Year Of The Fist Releases Live At The Ivy Room 7-Inch

It was the most fun we’ve had,  playing live,  to an empty room,”  reminisces Oakland punk rock band Year Of The Fist. The band has just dropped their 4 song, 7-inch vinyl DCxPC Live Vol. 4 Presents Year of the Fist Live at the Ivy Room May 15, 2021. Ivy Room has been Year of the Fist’s East Bay home venue since it was re-established by summer and Lani in 2015.  Over the years they have played countless shows, even throwing their annual “Year of the Fistmas”, non-denominational rock ‘n roll holiday show each December to benefit local charities.  Once venues shut down in 2020, the band decided to put on a virtual Festival of Fistmas for Ivy Room and garnered some of their biggest supporters. “Through the fest we raised some much-needed funds to help them keep the lights on even though the venue had been dark for so many months,” explains the band. 

In the Spring of 2021, with the help of the show-going community, some grants from shuttered music festivals, and the desire to continue on, Ivy Room switched on the lights to start broadcasting live stream concerts from their stage.  So for the first time in over a year, the band got a call to perform live.

The announcement of the live stream caught the attention of DCxPC founder Mr. P. ” My love of Squeaky cannot be overstated.  From the first time I saw her on stage at the “Save the Sidebar” show in Baltimore with her old band Girlush Figure to when we most recently reconnected during the Fest of 2019 before the pandemic hit,” says Mr. P. “I saw her “new” to me band, and loved it, not just because she was in it but because it was a killer band with plenty of bangers. So when I saw her band was doing a live stream at the Ivy Room, I was like fuck yeah! And more importantly, would they be fucking willing to put out a 7” of their show with me?”  

Of course, Year Of The Fist agreed. Along with the release of the vinyl, the band has released the single “Red Lights Flash” digitally on all major streaming platforms. 

Year Of The Fist reaches from Oakland, California where there has been no shortage of great musicians and bands to play with or catch live on any night of the week.  Together their musical backgrounds span all genres, but all have a love for rock and roll.  This has led them to open for a wide spectrum of acts such as L7, Save Ferris, Iron Chic, 88 Fingers Louie, The Vibrators, Legendary Shack Shakers, and Zeke to name a few.  With 10 years under their belt as a band, Year Of The Fist has released two full-length albums, an EP, a handful of singles, has toured regionally as well as internationally, and released several music videos, with no end in sight.  From the studio to the stage Year of the Fist comes out swinging.

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JUSTIN ‡ SYMBOL (aka STAR DADDY) Releases Live Video for “End Times”

IMG 6051

Multi-genre artist Justin ‡ Symbol (aka Star Daddy) has released a live video for “End Times,” featuring footage from his fall 2019 tour alongside Psyclon Nine. Shot by Kevin Vonesper and featuring DJ Swamp (Ministry, Beck, Kid Rock) and Nola Star (Coney Island Circus Sideshow), “End Times” is the opening track off of his recently released LP, Candy Man.


“My performances on the Fall tour with Psyclon Nine were an assault to the senses. We created a colorful, depraved circus of pain and pleasure. My live show is the freak show you’ll never want to leave, and I can’t wait to get back out there on an even bigger scale!”

JustinSymbol CandyMan albumcover

Track Listing
1. End Times
2. The Prophets of Nothing
3.Trash Fire ft. VoKillz & Angel Nightmare
4. Lust
5. Mothra ft. DJ Swamp
6. Gummy Worm ft. DJ Swamp
7. Candy Man
8. Asexual
9. A New Hell
10. The Devil You Know
11. Weeble Wobble
12. Bad Bitch ft. Sonique, Trash Can Cut
13. Rising Star ft. DJ Swamp, Sidney Black

Download / Stream Candy Man Online:

IMG 8621


Happily Ever After: Nightwish Soar Higher With New Concert Film

Beyond the pseudo-aggro thrash metal and grinding nu-metal, Finland’s Nightwish were a surging new sound when they hit the scene in 1997. Influenced by dark gothic atmosphere, classical and symphonic musicianship and the heaviness of thrash metal, Nightwish blew the doors down and brought an epic and majestic sound to metal, all capped off with the angelic vocals of a female lead singer. For the time, it was unprecedented to hear such elegance in a heavy metal outfit, but 17 years later, Nightwish have gained a tremendous following in their home country and continue to rise in popularity overseas as well. Despite lineup changes, the band is still the go-to group for their iconic “symphonic metal” sound. With a new lead singer on board, Nightwish rocked Wacken, Germany and documented their performance on the concert film, Showtime, Storytime. Though it has some minor production flaws and a slightly reserved tracklist, Showtime, Storytime is a fine demonstration of Nightwish’s persistent appeal, while also showing off the talents of two brand new members of the Nightwish family.

