Review: All Time Low’s “Last Young Renegade”/@StageAE July 25

by Stephanie Connell

All Time Low is a pop-punk band from the Baltimore area.  They have been making music since the mid-2000’s, and have spent most of their career on-and-off with Hopeless Records.  The band has been in the studio and announced a new album, an international tour, and a new record label.  All Time Low officially signed with Fueled by Ramen earlier this year, a label who has signed well-known musicians like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and Twenty-one Pilots.  All Time Low is scheduled to release the new album, Last Young Renegade, on June 2nd.  So far, the band has released two singles with accompanying music videos from the new album, the second being “Last Young Renegade” at the end of March.

After “Dirty Laundry,” I wasn’t sure what to expect from the rest of the album.  It had more of an Alt-Pop sound, and it was quiet for most of the song.  It didn’t have the usual All Time Low angsty, gritty, Pop Punk sound.  I was curious as to how the band would change now that they had signed with FBR.  Would their sound change in the way it did during the Dirty Work era?  As the band ages (All four members are now close to 30 years old) will their music mature?  I held my breath at 2 in the morning as I pressed play.  What came next was pleasantly surprising.

The music video itself was a continuation of “Dirty Laundry” (If you listen closely at the beginning, you will notice that “Last Young Renegade” is playing in the background at the laundromat).  It follows the story of a couple with a broken-down car.  They are pushing their way across the city, all the while flashing back to All Time Low (playing as The Young Renegades in the music video) playing at a small venue.  At the end of the video, the couple arrives at the venue just as The Young Renegades finish their first song.  Alex sees them come in and proceeds to say, “We are The Young Renegades, and for those of you just joining us, this next song goes out to you guys.”  It then cuts to a TV screen in a bar (or a diner, maybe?).  Another song can be heard in the background.

The snippet of music at the end isn’t the only teaser we get in the second music video.  If you look closely, as The Young Renegades are leaving the lounge in the back, the camera zooms in on Cheetos, Corona, Rockstar, and a piece of paper.  Pause the video, and take a closer look:  two of those titles will look familiar.  Could this be the track list for the album?  If it is, you’ll also notice that the last song is covered up.  What surprises do All Time Low have in store for its fans?

Overall, the storyline of the music video was simple, but it fit well with the nostalgic feel of the song.  Listening to “Last Young Renegade,” I had flashbacks of listening to “Six Feet Under the Stars” at fourteen years old.  I would soon be starting high school and enjoying (and suffering through) everything that comes with the later teenage years.  When I heard that song, I thought of adventure, and youth, and taking on what the world had to offer.  Now, hearing “Last Young Renegade,” I feel as if I’m looking back at my teenage years, and reminiscing everything, and everyone, that brought me to where I am.  It is almost as if the band is remembering that as well.  Now, they have evolved and matured.

This sounded more like All Time Low’s style than “Dirty Laundry,” but it had still definitely matured from their past releases.  With the release of the album just two months away, fans are dying to know what will come next.

Watch All Time Low’s music video for “Last Young Renegade” here, and watch the music video for their single “Dirty Laundry” hereAll Time Low will be at Stage AE in Pittsburgh on July 25.