Weezer and Pixies Pave a Wave of Hits in Pittsburgh

The Wombats, Pixies, and Weezer graced a Pittsburgh crowd of nearly 9K on Tuesday at Key Bank Pavilion with hit-packed sets and a nostalgic return to the 90’s.

The legendary Pixies, a band oft described as “genre-less”, always put out a lot of energy in their sets and their performance this night was no exception.  Somehow packing in 22 songs of various tempos and varieties in just over an hour, Frank Black and company came out swinging as they opened with “Where is my Mind” as bassist Paz Lenchantin set the high pitch tone from the start.  The Pixies wasted no time as they plowed through one song after another, never addressing the crowd, but keeping the rock rolling.

It took a bit for vocalist/guitarist Frank Black to get into his groove, but once “Here Comes Your Man” rolled out he seemed to hit his stride.  The Pixies are not exactly known for running about the stage, but they do put in a soulful performance that might only be described a soul deep.  Lead guitarist, Joseph Alberto “Joey” Santiago, is definitely an underrated player as he adds so much to the song with his subtlety.  Also, percussionist David Lovering is a tremendous drummer whose contribution to the band’s sound would be sorely missed without his style.  Of course Frank Black is the backbone and his voice remains iconic and influential to this day.  Paz Lenchantin has done an excellent job of filling the shoes of the beloved Kim Deal.  The band played all their “fan” based songs as well as plenty for the diehards seeking deep cuts.  Setlist:  Where Is My Mind?, Nimrod’s Son, The Holiday Song (performed between 1st & 2 nd verse of Nimrod’s Son), Vamos, Wave of Mutilation, All the Saints, Here Comes Your Man, Silver Snail, Winterlong (Neil Young cover), Gouge Away, Cactus, I’ve Been Tired, Isla de Encanta, Caribou, Mr. Grieves, Gigantic, Monkey Gone to Heaven, Crackity Jones, Hey, Tame, Something Against You,Planet of Sound.

It would be great to see the Pixies come back and play a small setting like when they played Carnegie Hall Music Hall of Oakland in 2014 or Stage AE last year.

All photos ©2018 AWelding

Weezer came out to “Buddy Holly” with a stage setting right out of Happy Days and played hit after hit after hit.  If you came for a good time Weezer was happy to provide as they launched into “Beverly Hills”, “Pork and Beans”, “Undone”, and “Hash Pipe”.

It was hard for the audience to get a breath in as they sang and danced to every word.  Other highlights included “Why Bother?”, the first time played on the tour, “El Scorcho”,  and a cover of the Turtles “Happy Together” with just a snippet of “Longview” by Green Day.  Rivers played “Island in the Sun” all by his lonesome acoustically along with his take on “Take On Me” by A-Ha.  Other covers included their current hit of “Africa” by Toto, and a bit of “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath thrown in during the encore of “Say It Aint So”.

Even though some may criticize the covers-heavy set as too much, Weezer knows their audience very well.  The atmosphere of a basement college party was quite successful and the second half stage setting was total arena rock complete with pyro and the intentional Van Halen logo “homage” Weezer has become known for.  Hopefully, Weezer won’t take so long to get back to the ‘Burgh.

All photos ©2018 AWelding