Showtime, Storytime marks the first production for the band that features new lead vocalist Floor Jansen, who replaced Anette Olzen in October 2013. Like past Nightwish singers, Jansen provides ascendant melodic and operatic force. Her incredible use of soprano continues the band’s defining vocal vibe of siren arias and heavenly pitch. Jansen’s stage presence is very powerful, especially for the concert being her first production as a full-time member of the band. Her performance of “She Is My Sin” varies the rhythm a bit as the tone lowers slightly, while the onslaught of “Romanticide” lets her pipes blast off into the stratosphere. Bassist Marco Hietala also provides backup vocals with a snarling shout. His furious battlecry at the conclusion of “Wish I Had an Angel” brings a slightly rugged aesthetic to the table, but his fantastic performance during “Ever Dream” echoes the late power metal icon Ronnie James Dio with lengthy sustenance and surprisingly expansive range. Worry not, long-time Nightwish fans: the band hasn’t lost their black magic, even with another new lead singer running the front lines.

The band became famous for mixing cinematic and soaring female-fronted vocals with the heaviness of thrash and power metal. 17 years later and lineup changes across the board, Nightwish are still able to deliver some of the most atmospheric heavy metal tracks you’ll find. Many of the more ambient moments during the concert come from Jansen’s excellent vocals and the haunting synths of keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen. Like a church choir, Holopainen’s keyboards add resonance and atmosphere to the grinding guitars and pounding drums. Guitarist Emppu Vuorinen doesn’t demonstrate many intricate solos, but shares some nice virtuosity on “Nemo” and “Romanticide.” Another highlight is the work of newly inducted band member Troy Donockley, who offers incredible sounds on the folk woodwind instrument, the uillean pipes. His stellar performance on the instrumental “Last of the Wilds” is something spectral and otherworldly, but still natural and apropos for the band’s signature sound. Showtime, Storytime keeps the fans happy with the same awesome sound the band has been showing for years, but it also acts as a great demo reel of sorts for new members Jansen and Donockley, who have the potential to push the band to even greater heights in the future.

The concert itself digs into the band’s discography a respectable amount, but doesn’t go further back than the band’s 2000 album, Wishmaster. That might disappoint the long-time fans, but the selected tracks are definitely varied enough to keep viewers interested. Opener “Dark Chest of Wonders” is as energized as it is elegant, two qualities that have always made Nightwish stand out in their genre, while the superb “Ever Dream” darkens the tone further. The cinematic experience of Nightwish is alive in Showtime, Storytime, with haunting lighting illuminating the band and creeping into the roaring crowd. The cinematography, however, suffers a bit too much from abrupt camera cuts, especially in the first half. For a band so infused with elegance and majesty, the very brief shots stick out more than they would for the show of, say, a punk or alternative band. In addition to the concert film, Showtime, Storytime also features a two-hour documentary about Jansen adjusting to performing with Nightwish at live shows and eventually becoming the official lead singer. It’s a nice inclusion and that story of moving from replacement to full-timer is something that few bands have demonstrated publicly. The transition is a moment so overlooked to an audience, so seeing the awkwardness steadily dissipate for Jansen is enlightening whether you like Nightwish or not.

Showtime, Storytime may not be the perfect concert film for the long-running symphonic metal band due to its slightly reserved song selections and rather awkward cinematography, but the excellent introduction to Jansen and Donockley is definitely a sign of good things to come. If you’ve been listening to Nightwish since their inception and are curious to see how they sound with Jansen on board, rest assured that the band’s signature tone is not lost in the slightest. As a group that pioneered the symphonic metal genre, it’s remarkable that Nightwish’s music still sounds fantastic, especially with the roar of a crowd brewing in the background. Showtime, Storytime is a solid representation of the band and thanks to their lively stage presence and ambient gothic tone, it will likely make some new fans as well as satisfying older ones.

