – all from the Pandora mobile app.
“Our mission has always been to offer every artist the opportunity to find their audience on Pandora – a fan base of more than 78 million of the most engaged listeners in streaming music today,” said Sara Clemens, chief operating officer and head of Pandora’s Music Maker Group. “AMP eliminates guesswork, helps break new artists, surfaces new music from established artists and creates new revenue streams.”
To promote singles, albums, shows or tours, artists can design and schedule integrated campaigns on AMP leveraging a combination of tools that drive listener engagement:

* Artist Audio Messages: Let artists record a short audio message, customize the message with images or calls to action, set it to play before or after a specific track and geotarget fans in specific markets.


*Featured Tracks: Give artists the ability to promote a new single widely across Pandora and receive real-time feedback such as thumbs up or down and station creations to gauge listener affinity.


*Ticketfly Integration: Prompts artists to promote shows at Ticketfly venues via Artist Audio Messages, automatically provides a “click to buy” link and suggests dates for airing and geotargeting the message based on the event location.

“AMP is proof of Pandora’s commitment to improving the lives of musicians and supporting our industry. It’s the most targeted and efficient set of promotional tools available and it helps us reach a massive audience. The latest updates actually make it even better and we will use it across our roster to let fans know of initiatives and to break new artists,” said Avery Lipman, president and co-founder of Republic Records. “Ariana Grande recorded a series of Artist Audio Messages to support the release of Dangerous Woman that encouraged listeners to preorder the album. The click through rate – a staggering 8.1 percent – was five to seven times what we saw for social and paid channels and drove significant preorders. Other emerging bands like Marian Hill are also using AMP and are thrilled with the results they’ve seen with products like AMPcast.”
Over the past two years, Pandora has invested in helping artists connect with their fans at scale. The company introduced AMP in late 2014, Artist Audio Messages in early 2015 and AMPCast in early 2016. Pandora also acquired Next Big Sound to help artists quantify the value of other channels including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and this August, introduced three Next Big Sound charts:Trendsetters, Predictions and Top Spins. To date, more than 6,000 artists are using AMP to make critical career decisions and more than 5,400 Artist Audio Messages have been heard by Pandora listeners nearly half a billion times.
For AMP how-to videos, case studies and more, visit


IAMDYNAMITE Likes Pittsburgh’s Beards and Girls With Tattoos

Unfortunately I missed IAMDYNAMITE when they came through Pittsburgh in November because of the head cold that melted my head. Luckily those who attended the show at Altar Bar had their heads melted with a raucous spectacle.  Any comments from people that attended the show would be appreciated. The grapevine produced raved reviews.

Love this video by the guys!

I was able to catch up with Guitarist Christopher Martin (CM) and Drummer Chris Phillips (CP) via email to get a better understanding of what IAMDYNAMITE is all about.  I realize I’m only scratching the surface with these cats but you’ll be more informed by the interview below…

At what point did you guys decide to have a go as a two piece?

CM: we were in your typical, not so good local rock band and we hated it.  Our songs were long, poorly played, not well written and not well sung, playing in small clubs with shitty p.a.’s and uncaring sound guys who hated their lives. Some bands can still make that exciting with Passion and energy, but we didn’t. In other words: We were boring. We were tedious. We didn’t like watching bands like that, let alone being a band like that. So it was time for some change.  If the sound at the clubs was going to be shitty, then why don’t we just get rid of all the extra instruments. What matters most is the human voice. The melody. And to make people move how we wanted we needed powerful and simple drums. Much easier to cut through a bad pa with only those things. The guitar provides another source of rhythm and dynamics, and also gives the melodies harmonic context. Done deal!

(for C.Martin) Guitar players are typically apprehensive about not having other musicians to accompany them. Did you spend a lot of time getting your rig together for live shows to get that big sound?

CM: Not really, my rig back then was already capable of filling up the low end pretty well. Some amps and setups obviously may not work as well as others.

(for C.Martin) Can you give us a “rig run-down”? We love these!!

CM: A rig run-down, eh? Okay.. first off, my rig is pretty ghetto. My amp head is usually kept upside down because the tubes keep falling out and I was too lazy to have someone to fix it. I LOVE hollow or semi-hollow guitars. They don’t look as RAWK, but I think they sound amazing. That said, my rig:

Guitars: gretsch hollowbody and an ibanez artcore w/ gibson classic 57 pickups

Amp: Early 70s fender bassman head

Mesa boogie 2×12 cab

Pedals: just a Big Muff tone wicker, that allows you to bypass the tone knob.

CP: why cant i answer this one? Yamaha oak…. sabian cymbals and a 27in wuhan

(for C.Martin) I’m impressed with your melodic sensibility. Do you bring the idea to Chris Phillips and complete the song or do you guys just belly up and start writing together?

CM: I come up with a “song”, usually 3 or 4 melodies with rough guitar parts. It’s mostly an outline. We jam on it, take it apart, argue, play it live, rewrite the lyrics, add harmonies, play it live again, argue some more, demo it and change it all around again, then play it live, and then continue this process until its time to make a real record. Even then we still fiddle with songs after the record comes out.

(for C. Martin) What new or old music have you been listening to? 

CM: Neil young’s “after the gold rush”, I really love purity ring’s album, baroness… teenage Jesus and the jerks, which I had never listened to until recently. I never really listened to no wave, but i love the pure raw energy of it.

(for Chris Phillips) Who were your childhood rocker heroes? 

CP: Bonham for his power and his grace. he was a basher on the drums but still nobody could touch his playing. and the drummer from night ranger…. Kelly Keagy…i mean he sang “sister christian”

(for C. Phillips) What new or old music have you been listening to?

CP: I still have been listening to MUTEMATH, their newest album is awesome. Ive also been listening to Little Hurricane and the Whitest Boy alive. MC Hammer is always in my mind

“Where Will We Go” is a banger. When did you realize it was commercially viable and was going to open some doors for you?

CM: It’s commercially viable? I don’t know, we write songs to be powerful and melodic. I think we knew we liked it and that we hoped other people would be affected by it too. Making something melodic and interesting and simple seems to be a pretty good recipe.

Do you have any goals in the upcoming years that might blow our minds? 

CM: Writing our next record. Minds blown! …….Japan

How’d you like Pittsburgh guys?

CM: we LOVE Pittsburgh. Good people, great beards

CP: Pittsburgh chicks have the best tattoos

Do you guys like canoeing? 

CM: Ah, the infamous out-of-left-field-last-question-to-end-interview…  Hmmm, yes we do… Yes we do…

CP: i am more of an amateur kayaker

Rob Eldridge

PMM Photodude and @audiorat twitter

PICTURE ME BROKEN to Release Mannequins EP December 18th

Redwood City, California’s PICTURE ME BROKEN will be releasing their new EP entitled Mannequins December 18th on Standby Records. The EP which was produced and recorded by David Bendeth (Breaking Benjamin) features the single “Torture” which is available for streaming courtesy of Revolver Magazine HERE.

PICTURE ME BROKEN is without question one of the most versatile rock acts working today. Led by Brooklyn Layla Allman, it hasn’t taken PICTURE ME BROKEN long to convince fans worldwide that they are a breed of old school soul meets modern day turmoil to create a modern sound that will appeal to all that experience it. With Allman’s father being the musical legend Gregg Allman, it would have been easy for this act to simply let his stigma dictate their career path and allow them somewhat immediate success. But Brooklyn and PICTURE ME BROKEN had different ideas; ideas of doing their work themselves, cutting their own niche out in a very tough active rock market, and slugging it out day by day on the road. They have proven themselves to be musically superior to any act they’ve toured with to date by showing not only hard work, but a willingness to connect with their audience…one fan at a time if necessary.

With Allman out in front of PICTURE ME BROKEN, this is a band that commands attention from even the first glance. Brooklyn Allman is clearly a beautiful woman, as is evidenced by her 2012 nomination in Revolver Magazine’s “Hottest Chicks In Metal”. That however doesn’t begin to portray the incredible talent that she has as a singer, a songwriter and a performer. Allman’s voice showcases everything you could ever want from a vocalist; be it soft alluring pain on songs like “Beautiful Disease” or a much more guttural rage that she lets loose on songs like “Holy Drug”.

Mannequins will be followed up in early 2013 with PICTURE ME BROKEN’s debut full length release for Standby Records.

THERION New Album Les Fleus du Mal Streaming on

THERION are currently celebrating their 25th anniversary and will release their new album Les Fleurs du Mal tomorrow in North America via End of the Light Records. Today the online home of Guitar World Magazine is hosting an exclusive stream on Les Fleurs du Mal in its entirety HERE. The album can also be streamed courtesy of AOL Music HERE.

There are still many details that are unknown about this mystical art project, and so far only the album title Les Fleurs du Mal can be officially announced. The album title refers to Charles Baudelaire’s (French author and poet 1821 – 1867) famous poem collection “Flowers of Evil” (Les Fleurs du Mal in French) that caused such an upset of emotions in France that the author was brought to court and got fined for “insulting the public” with six of the poems, that remained forbidden in France until 1949 when the ban was finally lifted. The spirit of the project is a tribute to Baudelaire, and is imbued into both music and artwork. The album was recorded at Adulruna studio, located in a separate building next to Johnsson’s decadent “Villa Adulruna” where the band lived together while recording.

Les Fleurs du Mal is available to order on Amazon.

Twin Guns are Dealing Western Devils Out of Brooklyn

The double-edged sword of contemporary, ubiquitous music releases on the Internet is that bands like Twin Guns are out there and you haven’t heard them yet. While a reviewer might use this line for many albums by bands recently discovered, “Scene Of The Crime” by Twin Guns, released in March 2011,  is the one that inspired it.

The Twin Guns are extremely generous with the devil’s chord in the opening tracks of Scene Of The Crime, taking on a rockabilly-Black Sabbath tone that is almost too easy to get into… like a contract with the son-of-the-morning himself. Twangy guitar and corrugated sheet-metal roof thumping drums are continuous through the dusty tracks that Andrea Sicco and “Jungle” Jim Chandler laydown on their range, making spurs jingle-jangle through a backdrop of urban chaos that evokes a backroom punk show at Gooski’s (for Pittsburghers who know that effect from experience).

Vocals come through big, like old-timey tunes… listen for wailing and lamentation, as well as coyote calls. At first it is a bit off-putting, as the instrumentals are so pounding and jarring the ear looks for a clean line in the lyrics. However, by not finding a clearer tonic from the sound engineering of the voices the sound of Twin Guns has a consistency of grit and tormented musical structure that is satisfyingly unsettled (perhaps extending the theme of buttering up the listener for an unholy commitment to a deal with the devil). It also goes a long way toward selling the lonesome cowboy emotion that seems to drive the wagon onward. This trend comes to an apex, in well managed order, with track 4, “Safe,” when pedal effects on both vocals and guitars take you over a canyon cliff somewhere out in the unpopulated vastness of the west Rocky Mountains.

Instrumentally the album doesn’t stop inventing. For example, use of essential piano tones, coming over where the mind’s ear envisions rhythm guitar laying on top of the lead. Confessing a slight aversion to the overdrive effects of synthesizer and soundboard background sounds through the first four tracks, it all comes together for resolution in track 5, “Druggy and Suicidal,” which is every bit the homage to rock n’ roll stars burning out like meteors that the title suggests. This is immediately justified by track 6 (“One More Night Of Sin”) opening with a church bell beat that sets up a lead guitar packed with glissando & crescendo. Listen for super-subtle alt-surf guitar and arching vocal deliveries on what balances out as a mellower song compared to the first half of the album. This mellowness seems to groove-on into the remainder of the album… for moments, but then the moments are gone.

The whammy bar gets just ridiculous, in the best of ways, on the latter tracks. What’s more, there is a surprising operatic coolness to track 8 (“She Cried”), where a neo-Quadrophenia sound of the ocean waves opening and another lonesome, wild-west yodel ride out on another set of silky and surfy guitar waves. Some spoken word aspects accent the song with a sort of hipster-Meatloaf result that does more to make the listener replay the track than to cast doubt on the, at this point of the album “signature,” sound qualities that it has just condensed through the cochlea.

The album might be best for the big finish of the final track. Using a recording of a subway car taking off, and singing about the same, it seals the listener’s fate with a guilty pleasure-inducing familiarity that forces the question… is that a Kink’s song? …the Clash? …funky early, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis? …nope, it’s Twin Guns.

Scene Of The Crime by Twin Guns is out on and many of your friendly Internet music peddlers.

Chevonne Announces Kickstarter Campaign Today — Fresh off NBC’s The Voice

Chevonne, the pop/rock/funk/soul scream machine has just announced her Kickstarter campaign will launch today and is live now here: Fresh off NBC’s “The Voice”, Season 3, it’s time for this big hair, big eyed Jersey girl to release her debut record and music video. Hands down the best Kickstarter yet, there are pledge prizes ranging from: Chevonne’s blind audition denim booty shorts from “The Voice”, a customized and signed acoustic-electric guitar used to write the debut album, a walk-on role in the music video, signed/customized microphone, and more! Make sure to support Chevonne, here:

Recently taking reality TV by storm on NBC’s “The Voice”, Chevonne sashayed through three rounds as a quirky underdog. She turned pop/soul megastar Cee Lo Green’s chair, as well as country bigwig Blake Shelton’s, with her sassy rendition of The Pretenders’ “Brass In Pocket” with almost 200k views here: Before choosing a coach, she was asked to open up about the “pain” Green heard in her voice. She admitted to the live audience-and the 15+ million viewers watching on TV-that she suffered from eating disorders and crippling insecurity, and that she channels this pain when she sings and performs. She earned nods and applause from the other two coaches, Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine, and Grammy-winning powerhouse singer, Christina Aguilera, before selecting Cee Lo as her coach.

As a member of Team Cee Lo, she wowed both Cee Lo and his team advisor, Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas as she nailed rehearsals for her battle round with Avery Wilson on the David Guetta ft. Sia song “Titanium” which has over 450k views here: Although Chevonne didn’t win the battle against her 17-year-old friend and teammate, she was given high praise for her risky and bold stage moves and soaring high notes. Christina Aguilera saved Chevonne with the new “coach steal” feature, applauding Chevonne for her flamboyant and exciting performance vibe.

On Team Xtina, Chevonne pushed the envelope by choosing Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself,” for the Knockout round, paying homage to her love of 80s rock and celebrating her ability to thrive on the show with a fun crowd-pleaser, watch it here: When Chevonne debuted the performance after being paired up with gospel/soul singer De’borah Garner, the crowd’s amped-up reaction was palpable. She nailed the song top to bottom, and all four coaches praised her progress and her command of the stage. Ultimately, Chevonne was sent home, but not before Christina implored the leather-clad firecracker to pursue her own original music and artistry. Christina stated, “Chevonne, you are just unafraid to go to that ledge, in all capacities, and just jump off and be like ‘this is me, take it or leave it! You were just out there, as a woman, having fun and I love that about you!” In addition, Chevonne earned countless hype from E! News, Rolling Stone, TV Guide, MTV, Huffington Post, and many more!

Before surprising audiences with her song and fashion choices on “The Voice,” Chevonne sang backup for visionary pop artist and fashion tastemaker Lady Gaga on her MonsterBall world arena tour from 2010-2011. She danced, sang, and improv’d her way through the campy, dark show, making it onto Good Morning America, Radio 1’s Big Weekend, and even HBO’s live 2-hour special taped at the Madison Square Garden performances, as well as being a part of the “Born This Way” a cappella bonus song from the MSG shows that became a viral video smash hit.

Before touring with Gaga, Chevonne spent eight months with British R&B pop Estelle, most famous for her hit “American Boy.” Tour highlights with Estelle included the World Cup in Cape Town, The Essence music festival in New Orleans, and an NYC taping of BET’s “Rising Icons” series.

Now is the time for Chevonne to use her past A-list industry experience to make what she calls her, “fiery, fun album that marries rock with soul under a glittery pop umbrella.” Her lyrics are tongue-in-cheek and catchy but never lacking in substance and universality. She’s not afraid to play with her multi-octave range and experiment with new sounds not typical of most female pop triple-threats. Chevonne is ready to bust out the gates with a continuation of the excitement she’s brought to the pop music landscape – it’ll be vibrant, badass, and of course BIG.

Chevonne has announced her Kickstarter campaign to help fund her debut album and music video. To support, please visit:

To purchase Chevonne’s music, please visit:

Tour Dates:

11/21 Glossy – The Park New York, NY
12/5 Sullivan Hall New York, NY

DARK TRANQUILLITY Digitally Releases ‘Zero Distance’ EP

Swedish melodic death metal legends DARK TRANQUILLITY have digitally released their Zero Distance EP today in North America! To purchase Zero Distance, please head over to iTunes here.

Taken from the European tour edition of We Are The Void (2010), the five tracks on the EP are a must-have for any diehard DARK TRANQUILLITY fan.