The 27th Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert to be Webcast Live Saturday, Oct 26th

The 2013 BRIDGE SCHOOL BENEFIT CONCERTS will beheld on Oct 26th and 27th at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA, marking the 27th anniversary of this incredible and historic series. For the past quarter of a century, the biggest and brightest names in music have been drawn to these concerts to pledge their support of The Bridge School, a non-profit, innovative organization educating children with severe speech and physical impairments through the use of augmentative and alternative communication systems and assistive technology.


Warner Bros. Records will sponsor the webcast of the Saturday show of The Bridge School Benefit Concert live from Shoreline Amphitheatre Oct. 26th.  The show will stream free in its entirety on YouTube. In the meantime, click here to view a trailer for the webcast.


The artists set to appear on the webcast are: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Queens Of the Stone Age, Arcade Fire, My Morning Jacket, Jack Johnson, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, Fun, Heart and Jenny Lewis.


Click here or here to watch the webcast on Saturday, Oct 26th.


Follow us on Twitter:  @bridgeconcert

This is the hashtag being used – #supportbridgeschool

Alternate hashtag – #supportbridgeschool  #bridgeschool


Once again, The Bridge School Benefit Concerts – 25th Anniversary Edition, is still available in a 3-DVD set and a 2-CD package is available via Reprise Records.

View the trailer here.


The 3-DVD set includes two performance discs featuring Bruce SpringsteenPatti SmithPearl Jam, David BowieBob DylanPaul McCartneyThe WhoTom PettySimon and Garfunkel,Neil Young, and much more. A documentary DVD includes “The Bridge School Story,” which gives a special look into this wonderful school and the truly phenomenal services they provide children with advanced physical and communication challenges. Another documentary on the DVD,“Backstage At The Bridge School Benefit Concert,” offers a bird’s-eye view of the event itself, along with special features including heartfelt interviews with the students and the artists themselves.


The 2-CD package features exclusive performances from Sheryl CrowThom YorkeNorah Jones,No DoubtWillie NelsonJack JohnsonDave MatthewsSonic Youth, and more.


The Bridge School Benefit Concerts – 25th Anniversary Edition will entertain, enlighten, and inform you on how to become a member of The Bridge School family. For more about The Bridge School, visit


Click here to find out more information on the release and how to donate directly to The Bridge School. Click here to order the triple DVD package. Click here to order the double CD package.

The Bridge School Concerts 25th Anniversary Edition DVD:

Disc 1:

Bruce Springsteen                                 “Born In The USA”

Patti Smith                                            “People Have The Power”

Pearl Jam                                              “Better Man”

David Bowie                                           “Heroes”

Ben Harper                                            “There Will Be A Light”

Bob Dylan                                              “Girl From The North Country”

R.E.M.                                                  “Country Feedback”

Emmylou Harris & Buddy Miller              “Love Hurts”

Fleet Foxes                                           “Blue Ridge Mountains”

Devendra Banhart                                   “At The Hop”

Bonnie Raitt                                          “The Road Is My Middle Name”

Billy Idol                                               “Rebel Yell”


Disc 2:

Brian Wilson                                          “Surfin’ USA”

Gillian Welch                                         “The Way It Will Be”

The Pretenders                                     “Sense Of Purpose”

James Taylor                                         “Fire and Rain”

Simon and Garfunkel                             “America”

Tom Petty                                             “Shadow Of A Doubt”

Dave Matthews                                     “Too Much”

Neil Young                                            “Crime In The City”

Tom Waits                                           “16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six”

Elton John & Leon Russell                     “A Dream Come True”

Paul McCartney                                    “Get Back”

Metallica                                               “Disposable Heroes”

The Who                                               “Won’t Get Fooled Again”


Disc 3:

Bridge School Documentaries:

* “Backstage At The Bridge School Benefit Concert”

* “The Bridge School Story”

* Special Feature – Student/Artist Interviews


The Bridge School Concerts 25th Anniversary Edition CD

CD 1:

Bruce Springsteen                                “Born In The USA”

Dave Matthews                                     “Too Much”

No Doubt                                              “Magic’s In The Makeup”

Jack Johnson                                        “Gone”

Fleet Foxes                                           “Blue Ridge Mountains”

Neil Young & Crazy Horse                       “Love And Only Love”

Sonic Youth                                           “Rain On Tin”

Pearl Jam                                              “Better Man”

Gillian Welch                                        “The Way It Will Be”

R.E.M. & Neil Young                              “Country Feedback”

Willie Nelson                                          “The Great Divide”

Nils Lofgren                                           “Cry Just A Little”

CD 2:

Sarah McLachlan                                   “Elsewhere”

Paul McCartney                                     “Get Back”

Elton John & Leon Russell                    “A Dream Come True”

Band Of Horses                                   “Marry Song”

Metallica                                              “Disposable Heroes”

Thom Yorke                                         “After The Gold Rush”

Sheryl Crow                                         “The Difficult Kind”

Tony Bennett                                         “Maybe This Time”

CSNY                                                  “Déjà Vu”

Norah Jones                                         “Jesus, Etc”

Jonathan Richman                                 “I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar”

Brian Wilson                                         “Surfin’ USA”

The Who                                              “Won’t Get Fooled Again”



The Black Crowes and Tedeschi Trucks Band Serve Up The Concert Of The Year

Pittsburgh has lured a lot of spectacular acts this year.  It seems that the concert list is filled with cool eclectic new acts and road tested proven rockers.  Last night at Stage AE, Pittsburgh was treated to sonic experience like no other I’ve seen. The night opened with fairly new rockers to the scene, NYC’s The London Souls (see review here). Followed by heavy hitting southern blues trailblazers The Tedeschi Trucks Band and The Black Crowes.

TTB kicked off the celebration by filling the stage with an 11 piece band which included a horn section. Fronted by the husband wife team of Tedeschi and Trucks. Susan Tedeschi may have one of the most soulful and beautiful voices in the business today.  She is a relaxed performer with all the tools to wield a sweet sounding guitar to accompany her aforementioned singing.  Derek Trucks delivers the Sonny Boy Williamson slide blues style better than anybody in the business.  I guess we’ll find out when Warren Haynes takes the same stage with Government Mule September 18th.


“Midnight In Harlem” was beautifully performed and Susan T added a little rasp to the honey.  She continued to get better as she went on.  The crowd got amped when Trucks started a call and answer run around with the horn section. He may have even smiled as he is not one to show much emotion. It all comes from his hands and trusty Gibson SG.

Georgia’s prodigal sons, The Black Crowes came out of a puff of smoke with old staple numbers from “Shake Your Money Maker” their platinum debut record. A hard hitting “Jealous Again” and “Thick and Thin” woke the crowd up from their soft southern nap and had people scurrying back from the beer lines.  Drummer Steve Gorman drove TBC hard through the first half of the set which sounded like viral Humble Pie live at The Fillmore.

By the time they got to “Soul Singing” they were ready to let it out and take everyone on a hippy infused Dead-trip. Jackie Greene brings a stinging psychedelic flavor to TBC. He and Rich Robinson wove a groovy sound that sent Chris Robinson to new heights. His voice was masterful on this night as he danced and plodded alongside bassist Sven Pipien. There only break was an acoustic version of “She Talks To Angels” with Jackie Greene on the mandolin. The Crowes then opened the pen to a string of hits which included “Thorn In My Pride”, “Sting Me” and “Remedy”. Somewhere in the magic, keyboardist Adam MacDougall had some spectacular solos and fills that had the crowd in dance mode. The evening’s next highlight was the “Hard To Handle- Hush” medley which had the whole place spinning like a scene at a pagan festival.

The encore was a special moment.  The sound was spot on and only could be improved by being joined by Tedeschi and Trucks.  The southern blues rock all-stars crushed a cool version of Joe Tex’s “Show Me” (see vid below of the tune) with Trucks standing side by side with TBC primary songwriter Rich Robinson. Rich and Derek were having a ball trading licks and glances of approval. Susan T and Chris Robinson harmonized through chorus sections and brought the soul to new stratospheric levels.  The show closed with a blinder of a cut, “Turn On Your Lovelight” by Bob Bland where the band twisted and turned with ferocious grooves and syncopated solos.


The post show chatter through the parking lot was all the same. People smiling and shaking their heads in awe of the performance shared at Stage AE. The double bill of TTB and TBC prove to be one of the best of the summer. We can only hope they return.

Set List

Rob Eldridge 

PMM> Editor in Chief > Writer > Photographer

Job For A Cowboy Live Backstage @Mayhem and Onstage @Mayhem

Metal Blade Record artists Job For A Cowboy once again rolled through Pittsburgh this year via the Rockstar Mayhem Festival and PGHMUSICMAG caught up with bassist Nick backstage.  Meanwhile Jon “The Charn” Rice’s father Louie Rice sent Pittsburgh Music Magazine some links to footage he filmed onstage in Pittsburgh check them out here…