DARK TRANQUILLITY is currently working on their 10th studio album, tentatively set for a summer 2013 release via Century Media Records. Stay tuned for more news about DARK TRANQUILLITY coming soon.

THE OTHER Premiere New Video for “Puppet on a String”

THE OTHER is considered to be Europe’s most famous Horrorpunk-Band. THE OTHER covers a wide range of fans from the Goth Scene to Rock and Metal fans. After the very successful release of New Blood in 2010 the band is now coming back with their new album called The Devils You Know. Once again THE OTHER worked with well known producer Waldemar Sorychta for this release.

Recently THE OTHER completed work on a music video for their song “Puppet on a String”. The clip which was directed by Valerie Götz is receiving its exclusive North American premiere courtesy of Bloody Disgusting. Get a first look at THE OTHER’s new video HERE.

The Devils You Know is available now in North America and can be ordered on Amazon.

1.) The Devils You Know
2.) My Home Is My Casket
3.) Take You Down
4.) Skeletons In The Closet
5.) Fright Night
6.) Puppet On A String
7.) In My Veins
8.) Nice Day For A Funeral
9.) Nightmare On Halloween
10.) The Phantom Of The Opera
11.) Fire From Outer Space
12.) Where Is Your Saviour Now
13.) Hell Is A Place On Earth
14.) In The Shadows
15.) Ewigkeit

For More Info Visit:

Xray Eyeballs Announces Tour With Cat Power

Tour With Cat Power

10/22/2012 930 CLUB – Washington, DC
10/23/2012 Hammerstein Ballroom – New York NY
10/24/2012 House of Blues – Boston MA
10/27/2012 Royal Oak Music Hall – Detroit MI
10/28/2012 Riviera Theatre – Chicago IL

Xray Eyeballs began as the brainchild of guitarist O.J. San Felipe and bassist Carly Rabalais, who, after founding Brooklyn garage rock juggernaut Golden Triangle (Hardly Art), sought a release that would sate both their sweet-toothed desires and their darker impulses, like a candy-coated Vicodin. Like their musical antecedents, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Velvet Underground, Xray Eyeballs creates a world of their own. Low-lifes, night-walkers, pill-riders, and other sordid characters stalk the band’s New York City streets and their songs compel you to follow them until you find the peace of a night redeemed in the morning light.

On Splendor Squalor, Xray Eyeballs’ second full-length on Kanine, refracted rays of that redemptive light shine through the band’s eerie musical haze. The addition of Sarah Baldwin (The Girls at Dawn, Fergus & Geronimo) on drums and Liz Lohse (Heaven, Runaway Suns) on guitar and synths expands the band’s sonic possibilities with lush vocal harmonies, unique musical counterpoints and inspired songwriting contributions. Xray Eyeballs’ new lineup deftly maneuvers from unctuous drones to punk rave-ups and new-wave bangers with a confidence and melodic sensibility that illuminates the splendor in the squalor.

The needle drops on “Four” and you find yourself enthused with the will to cross the dance floor and talk to that crush your friends warned you about. “I’m feeling alright,” San Felipe sings. You believe him and feel alright, too. The bass throbs with Factory-style control as “X” sends you oscillating wildly in a lovers’ power struggle: “I control you/ You control me.” It’s 6 AM and you’re sitting on a couch between two guys who either wish they were Lou Reed and Alan Vega or actually are Lou Reed and Alan Vega. You shouldn’t have taken that last anything of anything. “Syrup,” featuring Christiana Key (Cult of Youth, Zola Jesus) on violin, wafts into the room and suddenly that time between last call and pancakes make sense.

Xray Eyeballs fully realizes their vision of Splendor Squalor live: skater kids donning the band’s signature “Ghost Girl” t-shirt bounce off the walls; the oldest punks in the world reluctantly acknowledge the validity of something new; hands typically stuffed in the pockets of skin-tight jeans wave in the air like they just don’t care; record nerds dance as if nobody’s blogging; goths smile. The band’s undeniable energy brings the shadows in the darkness to life. These creatures bear witness to San Felipe’s blatant disregard for his physical well-being as the enraptured frontman, refusing to acknowledge the limitations of both stage and gravity, bounds recklessly around the crowd and dangles perilously from the ceiling, a provocation for the audience to match the band’s enthusiasm.

Eric Burdon and The Greenhornes, Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons, and The Passing of the Night News

Eric Burdon and The Greenhornes will release their new EP on November 23rd for Record Store Day’s Black Friday. The four-song collection was produced by Brendan Benson. Rolling Stone is exclusively premiering a track, “Black Dog”, which you can listen to here. Check out the gorgeous cover painting by Ross Brodar above.

Also, set your DVRs for Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons on Conan on November 1st, performing their new single “Laura”! Grant James directed the stunning video for the song:

Fresh from the release of their new Brendan Benson-produced album The Passing of the Night and their much-talked about US tour with Glen Hansard, The Lost Brothers are now back in Ireland. They’re set to open for Fionn Regan at the Olympia Theatre on October 25th and are then off on their own headlining tour all over their home country. All dates are available on their website.

Finally, if you’re going to Fun Fun Fun Fest this year, don’t miss Brendan on November 3rd on the Orange Stage at 1:35 PM.

What’s Popping With Lauren Winans

It was a rainy Monday afternoon. Sitting in a truck down by the Allegheny River, Heinz Field was visible in the distance beyond the streaky windshield and it was natural to ruminate on the Steelers’ hard luck after week 6 of the 2012 season. The scene was set for a lonesome, drizzly country song, but this dreary scene was burst in by some bubbliness – as Pittsburgh Music Magazine was about to learn – Lauren Winans, singer songwriter and proclaimed “Steeler Princess” (of the blog and Blitzburgh Radio podcasts) has left the country scene behind and been on the road to defining herself as a pop star to watch for.

Lauren has also been on the road back-and-forth between her hometown of Buckhannon, WV (outside of Morgantown and in the center of Steeler Country South) and Nashville, TN – where she has been writing song material that goes on to be cut by known artists as well as doggedly charting her own path toward recognition through her music and a variety of talent work and promotions. Pittsburgh Music Magazine spoke to Lauren while she was home to visit her family in West Virginia.


The bio posted on your site ( depicts a lot of tenacity and drive to build your audience, but you are also making it now as a songwriter. In the spectrum of songwriter v. performer do you have a stronger interest in one or the other, would you be willing to give up one for the other? Do you have a preference for one or the other based on how things are going for you right now?


No… I love both songwriting and singing, because there is always an opportunity to get your song cut and be, you know… you never know, sometimes you’re more popular as a writer than you ever are as a singer. I mean look at Katy Perry, she has lots of songs cut by other people. These things are really something I want to choose between, but if something were to happen and I’m a more successful songwriter I’m not going to be upset, because it is still a really cool thing to do in life… but I can’t really pick.


How long have you been working in Nashville and what were your first foots-in-the-door there?


I’ve been back and forth to Nashville since I was about 18, so about four years… and I’ve been living there for about two-and-a-half. And… you know, I was doing country at first and it wasn’t me …at all. So, I ended up [not moving there right away]… I was at Ke$ha’s house for a week, you know crazy Ke$ha. Then I went back home and did more country stuff because some people that first started to listen picked me up and tried to build some buzz around me… and I did a small radio tour and didn’t really enjoy it. So I went back to Nashville and a producer I had met there a while back got in touch with me and said, “I really feel like you’re pop, I feel like you’re doing the wrong thing.” And I was like “Me too,” so we ended up getting together and I started working with more of the pop writers, and that’s where we’re at now. Everything’s finally coming into place where I’m happy and that’s what suits me best.


And that’s great because you really need that kind of common vision with your management and production. At the same time, within the pop realm, in listening to some of your music [No Boys Allowed, Lipstick, etc.] I hear some influence of country. What is a quality, or are some qualities of country music that did resonate with you even if that industry or focus in music wasn’t working for you?


I’m just not very country, the things that we right about and stuff… is just not something that country radio is going to play. There’s still some stuff out there on the Internet that still sounds like [the country music I was making], but what we did was we tracked in Nashville and then went out to LA and had it all synthesized, and came back and recorded vocals back out here in Nashville. I’m getting ready to release one of those songs and it is very techno-pop meets kind of the band-driven thing, but you’ll definitely hear a new sound. It’s definitely what I’m happy with and what’s popular right now, so I’m excited to release that.


Nice. And you definitely mention some neo-divas as your influences, in particular Britney Spears.


I love Britney!


And some of that definitely comes across strong in your videos, in terms of your performer aspect. Can you speak to that and what other artists, musicians, or forms of music that might be less obvious to someone hearing (and seeing) your work for the first time?


Yeah, I’m a hardcore Britney Spears fan and really, since “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” that’s really where I got most of my inspiration from, but… kind of growing up I really started to like Ashley Simpson, and I thought I wanted to be a little pop-rock star. A lot of the Christian artists I was listening to influenced me also, like Joy Williams – who’s part of the Civil Wars now – and Rachael Rampa, so there’s kind of a bunch of random artists in there, but Britney is definitely the main one… and I had to do everything Britney did… it was Britney, Britney, Britney! So, as far as that goes I am crazy about Britney Spears. Kind of sad, but it’s mainly all Britney Spears… all the way. Yes.


Well, and to that end, there is also an awful lot out there in regard to your modeling and your video-blogging. How do you see that continuing with your music career where it’s at? Do you see yourself also taking that to a higher degree or is it dependent upon where you go with your music?


Well, I’ve got some really great sponsors: Hot Spot Tanning in Nashville does my spray tanning so that I always look pretty, Norvell is a part of that, Norvell Sunless Tanning, and Nashville Lash sponsors me, so I always have big  pretty eyelashes, and I am sponsored by a makeup company called SeneGence, and LipSence, and me and Christina Aguilera both wear their lip products, so that’s pretty cool. And just joined on, so I am going to be promoting them. And I have been working with Plato’s Closet, and we’re having so much fun – there are going to be cardboard cutouts of me in their stores, wearing leather outfits and a Plato’s Closet bag. And I am also a huge, huge Steelers fan, so I have a little site called because I love my Steelers, and I have a couponing blog… so, I’m kind of just all over the place, but I don’t think I’d ever want to quit that kind of stuff because that’s a lot of fun… you can’t just be a singer, you have to do it all.


And you have to stay diversified with your creativity… and I did want to ask you about what you are doing with the Steelers Princess and Blitzburgh Radio, because the real question is, how do you stay positive in a season like this so far…


I was at the game last week. And I’m not a fair-weather fan… you know, I was actually sitting on the end zone, surrounded by a bunch of Titans fans booing us – and all I could think was, “My god we are so much better than you,” which they are, we just had a bad game. I mean that kick… oh my god. But you know, we have six Superbowls. Those aren’t going anywhere. Some of the best players were out, and you know it’s all about the defense… and, I wasn’t expecting them to lose, but that’s OK. And so many people in Nashville are big Pittsburgh fans, so I saw so many people there with their jerseys on… and we have the most traveled fans.


Do you have some musical inspirations around the topic of the Steelers?


Yeah, well I love Wiz Khalifa… and Snoop Dogg, and those two are such big Steelers fans. I’d love to get together and collaborate with them on a Steelers song, because so many people who are Steelers people who are also fans of them too and it would be great to get them turned on to my music… and just to meet them.


So it is your second album, with the single release “Burn A Little More,” that is currently out there. Can you talk a bit about the studio experience in producing the album and how it vibes with what you said about doing the LA remixing and the new direction you are taking your music in?


Yeah… we spent the past year just writing songs that we felt fit with my whole package. Burn A Little More, you know, I love that song, I love that whole thing, but it still wasn’t me… as far as the dance-techno sound goes. So we started off writing a ton of material… kept writing and writing and writing, and we choose some really good songs that we felt definitely worked with the image and we’ve been recording and trying to raise money to finish it through pledge music.

I work with the humane society in Nashville, called Happy Tales Humane Society (as in happy stories about the animals), that has a no-kill shelter, and a percentage of what I make is going to go to them. It’s a super cute place, where all the dogs that they care for are fostered throughout the week, so that they are already cared for before they go to a home. It’s a fantastic place and I wanted to help them out and have them be part of my project, and I have a public service announcement coming up for them too, which I’m excited about.

I’ve gotten to do a lot of cool stuff this past year, I just hope for the coming year to be a bit more focused on my music with it coming out. I have had a lot of fun this year in working with my sponsors and doing a lot with them in forming new partnerships, and that’s definitely worth it, but I am really excited to get the music out there and finish it.


So what songs should we listen for from your new production work?


The first single is called “You’re Gonna Love It,” and that is going to be kind of a slogan for all of my projects. Another title is “Loser,” they’re a lot of fun… another one that will come out is “Better At Breaking,” some of the singles titles to be looking for.


Hmm… and “Loser” and “Better At Breaking” sound like they’re about some no-good guys… and I’m catching that vibe with your earlier songs “No Boys Allowed” and the theme of “Burn A Little More?” Is there a bit of angst with relationships behind some of your songwriting?


Yeah, no… “You’re Gonna Love It” is definitely the nicer part of me. [With these other songs] it’s about female empowerment. And, yeah, I’ve had a lot of problems with guys, that’s been a driving force, but I think that’s just something people relate to… that’s how things work out these days, so… my stories are put into songs for everybody else to laugh at, like, “Oh yeah, that happened to me too.” There is also a little bit of vulnerability behind it all, and I haven’t shown that yet, but that comes out in Better At Breaking… that’s definitely a different side.


So, it is also kind of funny because people tend to think that Nashville is all about country, but obviously you are working there with more of a pop drive and there are others working in pop music…


Well yeah, I mean Paramour came right out of Nashville and, you know, Jack White lives right down the road for me… there’s definitely a lot of pop coming out of Nashville and, I mean look at Kelly Clarkson, it is definitely different than it used to be. So that’s exciting to me because I don’t have to travel everywhere.


Then your time in LA, then was predominantly studio production time, or was it to pursue other connections?


We basically went in and got with somebody we knew… his dad was part of Chicago and his name is Will Champlin… he played on a Michael Jackson record and he is great with synthesized keyboard stuff… so basically the trip to LA was to work with him, but also I have been talking back-and-forth with a writer who has written with Katy Perry, he has songs with Jesse James and Selena Gomez… and I got to go meet with him, so it was more than just recording, but that was the main reason we went there.


Will we be seeing you in Pittsburgh anytime soon?


Actually I would have loved to perform at the Steelers game against the Titans last week, but that would have been a bit of a conflict… me singing the National Anthem in Nashville in a Steelers jersey… I would have been booed out of the stadium by all of the Titans people, but I tell you, there were just as many Steelers fans there. I’d love to come to Pittsburgh and do some performances in connection to the football season next year.

You can check out Lauren Winans on her site, find her albums on iTunes, and check out her many projects on YouTube.


Altar Bar in Pittsburgh, PA Thursday, September 27, 2012

Swedish death metal legends GRAVE have released their 10th studio album, Endless Procession Of Souls, via Century Media Records. Recorded at Studio Soulless, Endless Procession Of Souls is another death metal masterpiece in GRAVE’s revered catalog, featuring ten tracks of uncompromising no-bullshit death metal, flawlessly executed by the sole survivors of the real legendary Swedish Dödsmetal scene. To hear Endless Procession Of Souls in its entirety, please head over to for an exclusive album stream.

“Old-school to the max, the way it’s meant to be—no more, no less. Death metal doesn’t get much deadlier than this.” — 9/10, DECIBEL MAGAZINE

“…‘Endless Procession Of Souls’ is GRAVE’s best album and must be considered a defining moment in the discography of this veteran band.” —

“…pure, unrelenting death metal.” — METAL

“‘…Endless Procession of Souls’ is one of the best…

View original post 695 more words

New Zealand’s LEGACY OF DISORDER To Release Last Man Standing 9/18/ Hit Pittsburgh 11/26 with GWAR and DevilDriver

New Zealand heavy metal export LEGACY OF DISORDER is pleased to announce the North American release of their new album, Last Man Standing, with Black Orchard Music on September 18, 2012. The band builds on their signature sound which largely resembles the power metal that such renowned U.S. bands like Pantera perfected and popularized. As they did with their 2008 demo, the band tapped Dallas-based producer Sterling Winfield for Last Man Standing, who has worked in the past with Pantera, Damageplan, and Hellyeah.
New Zealand

As one would figure from the explosiveness of their recordings thus far, LEGACY OF DISORDER is one ferocious live beast when they hit the stage. In celebration of the release of their new album, the band will join GWAR, DevilDriver and Cancer Bats on tour this fall. The tour kicks off on Friday, October 12th in Philadelphia, PA and hits several major U.S. cities, coming to a close in its kick-off state on Monday, November 26th in Pittsburgh, PA.

“We can’t wait to get back on the road. This upcoming tour will be killer! It’s an honour to be back on tour with the mighty GWAR,” states guitarist Rana Freilich. “The line-up is brilliant with DevilDriver and Cancer Bats joining in on the festivities. The timing couldn’t be better with our new album Last Man Standing being released September 18th, followed up with such a badass tour. The band is pumped and can’t wait to throw down the new material on stage. There will be no holds barred.”

It is only a matter of time until LEGACY OF DISORDER takes their rightful spot alongside the top modern day metal acts. “We think our style fits in well with today’s metal scene,” explains lead singer James Robinson. “We have elements of a wide range of metal – all into one robust unit. LEGACY OF DISORDER shows in a lot of ways the evolution of this genre, but with a unique sound that no one can replicate.”

See below for all current LEGACY OF DISORDER tour dates and stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

FATE OR CHAOS TOUR with GWAR, DevilDriver & Cancer Bats
10/12 Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
10/14 Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights
10/15 New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place
10/16 Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/18 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
10/19 Ybor City, FL @ The Ritz Ybor
10/20 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution
10/22 Charlotte, NC @ Amos’ Southend
10/24 New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
10/25 Austin, TX @ Emo’s
10/26 Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
10/27 Houston, TX @ House of Blues
10/31 Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
11/1 Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
11/2 Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee
11/3 Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory
11/4 West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
11/5 Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst
11/6 Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
11/8 Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
11/9 Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
11/10 Seattle, WA @ Showbox SODO
11/11 Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory
11/12 Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theater
11/14 Edmonton, AB @ Edmonton Events Centre
11/15 Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Hall Ballroom
11/16 Saskatoon, SK @ Odeon Events Centre
11/17 Winnipeg, MB @ The Garrick Center
11/18 Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
11/20 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection
11/21 Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
11/23 Detroit, MI @ Harpo’s
11/24 Toronto, ON @ Sound Academy
11/26 Millvale, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theater

EVOCATION Launches 2nd Studio Report for ‘Illusions Of Grandeur,’ Online

Swedish death metal overlords EVOCATION will release their fourth studio album, Illusions Of Grandeur, on September 24th in Europe and on October 23rd in North America via Century Media Records. Illusions Of Grandeur is the band’s first studio album for their new label and further proof of why the five-piece band from Borås has become a leading force in the death metal scene. The album includes 10 tracks of supreme Swedish death metal, a perfect mélange of Stockholm rawness and Gothenburg epics.

To watch the second half of EVOCATION’s studio report (created by Anders Björler of THE HAUNTED/AT THE GATES), click here:

Part 1 of the studio report can be viewed here.

Illusions Of Grandeur was recorded at IF Studios (IN FLAMES, THE HAUNTED, etc.) & Evocation Studios together with producer Roberto Laghi (IN FLAMES, etc.).

As a very special guest, Johan Hegg of AMON AMARTH laid down guest vocals on the song “Into Submission.” The track-listing for Illusions Of Grandeur is below.

Illusions Of Grandeur track-listing:
Illusions Of Grandeur
Well Of Despair
Divide And Conquer
Perception Of Reality
Metus Odium
I’ll Be Your Suicide
Crimson Skies
Into Submission
The Seven Faces Of God
Final Disclosure

MISS MAY I to Headline THE AP TOUR FALL 2012

Cleveland-based youth-culture magazine C has just announced MISS MAY I as the headliner for their annual fall tour, THE AP TOUR FALL 2012, sponsored by PETERSAYSDENIM. The tour, featuring a line-up handpicked by the AP staff, will be heading out on a 32-day trek that kicks off mid-October till the end of November. Tour dates will be announced soon.

MISS MAY I will receive direct support from California heavy hitters THE GHOST INSIDE, melodic metal act LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES, Australia’s modern metal quintet THE AMITY AFFLICTION, and technical metal up-and-comers GLASS CLOUD.

Once again, THE AP TOUR includes built-in incentives for both the fans and the bands. Presale purchasers will be given the first opportunity to buy a limited VIP package along with an exclusive add-on offer. With the purchase of a ticket and an additional $17, fans will receive a one-year subscription to AP and all three covers of the AP TOUR FALL 2012 issue. In addition, AP is offering a limited VIP Package with the purchase of a ticket and an additional $48. This package includes all three covers of the AP Tour issue, a one-year subscription to AP, access to a meet & greet with MISS MAY I, a sit-in on MISS MAY I’s soundcheck, a signed copy of Miss May I’s new record At Heart, a VIP laminate and an AP Tour USB with exclusive MP3s, videos and additional content from all your favorite AP Tour bands. Don’t miss out on this first-come-first served opportunity before they sell out.

Pre-sale tickets go on sale from August 7th through 9th at and go on general sale on August 10th at 10 am local venue time. To read more about the tour, please visit and

Guitar World Magazine and DRUM! Magazine recently posted exclusive videos highlighting MISS MAY I’s gear that they are using on this year’s VANS WARPED TOUR. You can check out the guitar/bass video here and the drum video here. Take a behind-the-scenes look at specific gear the band uses and hear explanations straight from the guys on why they use the gear they do and how it shapes their signature sound.

Additionally, MISS MAY I posted their third official VANS WARPED TOUR video update today. Head to the band’s official YouTube page right now to check out the video.

BROKEN HOPE Reunite on the Carnival of Death Tour

After 12 years, a sleeping death-metal monster praised by the likes of Slipknot, DevilDriver, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, Job For a Cowboy and more, has awoken from the bowels of Chicago. BROKEN HOPE is thrilled to announce not only their highly-anticipated comeback, but also their direct support position on the upcoming Carnival of Death tour, brought to you by Rock the Nation and sponsored by Fender. The new tour features headliners Obituary, as well as additional support from Decrepit Birth, Jungle Rot, and Encrust. Tour dates are scheduled to be announced very soon.

In a recent statement, BROKEN HOPE guitarists Jeremy Wagner and Shaun Glass stated, “For over a decade, we’ve listened to fans worldwide who’ve asked us to return. We’ve listened to our peers in bands who seen us at shows and said, “when is Broken Hope coming back?” Well, you have finally been heard, and frankly, we just miss it too goddamn much—the clubs, the metal, but especially you: the diehards, the most.

“We decided as a first step to return back to the place that always felt like home: the road! So we are proud to announce that this fall, BROKEN HOPE will join forces with OBITUARY and join the Carnival Of Death tour! This tour will solidify that extreme music is still alive and well, we are ready, focused, and hungry to show you what we have in stored for you all! Moreover, we cherish and promote the legacy of our fallen brother, vocalist Joe Ptacek, as we travel from show to show and honor him, he will not be forgotten. With this being said, we would like to introduce Damian Leski of Gorgasm on vocal duties, who will handle the tough task for the upcoming tours. Be ready to be “Swamped in Gore”!!!!”

BROKEN HOPE was formed in 1988 by guitarist/chief-lyricist, Jeremy Wagner, while he was in high school. In 1991, after releasing two demo tapes, BROKEN HOPE secured a recording contract with an independent record label which released Swamped In Gore worldwide. Swamped In Gore was the first death-metal album to ever be recorded digitally. By 1993, BROKEN HOPE quickly signed to Metal Blade Records and released four albums: The Bowels of Repugnance, Repulsive Conception, Loathing, and the Metal Blade re-release of Swamped In Gore. The band’s third album, 1995’s Repulsive Conception, reached CMJ New Music Monthly’s Metal Top 25 chart, as did the follow-up, 1997’s Loathing.

The first four albums during the Metal Blade years are great examples of BROKEN HOPE’s original fury and they are the albums that etched BROKEN HOPE’S place in death-metal history. The first ten years of BROKEN HOPE’s existence were filled with non-stop writing, touring, and constant visibility with these albums. By the end of the ‘90’s, BROKEN HOPE parted ways with Metal Blade and went through lineup changes. The band produced one last album before the decade closed, the 1999 release, Grotesque Blessings. After North American and European tours for the album and a few unsatisfactory line-up changes, the band went on hiatus in 2000.

On January 20, 2010, original BROKEN HOPE vocalist Joe Ptacek committed suicide. Before his death, Ptacek met with Jeremy Wagner and Shaun Glass to discuss the resurrection of BROKEN HOPE. A plan was in motion with these three members to make the band a functioning reality. After taking some time off after Ptacek’s death to reconsider their next moves, BROKEN HOPE signed with Hard Impact Management and Booking with the intention to make the band a full-time monster again. Now, BROKEN HOPE continues onward with main songwriters Jeremy Wagner and Shaun Glass keeping the beast alive…brutal as ever…and with live tour dates worldwide.

Hopefully the Carnival of Death Tour will come our way in Pittsburgh…we will keep you posted with dates as soon as they are released.

To learn more about BROKEN HOPE and the upcoming Carnival of Death tour, please visit

Danko Jones: Bring on the Mountain DVD is a Must See

Seems like every band has a documentary about them these days. Some of them are riveting and some of them are just merely lame promo videos. But, lately it seems like efforts from everybody like Foo Fighters to Kings of Leon to Lemmy have produced fascinating looks into the lives and trappings of being in a band.
Well, add Danko Jones to the list of must see DVD’s. (check out a preview here). We here at PMM got a special preview and fell in love with the doc and Danko Jones’ music.
Bring on the Mountain keeps your attention from beginning to end and has some truly introspective and honest moments.
How Danko Jones built their rep and tackled the business really will take you aback, especially the way things happen on the fast and furious track of social media today. Artistic differences, producer problems, collaboraters, tours all over the world, studio shots, lyrical insight, Spinal Tap moments, every element one craves for in a visual history of a band is there. One of our favorite quotes has to be, “We’ll leave the saving the world to Bono” when talking about how they just want to rock and entertain. It’s amazing that DJ has the amount of video archives to draw from over their 15 year career. We cannot stress enough how much you need to check the doc out.

Canadian rock phenomenon DANKO JONES’s DVD collection, Bring On The Mountain, is in stores now and definitely worth picking up if you are a fan of DJ or just a fan of music. The two-disc DVD features a comprehensive 90 minute documentary spanning the band’s incredible career, including a slew of exclusive live clips from some of their most memorable performances from around the world. In order to give their fans the best viewing experience possible, the band has blended the greatest clips and moments captured on video throughout their career—forming the outstanding DVD that rabid DANKO JONES fans have been clamoring for. Shot by the Diamond Bros., the documentary offers a unique insight into the ups and downs of one of the hardest working bands around today.

An extra special treat for fans comes in the format of a short film titled The Ballad of Danko Jones. Based on Danko Jones’ most recent video trilogy, the film features actors Elijah Wood, Selma Blair, Ralph Macchio, Jena Malone, musicians Lemmy (Motorhead), Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE), and many other familiar faces. All 19 music videos the band has ever made, including videos that have not been available in over 10 years, are also included.

DANKO JONES recently wrapped up recording a new album at Noble Street Studios in their hometown of Toronto, ON with producer Matt DeMatteo, and is currently in Vancouver working on the final mixes with engineer Mike Fraser. The currently untitled album is expected to be released early fall 2012.

Official Statement from LAMB OF GOD Regarding Randy Blythe

First of all, thanks to everyone who has reached out in support of Randy and each of us in this terrible situation. It’s noted and very much appreciated.

We have been keeping our heads down and not speaking out due to the fluid nature of the situation and the constantly changing information that even we receive daily.
Within an hour things can do endless 180’s. It’s maddening to try and make heads or tails.

We’re taking the time to speak to you as it has been a significant period of time since this situation began and while nothing is immediately clear to any of us, we are not trying to keep anyone in the dark.

We have reached out and are making use of the resources we have acquired to help our brother who is still detained in Czech jail.

In the two years since, we were never notified of anything related to this incident.

Randy is our brother and we assure you, we are all staying very positive for him, working endlessly behind the scenes to provide any and all assistance possible.

The best we can do is to stay positive and continue to support our friend that we know is innocent.

We know that justice will prevail and we will continue to do our part to support our friend.


Link to Donate to Randy’s Legal Fund:


THE OVERSEER premiere video for ‘Amend’

With a week to go until the release of We Search, We Dig, Arkansas hard rockers THE OVERSEER are premiering their new video for “Amend” – one of the standout tracks from their dynamic debut, available in stores and online June 19th from Solid State Records.

The video, directed by UNDER0ATH’s Daniel Davidson (ISTHMUS Studios), puts stunning visuals alongside the standout track. Since premiering last month, “Amend” has generated an online buzz for the band’s ability to mix soaring melody with blistering riffs and package that into compact songs that feel neither redundant nor self-indulgent.

Watch ‘Amend’:

“I have mixed emotions about shooting this music video,” says drummer Abishai Collingsworth. “It was one of the most fun yet exhausting days I’ve ever been through. Make no mistake – playing through a song 100 or so times can wear you out! But we endured it and are really pleased with the results. Daniel Davidson was really easy to work with and I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if we worked with him again!”

Recorded earlier this year at Atlanta’s Glow In The Dark studios, We Search, We Dig is a huge, dynamic debut that calls to mind artists like UNDER0ATH, THRICE and CAVE IN though with a clear, distinct voice that never emulates those artists directly. With this release, THE OVERSEER delivers hard-hitting, uncompromising hard rock that belies the members’ young age. This isn’t “cash in on the latest trend” music, it’s “sweat and tears” hard rock, with a little blood thrown in for good measure.

Now, with the album’s release around the corner, THE OVERSEER has gone back to doing the OTHER thing they do best: Tour, tour and tour, taking their music and their spiritually-minded message to eager fans. In support of the album, the band will hit the road this June and July as part of the More Than Sound tour, headlined by WAR OF AGES.

With the release of We Search, We Dig, THE OVERSEER is firmly planting their flag as a future genre frontrunner.

HANK3 Announces Third Leg of Full U.S. Tour

Hank3, the most infamous hellbilly rock n’ roll outlaw of all time, is announcing the third leg of his already-popular 2012 U.S. tour. The first two legs of Hank3’s U.S. tour have succeeded in assembling massive amounts of country, hellbilly and metal fans alike at each stop—and he’s not stopping there! The next leg of the tour kicks off on August 10th in Fort Worth, TX at the Rail Club, and will blaze through several western states up until September 4th when it comes to a stop in Boulder, CO at the Boulder Theater. See below for all current tour dates and stay tuned for updates.

Late last year, music legend Hank3 released four new records to fans simultaneously—an action unprecedented in his career. These titles include Ghost to a Ghost/Guttertown, Attention Deficit Domination and 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin. The records were released through his own record label, Hank3 Records, in distribution partnership with Megaforce Records (MRI). Hank3’s U.S. tour is his chance to commemorate these new albums and share a personal, candid set with his dedicated fans. The only way fans can be sure to witness this rare opportunity is to get tickets now through their local venue!

8/10 – Ft. Worth, TX @ Rail Club
8/11 – Austin, TX @ Emos
8/14 – Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
8/15 – Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theater
8/17 – Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst
8/18 – Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues
8/19 – San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
8/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues
8/24 – San Francisco, CA @ Regency Ballroom
8/25 – Reno, NV @ Knitting Factory
8/29 – Missoula, MT @ Wilma Theater
8/30 – Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory
9/3 – Salt Lake City. UT @ Club Vegas
9/4 – Boulder, CO @ Boulder Theater

For more information on Hank3 and his upcoming tour, please visit

Korn Returns to Pittsburgh Stage AE

br />
KORN have just announced a string of June tour dates that will take the ground-breaking, multi-platinum band through the Northeast, Midwest and Canada. Openers on the tour include frontman JONATHAN DAVIS DJing as his alter ego J Devil, as well as dubstep talent Sluggo. Ticket information and special VIP packages can found at
This touring news comes on the heels of KORN’s brand new video for “Way Too Far.” The comically surreal video, directed by Joshua Allen and produced by Sebastien Paquet, debuted at this week. Preceding the debut, several bizarre photos of the band from the video surfaced on their Facebook page—one featuring bassist Fieldy getting a face tattoo and another showing frontman Davis holding a rifle and then bloodied on the ground.

KORN released their new album THE PATH OF TOTALITY this past December, where it debuted in the Top Ten on Billboard and earned media accolades including a Sunday profile in the New York Times. The album has also been a fixture on Billboard’s Dance Electronic Albums chart and has sold over 500,000 digital singles from the album—a staggering amount for a rock band. The album also features the new single “Way Too Far” as well as “Get Up!” and “Narcissistic Cannibal,” the later two of which were Top Ten hits at Active Rock Radio.
KORN made waves this recently when founding member Brian “Head” Welch joined his former bandmates onstage for the first time in nine years in front of 30,000 amazed fans at this year’s Carolina Rebellion Festival.

Meanwhile, KORN last month took home the REVOLVER Golden God Award for “Album of the Year,” presented by Marshall Amplification, for THE PATH OF TOTALITY (Roadrunner).

Current KORN Tour Dates w/ SLUGGO, J DEVIL:
Thu 5/10 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom
*Fri 6/15 Montebello, QC Montebello Festival
Sat 6/16 Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Sun 6/17 Wallingford, CT The Dome at Oakdale Theatre
Tue 6/19 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE
Wed 6/20 Fort Wayne, IN Piere’s
Sun 6/24 Minneapolis, MN Myth
Mon 6/25 Fargo, ND Concert Hall @ The Venue
Wed 6/27 Missoula, MT Big Sky Brewery
Fri 6/29 Dawson Creek, BC EnCana Events Center
*Sat 6/30 Gibbons, AB Boonstock Festival

A LIFE ONCE LOST: New Studio Updates from Planet Red

Philadelphia, PA’s A LIFE ONCE LOST is issuing a new update from Planet Red in Richmond, VA on the recording of their upcoming full-length release with Season of Mist. Planet Red is owned and operated by producer Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder, Impending Doom).

“We are hustling along here with this album,” states vocalist Bob Meadows. “It’s going to be a beast of a record and fans can expect a little more honesty both musically and lyrically with an amalgamation of the ALOL signature style and some other surprises that have yet to be over played within the metal community. We are making this record because we enjoy the art of making music, not because we have to make a new record. As long as we are happy playing in ALOL, we will continue to grow and take our sound further.”

After only several days in the studio, the band is making quick progress without sacrificing important details. Meadows adds, “Right now we’re halfway done with guitars and bass. I’ve finished vocals for several tracks and we’re looking to finish basic recording and then fine-tune everything for the next few weeks. We’re going to be posting some video updates in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for those.”

Before leaving to record in Richmond, the band landed a residency for the summer at the infamous Kung Fu Necktie in their hometown of Philadelphia, PA. “We are doing a July residency at the most lawless club in Philly, Kung Fu Necktie (KFN),” states guitarist Doug Sabolick. “Every week we will have special guests playing and each show will be a different line up. Come check out all the new ALOL material as we tighten up our show and get ready to unleash our new album.”

Kung Fu Necktie, located at 1250 North Front Street in Philadephia, PA, will host the band for performances on July 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th. Stay tuned for line-up announcements coming soon!

In addition to the KFN performances, the band recently announced a string of summer tour dates with California sludge metal band Black Sheep Wall. The tour kicks off on June 23rd in Richmond, VA, ending on July 2nd in Philadelphia, PA.

6/23 – Richmond, VA @ Kingdom
6/24 – Washington, DC @ DC9
6/25 – New York, NY @ Lit Lounge
6/26 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott
6/27 – Keene, NH @ The Railroad Tavern
6/28 – Rochester, NY @ The Dubland Underground
6/29 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project
6/30 – Lemoyne, PA @ Championship
7/1 – Fredericksburg, VA @ Blue Nile
7/2 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie

For more information on A LIFE ONCE LOST please visit:

haarp: Housecore Records Heavy Metal Band Hits the Road with DOWN

New Orleans, LA haarp, the purveyors of dynamically slow heavy metal from the south, are pleased to announce their upcoming direct support tour dates with legendary New Orleans heavy metal band DOWN. The tour will take the bands around the southeast U.S. and kicks off on May 18th in Boussard, LA. See below for a full listing of dates.

haarp won the Big Easy Music Awards this past Monday, April 23rd! The Big Easy Music Awards celebrate excellence in local music in the artistically enriched New Orleans area. haarp won the category for best hard rock/heavy metal act of 2011. Check out a full list of winners here.

The new haarp record, produced by Philip H. Anselmo, is currently in the mixing stages and will be released this summer on Housecore Records. The record is currently untitled.

haarp is set to perform their first show with their new bass player, Bret Davis, this Friday, April 28th at the Green Room in Covington, LA. See below for additional tour dates including the upcoming run with DOWN.

haarp direct support dates with DOWN:
5/18 – Boussard, LA @ The Station (w/ Down)
5/19 – Huntsville, AL @ Crossroads (w/ Down)
5/21 – Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel (w/ Down)
5/22 – Nashville, TN @ The End
5/23 – Little Rock, AR @ Juanita’s Cantina (w/ Down)
5/24 – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar St. Louis
5/25 – Memphis, TN @ New Daisy Theatre (w/ Down)
5/26 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live – Ballroom (w/ Down)
5/27 – Shreveport, LA @ Municipal Auditorium (w/ Down)
6/2 – Lafayette, LA @ The Wild Salmon

haarp is:
Shaun Emmons- Vocals
Keith Sierra Jr.- Drums
Grant Tom- Guitar
Bret Davis- Bass

For more information, please visit these websites:

Devil’s Carnival Pittsburgh Pix! Briana Evigan!

Check out the pix from last night’s Devil’s Carnival in Pittsburgh! (You still have time to make it to Baltimore…).

Full story here later today as well as Steelesque Movement and East Coast Horror Group.

Go to now to see the slideshow…

THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL- Tonight in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Music Magazine along with Steelesque Movement will be covering The Devil’s Carnival tonight in Dormont.

To view the official trailer, visit

In case you are interested in the soundtrack for this metal musical:

Exclusive track descriptions:

1) Paul Sorvino as God crooning the heavenly carol “Heaven’s All Around”!

2) Alexa Vega as Wick, Bill Moseley as The Magician & Mighty Mike Murga as The Fool carry the wicked welcoming tune “The Devil’s Carnival”!

3) Sink to the somber shanty “In All My Dreams I Drown” by Jessica Lowndes as Tamara & Terrance Zdunich as Lucifer!

4) Dayton Callie as Ticket-Keeper barks the bodeful ballad “666”!

5) Alexa Vega & her Woe-Maidens tease and taunt in crooked concert on “Kiss the Girls”!

6) Ogre from Skinny Puppy as The Twin & Briana Evigan as Ms. Merrywood meld in strange duet on “Beautiful Stranger”!

7) Ivan Moody growls “A Penny For a Tale” as Hobo Clown – see below!

8) Marc Senter sings “Trust Me” as The Scorpion, a serenade so sweet it stings!

9) Emilie Autumn as Painted Doll trills the tragic but truthful tune “Prick! Goes The Scorpion’s Tale”!

10) Sean Patrick Flanery as John groans “Grief”, a sorrowful solo!

11) Terrance Zdunich As Lucifer hails “Grace for Sale”, a horrific hymn!

12) Hell’s Carnies chant their wicked war cry “Off to Hell We Go”!

** All music and lyrics by Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelmen. Produced by Joseph Bishara


To celebrate the release of the soundtrack, Revolver Magazine has unveiled a brand new clip from the upcoming film experience! The clip features THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL cast member and Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody performing the original song, “A Penny For a Tale”. Moody growls the song as Hobo Clown in a rowdy retelling of the classic cautionary tale against greed, “The Dog and its Reflection”, by Aesop.

Head to right now to view the scene and hear the track first, and stay tuned for more information on the upcoming film soundtrack coming soon.

Here are the dates left to catch the show near you:

4/24 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Hollywood Theater

4/25 – Baltimore, MD @ The Charles Theatre

4/26 – New York, NY @ Times Scare NYC

4/27 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Painted Bride

4/28 – South Hadley, MA @ The Tower Theater

4/29 – Boston, MA @ The Foxboro Theater

5/1 – Toronto, ON, Canada @ Toronto Underground Theater

5/2 – Toledo, OH @ Collingwood Arts Center

5/3 – Chicago, IL @ The Music Box Theater

5/4 – Des Moines, IA @ The Fluer Cinema Cafe

5/5 – Kansas City, KS @ Leawood Cinema Theater

5/6 – Denver, CO @ The Oriental Theater

5/7 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Tower Theater

5/9 – Seattle, WA @ The Admiral Theater

5/10 – Portland, OR @ The Clinton St. Theater

5/11 – Sacramento, CA @ The Colonial Theater


Miss May I

Headlining the Main Stage at this 2012 Vans Warped Tour


Troy, Ohio melodic metal band MISS MAY I is releasing new details about the official pre-order for their upcoming album, At Heart, hitting stores on June 12, 2012 with Rise Records. There are five new merchandise bundles along with an exclusive video featuring footage from MISS MAY I’s upcoming music videos available at MerchNOW available as well.  The first 1,000 fans to purchase a bundle that includes the At Heart CD O Card or pre-order the At Hear CD O Card non bundle will receive an autographed copy of  the At Heart CD O Card.  See below for all details:

Ultimate Bundle $100:

At Heart Vinyl

At Heart CD O Card

1 Death T Shirt

1 Heart T Shirt

1 Miss May I Flag

1 Miss May I Shirt Vest

1 Miss May I Poster

Death Shirt Vinyl Bundle $25:

1 Death Shirt

At Heart Vinyl

1 Miss May I Poster

Heart Shirt Vinyl Bundle $25:

1 Heart Shirt

At Heart Vinyl

1 Miss May I Poster

Death Shirt CD Bundle $20:

1 Death Shirt

At Heart CD O Card

1 Miss May I Poster

Heart Shirt CD Bundle $20:

1 Heart Shirt

At Heart CD O Card

1 Miss May I Poster

At Heart Vinyl Only $15

At Heart CD O Card Only $11

At Heart was produced by famed record producer Machine (Lamb of GodEvery Time I DieSuicide Silence) this past winter at Machine Shop in Belleville, New Jersey. The band’s first album, Apologies Are for the Weak, reached #29 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Their 2010 sophomore release, Monument, charted on the Billboard Top 200 and hit #10 on the U.S. Hard Rock chart. Churning out over 450 performances since 2009, the band is regarded as one of the hardest working young bands in the metal genre.

MISS MAY I is confirmed to headline on one of the Kia main stages at this year’s Vans Warped Tour! View the full announcement at See below for all Vans Warped Tour dates, as well as the rest of the band’s 2012 touring schedule.




4/23 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Pumpehuset

4/24 – Gothenburg, Sweden @ Trädgårn

4/25 – Oslo, Norway @ John Dee

4/26 – Stockholm, Sweden @ klubben

4/27 – Hamburg, Germany @ Große Freiheit 36

4/28 – Meerhout, Belgium @ Groezrock Fest


5/03 – Louisville, KY @ Expo Five

5/04 – Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel

5/05 – Birmingham, AL @ Zydeco

5/08 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House Of Blues

5/09 – Jacksonville, FL @ Freebird Live

5/10 – Charleston, SC @ The Music Farm

5/12 – Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall Indoor Stage

5/13 – Huntington, WV @ Big Sandy Supercenter Grand

5/15 – Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights

5/16 – S. Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground

5/17 – Portland, ME @ State Theatre

5/18 – Asbury Park, NJ @ North Beach (Bamboozle 2012)

5/19 – Syracuse, NY @ Lost Horizon (NO Whitechapel)


6/16 -Salt Lake City, UT @ Utah State Fairpark

6/17- Denver, CO @ Sports Authority Field at Mile High

6/20 -Las Vegas, NV @ Luxor Festival Lot

6/21- Irvine, CA @ Orange County Great Park

6/22 -Pomona, CA  @ Pomona Fairplex

6/23- San Francisco, CA @ AT&T Park

6/24 -Ventura, CA @ Seaside Park

6/27 -Chula Vista, CA (San Diego) @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

6/29- Las Cruces, NM @ N.M.S.U. Practice Field

6/30- San Antonio, TX @ AT&T Center

7/01- Houston, TX @ Reliant Park – Main Street Lot

7/03- Dallas, TX @ Gexa Energy Pavilion

7/05 -Maryland Heights, MO (St. Louis) @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

7/06- Auburn Hills, MI (Detroit) @ The Palace of Auburn Hills

7/07 -Tinley Park, IL (Chicago) @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre

7/08- Shakopee, MN (Minneapolis) @ Canterbury Park

7/09 -Bonner Springs, KS (Kansas City) @ Sandstone Amphitheater

7/10- Noblesville, IN (Indianapolis)  @ Klipsch Music Center

7/11 -Cuyahoga Falls, OH (Cleveland) @ Blossom Music Center

7/12- Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh)  @ First Niagara Pavilion

7/13- Holmdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Arts Center

7/14- Montréal, QC @ Parc Jean Drapeau

7/15 -Mississauga, ON (Toronto) @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

7/17 -Darien Center, NY (Buffalo) @ Darien Lake PAC

7/18- Scranton, PA @ Toyota Pavilion

7/19- Mansfield, MA (Boston) @ Comcast Center

7/20- Camden, NJ (Philadelphia, PA) @ Susquehanna Bank Center

7/21- Uniondale, NY @ Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

7/22 -Hartford, CT @ The Comcast Theatre

7/24 -Columbia, MD (Washington, D.C.) @ Merriweather Post Pavilion

7/25 -Virginia Beach, VA @ Farm Bureau Live

7/26 -Atlanta, GA @ Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood

7/27- Orlando, FL @ Central Florida Fairgrounds

7/28 -West Palm Beach, FL (Miami) @ Cruzan Amphitheatre

7/29 -St. Petersburg, FL (Tampa) @ Vinoy Park

7/30 -Charlotte, NC @ Charlotte Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

7/31- Cincinnati, OH @ Riverbend Music Center

8/01 -Milwaukee, WI @ Marcus Amphitheatre

8/04 -Redmond, WA (Seattle) @ Marymoor Park

8/05 -Portland, OR @ Rose Quarter Riverfront


B.J. Stead – rhythm guitar

Jerod Boyd – drums

Justin Aufdemkampe – lead guitar

Levi Benton – lead vocals

Ryan Neff – bass guitar, clean vocals

WEST OF HELL and Unveil New Track ‘Water of Sorcery’ – Available for Streaming Now!


Vancouver, BC’s WEST OF HELL and AOL’s are pleased to debut a brand new track, ‘Water of Sorcery’, cut from the band’s upcoming album, Spiral Empire. The track is available now for streaming at this location. The single will be released for sale online tomorrow on iTunes,, CD Baby, and more. The track is the second on the album and is described by the band as a good ol’ drinking song.




“‘Watery of Sorcery’ is a quote by Kevin Spacey describing tequila. It’s a drinking song as many before it,” states vocalist Chris Valagao. “Deep as a pint and long as a horn. The moment of clarity when liquor reveals the soul.”




Spiral Empire will be released with Reversed Records on May 8, 2012, and features a unique sound that preserves the band’s legendary, distinctive influences whilst incorporating modern elements, creating a one-of-a-kind listening experience. Spiral Empirewas recorded at The Factory Studios in Vancouver and is produced by Juno Award winning engineer Rob Shallcross (Strapping Young LadGWARZimmers HoleFear Factory).






WEST OF HELL has Spiral Empire pre-sale packages available now exclusively at http://www. There are two pre-sale packages available now. See below for full package details.








Package 1. Pre-order Spiral Empire and receive a signed copy of the CD + Two FREE instant digital downloads ”Onslaught” and ”Soul Taker” – $12 plus S+H




Package 2. Pre- Order Spiral Empire and receive a signed copy the CD + Two FREE instant digital downloads + The officialSpiral Empire t-shirt+ WEST OF HELL/Spiral Empire desktop wallpaper – $30 plus S+H








In celebration of the new album, WEST OF HELL will tour Canada from April 26th through May 26th. See below for all currently confirmed dates.






4/26 – Red Deer, AB @ The Vat


4/27 – Calgary, AB @ Lord Nelsons Pub
4/28 – Rocky Mountain House, AB @ Youth Hall


4/30 – Grand Prairie, AB @ Better Then Fred’s


5/3 – Regina, SK @ The Exchange
5/4 – Brandon, MN @ North Shore Inn
5/5 – Winnipeg, MN @ the Zoo
5/9 – Sudbury, ON @ The Serbian Centre Bar
5/11 – Montreal, QB @ The Underworld
5/12 – Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck Bar
5/16 – Saskatoon, SK @ Amigos
5/18 – Edmonton, AB @ New City (Reversed Records family event with Cocaine Moustache)
5/24 – Canmore, AB @ Canmore Hotel (Reversed Records family event with Cocaine Moustache)
5/25 – Kelowna, BC @ Level Nite Club (Reversed Records family event with Cocaine Moustache)


5/26 –Victoria, BC@ Church of 13 flames privet party (Reversed Records family event with Cocaine Moustache)







WEST OF HELL was formed in West Auckland, New in 2002. The band relocated to Vancouver, B.C., Canada in 2009 in search for a singer that was more than just a screamer, which drastically narrowed the possibilities. The band played a series of shows as a four-piece instrumental, drawing critical acclaim, and ultimately attracted the attention of the local metal community. The exposure led them to Zimmers Hole frontman Chris “The Heathen” Valagao. It was apparent to the founding members that Valagaos’s diverse skills were exactly what WEST OF HELL needed to realize the band’s ultimate vision.




WEST OF HELL is here to reclaim the great genre of metal that has been diluted by straight edge, clean cut posers who look like rejects from American Idol. WEST OF HELL will lead you back down the path of true metal!






Vocals – Chris “The Heathen” Valagao


Bass – Jordan Kemp


Guitars – Sean Parkinson & Jordan Knute


Drums – Andrew Hulme






For more information about WEST OF HELL, please visit these websites: